Paul Ryan: Myopically Maligned. Here’s Why You’re Wrong About the Omnibus!

Call off the angry mob, because it’s time to have a real conversation about Paul Ryan and the Omnibus. Many of my friends have taken various sides on the issue, why not throw mine out there, as well.

First and foremost, I apologize ahead of time for the length of this post, but there’s a lot to cover.

To begin with, we need to realize how ridiculously hasty we have become. Living in hysteria is exhausting; we’re weary of attempting to fetch the smelling salts for them, and they’ve got to be getting tired of declaring the death of our country every time a patriot pundit updates their status.

So, I recommend the following steps when political news breaks: Read the news, listen to a little Bob Marley, take a few days to read even more news from various perspectives on the issue, practice a few deep breathing exercises while you ponder, make a list of pros and cons, resist the urge to share that rage inducing image of Paul Ryan in a Nazi uniform from any Facebook page with the word “patriot” in the title. Most importantly, answer this short list of questions:

  1. What are we dealing with?
  2. What were the other options?
  3. What would happen if we went with the other options?
  4. Have I acknowledged the positives?
  5. Have I been manipulated?
  6. Do I understand this issue enough to put a curse on someone’s soul?

We shouldn’t need #6, but sometimes people can be irrational beings, doing what we sincerely hope is just their best impersonation of an inebriated Sybil, so it’s necessary. We live in the world of hysteria, where the brash response is celebrated. We’re the societal version of Who’s Line Is It Anyway: Everything’s made up, and the points don’t matter.

Since the “new patriots” tend to invoke the names of the Founders to support their brazen approach, it would serve them well to reevaluate their history. For example, a vast number of our Founding Fathers fully acknowledged that slavery was antithetical to their revolutionary ideals of liberty. They sacrificed the inclusion of such verbiage from the DoI because they knew that they first needed a united and independent country before they tackled such a divisive issue. However, the verbiage they did include in the Founding documents would become the catalyst for the recognition of human rights for all people, which would lead to the abolition of slavery. They knew that to ever end slavery, they had to take deliberate and systematic steps – it took time and strategy.

The Founding Fathers were not impetuous, they were meticulous and wise, knowing that permanent change was the ultimate goal. So when you flip your lid because “defunding Planned Parenthood wasn’t in the spending bill” you’re not acting like a Founding Father, you’re behaving like that irrational child throwing a tantrum at Chuck E. Cheese. Looking at you, Michelle Malkin.

1. What are we dealing with?

As Julie Andrews once sang to a small gang of emotionally detached – yet surprisingly all musically inclined – mischievous children, let’s start at the very beginning; what is the Omnibus bill?

Congress is responsible for putting forth a budget for the 12 appropriation committees’ needs, which include the Legislative Branch, Military, State Operations, Foreign Operations, Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, etc., etc., etc… Now, if these were divided into twelve separate categories, they’d be easily digestible.

Well, nothing is easy in government, but you get the point.

However, since our House resembled that dysfunctional family down the street with their twelve kids who keep playing chicken with the cars on the highway, it was really difficult to get all twelve categories settled upon in a reasonable time. Thus, the Omnibus was born.

So as to dodge budget expiration, they bundled all twelve into a giant mess that can either be supported or rejected. Paul Ryan has voiced his opinion on the process.

“I hate omnibus bills and I don’t like doing these last-second bills. … The reason this year is because Harry Reid filibustered all but one appropriations bills and our own caucus seized up in the middle of the summer, unable to pass any appropriations bills because of some poison pill amendments. … We have a new commitment in the Senate to not block appropriation bills and by having this budget agreement that my predecessor put in place we no longer have a dispute over the sequester. The reason for the filibusters is gone. By getting the slate cleaned now, by getting this behind us, we can start our appropriations process early next year and do it the right way, individual bills, all 12 bills, open up the process…do it the way the Founders intended in the first place.”

Right after the deal was passed, he made this statement to reporters:

“You know I don’t like this process, right?” he told reporters. “I mean you know we inherited a process, a cake that was pretty much more than half-baked.”

In short: Due to the short amount of time, in conjunction with previous issues (cough, cough, Freedom Caucus), there wasn’t a vast number of options. That didn’t stop the angry lynch mob of the far right, which really isn’t the “far right,” because they barely represent conservative principles anymore.

2. What were the other options?

Delay or government shutdown.

3. What would happen if we went with the other options?

Delay: Would only delay a deal that was sure to pass. Time constraints would have made change all but impossible. If anything, the delay would have raised more public awareness to a broken system, which would not have been a bad thing, but the results would still be the same. Efforts to delay were noble, but similar to show votes, would not have truly made a difference.

