My Conversation With the ACA Live-Chat Rep

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[08:07:28 am]: Kenneth
Welcome to the Health Insurance Marketplace, my name is Kenny, how may I help you?
[08:07:41 am]: Mb
Good Morning, Kenny
[08:08:40 am]: Kenneth
Good Morning Mb, How may I help you today?
[08:08:53 am]: Mb
Question: My Doctor that I have been going to for years has announced that he will retire due to the ACA. Have you been hearing a lot of that?
[08:09:58 am]: Kenneth
Unfortunately, yes I have.
[08:10:06 am]: Mb
Question: I have heard a lot of that. My fear is that if all of these doctors start quitting, our healthcare will be very poor.
[08:11:25 am]: Mb
What’s the point in being covered if you won’t get adequate care anyway?
[08:12:32 am]: Kenneth
Good point. Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer to that.
[08:13:42 am]: Mb
Ok. Sorry I’m taking up your time, this just has me very concerned because I have a chronic lung condition and I’m very upset about losing my specialist.
[08:14:19 am]: Kenneth
Understandable. No need to apologize.
[08:15:20 am]: Mb
Can the ACA guarantee me that I will receive the same value of care for my preexisting condition that was stabilized by a very effective specialist?
[08:17:15 am]: Kenneth
Well I do know, that pre-existing conditions cannot determine whether or not you can get the same sort of coverage. They are changing that so people with pre-existing conditions can still receive the same care they have been getting at, hopefully, lower costs.
[08:19:06 am]: Mb
But it won’t be the same level of care if specialists and high end doctors all quit.
[08:19:14 am]: Mb
Another question, if you don’t mind.
[08:20:12 am]: Mb
My Grandfather is incredibly sick and bedridden. What exactly is this “death panel” that everyone is talking about. Can you explain exactly how that works?
[08:22:21 am]: Kenneth
Unfortunately, I haven’t heard of anything like that. Looking in my information, I don’t see anything regarding hospice or anything like that. I apologize for the inconvenience.
[08:23:31 am]: Mb
Is there a government panel that decides to approve/deny treatment for terminal or low survival percentage patients?
[08:25:56 am]: Kenneth
Not that I know of. I would think that would be up to the Health Insurance Company.
[08:28:10 am]: Mb
Howard Dean (former Dem National Committee Chairman) made this statement: The IPAB will be able to stop certain treatments its members do not favor by simply setting rates to levels where no doctor or hospital will perform them.”
[08:28:12 am]: Mb
Is that true?
[08:28:50 am]: Kenneth
I do not know unfortunately. I don’t have any information that says yes or no to that statement.
[08:30:46 am]: Mb
Doesn’t the IPAB come to life if Medicare cost goes above the approved level? If you reduce reimbursements to the provider isn’t that a form of rationed care? Once again, I appreciate that you are trying to answer these questions for me.
[08:33:30 am]: Kenneth
I thank you for the kindness, but even with that, I wouldn’t have an answer to that either.
[08:35:37 am]: Mb
Well, that’s all I have for now. I feel as though with the lack of information provided (not just specifically from you) I’m not very comfortable with this healthcare whatsoever.
[08:37:12 am]: Kenneth
I can certainly understand that. You have raised some key points that I will definitely look into.
[08:40:01 am]: Mb
That would be great. Bless your heart, you’re probably getting a lot of these questions. I feel the need to voice the important questions…because as my hero Andrew Breitbart once said, “They think we should sit down and shut up, and that is ending right now”…
[08:41:19 am]: Kenneth
Amen to that.