Pass The Pop-Corn

Obamacare to be decimated!

Businesses thriving in employment friendly economic environment!

Gas prices going down!

Sorry, It took a while for me to wake up from my daydream of a post Romney victory 2013. Now I’m wide awake and ready to read all of the headlines that are surely giving the 4 victims of Benghazi Petraeus and his mistress their much deserved attention.

I like a good storyline, and this is clearly going to end up being on the big screen someday. It has everything needed for a real nail biter. Suspense, love, violence, tawdry affairs, jealous mistresses…and book deals. It’s Harlequin meets Tom Clancy. Jack Bauer meets Gossip Girl. Jason Bourne meets Desperate Housewives.

The interesting part to all of this is that the media and the Obama administration are running on the hopes that the American people are more drama thirsty than they are justice hungry. Maybe the 51% are. But for the rest of us this storyline is interesting, relevant, but STILL not taking our attention away from Benghazi.

Nice try, El Presidente! That was a noble effort you put forth to help the American people relieve themselves of the stresses accompanied by the Benghazi news, Mr. President.

As I sit here sipping water and eating Apple Cinnamon rice snacks (Apple flavored cardboard…with air) I can’t help but think of Hillary Clinton and her wine tasting adventures in Australia. Her wine tasting doesn’t bother me, it’s the fact that she is trying to get out of testifying about Benghazi. So while the bodies of Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty are 6 feet under, she continues to delay the truth to their family in exchange for wine tasting.

This doesn’t sit well with me. It shouldn’t sit well with you.

As for the indecency of Petraeus and his scandalous history, I’m with you…It’s wrong. As for the Democrats newly found moral code, I’m not so convinced. The party of Ted Kennedy and Bill Clinton are revolted over the evil sins of an affair? Not likely. This was convenient.

Was the possibility of a truthful testimony from Petraeus so astonishingly intimidating that they proceeded to rip open the closet doors and drag out the skeletons of a secret known by some members of the administration for a year now? The problem with their plan of action was that while shining a light on the scandal and screaming “LOOK, SHINY THING!!!” they forgot that the scandal closet is so full that they mistakenly shined a light on a few things that we weren’t supposed to see. Unfortunately for them it didn’t include documents with descriptive bullet points on how all of this is Bush’s fault.

But it did have:

Broadwell’s collection of classified documents…

The conspicuousness of Jill Kelly and her twin sister. Who are these random people and WHY are they so involved in the Middle East?? The twin sister is a former “companion” of Charlie Crist?

How about the 911 call from Jill asking for diplomatic protection?

Plus MANY MANY developing updates…

In the immortal words of Gomer Pyle: “Surprise, surprise, surprise”

This is the point in the story where Obama thinks to himself “So THIS is why Stalin executed Generals instead of just smearing their reputation!” Though the reputation is clearly capable of smearing itself, we can be sure that the Obama administration gave it the “Forward” shove it needed.

The trust of Petraeus has been demonized now and forever more. Anything he should say is now seen as questionable and easily deniable. Well, at least that is the thought process of Obama and crew. Now not only is Petraeus a target for doubt, he is also in the position to absorb the brutal uppercut of blame that the angry Benghazi truthers are demanding be given.

Not. Going. To. Work.

We know that the chain of command was used in Benghazi, and while Petraeus has his own sword to fall on, We The People have enough “swords” to go around, and we stubbornly plan on holding ALL parties accountable. Including our Propagandist in Chief. And although Hillary is doing her country and the elitist 1% an upstanding service by tasting wines for future 1% fundraisers, she isn’t off the hook either.

As for all of the other interesting details making their way to the surface during this whole debacle, we welcome the info. Obama has given us so many issues to absorb at one time over the past year that we are more than willing to multitask.

As Beck reduced the Obama Admin to Al Capone and gang, I’ll double down. This administration is full of crooks, murderers, traitors, and thieves. If we as Conservatives don’t put our foot down and DEMAND that justice be served to Chris Stevens, Glen Doherty, Sean Smith and Tyrone Woods, no one will. So from the bottom of my heart I ask you to grab a bowl of pop-corn and enjoy the show, but remember that this is war and we are fighting for the TRUTH! Don’t relent.

As Petraeus is the kingpin of this scandaliciousness, Obama is the “kingpin” of this country. With the amount of intelligence communications that went on during the 7 hours of Benghazi bloodshed, I believe Obama had to have known. I will go so far as to say that I believe Obama himself was nose deep in the Benghazi scandal. BUT, if they refuse to let dear leader fall on the sword at ANY cost, we STILL refuse to let Petraeus be the only one to take the fall. And remember, eventually Al Capone was held accountable as well.