Government Shutdown: No. You may say you want a government shutdown while you’re sharing Breitbart articles and preaching on the greatness of Drudge polls, but you don’t really want that. You say you want a shutdown, and then I have to listen to you complain about how your uncle is a dedicated soldier who is going without pay. I already know he’s going without pay, because I know what a government shutdown entails, and that’s why I didn’t share that photo saying “SHUT DOWN THE GOVERNMENT, WE DON’T NEED THEM” from a Facebook page with a name like “Uncle Sam’s Patriot Eagle Loving Children of George Washington.”

Shutting down the government hurts military families, endangers national security, and stops me from taking my dog to a well manicured park. Which Ryan noted, and you’d know what he said if you pulled your head out of the rage media sands and listened to his statements as opposed to the mangled excerpts in your Tea Party emails.

“We didn’t want to hurt the military. Shutting it down deprives the troops of their pay. It deprives the men and women who are out there fighting for us of their resources. You’ve heard me as a strong, strong critic of Obama’s foreign policy and his ISIS policy. We have to go on offense in the war on terror. We have to go on offense internationally. By shutting the government down, you are bringing the military to a screeching halt. We do not want to use the men and women in our uniform as political pawns in this game. We want to get this behind us.”

Not to mention, if we shut the government down at this point, we can basically hand Hillary her crown and toss our kids into her oven.

“We shut the government down and then won a whole bunch of seats in 2014?!!!!?!? Explain that!”

Okay. Well, counting on a shutdown to win an election is an incredibly risky game. If you look back to Clinton and Bush shutdowns, you’ll find that the benefits swing to the left and right, and have more to do with the political climates at the time than with the shutdown itself. We were destined to sweep in 2014 due to unemployment, Obamacare, 30+ year low in LFP, etc., etc., etc… There’s no real proof that the shutdown was the tipping point, just like there wasn’t in the 90s shutdowns. It has more to do with who’s in charge during a time of instability. After the debacle with the Kamikaze Caucus, and our longstanding GOP front-runner, a shutdown could easily be painted as our problem, aiding Hillary in the election.

4. Have I acknowledged the positives?

With the points mentioned above noted, we actually received a good deal out of the bill (I recommend listening to this interview with Ryan). Our military was given the resources they need, which should be at the top of everyone’s list. We permanently lifted a 40 year ban on the export of crude oil, which removes the handcuffs Russia had on other countries and creates jobs. Democrats tried to sneak in anti-gun riders, as well, and failed. And, despite the hysteria, pro-life riders remained intact.


An incredibly strict bill passed the House with a veto proof majority, and the Senate will be voting on said bill after the first of the year. The 1.6 billion was not approved specifically for Syrian refugees, it is part of our refugee program, and I don’t know why I should ever have to say this, but we’ve had a refugee budget for a very, very, very long time. This doesn’t just pay for refugees, it pays for preparations and border resources. Text taken directly from the bill:

For necessary expenses for refugee and entrant assistance activities authorized by section 414 of the Immigration and Nationality Act and section 501 of the Refugee Education Assistance Act of 1980, and for carrying out section 462 of the Homeland Security Act of 2002, section 235 of the William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008, the Trafficking Victims Protection Act of 2000 (“TVPA”), section 203 of the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2005, and the Torture Victims Relief Act of 1998… [Emphasis added by yours truly]

Brace yourself for this news: Syria is not the only place with refugees, we had funds put aside for refugees long before Syria.

But wait, there’s more!

In Title II of Division O (Other Matters), you’ll find this gem:


Sec. 201. Short title.
Sec. 202. Electronic passport requirement.

Sec. 203. Restriction on use of visa waiver program for aliens who travel to certain countries.

Sec. 204. Designation requirements for program countries.

Sec. 205. Reporting requirements.

Sec. 206. High risk program countries.

Sec. 207. Enhancements to the electronic system for travel authorization.

Sec. 208. Provision of assistance to non-program countries.

Sec. 209. Clerical amendments.

Sec. 210. Sense of Congress.

Look, I kept them linked just for you. Now you don’t even have to make the strenuous journey to Google and type in “Omnibus text” like I did… It takes about an hour to trudge through all of the texts in the links, but the long and short of it, broken down by Paul Ryan, is this:

“But the issue that we learned about in our intelligence briefings was visa waivers. Any radical with one of 38 national passports can get on a plane today in say, Paris, can get on a plane and come here tomorrow for 90 days, no questions asked. That, we believed, was the biggest problem, and we put that in the omnibus bill.”

And don’t forget, we have a bill heading to the Senate that puts extreme restrictions on the intake of Syrian refugees, and said bill has a veto proof majority from the House thanks to Paul Ryan.

Another positive! Title IV: James Zadroga 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund Reauthorized. Because, you know, taking care of our 9/11 first responders should be a priority for anyone with a pulse.

But wait, there’s more!

