I’m Not Supporting Ted Cruz: The Post I Never Wanted to Write

First off, not everyone that reads my stuff is going to like this post. However, I’ve recently been negative towards Ted Cruz, and many people have questioned why I feel the way I do towards him, or have accused me of demonizing the opposition to boost my own candidate. A lot of people won’t agree with this post, and that’s alright. I write to put my opinions out there, and if people don’t agree I encourage dialogue. I love that we all have differing opinions, and while I may harshly criticize some of those differing opinions, I still encourage discussion.

First, here’s a sample of the replies I’ve received:

“I don’t get why you’re so negative about Ted Cruz?!?” 
“What’s your deal? Ted Cruz is a fighter, and we need a fighter!” 
“I don’t mind if you’re negative about Trump, but being negative about Cruz is just ridiculous.” 

I tried to address the Trump/Cruz connection in this post, but apparently I didn’t do a great job of explaining my previous political leanings and why I’m so irritated. Hopefully this post sheds some light, whether you agree or disagree in the end.

First, a bit of history. Here are a few tweets of mine from back in 2013:

I know. It’s almost like I was a fan.

I was.

Some of it was out of ignorance, but mostly it was because I truly thought of him as an unshakable political figure. I followed his every move, I sang his praises. I remember running a pro-life booth at a fair a few years back, and campaigning for a Wisconsin Republican. I was talking with people all day about that “up-and-comer Ted Cruz,” and how he seemed to stand for truth and speak his mind so well.

I remember following Cruz back when he was in support of Birthright Citizenship, H-1B visa increases, legalizing illegal immigrants, abolishing the TSA, anti-government stimul… Oh, sorry, was I getting carried away? You know… Stances he took before he knew you didn’t like them. Maybe that’s the most difficult part of this, being told what he does and doesn’t support by those who didn’t follow him as closely as I did. I know what he supported, I also know how he’s changed.


I felt like Ted Cruz would rise to the occasion when we needed him. Now, maybe I was naive, maybe I was too wrapped up in the rebellious attitude running rampant in politics. If I’m being honest, well, I was captivated.

I was also captivated by Marco Rubio until I read about the Gang of Eight. I was not happy with Marco at that point, because I had read the reviews by conservative writers, and at the time it was seen as an unmitigated disaster. At this point, Ted Cruz was on a pedestal, and Marco Rubio was on my…. not so nice list.

Then something happened.

I did my own research.

I stopped reading some of the incredibly biased talking heads in the media.

I read the Gang of Eight. I calmed down and realized that the immigration issue was out of control, and that trying to get anything on the books during a Democrat presidency would have been better than nothing. I found that I didn’t disagree with the vast majority of the bill, and I also found that conservative writers were focusing in on the few negative aspects, and purposefully blurring the vast number of positives. I realized that we don’t get everything we want in a democracy, and that working across the aisle was the best possible option at that point.

Side Note: I’d like to take this time to thank that crazy old teacher in private school for making me read the founding documents over, and over, and over again until I no longer felt fatigued when reading the mundane. It is because of that wacky – bats in the belfry – old woman that I am able to read hundreds upon hundreds of pages of political gibberish without going insane.

My respect for Rubio grew at that point. I’m sure that he worried about his name when he joined the Gang of Eight, but if he didn’t join the Gang of Eight, we would have all sat around angry, complaining, and bitter over the fact that a “real conservative” wasn’t involved in the process. Don’t lie, because that’s exactly what would have happened. Let’s be honest here, we conservatives are quite the experienced complainers, if there’s fault to find we’ll sniff it out. It’s the truth. It can be a good thing, and also a bad thing.

I digress.

Then one day I read an excerpt from an interview:

“At this point, bringing the Senate bill back to the floor would be a show vote,” he said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal. “It would set us back even further—taking an issue that’s already divided people and actually going to stir the pot and poison the well even further. Why would I support an effort to do that?”

