Scandals happen. From the illegitimate son of Grover Cleveland to The Whiskey Ring and Credit Mobilier scandals during the Ulysses S. Grant Presidency, or maybe the Reagan era Iran-Contra scandal, the Nixon Watergate or Monica (No additional titling needed).

All of the above scandals either had the TV exploding with breaking news or tested the speed and efficiency of printing presses across the US. Reporters loaded with more questions than they’d ever have the opportunity to ask, grasping at any open door presented to them to break the next big story; motivated by the possibility of a career rocketing moment.

You could argue that all Presidential scandals have been politicized, they’ve been used – maybe even flaunted – by the opposition; whether you carried a torch for the targeted prosecutor Archibald Cox, or laughed at the sheer hypocrisy of feminists accusing the right of a war on women while sharing a stage with President womanizer himself, we’ve all found ourselves choosing sides and pointing fingers to the other side of the aisle.

But what makes the Obama scandals different? Well, let’s go over a few prior scandals:

Glover Cleveland: A child without a Father, socially unacceptable…especially when the Father is leading the country.

Ulysses S. Grant: His cabinet was a mess. He was disgraced with the scandals, yet defended those close to him. Partiality was no stranger during his presidency.

Watergate: Bribery, wiretapping, perjury, OH MY!

Bill Clinton: Oh giggles. Though aiding in the crash of the housing market should have been bigger news, President Clinton claimed the headlines with his tumultuous relationships instead.

Reagan Presidency – Iran-Contra was a bit more detailed as there were hostages that the Reagan administration was concerned with saving. Wrong or right in their actions, I still wanted to list it so as not to seem “partial” to conservatives. I’ll also take advantage of the opportunity to show you what Reagan said concerning the scandal:

“First, let me say I take full responsibility for my own actions and for those of my administration. As angry as I may be about activities undertaken without my knowledge, I am still accountable for those activities. As disappointed as I may be in some who served me, I’m still the one who must answer to the American people for this behavior….A few months ago I told the American people I did not trade arms for hostages. My heart and my best intentions still tell me that’s true, but the facts and the evidence tell me it is not. As the Tower board reported, what began as a strategic opening to Iran deteriorated, in its implementation, into trading arms for hostages. This runs counter to my own beliefs, to administration policy, and to the original strategy we had in mind.”

We never really found out what exact roles Reagan played in the scandal; however, he still took on full responsibility for what happened within his administration.

The Obama scandals contain something that sets them apart from the rest. Far apart. Like miles apart. Oceans apart.


Fast & Furious: Although leftist enjoy tossing Operation Wide Receiver in our face whenever this is mentioned, I enjoy the fact that the tossing of this Bush gun running tactic is like a sweet pitch right over the plate. You see, during OWR the Mexican government was aware of the gun running, the guns were tracked, and once our government realized that the tracking devices were being removed the operation ended. Bringing up OWR actually helps in conveying the blatant disregard involved in Fast & Furious; A gun running scandal involving untracked guns and no knowledge of activities from the Mexican government. Fast and furious resulted in over 300 filled graves with individuals killed by our guns; left like calling cards to mock our stupidity and recklessness, US weapons show up at Mexican Cartel crime scenes.

Benghazi: If you don’t already know the details, you should. Unlike previous scandals, this scandal puts an entirely new level of meaning to the word ‘Scandal’. Specific orders given that guaranteed help was not sent to our brave men in Benghazi. For over 7 hours our government stood by while our Ambassador was raped and murdered, giving a “Stand down” order to anyone within the range of aiding the brave Americans under attack. No one has shouldered the blame, and we now know that those orders were given by the top of the food chain, not the low level employees who have been camped out under the bus during all of these scandals. Then to add yet ANOTHER twist to the scandal, a YouTuber is currently sitting in prison, and the Obama administration knowingly lied and deceived the people of this nation. The media ignores the truth about Benghazi so adamantly that most US citizens aren’t even aware of the victims that gave their life. The details of this case are so vast that they warrant their own post…book…impeachment.

IRS scandal: Targeting, auditing, profiling, OH MY!

AP scandal: The media finally awakens to the underhandedness of the Obama Administration.

Hundreds of graves? No.

Leaving Ambassadors to die? No.

IRS targeting conservatives? No.

Getting their phone records? Alright NOW you’ve crossed a serious line!

