Welcome to school, Comrade!

Welcome to school, Comrade.

Oh my…where to start.

So the idea for this blog post, or what you may call a volcano of deeply buried and constantly building irritation, came yesterday after my nephew had his bus get stuck in the snow on the way home from school. So, I am now going to let the straw debilitate the camel and spew all of my pent up thoughts concerning schools.

SIDE NOTE: This is NOT an attack on those who dedicate their lives to educating the sponge-like minds of the young. I know that there are many good hearted educators who truly love children.

ADDITIONAL SIDE NOTE: I’m really tired of having to make “side notes” like the one above. If educators can’t see how destructive our education system has become, they are probably part of the problem. I am also tired of the emotional “my feelings are hurt” responses instead of logical rebuttals.

I think a lot of conservatives take the 10 foot pole approach when it comes to discussing the dysfunctions of schools. We all go to church with a teacher, have a family member that is a teacher, or have friends that are teachers. Just today on my Facebook page a friend posted “Hug a teacher!”. In order to avoid hurt feelings we choose to skip the issue.

Have you ever noticed that Google is the endless source of knowledge UNTIL you are typing angrily with passion? Yesterday I found myself taking to Google to try and find information on “How to file a formal complaint against a school for being stupid and endangering our children”…apparently this is not recognizable to Google.

SIDE NOTE FOR GOOGLE: When someone searches for the above information, the page should just say “Breathe, count to 10 and try again.”

So my beautiful 6 year old nephew is going to school yesterday during a snow storm. If you keep your child home it is an unexcused absence, if you send them you have to TRUST that the school has been paying attention to the warnings and will treat your children as the irreplaceable cargo that they are.

(Angry face)

The bus drivers called the school and advised that the roads were getting bad and that they should let out early, but no, that was not an option. If this was a onetime occurrence I would say “don’t do that again”, but this is frequent. I struggled getting home from work on the snow covered, iced over roads. Apparently so did my nephews bus as it became stuck in someone’s driveway, which made ALL of the kids very late getting home, and guardians very worried.

(Angrier face!)

If you know who Madea is, you have an idea of what kind of response I have to my nephew being in danger of any kind. Now, once you’re done saying a prayer for the people who had to hear me rant, keep reading.

Point being, why are our kids put in danger to avoid a snow day? It seems that this is becoming more and more frequent with many schools. Maybe we have a deeper issue? Now to the rest of the weight bogging down the camel. It may seem like I am getting off subject now, but don’t worry, it all comes together…Hopefully.

Let’s face it, schools have changed. Somewhere along the way education took a backseat, and politics took over the entire vehicle. I have noticed this for a long time, but the beast showed just how ugly it is during the great “recall Walker” debacle that took place here in WI. I won’t go into the actual reasons behind the recall (FYI – I support Walker), but the actions from teachers and school officials was beyond repulsive.

Grade school children of all ages were returning home with political filled minds, their little “sponges” saturated with the ugliness spewed by a liberal teacher done wrong (well, by her/his personal opinion). For many children they were explaining how their own parents political opinions and support of Walker were going to destroy their education, or at least that’s what Mrs. ***** said!

Teachers were encouraging high school students to attend the Union organized protests. They were encouraging CHILDREN to go on strike from school to show the state and parents how much they appreciate their teachers. The liberal teachers driving a wedge between the moldable minds of the young and the parents that supported our Governor.

Whispers between parents began: “Maybe I should school my children from home?”

So, “teachers used bad judgment” you might say…No, they didn’t. They used very good judgment, and it was a test to see just how far they have come, and what they can get away with. They used the children as pawns in a very dangerous game…Who else did that?

Comrade, meet the possibilities.

In the USSR children were brainwashed from the moment they started being educated, by the time they reached 9 they were able to join the Young Pioneer organization. The little “Octobrists” were very prepared for their future endeavors as a Young Pioneer, they had already been sporting star shaped badges with a photo of Lenin when he was a young boy emblazoned in the middle.

As a Young Pioneer you were given a great responsibility, to oversee and advise a group of roughly 5 “Little Octobrists”. You repeated the comrades promise: “to love and cherish the Motherland passionately, to live as the great Lenin bade us, as the Communist Party teaches us, as required by the laws of the Young Pioneers of the Soviet Union.”