Conservatives came running with their tar and feathers, “He’s pandering! He’s flip-flopping!” I laughed and realized that “my people” had lost their mind. Rubio saw that the people were no longer willing to reach across the aisle, that conservatives preferred show votes to small improvements at a time. They wanted nothing if they couldn’t have everything. He wasn’t going to play that silly and worthless game, and I liked him even more for it.

We had become these people:

“I want the whole pan of brownies.” 
“We don’t have the ability to give you the entire pan of brownies right now. How about four?”
“We can’t.”
“Give me the whole pan or nothing at all!”
“Then I guess you get nothing.”

Thus, a movement of “Grrrrrr” is born.

Despite the angry mobs, he was doing what he knew was right. He wasn’t flip-flopping, he held the same immigration stance – with the addition of even stronger border security than the Go8 bill – that he holds now. He was smart enough to see that the game was over. Sweeping legislation would never work in such a hostile political environment, and piece by piece was the answer. Giving the people what they want first, like increased border security, and then following up with additional changes.

So, my love of Rubio grew. Not only was he trying, he was listening. I was in the wrong to judge without research. I had fallen for a conservative media driven narrative. Now I’d say that 95% of the time we’re on the same page, and the 5% of the time that we’re not is of little importance. I don’t want to support someone who I agree with all the time, that’s never what I was looking for, and I’m pretty sure that unicorn doesn’t exist. I want someone who challenges me to think beyond my own personal wants and desires. I like that he knows exactly what he believes, and he doesn’t budge. He may back off a little, grow in his opinions, soften his delivery, etc., but he’s consistent and honest about those changes.

Enough about Rubio, back to Cruz.

Gird your loins, Cruz Crew.

See, I was under the assumption that Cruz was a man of principle. I thought he would stand for what was right, and I thought that he would tell the brutal truth to his following no matter the cost. I was convinced that he was a rare breed in the political world. Now I’m scorned. So for me it’s not about fighting the opposition, it’s about the fact that I feel the sting of betrayal. I feel the bitterness of respect lost, and I feel the cold revelation of disappointment.

Basically, I’m the political version of a country song about cheating. I now want to dig my key into the side of his pretty little souped-up presidential campaign, because he failed to deliver on the one thing that made him worth my time: Principles.

So, let’s get this straight: Ted Cruz is not a dumb man. Ted Cruz is well aware that Donald Trump is the furthest thing from a conservative. Ted Cruz knows for a fact that Donald Trump stands for socialist policies, liberal ideals, and a dangerous agenda. Being honest to you about that is not as important to him as gaining votes from the Lord of Darkness. That’s just the facts. He’s betrayed every conservative tribe except the Comanche faction. He’s no longer vying for conservative votes, he’s pandering to the GOP’s “Obama” voters. He’s too much of a wimp to tell you that, though.

Embrace it.

Accept it.

It’s the truth.

“He’s being strategic!”

No, he’s being a tool. He’s lying to you.

Listen, I get it, he makes you feel super patriotic. I was there, I felt that tug at those red, white, and blue heartstrings. But it’s time for us to move on. Break free, my friend. Back in November I wrote a post, which you can read here. In said post I gave the following scenario with the average Ted Cruz supporter (with a few new edits for clarity).

Excuse: “That’s why I love him! He’s so strategic!”

I look at them sideways and turn the filter on high, “So you like a man who will lie and pander his way into the White House, and you don’t care as long as he gets to the White House?” Without skipping a beat they condescendingly reply as the flag is raised within their hearts, and the bubbling patriotism stings as gentle tears tug at their eyes, “Yes, because we need a man of principle in the White House, no matter what it takes to get him there.”

*Raises hand* Say, I don’t want to cause a kerfuffle here, but wouldn’t a man of principle be honest with voters about conservative positions, candidates, and logical options? And wouldn’t a true seeker of a principled candidate look for someone with, say, I don’t know… principles?”