With shovels in hand the Obama administration is ready to bury any shred of evidence that points to them. But it seems as of late that in their quest to seek eternal innocence they’ve become rather sloppy in their crime scene clean-up. Like the robber that has to destroy the fan adorned with their fingerprints that they had to use to dry the newly applied paint on the walls that were scratched while removing the carpet that contained blood from their hand after they cut it cleaning up a vase that broke while they were trying to steal the stapler. Regardless of the actual crimes – despicable as they may be – any sane person would walk into the room and say “what the heck happened here!?!?”.

Now if only the media had been more like journalists and less like coconspirators back when Benghazi and Fast and Furious happened, we may not have the AP & IRS scandals going down right now. While they scrape the bottom of the dignity barrel for any shred of credibility they have left, those of us who saw the bloody writing on the wall in the first place are left clutching our pearls in shock over their new found interest.

While I’m hoping that the minor break in media malpractice continues until members of the Obama administration are held accountable, I won’t hold my breath. To be honest, I look at this sudden change and hope it is exactly what the media claims. I’ve viewed a few blogs from individuals who believe that the sudden outing of the last two scandals are very convenient for an administration that would rather deal with those scandals than face the facts being revealed about Benghazi.

I saw many posts from Republicans congratulating the President on taking “action” with the IRS debacle. As much as I’d love to give kudos, it’s hard for me to toss out accolades for someone who is a professional at throwing low level employees under the bus. I’ve also witnessed a lot of information that seems to suggest that Obama was more informed about the IRS targeting well before this. If that’s the case, it would bode well for him to throw his targeted blame takers under the bus and be over with this issue…Hmmmmm…Maybe there is a reason for his speedy action?

From another angle, you could say that taking care of such an issue in proper time would also paint him as a President who handles issues, which happens to be the exact opposite of what we are accusing him of doing in the first place. More motive? Let’s not forget that Obama puppet master George Soros gave millions to some of the groups that put pressure on the IRS to target Conservative Nonprofits.

My reasons are purely hypothetical and hopefully not true; however, I know how this administration works. They calmly bury the screaming boxes of evidence while releasing exactly what they want you to see. So, I’d caution those who are boarding the Thank Goodness The Media Is Finally Doing The Right Thing plane headed to Obamafinallydidsomethingrightville. Because I’ve heard of those flights, and the stewardesses are always serving kool-aid.

I would encourage everyone to read this —–> http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2013/05/15/beck-ties-together-benghazi-irs-ap-scandals-fundamental-transformation/


On Friday I stumbled out of bed in what can only be described as an impeccable audition for a movie based on the coming Zombie apocalypse, due to the shards of glass I felt as though I was swallowing, I was grasping at my throat and speaking with the rasp of Marlon Brando; clearly I have a multitude of acting options. Zombie Godfather anyone? AmIRight?

After a couple days of sleep, cold pills, garlic tea, apple cider vinegar, honey and fish oil, I’m finally feeling like I’ve crossed over from “I’m going to die” to “watch it, I’m still not feeling great and the snark is strong.”

So what does one do at 2am while they’re choking down garlic tea? Or at 3am when steaming their face with a hot towel wrapped around their neck? Or at 1am while sitting on the couch dazed and confused and not even sure how I got there? Well, I decided to read Twitter and Facebook. I was able to catch up on all of the bitter – media hating – feelings circulating throughout the US…

I didn’t even know that parts of the US were still awake at that time…unless they were like me, choking down garlic water and fish oil…like a boss.

So, I started thinking about a conversation that took place on Twitter Thursday between Tweeters that have significant followers and more pull in the Conservative movement then I do. They were discussing the idea of taking down NBC, I concurred with them; NBC is the weakest link in the industry and thusly, the easiest kill.

I know, I’m even creeping myself out.

Basically their point is that by taking out NBC you send a message to the rest of the stations that we have reached the end of our rope with the media bias that blatantly ignored the mountains of evidence standing between the Benghazi victims and the truth, or the fact that the IRS is targeting innocent Americans simply because of their political stance. But you see – as those brilliant tweeters noted – we can’t possibly believe that ignoring NBC News would do any good. No, their bread and butter is in the entertainment television that airs during primetime. They also brilliantly pointed out that avoiding all channels, while noble, is a bit of a bigger bite than anyone is willing to take. Reach for the obtainable goals.

Point being, aren’t we tired of complaining yet? If we are adamantly against their truth censorship, why are we boosting their ratings? For entertainment purposes? So let me get this straight, when it comes to Benghazi we are revolted by their silence, yet we’ll watch our favorite show on their channel while we tweet about the evil media bias.  

