The Truth About Benghazi… That’s All We Ask

Reposting from last year. Maybe my co-blogger wasn’t so far off. – MB

Written 10/28/12

I remember an episode of “Psych” in which Henry – Shawn Spencer’s dad and mentor – is telling Young Shawn that a lie is frequently imbedded with nuggets of truth. Things which make the story harder to disqualify or at the very least sort out, and things which also make the story more easy to tell without giving yourself up. In the end of the episode, Old Shawn uses this knowledge to solve the mystery. He gleams little truths here and there from a convoluted web of lies from a pathological liar in order to piece the whole puzzle together into one big picture.

But you see, as the pieces come out a little at a time throughout the show, the lead characters are remiss to believe him. Part of what plays into the relative believability of the developing plot, from both the hero’s point of view and the hapless detectives’ point of view, is the idea that the pieces are just pieces when they are observed here and there and hither and yon. Until the end of the skit when Shawn does a clever monologue tying up all of the loose ends and piecing together – the whole puzzle for everyone to be amazed.

And isn’t that kind of human nature? For your average person anyway? To kind of NOT put all of the pieces together as they come out a little here and a little there and hither and yon? Of course it is. If that wasn’t the case, then your average person who is just picking up the tidbits a little at a time over a great period of time would have serious questions about this whole Benghazi scandal and the interesting and legitimate questions that it poses.

Now at this point the questions are many but most of the questions are common so I won’t get into that just yet. There’s a theory that at first glance might cause you to consider hitting the big “X” on the upper right portion of your screen… But I urge you to consider this in its entirety. It’s worth the read and is the ONLY theory that I have heard that carefully and completely answers (if not all, then the most important) questions surrounding Benghazi, the aftermath, the administration’s actions (or lack thereof), and responses to the question, “Why?”

Not long after the attack on 9-11-2012, on the CIA safe house in Benghazi, Libya, I was on Twitter doing what I do best; scrolling, reading, scrolling, reading, going to links, researching claims, balancing facts… The only thing I’m not sure about is the original source of this theory… Was it the Canadian Free Press? Their predictions, with VERY few exceptions have been Right On. In fact, the only recent theory that they espoused that did Not come to pass was the theory that President Obama was planning some sort of “October Surprise” in order to create a crisis which would guarantee him another four years in the White House. Yep they really bombed that one…

Or, wait… Did they?

What if…

What if there was an incredibly complex scheme to accomplish so so much all at the same time… All things that Obama has wanted to do, or that the people and/or groups he vocally supports have wanted to do? What if ALL of the mind-blowing questions could be explained in one theory… What if all the “Why”s could be very reasonably answered? Here’s my list of personal questions for the administration and then I will tell you why this theory, when put to the “smell test” smells rotten but right.

Why was security at the safe house taken out of the hands of U.S. Military and put in the hands of an Obama hand-picked team that has since been found to have links to al-Qaeda just weeks before the attack?

Why, despite them knowing not only hours in advance that things were desperate, but days-weeks-months in advance that extra security was requested because things were really heating up, was extra security denied, downgraded, and placed in the hands of local ‘police?’

Why, when the last desperate pleas came in just moments before the attack, pleas which indicated they didn’t know if they would survive – that the ‘police’ were taking pictures of the exits and doors, that people were watching the safe house, was an extraction team not immediately dispatched?

Why, when the first shots were fired, was a response team not dispatched, but rather told to Stand Down? And as the fight dragged on over long hours still no help was sent? The order remained, “Stand Down.” Why?

Why and how on earth was Stevens removed from the culprits with no culprit(s) being apprehended and who was it that got him to the hospital?

Why was the lie of the ‘offensive video’ promulgated and perpetuated? When we now know that no such reference was ever made in the initial assessment… Where did this idea come from? The Muslim Brotherhood, who now claim it was activism for the release of The Blind Sheikh? The Libyans who claimed immediately it was an organized act of terror? Who started this lie? And still… Why? And why the sudden unrelated leak that the U.S. may be considering releasing the Sheikh for “health reasons” (the government denies this)?

Why would Obama fly to Vegas in order to attend a fund-raiser the same night of this attack? Why was he not threatening lost jobs and rolling heads over this? Why was he not knee-deep in it demanding answers?

Why, if no one informed the President who gave the order, and No one informed the President of the emails, and no one informed the President of the need for beefed up security, if at no other time than when he was Downgrading it, does EVERYONE still have a job in his administration?

What was a Turkish Representative doing at the safe house, leaving only an hour before the attack – escorted out by Stevens through the front door to the front gate… Was he warning Stevens? Threatening Stevens? Deceiving Stevens? Playing him like a fiddle?

How on earth could Obama allegedly not look the father of the slain Seal in the eye? His response to what he considers a true tragedy (Colorado) was abject sympathy, empathy, hours of one on one time consoling the families of the slain ‘Joker’ victims… but not with this man? Why?

How on earth could Biden allegedly aver, “Did your son always have balls the size of cue balls?” This also does not reek of sympathy. It reeks of spite.

Which is why I think that when you apply objective reasoning to the whole thing… piece the whole puzzle together, as the theory goes, you might be compelled to at least consider that it could go all the way to the top.