“He’s staying away from the Republican war. The media wants them all to fight, and he’s just staying above the fray.” 


Like this:

“The Journal” should change their header to the Marco Rubio for President Newspaper, because their attacks — and it’s going to keep coming because Marco fights for the principles they care about.”

And this:

“On foreign policy, Sen. Rubio’s foreign policy judgments have been consistently wrong.”

And this:

“Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and Marco Rubio led the NATO coalition in toppling Qaddafi.”

And this:

“This PAC ad by Rubio supporter[s] where they’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars, less than what it really is Megyn. It’s a sign of desperation. They want to try to change the topic because I think Marco’s campaign is determined that his longtime support of Chuck Schumer and Barack Obama’s amnesty plans, particularly making it easier to bring Syrian Muslim refugees into this country that now they’re worried about it politically so they want to change it with a false attack ad.”

Etc., etc., etc….

Apparently Reagan’s 11th Commandment only applies to Trump. So. Weird.

Also, I get the “not going to war” with each other thing, but there is such a thing as staying true to what you believe.

And maybe don’t call the Trojan horse of the race “terrific.”

And maybe if he doesn’t want to go full patriot on Trump’s charlatan soul, at least he could treat him as he treats Rubio.

“He’s a man of action!” 

No. He’s a man of speeches.

A man of action would stand up for the conservative principles he claims to love, and stand in opposition to the one man in this primary election who is beating those conservative principles with such commitment and brutality that I feel like I need to give those principles the number to an abuse shelter.

Ted Cruz is a wimp.

Get over it.

I did.


64 thoughts on “I’m Not Supporting Ted Cruz: The Post I Never Wanted to Write

    • I just want to say one thing here to those who say, “If _________ (add your most hated candidate here) wins the Republican nomination I won’t vote!” (“I am too principled.”) Your attitude was enough to give us Obama. Your same attitude WILL give us Hillary and though you are too principled to vote for ________ your non vote counts twice for Hillary. So if your high horse helps you sleep at night just stay right up there above all of us who do intend to vote for the better of two evils and condescend. But keep in mind you are the problem and when you loose the remaining liberty that may still be extant don’t complain. You have no right to complain about your choice so no whining as our nation continues to degenerate.


  1. Lame..you’re turning on Cruz for RINO Rubio who fought with democrats for the gang of 8 amnesty bill…which Rubio opposed all the enforcement amendments proposed by Cruz and Sessions. Rubio and the democrats didn’t really care about border enforcement or reforming legal immigration. They only cared about amnesty and giving welfare to millions of illegals.
    See Mark Levin’s comments…
    Mark Levin Warns Trump&Rubio: Stop Smearing Conservative Candidates Or He’ll Oppose Them https://t.co/pnnwWS4lBj

    Rubio is desperate because he knows Cruz is a formidable candidate and it will likely come down to him vs Cruz but Rubio lost his credibility so he’s trying to smear Cruz.

    But Cruz has always opposed amnesty and proved with his gang of 8 enforcement amendments that Rubio along with the gang of 8 really wanted welfare and citizenship for illegals…amnesty.

    Legalization was strategy to stop Go8 citizenship⏩2011 Video @TedCruz Sen Campaign 2011:He Opposed Amnesty http://ow.ly/3yreu6

    Rubio also started the dirty attacks on Cruz…what did you expect Cruz to do? If he does something you’d bring up Reagan’s 11th commandment and if he doesn’t say something you’d call him a wimp.

    Cruz is doing the right thing and has stayed out of the fray until Rubio attacked him on the failed & unconstitutional NSA data collection policy.( the patriot act)
    Cruz hasn’t attacked Trump because Trump hasn’t attacked him. Cruz attacks back on policy differences. Trump took the media bait today and tried to personally attack Cruz and Cruz wouldn’t take the bait.
    When the time comes to attack Trump on policy issues…don’t worry there will be plenty for Cruz to attack Trump on.

