Trump Tirades, Angry Conservatives, and the Rubio Requirement

Trigger warning: This is not a very nice post.

Everyone is angry.

We get it.










We can tell you’re ready to do what it takes to “steal back your country,” especially when you share that “THIS IS MY COUNTRY, AND I’LL FIGHT FOR IT! SHARE IF YOU AGREE!” photo on Facebook. Is your eagle tattoo tingling? Did someone light up the patriot signal into the moonlit sky? Is the world desperately awaiting that Facebook rant about dirty establishment politicians? Quick! Someone said that legalizing illegal immigrants under certain conditions is a viable option, they need your one-liner in the comments section!

“The people, they need me.”

“There… that’s better.”

The problem is that you’re angry with no real target, so you’re just haphazardly shooting into the fog; hoping that you’ll have something dead to bring home to your own version of big daddy government. You’re blasting away at anything that has a pulse because you don’t know what you want to annihilate, you just know you want to annihilate something. You’re like a toddler throwing a fit because your mom won’t buy you a real unicorn… But you’re an adult, so it’s not cute.

You have no idea what “establishment,” “RINO,” “amnesty,” or “rights,” even mean anymore. Your ability to define terms accurately is dead, incinerated, and buried. You’ve already lost, because you’ve lost all sense of what brought you to conservatism in the first place. The left won the battle for your political dignity when you became everything they accuse you of being.

Years ago, during the beginning stages of the Tea Party, I understood the resentment. I really did. If a group of people come together in defense of small government, I’m with you. But, Conservatives, this is not a movement focused on small government, and it is well past time for us to call out Donald Trump, his supporters, and angry reactionaries for their behavior.

It’s time for us to deliver a loss that sends Trump fans into a downward spiral so swift and heartbreaking that they crawl back into the muddy corners of America’s nasty underbelly and refuse to come back out until the next KKK Grand Wizard wannabe runs for president. I will be happy to clean up the mess they made alongside my fellow conservatives, because I care that much about conservatism.

There is a difference between “I’m angry because I want smaller government,” and “I’m angry because I want my own big government.” We have a small faction of people under our umbrella who paste a pro-life sticker on their car, and then act as though Muslims and Hispanics are disposable human beings deserving of government punishment for the actions of the few in their race/religious factions who commit crimes.

This is the type of hatred and vitriol that made Donald Trump a leading political figure in the primary election, and  it’s the vitriol that has taught those followers to shrug in the face of someone’s suffering.

In short: We are currently an angry nation, we are a bitter people, and if we sit in our anger and bitterness, as so many currently are, we will not only become a party who barely resembles the logical basis for our movement, we’ll become an unrecognizable nation with no party for the sane.

The anger is becoming a chain reaction.

Group A: They’re angry at everyone and everything, especially politicians, the GOP, and anything that scrolls past their latest meme on “FREEDOM!” without giving it a share. They’re “mad as hell” and want you to know it.

“The GOP has done nothing!”
“Well, technically they oversold themselves, I’ll give you that. However, the main roll of the GOP during a Democrat presidency is to stop things from happening. Which they’ve done better than most give them credit for.”
“That’s not true. They could end Obamacare!” 
“Actually, they can’t. You do realize that we didn’t elect a veto proof majority, right? The good news is that Marco Rubio fought backdoor bailouts for the insurance companies and it may very well be the death blow to…”
“Have you read his plan? It’s not amne….”
“Yes it is!”
*Blank stare* “Moving on. The GOP has their hands tied, because Obama has veto power.”
“Okay, start here:

“They could still pass things!” 
“Well, I have some good news, the House voted to defund Planned Parenthood!”
“No good. It was just a show vote. I HATE THE GOP!” 

Group B: They make their money off of Group A’s anger, they’re the pandering journalists and bloggers who dumbed themselves down for a dollar.

