Everyone is All Whigged out!

Yes, I know that normally the term is “All wigged out,” but in my defense, you will later see the reason behind my spelling.

In my last blog post I insinuated that the recent changes in our country were “asked for,” I stand by that perception. This blog post will only serve to demonstrate an even deeper reasoning behind my adamant feelings that the US is a deprived nation, a nation full of the “wants.” The “Cotton Whigs” have outnumbered the “Conscience Whigs.”

The movie Lincoln started opening in theaters this past weekend. I have put myself on a strict diet of minor amounts of Hollywood obnoxiousness. I believe they are doing a Saul Alinsky approved job of manipulating the ignorant vote. I guess I could be nice and call it the “young vote,” but for the sake of taking in the collective obnoxious I will leave it at “ignorant vote.” Do I believe the people themselves to be unintelligent? Absolutely not. But I believe that a large part of our population has fallen victim to the calling of society to ignore, or even run from facts to protect our own delusions.

Albeit my new strict diet of less donations to the abhorrent industry, I have decided to see the movie Lincoln. I look forward to what I hope to be an epic portrayal of a man known as one of the greatest heroes to lead our nation. But while thinking about the new movie Lincoln, I started wondering about just how much history this pricey little flick will entail. In my mind, any movie with Abraham Lincoln is sure to make you feel patriotic. I mean come on, the man could sip tea for 2 hours and knowing his history you should still be in awe.

BUT, I have learned that the historical facts surrounding the era of Lincoln have been skewed. I like the popular map that is roaming around the internet showing the “supporters of slaves” compared to the “Republican voters.” Liberals are posting it EVERYWHERE, I imagine that when they do they’re probably sending virtual fist bumps to one another. Here we go, let’s play pin the racism on the elephant. Heck, that fun little game had a HUGE hand in them winning this election, as well as the racial warfare that will soon hit the U.S.A.

Oh History, where hath thou gone???

So here in my little world I read these maps and think to myself “What has happened to our country? Aren’t teachers TEACHING these valuable lessons anymore?”

Brief summary below:

In the early 1830’s the “Whig party” began. People were angry over Andrew Jackson and his “king like” ruling of the nation. The “Whig party” was adapted from a group in English politics that was adamantly against the royal tyranny. Abraham Lincoln was a member of the Whig Party. This party was a mixture of everything…fiscal conservative democrats to Anti-Masons.

The Whigs were not the picture of success, there was that whole James Polk debacle and the Whigs vs. the Democrats on immigrants in 1844 (Yep, this battle is THAT old.)

Hope then reared it’s purty little head in 1848 with a Whig Presidency in Taylor. Once he died and Fillmore took over, it was at this point that the party started addressing slavery more directly.

Hopes dashed, Democrat won in 1852.

By the time 1856 came along the Whig party was falling apart completely…SO the ever important issue of slavery split the party into the Northern “Conscience Whigs” (Booo slavery), and the Southern “Cotton Whigs” (Slavery = Fist bumps all around, and lots of money.) While the Southern slavery loving “Cotton Whigs” found a place to call home in the Democrat party (yes…you read that right,) the Northern slavery hating Whigs became the Republican Party.

I would love to imagine that the people posting these race warfare inducing “maps” knew this little chunk of history and is just playing the political games…but my gut tells me that isn’t very likely.

We all know the rest, Abraham Lincoln was made President…and after the Battles of Fort Sumter, Chattanooga, Vicksburg…etc…we find the Emancipation Proclamation in 1862. Which was followed by even more battles, Shiloh, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, as well as others. Despite the war Lincoln was re-elected in 1864, and assassinated in 1865.

I remember visiting Gettysburg when I was about 9. We were driven out to the battlefield in the early morning, I remember fog…it was honestly one of the most historically dramatic feelings I’ve ever had. I hope to return someday now that I’m older, but I’ll never forget standing on that field and knowing what had happened. I was on a field trip and I remember boys play fighting like they were in the war, girls talking about the dresses that were being worn by the workers. But I kept looking around wondering if the leader of the tour was right, maybe I would get to see the ghost of a soldier.