    Rubio betrayed the tea party and conservatives with his support for the gang of 8. Cruz had no choice but to point out the policy differences between him and Rubio.

    Rubio then tried to attack Cruz on foreign policy and said he caused the Paris attacks and the San Bernardino terror attack because he voted against NSA data collection and voted for the constitutional version ( US Freedom Act)which requires a warrant and has phone companies keep records instead of the govt. Even though the NSA data collection was still in place at the time.

    Cruz hit back on Rubios support of Obama& Hillary’s failed foreign policy to overthrow Gadaffi and arm the so called moderate rebels who are actually AQ terrorists. Many who defected to ISIS and gave up their US weapons to ISIS. The overthrow of Gadaffi led to instability in Libya and the Bengahzi attack. Many of those rebels Rubio and the Obama admin armed transferred weapons through Libya to Syria leading to the instability there and the rise of ISIS along with the refugee crisis and thousands of deaths.

    Rubio still supports Obama’s failed foreign policy and wants Assad overthrown. This will only lead to more instability and give ISIS Syria…of course Russia is involved now so Putin won’t let that happen. If he tries to take on Russia over Syria it could lead to WWIII.

    Rubio also supports siding with Turkey against Russia even though Turkey is a state sponsor of terror and needs to be sanctioned and removed from NATO.

    Sorry to say but Cruz is right on these issues and Rubio’s failed attacks only make him look desperate. True conservatives know where Cruz stands and know that he will keep his word because he did it after getting elected Senator and has a lifelong conservative record of defending our constitutional rights and conservative values.

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    • A. You lost credibility with me by abusing “RINO.” It’s a term so abused at this point that it’s meaningless. Add “Establishment,” and “Amnesty” to that list. Most people who use such terms have strayed so far from the definition that a thesaurus couldn’t find them.

      B. Mark Levin is a jackwagon. He’s betrayed his following. I remember listening to him tear countless individuals to shreds for saying WMDs weren’t found in Iraq, yet Trump says it recently and Mark doesn’t even attempt to rebuke. He’s making money off of your anger, why would he want it to stop?

      And yeah, I stopped reading after “RINO” and “Levin” because I’m sure I’ve heard all of your talking points from Breitbart, Drudge, and the rest of the conservative media that is padding their wallet with your rage.

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      • You’re absolutely, perfectly, without-flaw-or-blemish CORRECT. These are the very things I’ve been SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS about for some time, now. My preferred candidate was Governor Rick Perry. Cruz stabbed him in the back in 2009, with his backing of Kay Bailey Hutchins (after Perry had gotten him his job back with his administration, following Cruz’s firing by the previous governor, Bush), and again when he refused to defend Perry’s good name and record from Trump’s left wing lies. Cruz is an opportunist. He lacks true character or honor. He and Trump were made for each other. Terrific, indeed.

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    • I doesn’t matter to me if you support Cruz or not, Cruz has run a smart campaign thus far and will win in the end. I am a Texan who is proud of how Cruz has fought for me. He did just what he promised he would do. My frustration with Trump does not make me blind to the fact that Cruz has to run a smart campaign in order to defeat him. You are good at writing but you are not as good at being right.


      • I never said that Cruz isn’t running a smart campaign, but that doesn’t make his run principled. You can be incredibly smart and nefarious in your ways, but for someone who sold himself as a principled and honest conservative, running a smart and dirty campaign speaks of his talents as a politician, not as a decent human being. Thus why he has lost my respect.


      • Jeremy, Cruz has run a dirty smart good campaign. As for Texans how good of a job he’s done well it depends from where your watching from.


    • Marco Rubio 2016 ! Rubio is not a as you say, now on the other hand Cruz is better then Trump but Cruz would be best in the Supreme Court Judge. Cruz has many flaws.


    • Looks like Littlebytesnews took you to task…seems like you have just been getting a tingle up your leg for babyface Rubio….good luck with that …he tried to lie on Cruz ..but was proven to be a liar ”’and as far as you go …until this article i’ve never heard of you so I doubt you will convince the masses over to your little heart throb that you say you love….