4 men are dead, and while some individuals are cold enough to say “Stuff happens, people die”, we can’t accept this disgraceful and degrading view on the value of human life. This isn’t all political, this is for the sake of 4 men who deserve to have the truth released.

So while the Obama Administration gives off the feeling that they are as calm about the Benghazi debacle as Al Capone and his entourage were with cannolis and late night pizzeria meetings, we aren’t taking the bait. Thank you for the entertainment and the additional useful information, but you’re still the owner of our interests, Mr. President.

As for Carney. Every time that he names ANOTHER headline making scandal that Obama ISN’T aware of, it is just another thing that Obama doesn’t know about, but should. It insults the intelligence of those of us that follow the stories and know better. And for those that believe him, eventually they are going to start wondering if Obama’s domestic and foreign policy knowledge only consists of scoping out golf courses both in the states, and abroad…And that the only “reports” that get attention when they cross his desk are the reports of his approval numbers.

The way that we can hold our ground is by keeping their stories and their memories alive. Their voices were silenced. Ours were not. Let’s use them! Pray that the truth comes out, and that justice is served. Pray for the families who continue to suffer, for the Fatherless newborn, and for the parents, siblings and children who visit the graves of these men who for all we know could have been saved.

– MB

On a side note: Petraeus is now eagerly willing to testify. But let’s be honest…Obama didn’t let up on whatever he has over Petraeus head, whether it be information or violence, JUST in time for him to testify. Historical lesson: If Petraeus makes it to testify in one piece, he’s NOT going to sing like a bird. It’s that whole “History and it’s repetitive nature” thing.

Everyone is All Whigged out!

Yes, I know that normally the term is “All wigged out,” but in my defense, you will later see the reason behind my spelling.

In my last blog post I insinuated that the recent changes in our country were “asked for,” I stand by that perception. This blog post will only serve to demonstrate an even deeper reasoning behind my adamant feelings that the US is a deprived nation, a nation full of the “wants.” The “Cotton Whigs” have outnumbered the “Conscience Whigs.”

The movie Lincoln started opening in theaters this past weekend. I have put myself on a strict diet of minor amounts of Hollywood obnoxiousness. I believe they are doing a Saul Alinsky approved job of manipulating the ignorant vote. I guess I could be nice and call it the “young vote,” but for the sake of taking in the collective obnoxious I will leave it at “ignorant vote.” Do I believe the people themselves to be unintelligent? Absolutely not. But I believe that a large part of our population has fallen victim to the calling of society to ignore, or even run from facts to protect our own delusions.

Albeit my new strict diet of less donations to the abhorrent industry, I have decided to see the movie Lincoln. I look forward to what I hope to be an epic portrayal of a man known as one of the greatest heroes to lead our nation. But while thinking about the new movie Lincoln, I started wondering about just how much history this pricey little flick will entail. In my mind, any movie with Abraham Lincoln is sure to make you feel patriotic. I mean come on, the man could sip tea for 2 hours and knowing his history you should still be in awe.

BUT, I have learned that the historical facts surrounding the era of Lincoln have been skewed. I like the popular map that is roaming around the internet showing the “supporters of slaves” compared to the “Republican voters.” Liberals are posting it EVERYWHERE, I imagine that when they do they’re probably sending virtual fist bumps to one another. Here we go, let’s play pin the racism on the elephant. Heck, that fun little game had a HUGE hand in them winning this election, as well as the racial warfare that will soon hit the U.S.A.

Oh History, where hath thou gone???

So here in my little world I read these maps and think to myself “What has happened to our country? Aren’t teachers TEACHING these valuable lessons anymore?”

Brief summary below:

In the early 1830’s the “Whig party” began. People were angry over Andrew Jackson and his “king like” ruling of the nation. The “Whig party” was adapted from a group in English politics that was adamantly against the royal tyranny. Abraham Lincoln was a member of the Whig Party. This party was a mixture of everything…fiscal conservative democrats to Anti-Masons.

The Whigs were not the picture of success, there was that whole James Polk debacle and the Whigs vs. the Democrats on immigrants in 1844 (Yep, this battle is THAT old.)

Hope then reared it’s purty little head in 1848 with a Whig Presidency in Taylor. Once he died and Fillmore took over, it was at this point that the party started addressing slavery more directly.

Hopes dashed, Democrat won in 1852.