We permanent extended a good deal of tax-cuts. The thing I find hilarious about this particular portion is that conservatives are constantly reminding liberals that letting someone keep their own money isn’t a cost. Yet this bill is released and those same conservatives are hugging static economics like it’s a fluffy new teddy bear, and claiming that tax cuts are a cost. Why? Well, you’re angry about the “MASSIVE SPENDING BILL,” aren’t you? Their double standard worked.

But wait! There’s more!

Possibly the best part of the entire deal. The Omnibus included a provision restricting risk corridors meant to shield insurers. In short, this keeps American tax payers from bailing out insurance companies who were surely counting on being bailed out when they conspired with Obama to get the ACA passed. And who constructed that little ACA termite?

Durbin called Rubio’s provision a “serious problem.”

“Senator Rubio, in his effort to derail the Affordable Care Act in any possible way, changed that language a year ago and now we’re stuck with it,” he said.

See, that’s the sign of a strategic politician. While everyone else plans to put a bill on the President’s desk repealing Obamacare, only to have him veto it, Marco Rubio had enough sense to fly under the radar and drop a bucket of termites in the basement and wait for them to take hold. The former doing absolutely nothing to harm the bill except prove to those suffering under its heavy thumb that it’s Obama’s fault, the latter slowly eating away at the weight-bearing beams required for its survival. You might even say it reeks of a little Founding Father strategy. While he doesn’t get as much notoriety for his action, he did it anyway.

“If the Omnibus is so great, why were Democrats congratulating Ryan on a great deal?!” 

Because they know you’re incredibly naive. They love seeing us all running around with pitchforks and rope, searching for a speaker to lynch. They know if they praise him, you’ll instantly begin searching for the tallest tree. In addition, yes, we made a lot of concessions that I wish we didn’t have to, but it’s not like we could send the bill up exactly how we wanted and have Frank Nitti visit the homes of all who opposed. We’re grown-ups, Obama still holds the final signature, and in order to keep the government from shutting down, they had to get a lot out of the bill, as well. However, for our government being the hostile work environment that it is, Paul Ryan and friends got a lot of positives out of the deal.

I’ve said this, quite literally, at least a hundred times: The purpose of a Republican majority during a Democrat presidency is to stop as much as possible, not pass as much as possible.

There was a large number of conservatives – “real conservatives” – who voted for the bill. They all knew there weren’t any other options. Of course everyone running for president adamantly opposed it as a showing of solidarity with The People – including Ryan’s feelings on the “Omnibus” machine – but I’m pretty sure that even they knew there wasn’t much we could do. We won some, we lost some, and the United States didn’t hit the big red self-destruct button.

5. Have I been manipulated?

Ummmm… Yes.

“@michellemalkin: Ryan-Pelosi spending bill doesn’t defund @PPact , refugee resettlement, or sanctuary cities. Grassroots ready to defund GOP leadership.”

So here’s a fun story: Defunding Planned Parenthood added to bill, bill vetoed, government shuts down. The end. That’s how that would have gone. Suck it up, guys, Planned Parenthood will remain funded until a Republican president is sitting in the Oval Office. Ryan’s take:

“First of all, we did put the riders on Planned Parenthood to prevent them from having any money going toward abortion – like we have in the past – and we maintained all of our Hyde Amendment protections for pro-life. So we maintained our pro-life riders, but what we realized was the Planned Parenthood defunding bill was going to get filibustered in the Senate, so we weren’t even going to get past the U.S. Senate with a Planned Parenthood bill in the omnibus, so we used the one tool we could use to prevent a filibuster and advance this bill, which is called reconciliation. So we have Planned Parenthood defunded in the reconciliation bill. You can use this bill once a year and we used it for this.”

Basically, what Michelle is saying is that we should have chosen to shut-down the government. That’s just an example, pick your favorite toxic radio/TV host and you’ll find the same type of manipulation. They’re playing you like a fiddle. These people are to the conservative movement what the Bubonic Plague was to Europe, and they even have the unpleasant disposition of a festering sore to go along with their narrative driven rhetoric.

6. Do I understand this issue enough to put a curse on someone’s soul?

In the first place, if you actually went on Paul Ryan’s Facebook Christmas post and told him that he “doesn’t love babies,” you might have serious issues.

In the second place, if rage, fear, and this driving urge to stand on the corner of your street with a cardboard sign that says “Paul Ryan ended the republic,” is what controls you, it might be time to walk away from politics for a little forever. Come on, people! Research, research, research! Read things from multiple different perspectives, read the bills, research the reasoning.

Listen, I hate defending politicians, yet that’s what I’ve spent my last three months doing. Just as I’m not going to stand by and watch the demon possessed second coming of Liberace talk about immigrants like they’re cattle, I’m also not going to hold my tongue when decent men are finally taking charge only to be met with threats of tar and feathers when they try to do their job.

