Embracing the Fallout

Fallout: “The slow descent of debris in the atmosphere following an explosion.”

I am in the category of conservatives who are mourning the reelection of Obama. We all feel as though we have hit an impasse and the future is forever changed…I truly believe that it is. I don’t believe our nation has changed for the good as the apparent majority of the US feels, but changed it has.

From the time I was little I was raised with respect for the men who had sacrificed so much for our country, for my Freedom. By the time I was in my teens I would get goose bumps when I saw the flag raised at an event, when I placed my hand over my heart I always felt a sense of pride in my country. I loved reading and understanding the history of other countries…maybe that is why this election truly hit home. When you understand political history you understand that it repeats itself when the majority forgets the history.

I stood by Romney, even though he wasn’t my favorite candidate…I always knew I was voting for him, but during the second debate there was a moment where he won me over completely. When he looked at Obama and asked him to verify his comments that were made in the Rose Garden the day after the Benghazi terrorist attack. I remember getting teary eyed thinking “this man feels the same loss that I do for these lives left abandoned by their country.”

Candy Crowley quickly disgraced journalism once again by lying, but those of us who knew the truth were caught up in that moment. I’ll never forget that feeling. Congressman Trey Gowdy gave us a few of those moments, but when Romney stood there staring down the guilty, challenging him to dare lie to the American people again, I was moved. Even if half of the nation didn’t get the importance of that, even if half of the nation didn’t care enough about those men to vote him out, the select few will remember that as the moment Romney was not just debating, but was speaking for those of us angry and longing for answers.

I can’t tell the future. But what I do know is that our country is on track towards a Cloward-Piven economic system. This doesn’t mean death destruction and mayhem for all…but it does mean tough times ahead. Having a leader that is striving for this system makes me fear for the future my nephews will have. Will they know the freedom I have, the opportunities I had growing up, or will they know a socialist society.

The only difference between Socialism and Communism is a matter of years. Historically countries don’t fare well under either, and by “doesn’t fare well” I mean that sometimes it causes mass violent hysteria, and in others it is a severe downgrade from the dream Americans once possessed. Either way, it isn’t my definition of pretty…Nor any of our Founding Fathers.

I am astonished at the people who are ready to shake this off and prepare for 4 years from now. Simply because I thought there was a great amount of them that knew better than that. Of course I am preparing for down the road, but to assume for one moment that the Democrats will not own future (possible) elections is just naïve. This was our last “grasping” of our nation, and biblically we as a nation have fallen short. We are no longer driven by patriotism in the nation we once owned, we are a nation that has a majority dedicated to bringing our nation to its knees to fulfill the dreams of the entitled masses.

I truly believe that we are living in the end times. If Mitt Romney would have won, Israel would have had a stable ally in the United States, he didn’t, and she won’t. The next four years will not be a “coasting” through “difficult” foreign policy, it will be a shredding of what this country once stood for.

“Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.” John Adams

Our country survived for so long BECAUSE of the principles we had in place. The mixture of church and state was necessary for the preservation of our country. We lost our way when people began to forget that separation of church and state was not to protect the state, but to protect the church. We stopped listening, or “outgrew” the ideals of the Founding Fathers, forgetting that other countries “outgrew” them before the US had ever began. Progressives love to say we “outgrew” the morals our country was founded on. We didn’t. Our country was founded on a dream. America was an outlandish dream that men had for their future generations…They made it come true. We didn’t “outgrow” that dream, we just don’t deserve it any longer. We didn’t “evolve” past that dream, we reverted back to not understanding the dream. We didn’t “lose” the dream, we gave it away to generations that we convinced were owed something. We distorted the dream to fit our society, forgetting that the dream was the escape from the selfish society we are now creating.

What does this mean for us? I would love to say that I know. But I have peace that even if We The People have lost our country, we haven’t’ lost our ability to fight for what we know is right. Even though I believe we will never get her back, I don’t think we will have an army marching to our doors and disrupting our lives yet. I believe we will slowly lose our freedoms. Free speech, religious freedoms, gun rights, our money, and our say in our country…Well, their country. I haven’t lost my patriotism for the US, I feel blessed to have experienced the little of it that was left, and now feel bittersweet about the future. I regret that it was my generation that destroyed her, but am thankful for the opportunity to see end times play out. As scary as that idea sounds.

I will always be proud of my Country and who she was, what we once stood for. I’ll always remember and be proud that I fought for her. I pray for the people that destroyed her. For the people that stood for selfish entitlements instead of the innocent, the people that begged for free contraceptives instead of the truth about the murdered Americans in Benghazi, the people that overlooked the blood on our Presidents hands for a socialist healthcare system they don’t even understand, the people that support the arming of nations who seek to harm us instead of protecting the children and future generations, the people who turned their back on the very directions that God gave us to stand with Israel. When the chips fall it will be someone else’s fault, just like the Democrats destroying our economy prior to Bush was STILL Bush’s fault. Taking blame for our actions is always difficult, they’ve resorted to ignoring the facts to avoid guilt all together. That is why we had this coming, we had morally bankrupted ourselves to the point of not deserving the dream our Forefathers wished for us…That is also why we won’t get it back.

The sun will rise, the earth will still turn, and the President will continue to spit in the face of Americans and the brave heroes we have lost. We will still make plans, but we have to be responsible and think of what this means for us. Financially things are going to get difficult for everyone, I thank God that I have family that always sticks together through difficulties, no matter when they come. We will be seeing the once sovereign nation that we loved become just another weak nation on the map, deprived of the power that once brought strength and hope to other countries, now desperate for hope and strength ourselves. We will see further division of the people and Saul Alinsky tactics, and demonization of those of us who still hold a candle for the moral nation we prayed for. Unemployment will skyrocket like never before, and gas prices will cripple the average American. Over time more of our freedoms will be taken away, replaced by Government handouts. Thankfully we have the upper hand in expecting the changes.

I believe that I have morally justifiable anger for the lives lost in Benghazi, I will continue to keep their memory alive. I believe I have morally justifiable anger for the lives lost in Fast and Furious, as well as the hundreds of lives taken daily in abortion clinics. God’s hand is still on my life and is leading the way. That doesn’t change with who sits in the Oval Office, and it also doesn’t change my responsibility to continue standing for what is right. Even if my country has changed, I have not.

So what does it mean to “embrace the fallout”? It means I am accepting the truth. I’m finding peace in the storm. I’m taking the broken and expecting God to create the beautiful. I’m accepting that we lost, but refusing to back down on the issues. We have too many silenced voices for us to walk away, hang our heads, and give up. Even if we know that we will never be what we once were, I don’t think that we are called as Christians to allow the silenced voices to remain unheard.

This morning I woke up to a country I no longer recognize, but I was given another day by a God who never changes and is always faithful in his promises. Today I make the choice to except the things I cannot change, to have the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference. Today I make the choice to live, even when I know that we are in for a wild ride. Today I embrace the fallout, because I know that I am not alone, because I know that my God will take the wrong and make it right in His perfect time.


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