Andrew Breitbart & Breitbart News: Same Name, Different Views


People are probably tired of hearing me defend Marco Rubio and attack “conservative” media. Well, I’m kind of tired of having to do it, as well.

Yet here I am…


While it all seems redundant, I can’t help but think that with the Iowa caucuses 90 days away, the constant demonizing is in need of constant rebuttal. While I have a much, much smaller group of followers than Trump’s hired puppets, I’ll do what I can. I’ve used my last two posts to tear some in conservative media apart, and fully intended on moving on. However, this particular issue came up today so I put this post together. The most recent Breitbart/Drudge/Rubio/Trump debacle arrives on the same day that the below video has been unearthed, a video showing Andrew Breitbart giving praise to Marco Rubio.

Some have argued that his view of Rubio would have changed after the Gang of Eight bill, but wasn’t the Go8 an attempt at the best deal possible given the hostility of a Democrat majority? To be honest, the major part that I would change would be increased border security, which Rubio has repeatedly said was the downfall of the bill and what he would change, as well. It’s impossible to say how Andrew would handle today’s GOP, and the mess “real conservatives” have made, but to say that Andrew would completely turn his back on Rubio for attempting to work with a Democrat majority to get something – anything – done, is a stretch.

Sadly, the website flourishing under his name is far from a reflection of what he stood for, which is revoltingly sad. Another example of this fact presented itself today.

Drudge Report, a once trusted news aggregation website, rehashed a debunked load of rubbish and then deleted it. The allegedly “ignored” story, from none other than Breitbart News, was concerning an interview Marco Rubio did back in April with Jorge Ramos. In said interview, it was alleged that he said one thing in Spanish, and something completely different in English. The funny part is that the same “news organization” who released this article on Monday, also released a similar article in April, and an article debunking said article shortly thereafter in the same month.

In short:

Trump Bracket

Drudge may have hit the delete button, but screenshots are forever:

The article spirals around in the toilet of repeated nonsense, complete with a Liberty Score for all politicians listed; Marco a 77%, Paul Ryan an abysmal 58%. I’m seeing more and more of these scoring systems out there, I can’t wait until they progress:

“You should vote for me because I have a 100% NRA rating, 99% Pro-life rating, 4 Freedom Stars, a 97% rating with the Bald Eagle Voting System, 249% with God-Bless-America-R-Us, 65 In God We Trust high fives, 25 Let Freedom Ring points, and 46 Uncle Sam foam finger cheers. Plus, my Farmville puts out twice as much produce as every person on this stage. Combined.”

“But can you explain to the people of this country why you only have 3 throwing stars from Constitutional Ninjas?”

I understand the benefit of the scoring systems, but now there’s one for every narrative in existence. If you like this candidate, go with Heritage, but if you like this candidate, go with Liberty. I digress. So, you know, proceed with caution when taking them into consideration.

Back to the point…

Breitbart articles:



An article on Breitbart News earlier Saturday said that Rubio called DACA “important” and one that he would not reverse, but a closer look at the official transcript shows some misinterpretations in the translation, and Rubio’s campaign pushed back strongly against any suggestion that the Senator would allow President Barack Obama’s executive amnestyto continue.


In a little-noticed interview earlier this year with Univision’s Jorge Ramos, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) declared that, as President, he would keep Barack Obama’s executive amnesty for DREAMers in place until it was permanently codified through legislation.

But here’s the best part – Look at all of the recent articles (below) put together by the Breitbart writer who didn’t do her homework before writing a piece already debunked before it was even written; debunked by her own organization to boot.


It’s almost like she has an agenda or something… Julia Hahn, the author noted above, is either furthering a narrative she knows to be false, or is so blind to the truth that she’s completely oblivious and doesn’t care.

I know many at Breitbart have this predisposed vision of Paul Ryan in their head, swirling the blood of conservatives in a wine glass while petting his evil devil horned black cat as it chews apart the founding documents, but maybe they should consider following his lead by hiring a bunch of employees to handle the communication issues they clearly have?

Wait, maybe Breitbart – as a whole – has an agenda?

Guys, that’s just a sample of what they’ve pushed out in less than 48 hours. Breitbart News, at least the majority, is applauding such botched – joke worthy – journalism. In addition, what they’re doing is the type of narrative bending trash their founder was adamantly against.

According to The Federalist, Breitbart himself didn’t align with the Ann Coulters and Breitbart News writers of the world:

Breitbart, who passed away suddenly in 2012, was also asked during the interview whether he would support changing the 14th Amendment in order to revoke so-called birthright citizenship.

“I don’t believe in altering the Constitution,” Breitbart told host Jorge Ramos. “I’m not up for changing the Tenth Amendment or the Fourteenth Amendment, the First Amendment or the Second Amendment.”

Ramos also asked Breitbart whether he agreed with an article published on his site that referred to American-born children of illegal immigrants as “terror babies.”

Breitbart responded that he couldn’t comment on the specific article itself because he hadn’t read it, but that he didn’t like the term “terror babies.”

“I’d have to see the context of that to give you an opinion,” he told Ramos. “I would never call people that are born in this country who are from Mexico ‘terror babies.’”

If you listen to the entire interview above, you’ll hear quotes from Breitbart such as, “I happen to believe in immigration reform” and “I believe in the Latino culture,” etc… So it seems incredibly far fetched that he would support this mass deportation joke, as well as the vitriol towards the Hispanic community currently sold by Donald Trump and his devoted brigade of “journalists.”

Word to the wise, Breitbart News, as of this morning, you were being ridiculed all over conservative Twitter because all that was cooking in the rotting alimentary canal of your dead story was exposed for all to see when you attempted to kick it back to life. You didn’t just try to revive a horse that was recently deceased, you picked up a rotting carcass of a story and tried to make it gallop, and all out of complete and utter desperation. Andrew Breitbart was a man of logic and principle, and it’s heartbreaking to see the website thriving under his name throw both of those qualities under Donald Trump’s gold plated bus of deception, liberal principles, and revenge.

Try harder.

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