“Question: Do you uphold the same beliefs as Donald Trump?”
“He’s making the conversations happen, which is what we need.” 
“Do. You. Uphold. The. Same. Beliefs?”
“Listen, he may have faults, but he’s reaching the people who are angry.” 
“You mean the people who buy your books? Watch your show? Read your articles?”
“That’s not the point. He’s passionate, even if he has a few bad ideas.” 
“Like socialist healthcare?”
“Abuse of property rights?”
“Punishment of dissenters?”
“Hatred towards all Muslims?”
“Big government motives?”
“Right. But listen, he’s right on immigration.” 
“His immigration plan isn’t possible, and we both know that. Don’t we?”

Group C: We’re the people who are tired of Group A and Group B. 

Group A: “#TRUMP2016! Tell it like it is!” 
Group B: “Hi, Group A, I wrote a book about immigration, and Donald Trump will be on my show tonight. TUNE IN! Oh, and here’s an article where I agree with you instead of telling you what you need to hear! Oh, and here, have some clickbait!”
Group C: “…..

But now Group C is calling out Group B, and Group A is very angry.

There was a time a few years back when the great Andrew Breitbart rallied conservative citizens into battle, dramatically dicing the old media, and mobilizing the new. Social media became a platform for distributing information, and Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC became neutered opinion pieces that repeated the news others had snapped up first, sans catastrophes. Today, when I want to hear of a news story, I search keywords on Facebook and Twitter; I haven’t been to Fox, CNN, etc., directly in God knows how long. Many small town housewives – digging through blogs during their child’s nap time – have given me more legitimate news in a 10 minute Twitter scan than hours of CNN can provide. They find the news by searching through the endless bucket of bloggers who are people like you and I, hard workers with full time jobs who study political news and inform the public. They watch the speeches, the trends, and the breaking updates. The point? The People took hold of the media, and now some are trying to give it back because the truth is no longer what they desire. Andrew Breitbart burst the bubble, and now angry conservatives are desperately trying to silence the opposition so that they can rebuild said bubble.

“What do you want?” 
“Okay, here!” 
“Why? We gave you what you wanted!” 

Which brings me to my final point.

Six months ago I would have believed that any Republican candidate, with the exception of a very small few, would work. I believed that anyone with some semblance of basic conservatism would be good enough. However, the reason why I picked Marco the moment Trump burst onto the scene and instantly skyrocketed in the polls, is because I knew we’d need a revival of our morals. We don’t just need our policies in the White House, we need a representative who can change the face of our party from one of hatred and pathetic attacks to hope and honesty; including brutal honesty that involves realistic plans.

We need someone who sees the faces behind the issues, not just numbers on a paper:

Our party is now affiliated with a group of people who treat human beings like items that can simply be shipped off to the middle of nowhere. They declare that they’ll “bring the good ones back” like they’re cattle. They’ve turned well over 11 million immigrants into heartless, soulless criminals to get their point across, when that’s simply not the case. They’re attempting to disenfranchise an entire religion of people, and completely disregard the principles of our nation’s founding. We need someone who sees human beings when they look at immigrants, refugees, and various religious groups, and is honest and logical about what needs to be done.

We need someone who relates to the average American:

You know, someone who knows what it’s like to be in debt.

We need someone who can reach new voters:

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t hurt when your candidate knows the difference between Tupac and Pitbull.

We need someone that the pay-to-play conservative media hates, because they’re no longer on our side:

We need Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Mark Levin, Shawn Hannity, etc., to remember their place, to remember that as conservatives we think for ourselves. We need to be done with their manipulative tactics. We need to deliver them a loss.

We need someone who isn’t afraid to stand for what is right, even if it’s not popular:

But in a largely unnoticed appearance on Fox News’s The Kelly File in August — resurfaced by Peter Beinart and Jamelle Bouie on Wednesday — Sen. Marco Rubio gave a surprisingly strong response to the issues raised by Black Lives Matter that showed he not only views racial disparities in the criminal justice system as a real issue, but actually understands the roots of the problem.