Let’s start by assuming that the Turkish Rep was the middle man for a deal between the U.S. and Radical Islamists. We’ve already verified that the rebels, also with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood (most radical of radical groups… terrifying) and to al-Qaeda, have in their possession American arms. Disappointing that the MSM makes nothing of this…. But we know they do and know there is no other means by which they could have attained this quantity. So while alarming, this is not a knock you off your chair revelation. Been there done that with Fast and Furious, right? The idea that our government may be arming our enemies as in our well-known enemies is new. But if fast and furious raises little more than eyebrows and questions of Republican witch hunts, then most people won’t be surprised, much less outraged. What makes it interesting is the close close relationship that Obama has with the Turkish President. Stevens dealing with Turkey… no big deal. Turkey dealing with Syria… no big deal. See the road of continuity there? The real question of what Turkey’s representative was doing on 9-11-12 at the CIA safe house in a very dangerous area that everyone knew was close to blowing up is probably the only question that gets unanswered. But for the sake of testing the theory, we have to know that the specific reason is not important. But that he was there at all is important. It lends to the idea that WHATEVER was going on needed a middle man of ambiguously neutral U.S. standing to broker the deal. Or threat. Or warning. Or promise. Or fake deal… whatever the case may be. It easily ties the whole process to the idea that the U.S., through their Very Good Friend Turkey, was working with Extreme Factions of Radical Terrorists. It opens the door to the rest. Does it smell good? No. It Stinks… But it smells feasible! At the very least – feasible.

How can Obama accomplish these things all at once? Appease the Muslim Brotherhood by releasing the Sheikh, arm the rebels, create a crisis big enough to secure the presidency. If only there was a way. What if Obama could be a goat AND a hero at the same time, but enough of a hero that the election would be a lock? If only there was a way. Something that would require the video as an excuse, the date as a secondary excuse (plus it clouds the issue just enough), decreased security as an oversight, non response as a time constraint… something that could also take the focus off of the arms dealings at the same time. Just in time for the election… If only there was a way.


If only 2 SEALS hadn’t gotten in the way… Engaging and killing scores of al-Qaeda for hours. Possibly ignoring orders to ‘Stand Down.’ Thus the comment from Biden, “balls the size of cue balls.” Not because of their incredible stand-off and brave fight… NO… they had the BALLS to get in the way of an otherwise perfect plan… so the theory goes. If not for Spite, would Biden… even Biden say something that crass? His ineptitude was debunked during debate night. The guy’s as sharp as a tack. He can dumb himself down. But can’t shut himself up for spite. He couldn’t hide it debate night and he couldn’t hide it when he met one of the slain seals father… “balls the size of cue balls.” Think about it.

If only 2 SEALS hadn’t gotten in the way… the fight would have been over before it started. It would have looked ambiguous enough to blame it on a spontaneous uprising. It would have been under less intense scrutiny. There never would have been any question why they “Watched them die.” There obviously wouldn’t have been enough time. The dispatching of the drone may have been just to ‘keep an eye on things… but there wasn’t enough time to do anything more.’

If only 2 SEALS hadn’t gotten in the way… the change in security may have been just ‘an oversight.’ Or an act of misplaced ‘trust’ or the right thing to do because maybe the story is that THAT security team sacrificed their lives and Americans didn’t.

If only 2 SEALS hadn’t gotten in the way… then Obama could have brokered an exchange. An exchange for the release of one of ours for one of theirs. He would be a goat and he would be a hero, but enough of a hero close enough to the election to keep the White House hands down.

You see, the theory that ties this all together, the one that I heard a month ago and brushed off as impossibly foolish, now almost makes sense. It smells feasible. It explains every last question that is being raised. As the theory goes, Stevens wasn’t supposed to die. That’s why he wound up at the hospital. Maybe by the very people who Finally captured him. It was supposed to be over very quickly. The theory supports that the lack of response by the U.S. was them expecting that any minute now… annnny minute… the fight would be over and the deed would be done. Thus, ‘Stand Down.’ I think the theory supports that the video response lost it’s credibility in the light that American’s were dead and not just missing and that the fight took so very long. In such a case, it may very well be that the partners are saving face and going off script. I think the theory supports that the drone was dispatched for posterity but now offers damning evidence. I think the theory supports that Obama went to rest for his trip to Vegas expecting entirely different news. I think the theory supports that Biden can’t bite his tongue and was bitter the 2 SEALS got in the way. I think the theory supports that The Muslim Brotherhood never had to leave script… they’ve wanted the Blind Sheikh released since his incarceration began but it explains the sudden increase in volume for the same – as if it’s more likely to be a now or never arrangement. I think the theory states: U.S. security obeys orders and stands down. The rebels sweep in and abduct Stevens. Obama let’s it simmer long enough to be close enough to the election to gain him popularity, then exchanges the Blind Sheikh for Stevens. At that point there is not enough time for any legitimate news to surface, for any real questions to be answered, for anything bad to happen at all to the Obama campaign, only a boost.

I think the theory explains why Obama is still stalling. I think it explains why the plan has failed. I think it explains why everyone still has their jobs. As soon as someone loses their job, then the President has to answer the questions ‘Who’ and ‘Why’ and he wouldn’t be prepared to do this. He has a better than even chance at losing this thing, but if the lid comes off Benghazi, as the theory hypothesizes… it’s over.

I’m not asking anyone to think anything. This theory is already out there anyway. But I think it’s possible, it’s plausible, and I think it smells better than what’s being shoveled at the moment. I also think that in the absence of any real information out of the White House that any theory is better than no theory. If they want to debunk all these theories, then the lies need to stop. Please, Mr. President… if this is not the case, what is? The truth needs to come out.

Unless the truth is as damning as most objective Americans believe it is. Even so, for the integrity of our Country… for the integrity of the Presidency, even if not from the source(s) itself, the truth must be known. We deserve that. Stevens deserves that. The fallen SEALS – Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty – deserve that. The countless told to stand down while their own paid the ultimate price deserve that.