They made them feel important in their political activity…Why?

“Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.” Lenin

“Give me a child when he’s 7 and he’s mine forever” Hitler

Not only are our children precious to us, our children are precious to a political party that plans on bringing up the next generation of children to be likeminded with them. Makes me think of the video for Another Brick In The Wall. Our kids are being manipulated, liberals in the school system whisper the magic word of “individualism” in their ear and then TELL them how to be an individual…Just like the rest of the individuals who think alike.

YEP, ANOTHER SIDE NOTE: I don’t feel the need to post the definition of “individual”, I’m pretty sure we can all come to the conclusion that it doesn’t entail a military of the likeminded.

WARNING: I’m going to use the word “Socialism”. Considering many educators and politicians currently leading our country are self proclaimed socialists, I think I can now use that word without being deemed a conspiracy theorist.

As I said in my prior post, the definitions between socialism and communism are different on paper, but in real life the only real difference is a matter of years. Socialists LOVE children, not just because of their cute pudgy little faces, they love them as the political objects they turn them into. They won’t be so bold as to say that…Well, that’s not true, some of them are.

Glenn Beck reminded us on his show yesterday that in Arab countries the family of the victim chooses the punishment for the criminal. We don’t do that in the USA because we believe in a fair judicial system. Well…Some of us do. So while the politicians are using the family members of the Sandy Hook victims to push their pointless agenda, the world is watching while we take parents who just buried their children and ask them what they think about guns. They are playing on the emotions of gullible Americans.


When the President went on national TV and signed executive orders surrounded by children he not only appealed to adults who can’t tell the difference between a Semi-Automatic and a Fully-Automatic, he appealed to all of the children watching who saw that “This President cares about MY views, and I’m only a kid”.

I don’t know about you, but when I was 8 my most difficult decision was whether Barbie should ride on the horse or her convertible after getting married to Ken. I wasn’t mulling over politics, and I SURE wasn’t old enough to comprehend the many details that come with removing guns, or limiting guns. I wasn’t old enough to know about the millions of children that had been slaughtered by tyrannical governments, and I wasn’t old enough to realize that my right to own those guns was what stopped that same deadly tyranny from controlling my country.

But just like Hitler and Lenin, our Socialists like to get them while they’re young! Creating an army of kids who think the world owes them free birth control and Get Out of Pregnancy Free cards. Teaching them that guns are bad, and those who like them don’t like you…Or better yet, teaching them that those who appreciate the 2nd Amendment don’t care about YOUR safety, little Billy. They don’t care if YOU are shot at school.

The line between “They don’t care about YOU” and “See, they should be punished” is very thin. Other socialist/communist countries have proven these techniques to be successful. To liberals, the end justifies the means. It’s for equality…so what’s a little danger and bloodshed if the result is equality?? Am I right??? Stalin? Lenin? Hitler? Bueller? So, how exactly do we get people to agree to a government that will place their kids in more danger? Insist that the political party trying to protect those kids wants to put them in danger! Ya, that’s the ticket!

Although we may not feel the decline of schools while we are packing a lunch and sending them out to that nice bus driver, or attending that PTA meeting with your child’s super awesome teacher who makes turkeys with handprints, the fact still stands that when the chips were down, WI teachers involved children in their politics. Slowly they had manipulated them (whether they themselves knew it or not), and many children turned against their parents.

Many teachers are not to blame, it’s the entire education system at this point. They edit American history, change the narrative, remove the bible, remove the flag, remove moral integrity and responsibility from kids, feed them pills…etc. It’s really a flawless system that they have created. We can already see the changes.

Just look out for warning signs, like maybe when the youth were chanting “Forward” for Hitler they should have seen that he was manipulating the young minds…Wait a minute….Have I heard that slogan chanted recently?

Anyway, I’m scared of the changes that I see in schools.

I’m scared of the fact that liberals in school systems care more about gun control than they do the safety of the children. HUNDREDS of school aged children have been killed in Chicago, and they have the strictest gun laws in the US. Yet no one is fighting for those kids. Millions of children have been slaughtered by tyranny, but they aren’t protecting our right to protect the children they teach.