We need someone who destroys the narratives created by The Left, AND The Right:

Real conservatives are not racist.
Real conservatives are not sexist.
Real conservatives do not believe that you halt U.S. entrance to an entire religion of people, because we stand by our Constitution.
Real conservatives do not want to sacrifice smaller government options for a big wall and impossible immigration plans.
Real conservatives do not support socialist healthcare, no matter who’s touting it.
Real conservatives do not agree with the abuse of property rights.
Real conservatives do not agree with punishing dissenters.
Real conservatives do not agree with controlling free speech on the internet.
Real conservatives embrace the melting pot.

The list goes on, and on, and on.

We need someone who answers questions honestly:

At this point, even conservative poster boy Ted Cruz refuses to answer honestly.

Even as he makes immigration a central issue in his presidential campaign, there are two important questions on the topic that Republican Senator Ted Cruz has repeatedly declined to answer.

The first is what to do about the estimated 11 million people in the U.S. illegally. The second is whether granting them some form of legal status (even something short of a path to citizenship) amounts to “amnesty.”

We need someone genuine:

We need someone strategic:

Someone who makes the right moves, regardless of audience and applause, or lack thereof. Example:

Two years ago, Marco Rubio won a fight during the budget battles to include a requirement for HHS to maintain budget neutrality in its risk-corridor programs. Rubio had pushed back against this program for months, claiming — as it happens, accurately — that it was a back-door bailout of the insurance companies that had cooperated in the effort to pass ObamaCare. Instead of allowing HHS to dip into general funds for risk-corridor payments, Rubio’s rider restricted those payouts to funds collected from taxes on insurers.

Rubio’s strategic move and forethought may be the mortal blow to the ACA. But, you know, go watch another YouTube video of a Ted Cruz speech that gave you all of those warm and fuzzy feelings, because that’s what really matters.

We need someone who doesn’t use fear, lies, and manipulation to gain votes:

For example: I can’t believe I have to say this, but our country is not going to melt if we don’t build a giant wall. We don’t need Trump and Cruz to increase border security, Rubio has been pushing for increased border security since day one. We need to end sanctuary cities, but the facts are, more American born citizens run around committing violent crimes than Hispanic immigrants, and your fear of someone different is unfounded. The illegal immigration issue is a problem that needs a logical, well thought out plan – like Marco Rubio’s.

We need someone strong and realistic concerning foreign policy:

We need someone who reaches the middle ground:

Someone who, despite coming from a purple state, can stand for conservative principles more than most, and do so in a way that convinces the middle ground voters he’ll fight for their rights, as well.

We need someone who is empathetic:

We have a lot of hurting families who aren’t interested in hearing the ramblings and ivory tower theatrics. They don’t care if that someone reads the Bill of Rights on the House floor, they want that someone to fight for them, period.

We have illegal immigrants who didn’t fit in any line, but tried to do what was best for their family. We need someone to show them that we are not a party in support of busing them up like animals and driving them across the border. They’re scared because of vicious, unprincipled individuals on our side. We need to show them that’s not who we are.

We need someone who is passionately in the corner of the innocent. Someone who will do what is right for Americans, but also have a passion to help those suffering mercilessly in other countries.

We need someone who can win:

It comes down to this, Angry “Conservatives.”

The last few months have made Marco a necessity, because the damage you have caused is catastrophic. I mean, you could have had your choice, because we should have been able to beat Hillary with the Napoleon Dynamite of candidates, but you blew it. You could have gotten away with a lesser candidate and had your pick of the litter – no matter how cross eyed and special that little puppy is – but now you can’t. We will need every last vote we can get from every minority, because you have behaved foolishly. You failed to pay attention to the autopsy results from the last two elections. You failed to notice positive change. You’ve removed the vast number of options we had off the table. You’ve made this election a hard win, you’ve damaged the view of conservatives in the eyes of all middle ground voters, and you’ve made sane conservatives spend all of our time defending our own morals in response to your gutter born, knuckle dragging rhetoric.