Example: Pass the popcorn and tub of ice cream, I’m going to rant about NBC on Twitter while I watch The Voice.

Mull it over. *Jeopardy Music*

In addition to the blatantly obvious option we clearly aren’t capitalizing on with the news channels, why are we watching shows with false equality preaching  frequenters of Rodeo Drive? They preach on equality, yet attack us daily on Twitter and Facebook, mock us in movies, manipulate masses into hating us, and what do we do??? Being like the chronically enabling wife of a drug addict, we help them of course!

Example: We are like victims of the Soviet Union scattering outside intelligence for the dictators.

Somehow liberal entertainers have come to believe that they are the Lionhearts of world peace and unity, the Musashi of equality. Just for fun I thought about giving their tactics a run by punching someone in the gut and saying “bullying is bad!”…But then I realized that unless I am wearing something from the newest collection by Dolce & Gabbana and surrounded with bodyguards, my newly acquired ideals of helping the world finally realize the anti-violent truth would be futile.

This week I was reminded of a meeting that took place in the summer of 2012, a breakfast involving the leader of the free world and multiple A-list celebrities. Ok…so mostly b-list.  Clearly lacking the credentials for involvement in the green energy discussions (unless you count emission ranting about airplanes…WHILE ON AN AIRPLANE), we must ask a simple question: why exactly were these red carpet gods there? Clearly the stars themselves exuding the sheer confidence in the fact that they’re advocates for all that is good and right made them qualified by status alone; however, the President on the other hand knows why such involvement was necessary, and it didn’t involve the brilliant brains situated behind the flawless faces.

See…Now you understand why I get my full 8 hours of sleep every night. Because in the shadows of the night, in the natural expectorants that cause the coughing up of lungs, in the putrid stench of garlic tea – the boycotter awakens in me.

So, like the great Twitterers (sp?) suggested, I’m beginning with NBC. It’s basically a 12 step program…I might even suggest some anniversary chips for those of us who make it past seasons of The Voice without watching. I’m also giving up a lot of movies, making a choice not to go see some of the new movies in theaters, etc.  If the entertainment industry wants to become the US version of the Goskino, I don’t want to have anything to do with their rise to power…ok, more power. I’m starting to see the entertainment industry as not just being “biased” at this point, but as painting Socialism as the paragon of fairness while silencing any truth.

I went down the list of NBC shows, and to be honest I had a few on there that are in the series recording list on my DVR. For a brief moment I thought about ONLY watching those shows, slapping myself across the congested head for such an ignorant idea did indeed happen. It was 2am, people! I then remember 5 words that I will repeat whenever I think about supporting the targeted network after its most brutal display of leftist safety netting yet… “What difference does it make?”… Then it hit me, those boxes coming home from Benghazi containing the remains of Americans could have been filled with the remains of my family members. In the poignant words of Mr. Nordstrom: It matters.

It didn’t matter who was in those boxes to Hillary and Obama, standing over the caskets they spewed vitriolic lies and knowingly misled this country. The networks in question continuing to insult the intelligence of Americans with empty claims and false comparisons, propaganda that would give the Soviet Union a run for its money. Treating journalists with integrity as outcasts and spinning their own stories so as to take blame away from the people responsible.

Even now after some reporting has been done they are still managing to cover for our President. In the world that every other President lived in -Democrat or Republican – this would be a Presidential term ending occurrence. Yet somehow they have managed to place some blame on Clinton, some on the lower men on the totem pole, some on a few higher ups, the majority on republicans, a bowl full on Jay Carney, and nothing on the President of the United States…you know…their boss.

So what do I want out of this? Do I think the networks are going to shut down because of 1 person boycotting, or 100 people boycotting? No. But if we join the cause and encourage others to put aside their personal entertainment addictions for the sake of the Benghazi victims, Gosnell victims, etc. maybe we can make an impact. Maybe we can dent the ratings. Maybe we can send a message that those men deserve proper news coverage, those children and women deserve proper news coverage.

So, will you join me? Will you be a voice for those who are no longer with us? Will you fight the media bias you claim to hate?

So grab a book, take a walk, or watch other channels…Even if you never see them fall to their knees apologizing for their mistakes, you have the knowledge that you stood for something on behalf of the Benghazi victims. You’ve proven that in some little way that to you…

 “it matters”.