I’m scared of the fact that many schools get financial incentives when children are diagnosed with ADHD. More kids than ever are tranquilized in schools, and how about the fact that almost EVERY school shooting has been carried out by someone on the very medications that schools push like Girl Scouts push cookies.

I’m scared of the fact that teachers used their relationship with their students to make those students choose between their teacher or their parents in an ADULT political dispute. Yet I know conservative teachers who supported Walker, and they didn’t speak out in their classrooms. Interesting…

I’m scared of the fact that saving those snow days came before ensuring the safety of my nephew. Ok, so I attempted to tie it in….I told you it was the straw that broke the camel’s back!

Keep a close eye on your kids and their schools, even if they seem harmless. Remember that those Little Octobrists and Young Pioneers went home proudly displaying their Lenin stars to unsuspecting parents. We fail to remember that most dictatorships responsible for slaughtering millions would have been avoided if the majority of the people had known the future. I don’t know the future…Do you? Let’s avoid a repeat of history, and lets teach kids the REAL meaning of individuality.

Give a teacher a hug, especially one that isn’t pushing their political agenda on kids!



Equality or Depravity?

A few months ago I wrote a blog post concerning the equality of women and the dramatic kick off the pedestal the feminist movement has brought upon the female populous. Since I’m no stranger to controversial topics, I’ve decided to expand on a recently escalated arm of this particular matter. It’s been a while since our last post, why not dive into the controversial deep end and get this year started off right?

I love a good debate, and in the last few days I’ve had some interesting debates both on Twitter and Facebook concerning women in combat. I have found that the majority of the left love the G.I. Jane mentality of women on the frontlines. But I have also found some on the right who feel women are just as capable, that a volunteer army provides the gift of choice for the men who would not choose to fight beside a woman. Also, that a woman is given the same choice and willingly puts herself in danger.

Is it sexist to say that you would not want to stand behind a woman with a gun?

Is it a feminist statement to say that you are just as capable of fighting with the guys?

Is it heroic for a woman to join in the battle?

Here goes!

First I want to bring up a few twitter posts from our ladies embarrassing serving our nation:

Nancy Pelosi: “Lifting the ban on combat is a significant step forward for equality. Women will now be able to reach the highest ranks in the military.”

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: “Valor knows no gender.” Another historic step in the march toward full equality.”

When the feminists preach on equality, they are not talking about pulling you up from the lowly levels of the supposed barefoot and pregnant doormat, they are talking about pulling you down from the pedestals of treasured entities worthy of the utmost respect and protection. Debbie and Nancy should just come out with a blanket statement of “Thank goodness we’ve gained ground in our fight to stop men from holding us in such high regard that they won’t let us die in the barbaric conditions of battle.”

What torture would a female POW face that a male POW wouldn’t? Do you honestly think that a demented, vicious, and brutal enemy would treat you both the same? Would a woman’s “benefits” not bring on a prolonged level of torture to a morally depraved regime that already finds women to be below the level of dogs? What honorable man would feel heroic allowing a woman into situations where she will possibly face those conditions, regardless of her willingness or her capabilities with a gun?

The social changes deemed as “appropriate” have only served to lower our level of human dignity. We assign a level of deserved degradation to countries that have the audacity and cowardice to place their armed women and children as shields. To treat them as a disposable entity unworthy of the utmost protection is seen as one of the lowest levels of masculinity known to man. My confusion then begins when our military places women on the frontlines, why does our position change to labeling this as a step towards equality?

Equality, thy name is Hypocrite.

Let’s give another example of this: Say your daughter is getting ready to walk to work at 1am, she will be walking in the dead of night with the possibility of shady characters lurking in dark shadows looking for opportunities. (This is where most Fathers would figure out a safer option…but let’s roll with this.) Would you REALLY feel like a man sending your wife to walk your daughter to work? I. Don’t. Think. So. If you didn’t deem yourself a coward, you would surely be a delusional coward.

Is chivalry completely dead?

