Dear “Real Conservatives,” We Need to Talk…

Alright, Guys… We’ve all been listening to the “Freedom Caucus” news, and most are wondering what the ever-loving debacle is about. The heroes of the underground GOP “fight club,” representing all that is good and decent. Blah, blah, blah… We’ve spent the last few months hearing “establishment RINO” more times than we’ve heard our own name, and “amnesty” is now a word that has no real definition. Everyday I troll through Twitter and, without fail, find at least one “real conservative” that I dislike a little more today than I did yesterday, and a little more than I will tomorrow. It’s like when your friend has a child, and it’s adorable, precious, innocent, and you want to cuddle it. Then at three it starts wiping boogers on you and punching the family dog, but you’re like, “well, my friend still loves them, and I guess I should, too. Maybe they’ll grow out of this terrible stage.” Then at six, that little gargoyle kicks you in the shin and locks himself in your car, lays on the horn, eats your pack of Oreos right in front of you like a serial killer, and makes you never want to have children. Suddenly you go from loving the little devil, to realizing that you can love your friend, but also do the right thing by informing her that the bundle of joy she calls “son” might be possessed. Well, “real conservatives,” I need to tell you something about your kid(s). I was on that GOP rebellion train, I wanted more accountability, stronger leadership, etc., but now the rebels are eating my Oreos, and I’m mad.

The Freedom Caucus has lit their torches, gathered their pitchforks, and they’re coming after anyone who doesn’t have a tattoo of Ronald Reagan on their forearm (yet by their standards, Reagan was a RINO). They’re going to gather at the city square and assemble their “RINO” name tags, fully prepared to place them upon the chests of anyone who oppose them. Then they’ll drag those who dissent to their own version of the gulag archipelago, where they’ll be forced to finish off their days making t-shirts that say, “Amnesty Shmamnesty.”  Disagreement is not tolerated, anything but mass deportation is not tolerated, bipartisanship is not tolerated, complimenting someone from another faction of the GOP is not tolerated, working with someone outside of your tight-knit group is not tolerated; basically, doing anything they don’t agree with is, you guessed it, NOT TOLERATED. Wait, who does that sound like?

Oh, yes, the other side.

Last week Trey Gowdy endorsed Paul Ryan, and people almost had a meltdown. Then he said something nice about McCarthy and, well, I was fully prepared to start talking “real conservatives” off ledges. “How, in God’s name, does Trey Gowdy endorse a RINO?!???1!@#!!” Trey Gowdy, a trusted figure in all conservative tribes, trusts a RINO? Gee golly, Beaver, we need to alert the newspaper man. Because see here’s the thing, you can’t endorse anyone that doesn’t fall in line – from top to bottom – with every little, tiny, minuscule belief you hold; may God have mercy on your soul if you step out of line.

So I’ve come to this conclusion: We’re getting played. We’re getting bamboozled. We’re getting the run around. As our party implodes, the Democrats are sitting back laughing. We’re like the most dysfunctional family on the block right now. The neighbors are telling their kids they’re not allowed at our house. Dad’s doing interviews about Mom’s bad attitude, Mom’s sleeping around on Dad, Sister’s over crying in the corner with her feelings hurt, Brother’s watching YouTube videos of Ted Cruz, and little Billy joined a cult that promises to make American great again. To make matters worse, little Billy isn’t even a member of the family, he just showed up one day because he doesn’t have any parents. Instead of calling Child Services, like they should have, someone in the family gave Billy food, and now he’s been using our last name and won’t leave.

Breitbart articles on Rubio are being shared en masse by a group of writers who have decided that the means are justified by a complete implosion of our morals. They’re propping up Donald Trump, meanwhile they’re releasing fear mongering articles on Marco Rubio. According to them, Marco said one thing in English, and another in Spanish, concerning the DACA. An idea that anyone with an ounce of integrity could dismantle in roughly 5 seconds. They’ve done their best to portray him as a “donor class puppet.” They also started the vicious lie that Rubio was the deciding vote for Obamatrade, which was hilarious considering the vote for the TPP had not even happened. You see, the hard right is beginning to tell just as many falsehoods as the leftist media. Andrew Breitbart stood for truth, but now many of the writers who use his name to further their agenda have decided that winning is more important than integrity. That convincing you to support one candidate – also trashing another through obvious lies – is more important than laying out the truth and letting you decide.