By the time 1856 came along the Whig party was falling apart completely…SO the ever important issue of slavery split the party into the Northern “Conscience Whigs” (Booo slavery), and the Southern “Cotton Whigs” (Slavery = Fist bumps all around, and lots of money.) While the Southern slavery loving “Cotton Whigs” found a place to call home in the Democrat party (yes…you read that right,) the Northern slavery hating Whigs became the Republican Party.

I would love to imagine that the people posting these race warfare inducing “maps” knew this little chunk of history and is just playing the political games…but my gut tells me that isn’t very likely.

We all know the rest, Abraham Lincoln was made President…and after the Battles of Fort Sumter, Chattanooga, Vicksburg…etc…we find the Emancipation Proclamation in 1862. Which was followed by even more battles, Shiloh, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, as well as others. Despite the war Lincoln was re-elected in 1864, and assassinated in 1865.

I remember visiting Gettysburg when I was about 9. We were driven out to the battlefield in the early morning, I remember fog…it was honestly one of the most historically dramatic feelings I’ve ever had. I hope to return someday now that I’m older, but I’ll never forget standing on that field and knowing what had happened. I was on a field trip and I remember boys play fighting like they were in the war, girls talking about the dresses that were being worn by the workers. But I kept looking around wondering if the leader of the tour was right, maybe I would get to see the ghost of a soldier.

I’ve had the opportunity to talk to many veterans, so the subject of war has always held my attention. I’ve always been interested in battles. Call it morbid curiosity, but I remember wanting to see the ghost of a soldier. Although the spirits of the uniformed deceased never showed up, I can tell you that the feeling on that battlefield was enough to give anyone goosebumps. It is an indescribable feeling to stand where history was made, to stand in the place that was the inspiration for the Gettysburg Address. We actually saw the David Wills House where Abraham Lincoln finished the Gettysburg Address. Breathtaking experience for the history enthusiast.

The history of our nation is full of painful moments, it is full of joyous victories, and it is full of men who fought for the rights of individuals. Where men once fought to be free, now they fight because peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are deemed racist. Where women once fought for voting privileges, now they fight for the privilege to kill their offspring and have free contraceptives. THAT my friends, is how far we have fallen.

We arm our enemies, while fighting to disarm our own nation. On Veterans day our President spoke of taking care of our own, and he doubled down on his statement that Al-Qaida is decimated. While Al-Qaida was involved in the brutal murder of 4 Americans left to die while his administration watched on September 11, 2012. “Take care of our own,” Mr. President? Is that what that was? Terrorist attacks by Al-Qaida, Mr. President? Is that your definition of “decimated?”

I find solace in remembering history. When I hear the begging for birth control, I go read about the bravery of men who fought for freedom. When I hear about the revolting fight for more slavery from the enslaved themselves, I try to remember the quotes of great men who knew that the USA meant more than the cheap and degrading diatribe of leftist journalist. It’s how I keep my sanity.

The leftist propagandists and “equality” cheerleaders preach on poverty from their perch in laptop latte happy land where all of the historic genocidal dictators had the right ideas, but the wrong “plan.” Where THEIR dictator will do it right, because history doesn’t ALWAYS have to repeat itself. Beckoning the barista for a refill so that they can continue attacking the 1% who employ the very people who are now losing their jobs at alarming rates, all due to our economy tanking because of the mandates that THEIR re-elected god put in place. Once again ignoring the history that their party and their actions were the catalyst for our financial troubles.

The moderate, individually morally driven masses throw their hands in the air saying “I’m tired of political posts!” Back to family game night! Why not, the election is over and who wants to hear anymore about it?? If only Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty had the gift of passing over politics for another 4 years and getting back to family game night. They wave us off and threaten to block us. Because WE are disrupting their already stress filled lives, not understanding that we are trying to warn them of a new level of stress they can’t even imagine.

The “new right” preaches on a “new” more “inclusive” party where we shake off those pesky moral bound conservatives and drive towards a new way of defeating the liberal agenda. You know, WITHOUT the very people that still hold a candle for the moral beliefs that our Founding Fathers possessed…The people that still believe that when the chips are stacked against you and the world is screaming that they WANT slavery, they WANT the money that comes with it, and they don’t want things to change, that it is STILL our responsibility to say “But that’s just not right.” Us obnoxious “Conscience Whigs.”