I am happy to report that no, it is not. I posed the question on twitter and received DM’s as well as replies that men feel as though this is an easy answer. The majority of the replies came from men who were familiar with combat, they were veterans, men currently serving, etc., and some were non-military men who just knew what concerns they would have if on the battlefield with a woman. It was heartwarming. All gave a “nay,” women do not belong in combat. I did not receive ONE response on twitter from men (other than from liberals) saying that women should be placed in combat. While some women would yell “SEXIST,” I offer my sincerest “thank you” for seeing women as too precious to put through the hell that some of them have faced, or the hell they know exists. This feeds into my next position on why women being in combat is such a poor idea.

Since chivalry is NOT dead, honorable and brave men automatically have a sense of responsibility toward women. It’s not a prejudice. So what OTHER dangers are there?

SIDE NOTE: Women have only 60 percent of the physical strength of men, on average. Honestly, I am one of the women who are probably WELL below that, I don’t mind the prejudice.

If men have this automatic sense of protection and responsibility toward women, why do we think that adding another distraction to the battlefield is a good idea? How many lives will be lost because the men are trying to fight AND protect the women? How many men and women will face emotional damage beyond the normal amount battle already creates? For a man to see a woman, someone he is wired to protect, in hygienically depraved circumstances and emotionally damaging situations comes with its consequences.

This is not equality. This is not bravery. This is not biblical. This is not safe.

I’ve heard many stories, many testimonies from women who have served tours. I’m proud of our military women, but as a woman, if I wanted to throw myself on the front lines for my country in an act of bravery and protection of my family, I would have to stop and realize that my choices could be putting others in danger, and could also lower the morale of men who have so bravely sacrificed so much for me already. The strengths of a woman are not measured by the vast amount of things they can do that are “better or equal to a man.” The strengths of a man are not measured by the amount of people he can kill or the awards decorating his chest. The measure of who we are is judged by our motives … If your motives stem from a dedication to your family and a love for the United States, that’s heroic. If that’s the case, ladies, THINK of the implications that your presence will have on your fellow soldiers and their ability to fight and protect your family.

Is it so bad to accept our limitations and flourish in our abilities? Call me old fashioned, but I find that the roles of women have strayed so far away from any position of being deemed “treasured.” I won’t go into detail on that since I already did in my prior post. There are differences between men and women (besides the obvious), emotionally, physically, and mentally. You may not like the truth, but the truth cares not if you like it, nor believe it. In Israel the women fight, not because the government wishes that upon women, but because they are constantly under threat or attack and NEED the help. BUT, the women are treated VERY different from the men. They serve half as long, and they are automatically exempt if they marry or have children.

The natural reactions and inherent responsibilities of men with a conscience will always be there. It is society that teaches the man that his natural response is selfish and sexist. It is society that teaches the woman that raising a family is not beautiful or heroic. It is society that tells a woman that being treasured is degrading, that being protected is oppressive, that being cherished is inequality.

It is evil that teaches a man to abandon his natural God given responsibility to protect and love women. It is evil that teaches a man to stand behind her while she is shattered with bullets. THAT is why good men will always feel the need to protect women, even if the women are willingly putting themselves in danger. That is why brave battlefield ready women will cost lives. The best way to make the monster of chivalry decimation grow, is to feed it. Put women in vulnerable positions, in torturous conditions, in the hands of barbaric men…Then teach men to treat them as they would fellow male soldiers – that is giving the “monster” a buffet.

Lt. Commander Kenneth Carkhuff was relieved of his duties after being promoted for his “unlimited potential,” He was “destined for command and beyond.” Why was such a decorated and honorable man relieved of his duties? He was relieved of his duties because he expressed to his commanders that his Faith was colliding with his orders to lead women into combat. So instead of doing what other countries have done after the morale of soldiers left them compromised once women were introduced to combat, which is remove women from combat, we in America have chosen to force men to abandon their decency, or their careers. Young men everywhere want to be heroes, and like Lt. Commander Carkhuff, they also would take a bullet before letting a woman come into danger, or avoid the career all together.

When will we stop letting feminist desensitize our men, and start demanding the respect that is God given. Jesus went out of his way; he did things deemed as shameful, brave, and startling just to show the woman at the well how precious she was to Him. He commanded men to love women as He has loved humanity. I don’t know about you, but that kind of love seems beyond equal, beyond beautiful, and beyond fair to me.