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    • Exactly what I was thinking! If he would just attack Trump instead of my Rhino Rubio then I would still have respect for him– but since he hasn’t sufficiently annihilated Trump, I will call him weak and unprincipled. okay, now that is a new one….


  2. Wow! I could not describe my feelings better than you did on regards to Ted Cruz as I read your article: very similar to mine -with the exception that I am actually closer than you to the Cruz family, specially his dad, which makes my personal situation even more painful. Thank you for sharing. I agree wholeheartedly.

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  3. Now, you know we saw through that “I’m only posting this pic of Robert Downey, Jr. because it adds to my narrative.”, right? 🙂
    Loved the article. Agreed with every word.

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  4. Followers of Cruz should have been able to see this. Cruz is smart and articulate BUT he is, and always has been, an opportunist. Example: ‘long speech to close government–not because it is good for the country but he gets attention’

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  5. I’m closer to Rubio than I was before.

    I’m also pleased you articulated another good reason to be as far from Cruz as I am.

    He betrays our values and uses those values as campaign tools.

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  6. I really enjoyed your post. On the politic spectrum, we probably are quite far apart. I lean very, very far to the left and, needless to say, I don’t intend to vote for any of the candidates you mentioned. However, I like to be informed and try to keep an open mind to the ideas of both liberals and conservatives alike, so I read a lot of commentary from both sides of the aisle. I particularly enjoyed your post because you address the echo chamber that tends to happen in conservative and liberal news media and the importance of stepping outside of that chamber and find the facts themselves, instead of just trusting the talking heads on TV. I also really enjoyed the honest and comical way you presented your analysis of the candidates.

    Keep on keepin’ on!

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    • Thank you, Curtis! Totally agree about stepping outside the echo chamber. One of my favorite political friends to talk to is a Sanders supporter. We’ve found that we have more in common than we thought. Plus we share a love of Daily Show and Colbert 😉

      Thank you so much for reading! I love dialogue and wish both sides would practice it more often.

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  7. Hon, pay a little closer attention.
    I and some others ha e been saying that Donald Trump gets all his great ideas from Ted Cruz. So Cruz is sitting back and letting Trump do the hard work. He is letting Trump spread the word with his fawning media platform. And he keeps saying that he likes Donald Trump’s ideas. He says Donald Trump has great ideas. Nobody can hear Ted Cruz. But they hear Donald Trump spreading these great ideas.
    Now, look at Iowa. Iowa is important. Donald Trump thinks he has Iowa in the bag. He thinks Cruz can’t win Iowa because of the corn subsidy thing.
    But Cruz has been talking to Iowa farmers. Farmers are not stupid people. And farmers love this country a lot. Ted Cruz has been explaining why corn subsides are not good for America. Ted can get a point across, and this one was not all that hard to sell when he went in and got personal with these guys.
    So now we are getting closer and just like he said he is climbing in Iowa. He is selling a hard sale, but he is making the deal Trump says he can’t make. He is approaching the point where he can take Iowa.
    When Cruz wins Iowa, he gets something only Trump has had so far. He gets the spotlight. Every eye will suddenly be looking at him for the moment. And Trump will surly be there.
    Expect to see the gotcha moment there. Expect Cruz to accept Trump’s congratulations. Then expect some sort of comment about policy tru.p has been talking about. And expect Cruz to own it right there. Expect Cruz to tell the country that he can’t help like the things Trump talks about, because so many of them are the exact same things he has been doing. Nothing too biting. Nothing aggressive. Just pointing out the words vs action and new vs a longstanding commitment.