“I freed a thousand slaves, I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” Harriet Tubman

Before the election I made a statement that was met with much criticism, I said that I feared for my country because I believe that if slavery were made legal today, and the slave owners were controlling the welfare in this country, that the majority would support the slave owners. Most of the critics attached this thought process to the African American slave trade, I was talking about both that and the state of our country today. Slavery in the form of debt has been made legal. The slave owners have power of the welfare in this country. And the majority have supported it’s growth. Now as jobs disappear, more and more of our citizens will be chained to the slavery of government dependency. And they are WILLING.

Abraham Lincoln said that “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

He also said “You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

The scales are tipping heavily between “all” vs. “some” on the second quote, bringing the word “some” into question…Maybe it should be replaced with “most?” It’s making the purpose of the first quote more of a prophesy than a good point.

If we don’t stand as the “Conscience Whigs,” standing on the morals that were put in place to lead us, our party WILL fail. Playing the “blame game” gets you no where. You want to “reach across the aisle”, be my guest. But if you lower your moral standards and throw dignity out the window what you will gain will NOT be the Country these brave historical men fought for, it will be a watered down version, equipped with an incredibly blurry line of where we place the worth of individual human life. Be it the innocent child without a choice, the elderly woman facing euthanasia, or the American painting a target on a building begging for help. We may never get our country back, and biblically (end times) wise, most of us Christian conservatives believe we won’t. BUT, our morals and our dignity are what keep the memories and the principles of the Founding Father alive in our country. Don’t give them up. Fight like we can win using the principles our country was founded on, no matter what you think the ending will be. Leave that part up to God.

Ok, God… You Have My Attention

I never sat in abject disbelief as the evening wore on this Election Tuesday. From the word go, something deep inside me almost expected the night to turn out the way it did. I publicly predicted a Romney win, but never felt comfortable with saying it out loud.

It could have been that part of me played the “superstition” card. Like, “Uh-oh. I said it. Now I’ve jinxed it!” You know, like “in ’04 I hadn’t changed my underwear in a week and in ’08 I did… So leading up to the election I made sure to not change my underwear since the previous Tuesday”… Ok, not THAT exactly, but LIKE that. During the St Louis Cardinals ’11 playoff run, at some point, we determined that when we waved our ‘rally socks’ – clean ones from the wash, and when our youngest daughter climbed up into a door jamb that had no door and was in a position for it to be impossible for her to see the T.V., the Cards won! Yes. Every time. This year they did too. Every time we did this silly little superstitious crap. In fact, after the Cards went up 3-1 in the NLCS, something in me said, “this is not their year.” I’m not claiming to be clairvoyant, but we ceased the traditional sock waving/door jamb climb starting with game 5. I don’t know why.

Getting to a more serious juncture, and hurrying back up the bunny trail I so deftly navigated,… Something inside me said, “this is not his year.” I just didn’t see it. No matter how many Roves there were out there or Newts that were predicting a solid win… it seemed like a fairy tale ending that was too good to be true.

My head is forever a swirling noisy place – not a place filled with much worry, dread, regrets, etc., but a place of constant deductive reasoning. My family gets tired of me saying, “That’s subjective,” to the point where I rarely if ever say it anymore. That doesn’t change the fact that I immediately recognize subjective reasoning and call it out. I did this in a poll before the election. It was actually a question that would have boded well for Romney, but I wouldn’t allow them to frame even the opponent in such a light with a question that could not be answered in any way other than demonizing to him. It wasn’t fair. It wasn’t truth. It was… subjective. That is my brain. Constantly in motion. Perfect in its logic. I have the best arguments in there… annihilating everyone who opposes me with sound irrefutable reason. My brain. No empty restful boxes. Frequently things just don’t seem right and it’s the facts and pieces of puzzles floating around that haven’t been put in the right places, but when a wrong piece goes in the place of a different one, though I drive it home with a 16 pound post mall, my brain knows. Don’t ask me how.

This is how I felt. What was I missing? There has to have been something. I felt no surprise. An odd knowing sad smile crossed my face several times from I know not where. As I drove in to work this morning, disappointed despite my lack of shock, I was still mulling the whole thing over. What did I miss? My brain knew something I didn’t. But what? WHAT?

Now comes the portion of the blog where everything falls into place. My wonderful gray matter, perfect in reason, is frequently out of chronological order. The pieces slammed home in one microsecond in time. Hundreds of thoughts and words finally aligning in the harmonious opus of perfect revelation…

My last post pondered the theory of the “kidnapping” school of thought of Benghazi. What’s interesting to me, and baffling, is that the possible fact explanations came pouring out of my fingers on to the keyboard in unnerving fashion. As I delved deeper and deeper into this theory, more and more questions were potentially answered. It wasn’t until after I had posted this on Twitter, that a follower RT’d it, favorited it, and then sent me a pictogram of the whole thing that was eerily similar to the model I had constructed. I made my OWN arguments, answered my OWN questions, and somehow, the models were near identical. The only thing I know that wasn’t my logic was the theory itself. If I’d have never heard it, there would have been no picture box for the puzzle. They’d still be facts swirling around my cerebral cortex with no place to call home.