I’ve had the opportunity to talk to many veterans, so the subject of war has always held my attention. I’ve always been interested in battles. Call it morbid curiosity, but I remember wanting to see the ghost of a soldier. Although the spirits of the uniformed deceased never showed up, I can tell you that the feeling on that battlefield was enough to give anyone goosebumps. It is an indescribable feeling to stand where history was made, to stand in the place that was the inspiration for the Gettysburg Address. We actually saw the David Wills House where Abraham Lincoln finished the Gettysburg Address. Breathtaking experience for the history enthusiast.

The history of our nation is full of painful moments, it is full of joyous victories, and it is full of men who fought for the rights of individuals. Where men once fought to be free, now they fight because peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are deemed racist. Where women once fought for voting privileges, now they fight for the privilege to kill their offspring and have free contraceptives. THAT my friends, is how far we have fallen.

We arm our enemies, while fighting to disarm our own nation. On Veterans day our President spoke of taking care of our own, and he doubled down on his statement that Al-Qaida is decimated. While Al-Qaida was involved in the brutal murder of 4 Americans left to die while his administration watched on September 11, 2012. “Take care of our own,” Mr. President? Is that what that was? Terrorist attacks by Al-Qaida, Mr. President? Is that your definition of “decimated?”

I find solace in remembering history. When I hear the begging for birth control, I go read about the bravery of men who fought for freedom. When I hear about the revolting fight for more slavery from the enslaved themselves, I try to remember the quotes of great men who knew that the USA meant more than the cheap and degrading diatribe of leftist journalist. It’s how I keep my sanity.

The leftist propagandists and “equality” cheerleaders preach on poverty from their perch in laptop latte happy land where all of the historic genocidal dictators had the right ideas, but the wrong “plan.” Where THEIR dictator will do it right, because history doesn’t ALWAYS have to repeat itself. Beckoning the barista for a refill so that they can continue attacking the 1% who employ the very people who are now losing their jobs at alarming rates, all due to our economy tanking because of the mandates that THEIR re-elected god put in place. Once again ignoring the history that their party and their actions were the catalyst for our financial troubles.

The moderate, individually morally driven masses throw their hands in the air saying “I’m tired of political posts!” Back to family game night! Why not, the election is over and who wants to hear anymore about it?? If only Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty had the gift of passing over politics for another 4 years and getting back to family game night. They wave us off and threaten to block us. Because WE are disrupting their already stress filled lives, not understanding that we are trying to warn them of a new level of stress they can’t even imagine.

The “new right” preaches on a “new” more “inclusive” party where we shake off those pesky moral bound conservatives and drive towards a new way of defeating the liberal agenda. You know, WITHOUT the very people that still hold a candle for the moral beliefs that our Founding Fathers possessed…The people that still believe that when the chips are stacked against you and the world is screaming that they WANT slavery, they WANT the money that comes with it, and they don’t want things to change, that it is STILL our responsibility to say “But that’s just not right.” Us obnoxious “Conscience Whigs.”

“I freed a thousand slaves, I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” Harriet Tubman

Before the election I made a statement that was met with much criticism, I said that I feared for my country because I believe that if slavery were made legal today, and the slave owners were controlling the welfare in this country, that the majority would support the slave owners. Most of the critics attached this thought process to the African American slave trade, I was talking about both that and the state of our country today. Slavery in the form of debt has been made legal. The slave owners have power of the welfare in this country. And the majority have supported it’s growth. Now as jobs disappear, more and more of our citizens will be chained to the slavery of government dependency. And they are WILLING.

Abraham Lincoln said that “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

He also said “You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

The scales are tipping heavily between “all” vs. “some” on the second quote, bringing the word “some” into question…Maybe it should be replaced with “most?” It’s making the purpose of the first quote more of a prophesy than a good point.

If we don’t stand as the “Conscience Whigs,” standing on the morals that were put in place to lead us, our party WILL fail. Playing the “blame game” gets you no where. You want to “reach across the aisle”, be my guest. But if you lower your moral standards and throw dignity out the window what you will gain will NOT be the Country these brave historical men fought for, it will be a watered down version, equipped with an incredibly blurry line of where we place the worth of individual human life. Be it the innocent child without a choice, the elderly woman facing euthanasia, or the American painting a target on a building begging for help. We may never get our country back, and biblically (end times) wise, most of us Christian conservatives believe we won’t. BUT, our morals and our dignity are what keep the memories and the principles of the Founding Father alive in our country. Don’t give them up. Fight like we can win using the principles our country was founded on, no matter what you think the ending will be. Leave that part up to God.


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