    Trump supporters are a special breed. They are like Obama voters without a race card. They are willing to overlook facts to keep hearing what they want to hear. They are like a Chihuahua. They will bite you if you go after thier master. And I have even heard them use terms like master and ruler. It’s sick.
    You can’t take down Trump by attacking him. You will be eaten by 10,000 Chihuahuas on the spot. But Cruz dosnt have to attack. He may pull it off without having to be the least bit aggressive. You know Cruz….
    And when people know there is someone else out there like Trump, that tendency to ignore unsettling things is going to diminish. The desire to look at someone other than the master will creep in. And wisdom will begin to prevail.
    Remember, its not going to take a whole lot to tip the scales. When you take from the frontrunner you gain ground quickly.

    This is a beautiful plan.
    Ted Cruz has said he was not going to get to the top all at once. He has not been worried about not having a surge. He has been the tortoise in this race. And I don’t think he wanted to get out in front early on. Being in front means you take all the heat. Why not wait for the right time.
    I want a stratigst. I want someone who will take the time to wait for the opportunity to do things right. I want Ted Cruz. And I don’t want anything to do with someone who will put up with the status quo.

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    • Hi, “Hon.”

      “I and some others ha e [sic] been saying that Donald Trump gets all his great ideas from Ted Cruz.”

      Your use of the term “great ideas” in conjunction with whatever policy train wreck of the day Donald Trump produces invalidates the rest of your comment.

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    • Good post. Cruz is the only candidate to not support the grotesque ethanol subsidy. And he is the only candidate to call for specific gov’t agencies to be shut down. Cruz’ tax plan is perfect. Rubio cannot even understand it.

      It is misleading to call Cruz opportunistic.


  8. Good essay. It was back in September 2013 (Cruz’s marathon filibuster speech) that decided for me that Ted Cruz would not make a good president. He showed he was unable to work with the entire Senate, unable to reach out and to learn and to effectively communicate and compromise, unable to reach bipartisan agreement. And that is also the problem we already have with Obama. It is always his way or the highway. Where are the great compromisers? The great Presidents that actually could work with both sides of Congress and get legislation passed? We need another Lyndon Johnson, Ronald Reagan or Bill Clinton. We do not need another Obama nor a Ted Cruz. I’m placing my support with Senator Rubio.

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    • So true! Many forget that Reagan was great at reaching across the aisle. And they dare call Cruz or Trump Reagan-esque candidates.

      Thank you for reading!!


      • The correct definition of ‘compromise’: “Whenever evil wins, it is only by default, by the moral failure of those who evade the fact that there can be no compromise on basic principles.” – Ayn Rand

        “In any compromise between food and poison, it is only death that can win. In any compromise between good and evil, it is only evil that can profit. In that transfusion of blood which drains the good to feed the evil, the compromiser is the transmitting rubber tube.” – Ayn Rand

        “There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil.”-Ayn Rand

        The result of Reagan’s ‘reach across the aisle’: “According to Ronald Reagan himself, as told to his trusted long-time friend and U.S. Attorney General Edwin Meese, the biggest mistake of his presidency was signing the l986 amnesty for what turned out to be more than half the five million illegal immigrants in the country (Despite his solemn promise the amount would be no more than 1.3 million).. Reagan was uncomfortable with the amnesty but was persuaded by some of the leaders of his own party (still living) that it would only affect a small number of illegal immigrants and would assure that Congress would follow through with more vigorous enforcement of U.S. immigration laws. The misnamed Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986 was touted by its supporters as “comprehensive immigration reform” that would grant amnesty only to a few long-settled immigrants and strengthen border security and internal immigration enforcement against employers who were hiring illegal immigrants.”