I had… I HAVE… WE have lost our perspective, good Christian. I had spent the last couple of years with my nose in the ‘books’ for an hour or more nightly, researching, fact checking, cross referencing, counter cross referencing, objectified, subjected, disproving, proving, and reproving, anything and everything political. History, current events, Obama, potential opponents, Axelrod, Rubio, Hannity, Rush, CNN, MSNBC, FOX, Boehner, Napolitano, etc. etc. etc. Eventually Romney, Ryan…
My knowledge was my Bible.
My conservatism was my Faith.
And Mitt Romney became my savior.
Like most conservatives, I believe that President Obama represents a great threat to liberty, prosperity, and constitutional rights. Like some conservatives, I believe this is deliberate on his part. That his direct intention is to break America’s back in order to ‘fundamentally transform’ it into something better.
Ignorant attempts at governing and failing through ineptitude might offend my sensibilities… But a deliberate systematic dismantling of America in order to institute socialism offends my patriotism! It’s the exact kind of thing needed to propel me from conservative voter to conservative activist! I went from being contentedly disgruntled and moderately worried about the future, to righteously angry and justifiably mortified the more I learned.
I was all in.
And Romney? America needed Romney! Well, we really need Reagan, but you get it. To return us to our guiding principles! To restore us to our traditional values – the values of our Founding Fathers!
Really?!? Really?
One of the basic tenets of my faith is that suffering produces perseverance. Perseverance produces character. Character produces hope. And hope does not disappoint. (Rom 5)
Out of one corner of my mouth I was praying, “God! Let Romney win! Please God!” Out of the other corner, “Lord! Turn our hearts toward You! Whatever it takes Lord!” And in the event of irreconcilability, “Your will be done.”
My dad has said on more than one occasion, “This country needs another depression… Our priorities are all screwed up. ” I understood what he was saying at a very young age. I agreed out of hand, not knowing exactly what I was saying, but I’m drawn again to the Bible as it speaks concerning the general propensity towards forgetting God in times of ease. The people of Joshua’s generation KNEW God… The next generation KNEW OF God… and the next generation KNEW NOT God. How then could both of my prayers be answered affirmatively? Not impossible with God but Ockham’s Razor comes to mind… The simplest answer is usually the right answer. Today’s Christian is generally less likely to hit you over the head with a bible and more likely to try to show you God through his/her life. A lot of the time, God uses a hardship in the life of that person or in you to bring them to Him. I believe this. I try to live this. But I wonder at my ineffectiveness at times. Truth be told, Most of the time. What use does the average American have for God? To them and in the light of my relatively benign cozy life – while wrought with relative tragedies and endless drama – what testimony do I have to offer that they themselves have not overcome? What extreme hardship have I overcome with peace, perseverance, and an averred belief that God is in control that might show them that I have that special something that they should want for themselves? Unfortunately, most if not all of the people I witness to just see me as a conservative prude. Quietly pious although not overtly so. I suspect this is more of the rule than the exception. Our children, yes. The world? Not so much.

Should I then be surprised that God did not answer my prayer for Romney for President? And the prayers of countless other ‘righteous’ people? The pit of despair then, I suppose, is where most people find God and God finds them. And the ideals of the Founding Fathers are met in the Liberty and Freedom that a Christian has in Christ ABOVE the freedom they have from government. God’s purposes will be met. It is His discretion to build up nations for His Purposes! And if He intends that nation for good and they instead conduct evil, it is then at His discretion to tear that nation back down. And, Oh! How far we have fallen! I suspect for more reason than one, that America must soon fall. I am not looking forward to this. I am not assuming it’s an absolute necessity or eventuality. But using my God-given brain, I would be surprised if it didn’t happen in my lifetime if not in the very near future.

I mentioned I believe this for more reason than one. The first (combo) reason is that America has and is doing evil in God’s sight. Morally reprehensible things. Abortion all but unchecked, alternative lifestyles unashamed, covetousness, unGodly from the word go… etc. Be truthful… on a national level, we probably deserve destruction! And I believe God will use this to draw a great number of people to Him.