Now, disliking some in our own party is part of the political game, and it’s okay to not like certain politicians – or all of them for that matter. I rant about politicians more than most, and can hold a grudge rather firmly. However, we’ve entered the realm of the kamikaze, and that’s not okay.

Let me explain:

I’m tired of seeing YouTube videos of Ted Cruz’s latest diatribe on what’s wrong in America. They do me no good, and I’m going to be really angry if I only have those to fall back on during Hillary’s inauguration, or worse, Biden’s inauguration. I’m tired of theatrics, I want change. I want discussions. I want actions, not words. I want something tangible, I want plans, I want more than just emotionally dazzling YouTube video clips to hand over to future generations. You see, I may not disagree with every word coming out of the mouths of the Freedom Caucus and Tea Party tribal chiefs, but the facts are, they’re not making a positive change, they’re demanding conformity. “My way or the highway!” And it’s gone FAR beyond the wishes of the average conservative citizen.

*Everyone reading this who has a photo of an eagle with a glitter tear drop saved on their phone just said, “THEY’RE DEMANDING THE WISHES OF THE PEOPLE!”* Nope.

I’m just going to note three lines that have made me want to rip my hair out just this weekend. I could add more, but I’m not writing a book here.

“Conservatives all want deportation! Those who support anything else are RINOs!”

Now, this particular one has come up again due to the fact that everyone is going there with every candidate. It’s like people hear a name and immediately go to Siri:

“Siri, does Paul Ryan want to round up every illegal immigrant in the country and send them to the Island from Lost?” 

“I don’t understand the question.” 

“Close enough, clearly he’s a RINO. Let’s get this article up on Breitbart.” 

Is that the litmus test now? Like unless they pretend that mass deportation is possible, they can’t possibly be of quality? I mean, if you want to bring up other issues, I’m all about discussing politicians. However, if you start adding “amnesty” to their name, when I know where they stand on immigration, I’m going to stop listening to you. More importantly, do all conservatives want mass deportation? Nope. According to a recent Pew poll, the majority of conservatives align more with Reagan, GWB, and Rubio concerning immigration:

So… If you’re speaking on behalf of The People, it sounds like The People would rather have a way for illegal immigrants to stay here legally. Let’s also make this clear, Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio don’t support amnesty. Wait, Romney and Bush don’t support amnesty either. Actually, the vast majority of conservatives don’t support amnesty, they support a logical answer, and mass deportation is not logical.

“Only Ted Cruz has a record of standing up to Washington!”

I don’t hate the man, but in reality, he stopped “standing up to Washington” the day Donald Trump entered the race (some say before). And – yes, I’m going to knowingly add insult to injury – that’s when we actually needed him. He has openly stood by Trump regardless of whether he truly agrees with him or not, that’s not “standing by your principles.”

“I’ve sung his praises. He’s bold, he’s brash, and I think the support he’s gaining right now in the polls is because people are looking for someone willing to stand up to Washington.”

So we can either admit to the fact that Ted Cruz supports an individual who has been funding the Washington mob for the majority of his career, and continues to tout policies that would only grow Washington’s power, or we admit that he’s an opportunist who is taking advantage of voters by pandering to the most liberal quasi-democrat who ever stole a conservative badge; the former would prove he sides with Washington, the latter would prove that he’s as dirty a politician as the next.

The truth that Ted Cruz supporters don’t want to admit, is that Ted Cruz could have made his bravest push against Washington by telling conservatives the truth about Donald Trump – it was his moment to shine and truly stand for conservative principles. Instead he cleaned off that blue paint and told the Sons of Scotland that he wasn’t the great William Wallace. Here we are, dealing with pandering and a shiny brand new YouTube video of an impassioned speech to share with friends. No thank you. If I want to get emotionally stirred by a speech on freedom, I’ll watch Braveheart. Sell it to someone else, Ted.

“The Freedom Caucus is the answer to our problems!!”

A. Don’t kid yourself. As someone on Twitter so brilliantly put it, the Freedom Caucus is the dog that finally caught the car.

B. You know what they’ve shown? They’ve shown that they want chaos, blood, and piles and piles of bodies. They’ve stormed into camp, lit the place on fire, and now have no evacuation plan. They’re the angry girlfriend who got drunk, keyed “cheater” into her boyfriend’s vintage ’65 Mustang, and then passed out. She has NO idea that in due time, she’s going to be praying to the porcelain with a pounding headache as the cops are banging on her door. As they drag the carcass of McCarthy’s political career through the streets, it would behoove them to remember from the last election that We The People have a larger body count.