        Reagans statements about RINOs: “We don’t intend to turn the Republican Party over to the traitors in the battle just ended. We will have no more of those candidates who are pledged to the same goals as our opposition and who seek our support. Turning the Party over to the so-called moderates wouldn’t make any sense at all.” ; “A political party cannot be all things to all people. It must represent certain fundamental beliefs which must not be compromised to political expediency or simply to swell its numbers.” ; “Let our banner proclaim… and if there are those who cannot subscribe to these [conservative] principles, then let them go their own way.” ; ” Don’t give up your ideals, don’t compromise, don’t turn to expediency — and don’t, for heaven’s sake, having seen the inner workings of the watch — don’t get cynical.” – Ronald Reagan


        “Sometimes, people ask me, ‘When you have a room full of Republican senators yelling at you to back down and compromising your principles, why don’t you just give in?’ The answer is simple, I just remember all those men and women who pleaded with me, ‘Don’t become one of them.” – Ted Cruz A Time For Truth 2015

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      • ‘When you have a room full of Republican senators yelling at you to back down and compromising your principles, why don’t you just give in?’ The answer is simple, I just remember all those men and women who pleaded with me, ‘Don’t become one of them.” – Ted Cruz

        Yeah, I was one of those requesting that he “not become one of them.” Then he started telling those people that a socialist healthcare loving, property rights abusing, quasi-Democrat is “terrific.”


  9. This is so wrong on many levels but you may be too young to remember about Reagan. He didn’t reach across the aisle, he went straight to the people with addresses from the Oval Office. The people then pressured congress.

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  10. Excellent article….at one point Cruz was my 2nd choice behind Walker but his absolute refusal to call out Trump has turned me against him….he is pandering. He has no problem going after the other candidates and he continues to let Trump claim that they agree on almost everything. Team Rubio all the way..

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    • Cruz has not ‘gone after’ anyone, he’s far too busy offering solutions to the issues that matter to loyal patriots. He responds to smears with class like a real president should but, I appreciate that those who didn’t receive a proper upbringing are incapable of understanding the subtlety.

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      • Oh, good, now we’re to the personal attacks. Classy, you are.

        As for Cruz not “going after” Trump, he also doesn’t have to celebrate his lunacy by calling him “terrific.” However, I’m pretty sure you already knew that, otherwise you wouldn’t be resorting to personal attacks out of desperation.


  11. I disagree with your logic. You are now saying he is not a good candidate for President because you believe he is a liar, who campaigns on being a principled conservative. If you used honesty as a test, you would not be able to vote for anyone. Ever. After you realize that you must vote for the lesser of the evils (I’m not saying it is right, just necessary), then you realize Cruz is the most honest of the bunch (except maybe Ben Carson).

    Might you also consider that Cruz’s criticism of Rubio, etc. is not based on him violating Reagan’s 11th rule, and more based on having actual history with which to criticize of his opponents? Trump, Carson have no actual political experience, so staying away from the bait that the media presents him is smart – he wouldn’t be able to base his criticism on anything other than his own speculation due to their not having any real history in politics – thus his adhering to the 11th rule. The 11th rule is not a shibboleth used to prevent criticism of opponent’s records, it is meant to deter Republicans from entering into petty quarrels.

    I am a Cruz supporter based off of my own logical decision that small examples of hypocrisy can be found with every human being, let alone those that are constantly in the limelight while they are making incredibly important decisions. The fact that we are finding occasional petty statements, as well as strategy to take an untested political opponent’s support by refraining from speculating on him does not make him the worst candidate. Put his hypocrisy against any of the others, and he is the best man. You admitted yourself that Trump is a liberal. Who else has been as honest as Cruz? Again, maybe Ben Carson, but we have no record to go on. It’s not safe to assume that Cruz supporters are blind patriot types. I believe him to be the most charismatic and talented of the bunch, and the most honest, despite the occasional mistakes that show him to be a mere human.

    Cruz really was and is a candidate that people follow because he stands for moral Christian values. Seeing him make these mistakes brings him back to Earth, which sours people. Putting this into perspective, I think we need to look logically, not emotionally, and see that his mistakes do not compare to those around him. We can’t find a perfect human. Cruz is far from it. That is why I put my faith in Christ, not man. But for elected representatives, Cruz is the best choice for President.