The second reason. Why now?

I have been a firm believer in the idea that we are living in the end times. Israel has been replanted. “This generation,” … the generation of the replanting of Israel during the middle end of last century, “shall not pass away,” before the whole gig is up! I used to wonder if I would live to be a ripe old age during a peaceful age, but I was born AFTER the replanting of Israel! That means that if I’m right, if I am to live to be at all old, that the tribulation and great tribulation will occur in my lifetime! As it concerns this election, the ENTIRE WORLD will be against Israel! That includes the U.S. While Obama has been ambiguous, at best, concerning our relationship with Israel during his administration, and is almost certainly anti-colonial/anti-Israel, Mitt Romney very loudly and proudly declared that we would be their biggest ally under a Romney administration. While this does not automatically preclude, or rather wouldn’t have automatically precluded a Romney election, it almost certainly would preclude any kind of substantial financial recovery up to the point that another anti-colonial/anti-Israel President was elected. At any rate, if it is to still happen in this lifetime – this generation, now or later is just not that important. And so the puzzle came together. I understood what it was that was bugging me. Whatever has to ‘come to pass’ cannot come to pass under a pro-Israel leader. Cannot come to pass under the military combination of big brother goodness and power that has been the U.S. military. Whether it’s a lack of power or not, it is clear that we stand against Israel as a matter of policy.

So we live to ‘fight’ another day. Hopefully with a renewed set of priorities and renewed sense of hope. Not hope in the government. I have a feeling that for most of us the government is about to become more of a “render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s” type of government. Even still, for the sake of the aborted, for the sake of the oppressed, for the sake of the poor and truly disenfranchised, don’t stop being involved in the process as long as you are able or allowed. We have some levity for a while longer. The end cometh we know not when.

Truly now, even if we never have at any point in our lives, we must live every day as though it is our last.

No regrets.

No apologies.

No mixed allegiances.

Make hay while the sun still shines.

~ Tim ~

Embracing the Fallout

Fallout: “The slow descent of debris in the atmosphere following an explosion.”

I am in the category of conservatives who are mourning the reelection of Obama. We all feel as though we have hit an impasse and the future is forever changed…I truly believe that it is. I don’t believe our nation has changed for the good as the apparent majority of the US feels, but changed it has.

From the time I was little I was raised with respect for the men who had sacrificed so much for our country, for my Freedom. By the time I was in my teens I would get goose bumps when I saw the flag raised at an event, when I placed my hand over my heart I always felt a sense of pride in my country. I loved reading and understanding the history of other countries…maybe that is why this election truly hit home. When you understand political history you understand that it repeats itself when the majority forgets the history.

I stood by Romney, even though he wasn’t my favorite candidate…I always knew I was voting for him, but during the second debate there was a moment where he won me over completely. When he looked at Obama and asked him to verify his comments that were made in the Rose Garden the day after the Benghazi terrorist attack. I remember getting teary eyed thinking “this man feels the same loss that I do for these lives left abandoned by their country.”

Candy Crowley quickly disgraced journalism once again by lying, but those of us who knew the truth were caught up in that moment. I’ll never forget that feeling. Congressman Trey Gowdy gave us a few of those moments, but when Romney stood there staring down the guilty, challenging him to dare lie to the American people again, I was moved. Even if half of the nation didn’t get the importance of that, even if half of the nation didn’t care enough about those men to vote him out, the select few will remember that as the moment Romney was not just debating, but was speaking for those of us angry and longing for answers.

I can’t tell the future. But what I do know is that our country is on track towards a Cloward-Piven economic system. This doesn’t mean death destruction and mayhem for all…but it does mean tough times ahead. Having a leader that is striving for this system makes me fear for the future my nephews will have. Will they know the freedom I have, the opportunities I had growing up, or will they know a socialist society.

The only difference between Socialism and Communism is a matter of years. Historically countries don’t fare well under either, and by “doesn’t fare well” I mean that sometimes it causes mass violent hysteria, and in others it is a severe downgrade from the dream Americans once possessed. Either way, it isn’t my definition of pretty…Nor any of our Founding Fathers.

I am astonished at the people who are ready to shake this off and prepare for 4 years from now. Simply because I thought there was a great amount of them that knew better than that. Of course I am preparing for down the road, but to assume for one moment that the Democrats will not own future (possible) elections is just naïve. This was our last “grasping” of our nation, and biblically we as a nation have fallen short. We are no longer driven by patriotism in the nation we once owned, we are a nation that has a majority dedicated to bringing our nation to its knees to fulfill the dreams of the entitled masses.