The all or nothing mentality will only get you so far, and for them to get their way at all, they still have to work with the majority. That is, of course, unless they simply wish to pillage and rape the GOP. The people of this country have a burning anger towards Congress, mainly because they’ve gotten very little accomplished. However, it would serve us well to remember that little can be accomplished in the hostile environment that is the White House. That said, if you want to play hardball, you better come with a plan that doesn’t involve dousing the place with gasoline and lighting a match. That crap may fly with the Right’s own brand of low-info voters, but it doesn’t work on the rest of us. Strategy and plans will land us in the White House and The House, where we need to be for change to happen. Revenge and dramatic escapades will keep us in this same downward spiral.

One brilliant strategist put our current issue in perspective:

“Leadership is to blame for never identifying any hill worth dying on. Freedom Caucus types to blame for only being interested in dying”

I suggest we put down the tar and feathers and start acting like adults, because if we don’t, be ready for the Mistress of Darkness or Uncle Joe.  It’s pretty simple; nobody gets to have everything their way. If we’d all realize that, we’d begin moving forward. So, if everyone can just stop being jackwagons, that’d be great.

UPDATE: Brittany Pounders, with Liberty Juice, wrote a wonderful follow-up that addresses the failed leadership aspect of the problem we’re facing. Check it out here!

31 thoughts on “Dear “Real Conservatives,” We Need to Talk…

    • raplano says:

      The entire article is just a pathetic collection of logical fallacies. Appeal to Consequences. Straw Man. Argument to Moderation. Ad Hominem. Appeal to Fear. Appeal to Ridicule. Appeal to Motive. Appeal to Tradition. Judgmental Language. Does not make him wrong. Just means his argument has extremely low logical content. The debate judge rules him the Loser.

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  1. Timothy Knight says:

    Yes, yes, yes, a thousand times yes. The Republican Party has an incredible opportunity to control both Houses of Congress and the Oval Office in 2017, but the way they are heading, they’ll be lucky to control the House of Representatives, and only then tenuously thanks to the “Freedom Caucus.”

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  2. George Templeton says:

    Well congratulations you have not only parroted the lines of left-wing media (GOP in chaos, the party is imploding) you also used an often-used left-wing talking point that is as facile and stupid (the Tea Party would call Reagan a RINO). And then you top it off with trying to throw Pro-Trump Breitbart in with the conservative movement. Now either you don’t know or are purposely misleading if you sit here and claim that Trump’s support is conservative or mostly conservative. What a load of absolute nonsense this article is just for this!


    • collisionofchurchandstate says:

      Oh, George.

      First off, I don’t believe that the House is in such chaos that things can’t be fixed, mainly that the conservative movement as a whole has been turned on its head. Conservatives authors, commentators, and trusted names have gone to “the dark side,” you might say. We need levity, and a bit of common sense, which was the point of the article.

      And yes, I’ll stand by the fact that many in the Tea Party would consider Reagan a RINO, saying that it’s a left-wing talking point isn’t an argument against the claim.

      I don’t know, I think a lot of people once considered plenty of the Breitbart writers to be conservative. Or how about Levin, Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin, Laura Ingraham, etc., Even Sean Hannity has done some damage control for him, as well as Ted Cruz, Rush Limbaugh, etc… The list goes on. In addition, many life long republicans/conservatives are fans as well. Trust me, I have some in my family.

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      • George Templeton says:

        It is a left-wing talking point, it’s bull crap and it’s the closest thing to a blood libel on this side of the ideological aisle. The Tea Party believes in lowering taxes (something Reagan did many many times over) and a strong national defense. If you are referring to the amnesty deal Reagan made that was a different time when A. not as many people were coming and B. there were promises made to secure the border. That these promises haven’t been kept is why Tea Party conservatives are rightly exorcised about it and angry. They are also right to be suspicious because the current failed leadership tried to do a deal with the Democrats to pass an immigration reform bill that had nothing concrete on border security (one reason Eric Cantor was joyously defeated in my old district).
        Breitbart has gone off the reservation, they do no represent the conservative movement. Neither do any of the names you just mentioned. In fact I know a fair few Tea Party types who are furious with Coulter/Palin/Ingraham etc for their lack of condemnation of Trump. And at least on social media the Trump fans I’ve encountered have been white supremacist scumbags. If you think that represents the conservative movement then again I say you either lack knowledge or are being willfully deceitful.