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  12. You may well be right but the modern race to the nomination is more a game of survivor than celebrity apprentice. Trump is running for the republican nomination by acclimation the same way Hillary is for the democrat nomination. He has simply positioned himself as the winner, a position from which he can taunt his adversaries into attempting to knock him out with a single punch. Where he can then mock and ridicule them for their failure to knock him out.

    Hillary fell off her lofty perch as the obvious nominee in ’08 when she was out-organized and out-hustled in the state-by-state caucuses and primaries. Trump will likely fail the same way. Which of Trump’s challengers will eventually best him is likely to be the one Trump’s former supporters hate least not the one who took the biggest swing or landed the most punches.

    It’s as hard to beat a charismatic populist as it is to convince your best friend they’re in love with someone who is not what they appear to be.

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  13. Hey Collision, one of my co-bloggers and I wrote a response to your article, please check it out if you have a chance! http://freeradicalnetwork.com/tough-love-or-tough-titties/

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  14. Ok I live in SD Ca. and have been part of Tea Party groups since 2009 and since then the Tea Party’s have shoot themselves in the foot over and over again. That being this lady who is playing on words needs to provide “FACTS” and not some statements she comes up with by reading the Liberal Press. And there in lays the problem with people that don’t do the proper research to ensure they have the “True Facts”. In her blog she does not even provide links to the data she talks about, just some twits, so where is the “FACTS”? PLus I have found that there is lots of Liberals who have joined the Tea Party to just destroy the movement.


    • Hi, Jerry. This is an opinion piece, and if people don’t research the facts behind it for themselves, there truly is no hope for them. That said, plenty of my previous posts talk about, in detail, the issues behind Donald Trump’s run, and why others should be speaking against him. I also dabble a bit on why Ted Cruz is not a viable option. However, since many are accusing me of lacking facts in this post, I’ll do my best to take him to task, as often as possible, with a lot of links in future posts.


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  18. Your piece is informative, and well done, there’s just one problem: The premise. Your take on the gang of eight bill is correct, but again, you miss the problem. Yes, there was only one or two real problems with that bill, but one of them at least, was a non-starter. It did nothing about border security, at least nothing near was is needed. That made the whole bill worthless. If you deal with the democrats they get what they want, but when it comes time for them to return the favor, they NEVER do. They are PROGRESSIVES! That is how they work. Any compromise with them is a victory for THEM. They are patient. They’ve been at this for over 100 years now and they’re on the verge of total victory because of exactly the kind of thinking you display in your piece. Stop thinking in terms of politics, you’ll ALWAYS loose as a conservative if you do that. Start thinking in terms of FREEDOM.

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    • The lack of appropriate border security, and the Go8 did have some, was the reason for Rubio making his exit.

      Also, you said that progressives are patient, and on the verge of total victory. What they are doing works, clearly by your own admission… However, they have been forced to give, as well, just read through the Omnibus. We need to be strategic, and that doesn’t mean winning EVERY battle (utterly impossible with a Democrat President), it means playing your cards right and not jamming the system.


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  20. Anyone who thinks the Gang of 8 Morons bill wasn’t that bad is also a moron.And you proved it by saying it would be better to just do something that Obama would accept than to do nothing. If you’re what it means to be conservative, count me out.


    • You do realize that Rubio walked away when the border security didn’t meet his standards, right? I also find it comical when people label others as “morons” without providing other possible options to solve the illegal immigration issue during a Democrat presidency. Was your plan to do nothing? But then let me guess, you’re probably one of those people who complain that the GOP has “done nothing.”

      In short: You’re a moron, but I have no rebuttal. Well done.


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  22. Interesting. But you really have no idea how you are being played by all of them. Dims, eGoP, all of them. TPTB run this country like it is their private fiefdom.


    To quote one of my favorite characters:

    “You think that is air you are breathing?”


  23. https://www.change.org/p/republican-national-committee-unbound-delegates-elect-marco-rubio-the-republican-nominee-at-the-rnc-convention?recruiter=133052300&utm_source=share_for_starters&utm_medium=copyLink


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