I truly believe that we are living in the end times. If Mitt Romney would have won, Israel would have had a stable ally in the United States, he didn’t, and she won’t. The next four years will not be a “coasting” through “difficult” foreign policy, it will be a shredding of what this country once stood for.

“Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.” John Adams

Our country survived for so long BECAUSE of the principles we had in place. The mixture of church and state was necessary for the preservation of our country. We lost our way when people began to forget that separation of church and state was not to protect the state, but to protect the church. We stopped listening, or “outgrew” the ideals of the Founding Fathers, forgetting that other countries “outgrew” them before the US had ever began. Progressives love to say we “outgrew” the morals our country was founded on. We didn’t. Our country was founded on a dream. America was an outlandish dream that men had for their future generations…They made it come true. We didn’t “outgrow” that dream, we just don’t deserve it any longer. We didn’t “evolve” past that dream, we reverted back to not understanding the dream. We didn’t “lose” the dream, we gave it away to generations that we convinced were owed something. We distorted the dream to fit our society, forgetting that the dream was the escape from the selfish society we are now creating.

What does this mean for us? I would love to say that I know. But I have peace that even if We The People have lost our country, we haven’t’ lost our ability to fight for what we know is right. Even though I believe we will never get her back, I don’t think we will have an army marching to our doors and disrupting our lives yet. I believe we will slowly lose our freedoms. Free speech, religious freedoms, gun rights, our money, and our say in our country…Well, their country. I haven’t lost my patriotism for the US, I feel blessed to have experienced the little of it that was left, and now feel bittersweet about the future. I regret that it was my generation that destroyed her, but am thankful for the opportunity to see end times play out. As scary as that idea sounds.

I will always be proud of my Country and who she was, what we once stood for. I’ll always remember and be proud that I fought for her. I pray for the people that destroyed her. For the people that stood for selfish entitlements instead of the innocent, the people that begged for free contraceptives instead of the truth about the murdered Americans in Benghazi, the people that overlooked the blood on our Presidents hands for a socialist healthcare system they don’t even understand, the people that support the arming of nations who seek to harm us instead of protecting the children and future generations, the people who turned their back on the very directions that God gave us to stand with Israel. When the chips fall it will be someone else’s fault, just like the Democrats destroying our economy prior to Bush was STILL Bush’s fault. Taking blame for our actions is always difficult, they’ve resorted to ignoring the facts to avoid guilt all together. That is why we had this coming, we had morally bankrupted ourselves to the point of not deserving the dream our Forefathers wished for us…That is also why we won’t get it back.

The sun will rise, the earth will still turn, and the President will continue to spit in the face of Americans and the brave heroes we have lost. We will still make plans, but we have to be responsible and think of what this means for us. Financially things are going to get difficult for everyone, I thank God that I have family that always sticks together through difficulties, no matter when they come. We will be seeing the once sovereign nation that we loved become just another weak nation on the map, deprived of the power that once brought strength and hope to other countries, now desperate for hope and strength ourselves. We will see further division of the people and Saul Alinsky tactics, and demonization of those of us who still hold a candle for the moral nation we prayed for. Unemployment will skyrocket like never before, and gas prices will cripple the average American. Over time more of our freedoms will be taken away, replaced by Government handouts. Thankfully we have the upper hand in expecting the changes.

I believe that I have morally justifiable anger for the lives lost in Benghazi, I will continue to keep their memory alive. I believe I have morally justifiable anger for the lives lost in Fast and Furious, as well as the hundreds of lives taken daily in abortion clinics. God’s hand is still on my life and is leading the way. That doesn’t change with who sits in the Oval Office, and it also doesn’t change my responsibility to continue standing for what is right. Even if my country has changed, I have not.

So what does it mean to “embrace the fallout”? It means I am accepting the truth. I’m finding peace in the storm. I’m taking the broken and expecting God to create the beautiful. I’m accepting that we lost, but refusing to back down on the issues. We have too many silenced voices for us to walk away, hang our heads, and give up. Even if we know that we will never be what we once were, I don’t think that we are called as Christians to allow the silenced voices to remain unheard.

This morning I woke up to a country I no longer recognize, but I was given another day by a God who never changes and is always faithful in his promises. Today I make the choice to except the things I cannot change, to have the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Today I make the choice to live, even when I know that we are in for a wild ride. Today I embrace the fallout, because I know that I am not alone, because I know that my God will take the wrong and make it right in His perfect time.