      • collisionofchurchandstate says:

        George, you’re blatantly looking for reasons to be offended. I said that I didn’t disagree in whole with the Tea Party or the Freedom Caucus, but I’m also not going to pretend like many of them aren’t going down the road of kamikaze politics; hello Freedom Caucus. Leaders that I once respected have, as you said, “gone off the reservation.” I’m a Coolidge Conservative who believes strongly in small government, in that way I have a major commonality with the Tea Party. However, many of them are touting the same policies as Trump; for example, Ted Cruz, a Tea Party favorite. Funny enough, Marco Rubio was brought up THROUGH the Tea Party, and he’s my candidate. The problem is that I’m not in support of the volatile tactics, nor in support of throwing EVERY politician under the bus because they don’t align 100% to my position. We can argue about Reagan until the sun comes up, but for a great many people in the Tea Party, Reagan was admittedly too left leaning for their taste. Good to know that is not the case with you.

        I never said it represents the conservative movement, actually I hinted at the fact that Trump supporters don’t belong in the Conservative movement in this post, and I also note that they’re not conservatives in this post:

        I, a once self-proclaimed Tea Party supporter back in Andrew Breitbart days (still have my “don’t tread on me” shirt) do not think that every member is evil, but the movement itself has gone astray to a degree. They are abandoning many of the Tea Party candidates, and embracing those who offer “big Washington” ideals, or those who fail to rebuke them, e.g., Ted Cruz. My point in my reply was to point out that some of the biggest Tea Party names have turned their back on the movement. Michelle Bachman, Wayne Dupree, Nancy Mace, etc., are all touting Trump, one is even working for him. I mean seriously, you shouldn’t be mad at me for saying what’s happening, you should be mad at them for betraying what they stood for as the face of the Tea Party movement.

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  3. George Templeton says:

    I am mad at you for parroting a left-wing and continuing to do so. And you continue to tar Tea Party people with that broad brush. Those folks that are supporting Trump are by and large failed candidates, successful Tea Party haven’t (to this point). That is far more instructive.
    I also find it odd that if all the Freedom Caucus wants to do is bellow and burn things down to the ground they are supporting a member of the House far less conservative than them, Daniel Webster. And to me that demonstrates that not only do they have a plan, they have a better one. Webster’s platform is to run the House using regular order and putting a priority on passing appropriations bills and in general not governing by crisis (as Justin Amash so eloquently wrote about). Not only that Webster has actually led a caucus in a legislative body before (Speaker of the Florida House then Majority Leader in the Florida Senate). So if the Freedom Caucus is “no governing, no action” purist group of fanatics then does that make Daniel Webster one? I don’t think so. But that is how you have painted them and it’s nonsense.

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    • collisionofchurchandstate says:

      Well, George, this is where we part. I’ve noted multiple times that I was not painting conservatives with the Trump broad brush. It’s not “by and large” failed candidates, it was leaders of the movement, conservative commentators and Tea Party speakers, bud. However, I’m not going to keep driving that point, because I trust that most people who come here can read and see that for themselves. And I also said that I don’t disagree with everything the Freedom Caucus stands for. I’m beginning to get the feeling that you didn’t actually read the post. I think what Tom McClintock has to say here is pretty revealing of the Freedom Caucus priorities:

      Have a nice day, George.

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      • MarlaHughes says:

        I had lost contact with McClintock, who I’ve always admired, until I saw that interview. Certainly reminded me why I joined the McClintock support train in the first place.
        Going to share your article and join your site. Love the snark and agree completely with the sentiments.


  4. Michigan Silverback says:

    The self-described conservative “Freedom Caucus” in the House has turned into the Batshit Crazy Flying Monkey Ethnic Cleansing Caucus, and it’s time someone stood up to them and called them the batshit crazy flying monkeys they are. So glad that COCAS, the author, finally has the guts to say so.


    Look, I’m slightly to the right of the Kaiser, but these guys HAVE to be controlled for us to have a shot at winning!

    No. 20% of Congress cannot rule by themselves. DEAL WITH IT!

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  5. John says:

    Another words writer is for amnesty too. LMAO! Don’t sell this lie and tell many of us we are fools. IT IS STILL AMNESTY!!!! We need to hear from candidates plan on when they do legalize these illegals what they plan to do afterwards. Aside from securing the border which even if they do, will we allow another 12 million or so in the country, wait 20 or more years then go through a process of legalalizing them perpetuating a cycle of lawlessness… Comprehensive Plan. Amnesty. Blah Blah. Adding additional registered Democrats!!! LMAO! The Republican Party is broken and it needs to break for good! T


    • collisionofchurchandstate says:

      Sigh. As I said, clearly amnesty has lost its definition. But hey, what do you propose is a good option for illegal immigrants already in the country?