Despite all the damage done, Rubio is someone who can rise above the narratives. Despite the fact that you have continuously trashed Hispanics, Muslims, and Women, Marco can win them back because he’s a genuinely decent human being. Marco Rubio isn’t simply the right choice for the primary or presidency, he’s the right choice for conservatism. He can be the defibrillator for the real conservative movement –  not the angry, bitter, racist, sexist, aggressive joke of a movement currently on the main display.

Remember, you may be loud and obnoxious, but you are a very small faction of the GOP. And after the last few months, many of you don’t even deserve to call yourselves “conservatives” anymore than Hillary Clinton does.

While I genuinely liked Marco Rubio before, you’ve managed to make him a requirement for success.

Thank God he’s up for the job.


20 thoughts on “Trump Tirades, Angry Conservatives, and the Rubio Requirement

    • If people are here illegally the law needs to be enforced.
      If your car is stolen you and you are like me, you feel that the law needs to be enforced!
      If the any law needs to be changed to reflect how people feel about something then the new law should still be enforced!
      Enforcement is largely a responsibility of the President of the United States and his policies!
      We are a country of laws. And those laws should be enforced!
      This is where Ted Cruse is the strongest among all of the candidates!


  1. Wow, you nailed it so well, amazing article, I couldn’t agree more on every point. I am a proud member of Group C and a proud Rubio supporter.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks for that. Marco has seemingly become the ire of a lot of so-called conservatives (especially those on talk radio) lately and it seems, even more so than Hillary for some reason. This message needs to be shared!


    • Thank you for reading, Kevin! I agree and firmly believe they’re going after him because he’s a threat to the angry rhetoric that has padded their wallets.


  3. “The GOP has done nothing!”

    “Well, technically they oversold themselves, I’ll give you that. However, the main roll of the GOP during a Democrat presidency is to stop things from happening. Which they’ve done better than most give them credit for.”

    And you know who, more than all other presidential candidates for sure, put this idea in people’s heads that the GOP has done nothing… the aforementioned Ted Cruz.


  4. “The GOP has done nothing!”

    “Well, technically they oversold themselves, I’ll give you that. However, the main roll of the GOP during a Democrat presidency is to stop things from happening. Which they’ve done better than most give them credit for.”

    And you know who, more than perhaps any other candidate, put those unrealistic expectations in their heads…the aforementioned Ted Cruz.


  5. How is allowing foreign nationals who chose to enter the United States in violation of immigration laws or who decided to overstay a visa departure date to remain in the U.S. not amnesty? Even if these individuals are limited to permanent residency and are unable to become citizens, removing the minimal risk of legal consequences undocumented immigrants currently face and permitting them to continue their lives in the U.S., WHICH IS PRECISELY WHAT THEY WANT, is amnesty. Why do so many people refuse to admit it?


      • I’m not suggesting anything. I simply want to know why people will not be honest and admit that it is indeed amnesty.


      • Amnesty, by definition, is an official pardon for people who have been convicted of political offenses. I don’t believe that a pathway to citizenship involving punishment, fines, and restrictions matched only by the strictest probation officer is “amnesty.” That’s like saying that a man sentenced to 10 years of probation and 10K in restitution has been pardoned. No, he hasn’t. Definitions mean something, and we in America have destroyed them. I won’t be a part of that manipulative nonsense.


  6. Wow, you writing about Trump and his supporters and the hate you feel they have yet all I’m reading is YOUR hate. I’m a Trump supporter and I’m also an American with Hispanic heritage. You are just like the liberal media with your love for Rubio that you’re just full of hate for the frontrunner. You have no clue what Trump is about other than what you seen on the media and that is very clear. Hate, lol you’re all about hate. GO TRUMP2016


    • “You have no clue what Trump is about other than what you seen on the media and that is very clear.”

      Or, you know, what I’ve heard from his mouth.

      Do you have any legitimate arguments or proof of his stance, or are you just angry that I called him out on his record?


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