Free cheese can only be found in a mouse trap

This is a letter to the local paper from a woman in my town. Even though she made this a public letter that was published by our newspaper, I am not posting her name. We live in a very small town and to respect her privacy I will just post her warning to the American people.

“Some of my “first-hand” thoughts before November 6.

Would any sensible person desire to be enslaved, to live according orders and rations, to willingly enclose himself behind the barbed wire? The answer is no, isn’t it?

What if a person is promised to have free food, free housing, free education, free healthcare. And no need to sweat for it. Some would say yes to this.

However, free cheese can be found only in a mouse trap.

I was born and grew up in the Union of Soviet Socialistic Republics (Soviet Union). I remember how happy I was in a childhood because I believe in the “best country in the world, in the real and only democracy” and not In that “cruel and awful America, where they exploit working people and kill blacks.” All America was presented to us as one big KKK society. It was lie, but we were well brainwashed because we did not know the difference.

It was like if you were born in a prison – you did not lack food, you had bed and roof, you had books and entertainments. You actually could do many things on your own. Except that you didn’t have choices or freedoms. Also, if you said something bad about the prison or about the administration, you would be punished. You had to live according the prison’s rules to be safe . Of course, this comparison is virtual, but very close. And actually, we were even happy. We didn’t know different.
We did not know that we were not free, because we didn’t know what freedom really was; we were raised brainwashed by school and mass media. We presumed that we were free because we were told so. I was a third generation of Soviet people. My grandmother who was a teenager when Socialistic revolution occurred in Russia told stories how “collectivization” was Imposed — if the government considered that you had too much the “extra” was taken from you (expropriated) and given to less fortunate. If the government considered that you owned a house too big for you, you were given one room in this house, the rest were distributed between other, less fortunate, people. My grandmother also said that many people welcomed the Socialistic revolution because it promised to eliminate rich and make everyone equal. Little did they know that they will not be equally rich. Distribution of wealth plus governmental control made everyone equally poor and dependable. As a third generation I did not know the difference. I was brainwashed and happy. I was raised a communist and atheist by my socialistic country. Thanks to my family, who taught me to use my own brain and independent thinking, I became neither.

If anyone is interested, I ‘d like to share some facts first hand:

1. Health care in Soviet Union was free. Hospitals were awfully poor— shortage of equipment, of material. Post-surgical infections. There were up to 8-10 beds in a hospital room and very often there were beds in hospital’s hallways. There were no appointments to visit a doctor- people came to a clinic and had to wait in a hallway to get in, first come – first served.

Education was free. In school you had to follow the government-approved programs which were the same for anyone.

3. There was one and the only one political party- Communist Party (with its branches for youth Comsomol, for middle-school – Pioneers and for elementary school – Octiabriata). The elections were pure profanation.

There was equality, there were no rich. Everyone was equally poor. But we didn’t know that we were poor. We had enough money to buy food, we had free municipal housing (usually parents and their married children and grandchildren lived together in a one or two-bedroom apartment).

Wages were more or less the same for all citizens. Doctors, teachers, engineers had the same salaries as factory line workers. Salaries were just miserable fraction of what those people really produced, more the pocket allowances enough to cover essential needs. We didn’t have middle class, rich or poor. There was “working class” and “intelligence.” “Intelligence” (people with university education) was despised but often envied by “working class.” Also, there was a special category — Party leaders and departmental workers.

6. Possession of weapon was forbidden for average citizen and restricted only to military or militia. However, criminals seemed to always get access to guns.

7. Lack of freedom and choice was compensated by people in their own ways – some people got into lot of reading and culture, others found rescue in deep drunkenness.

There is a saying that we learn from our mistakes. There is a better saying that we should learn from somebody else’s mistakes. Why do we act sometimes in a certain way and don’t think that the same actions didn’t work right for somebody previously? Why do we have to go the same way as somebody else went and didn’t succeed?

Socialistic regime was established in several countries and didn’t work in any of them. In the Soviet Union it lasted for less than 80 years and now, after it fell, there is a tremendous mess there. My friend, who lives there, says that they are considered to have a “transitional period from socialism to capitalism,” but it is far from both. It’s just a lawless mess; it’s more like a post-dictatorship era with the same dictatorship, but with a “bonus” of free uncontrollable market. America as a Republic lasts more than 200 years and till last period of time it was a model for the whole world” Why would anyone here desire to be led into a mouse trap with the promise of free cheese? Beats me.

Americans, please, wake up. On November 6, you will be voting not only for the following four years; this time you’ll be voting for your generations to come.”