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  6. raplano says:

    Sorry I missed your gender! And I do not judge you “a loser.”. I judged you ” the loser” strictly in terms of points for your argument in a debate. We also need to realize that including logical fallacies in your argument does NOT prove your argument wrong. It just says that you did not present it in a way that would be convincing to a person skilled at critical analysis. I know that a lot of what you said was right, just not for the reasons you stated.


    • collisionofchurchandstate says:

      My gender is of no consequence, I was merely giving a polite correction. Yes, as a debate aficionado, I fully understand what a “logical fallacy” entails. That said, I would remind you that this was purely an opinion piece, I was not in a direct debate with a particular person. I was merely taking the facts, history of the issues, and knowledge on various political figures to form such an opinion. I’ve interacted with various individuals here, on Facebook, as well as Twitter, concerning the facts that built my opinion, and I’m more than willing to do so for anyone. Applying such debate rules to detailed interactions would be a bit more logical, don’t you think?

      I didn’t assume that a compromise was always correct, I even stated that I was on the side of the rebels, policy wise. However, I said that what is going on now isn’t working, and I stand by that, and have various reasons (that I condensed in an opinion piece) to believe it. So since this isn’t working, I suggested that we try something else. I don’t guarantee its success, I merely note that we can “begin moving forward.”

      What can I say, I’m sarcastic. I gave exaggerated metaphors for a fun twist on a blanketing OPINION PIECE.

      I didn’t go into detail on each and every reason because, well, I don’t have time for a book tour. If you’d like to debate on how I came to those opinions, I’m all in. However, your original diatribe, with your lack of inquisition into my reasoning, as well as your burden of being “skilled at critical analysis,” smell of the Argumentum ad Populum Snob Approach.

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  7. dizo54 says:

    I am Tea Party and the first thing I want to say is, no I would not call Reagan a RINO. I voted for him and lived under his Presidency. What is left out of the argument about his compromises while Pres. is the fact that he had to deal with a Demo stacked House and Senate and that his compromise on amnesty at that time was in lew of getting control of the boarder. The Demos never followed through with their end of tha bargin, They never have and never will. He did get some amazing things done even with that stacked Congress. One of those things was lowering taxes for everyone that had to pay taxes. He was also a great leader. He was not a RINO..
    RINOs do not lead they bow down to the Demos and live in fear of offending someone or stepping out of bounds on the PC garbage that the new Demos, the leftist demand adherence to. They compromise on everything thinking that just getting something passed in Congess is all we care about. Yes, they keep hearing people saying that they are angry about a do nothing Congress (a leftist talking point), so they fear us being angry about them doing nothing. I for one am not angry if they do nothing when the other option is to bow down to the leftist demands.
    Amnesty is only one example. What would I have them do? Well, how about they demand that a comprehensive plan to stop offering free food. shelter and medical care for illegal alians that sneak in or now pour into Country? If those things were cut off they would stop coming and many might go back where they came from on their own. How about not going along with the PC crap of calling them migrants and call them what they are. illegal ailians? How about we stop the deceitful lie that a baby born here by an illegal alian woman is automaticly an American? How about we stop giving them the same rights to redress our government as we the people are supposed to have? These are just a few things that could be done to help stop the flow of illegls comining accross our boarders, it might also make others feel unwelcome to stay here.
    We have 92 or more million fellow Americans out of work at this time.. I am more concerned about them right now and have very little patience for illegal alians demands and the leftist PC garbage.


  8. NoThanx says:

    Yay, Republicans win! Sure, we still have massive socialist programs destroying the economy, and yes, we still are still a third-world dumping ground for the worst garbage Central and South America can churn up, and certainly we are still heavily regulated by dozens of bureaucratic agencies, and perhaps we have the worst, most costly schools in the civilized world, and no, there isn’t any logic in bombing the mud huts of Muslim barbarians while opening our doors wide to their “students” and “refugees,” but yes, Republicans won. Whoopdefukinshit.


    • MarlaHughes says:

      That type of argument is equivalent to my kids being so angry over our not letting them stay out all night partying that they sulked in their room all night instead of going out with their friends and coming home at a reasonable hour. “I can’t have everything I want so I won’t take ANYTHING. Suffer, parents!”

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