Now, this is officially the longest post I’ve ever written. With that in mind, I’m going to end my ramblings. If you have any specific questions about the bill, leave them in the comments, I would love to research and reply with my thoughts on the matter.

As a bonus, I’ll leave you with Paul Ryan’s thoughts on the new year:

“You’re going to see us put a bill on the president’s desk going after ObamaCare and Planned Parenthood, so we’ll finally get a bill on his desk to veto. … And you’ll see a return to regular order, where men and women in Congress can bring their bills to the floor, make their amendments in order, and we will run Congress the way the Founders intended it to be run. But the most important thing you’ll see is, we think the country’s headed in the wrong direction. We think Obama has transformed us in a bad way. We owe people an alternative, and that’s exactly what we’re going to lay out.”


35 thoughts on “Paul Ryan: Myopically Maligned. Here’s Why You’re Wrong About the Omnibus!

  1. Reblogged this on Oklahoma Republican and commented:
    A brilliant piece by my new favorite conservative writer. If you think the Omnibus was a mistake, read it. Read it.

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  2. I found your posts yesterday and have read several of the stories, all of which I have enjoyed. I would love to hear more about how this got started since I am trying to decide my direction in college. Is there any way to contact the writer outside of public posts?


  3. Republican are to weak, Ryan no different. No border control then no secret service protection. No balance budget then then no congressional pay. No defund of ObamaCare then all of Congress fall under its umbrella. There is plenty that could be done. Everyone wants to be a Lion until it’s time to do lion shit. Eat or be eaten. Read your article and still hate Paul Ryan. Just watch 9 months from know no substantial accomplishments.


    • Hi, David. Can you give a step by step plan on how you think it should have been handled, as well as the result you would have expected from such plans?


    • Love me some Wodehouse! My favorite authors would be Ray Bradbury, Arthur Conan Doyle, Fitzgerald, and C.S. Lewis. The order in which they rank depends upon the day, how I’m feeling, and how much coffee I’ve had 🙂


  4. What a crock of horse pucky!
    That is not to say your points are totally invalid but…

    We had the Pall Ryan spending caps in place thanks to the sequestration which you look at as a negative.

    Then they added the freedom killing CISA to the bill.

    No I will not apologize for condemning this contuation of tax and spend chicken hawk military industral complex loving spending bill.


    • Alright, but can you offer a detailed explanation of exactly what you would have done instead, and also what you believe the result would be?


  5. I just gave 3 quick ideas. The problem with Boehner, Ryan is they don’t have one legislative victory over Obama. They are literally paralyzed by the skin color of the man. They need attack the Democratic Caucasian and forget about Obama. There would be over wehlming support for Congress to fall under ObamaCare. The question is why doesn’t Ryan push for it. Is it possible Ryan and Republicans don’t want to get rid of it. Reason to hate Ryan. Over whelming public support for no congressional pay until we balance the budget. Once again Ryan can’t pull it off. Another reason to hate Ryan. Once again if the public has to live with open borders why can’t congress and the President. No secret service protection or capital police. That would take a man with real cojones to pull that one off. Another reason to hate Ryan. Most of us don’t hate Ryan for what he passed. It’s for what he can’t, won’t or refuse to pass. How about impeaching cabinet officials for their over reach as a way of indirectly going after presidential over reach. Once again there is plenty that could be done. It’s just he won’t and doesn’t have that fight in him. Ryan and all weak Republican establishment members have to go and the whole concept of party before country must be destroyed . All the same could be said about term limits. Huge public support for that. Another reason to hate Ryan.


  6. Hi. I’m a contributor and former editor of Babalu Blog and a sometimes contributor to PJ Media and just wanted to let you know I’ve become a big fan of your blog. Love the way you go after the rage media. Frankly, I’m very tired of the populist/nativist/protectionist/white nationalist wing and their media cheerleaders.

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  7. It is disingenuous at best to suggest that Paul Ryan who the establishment touted 4 years ago as the great budget wonk and Chairman of the House Ways and Means committee just stumbled into this bill at the 11th hour as if he had no previous involvement prior to Boehner’s departure. It is equally disingenuous to continue pushing the liberal narrative of a false dichotomy that insists all power of the purse lies with the executive branch and that the GOP must surrender to Obama’s entire agenda or face calamity. Bottom line is this. GOP leadership PROMISED if we helped them win the House and Senate from Pelosi and Reid they would fight Obamacare, Obama’s Executive Amnesty etc etc. They have not. I actually had one appologist for the establishment insist we scored a win by making it illegal for the Administration to use the IRS to attack its political rivals. Seriously people? As if It wasn’t already illegal. Nothing gained here. Nothing that we were promised anyway.


    • Hi, David! Okay, so can you do me a favor and explain, in detail, what steps should have been taken?

      Even if Paul Ryan had a hand in the construction, the structure of the omnibus was in place. If we got all that we wanted, and Obama refused to sign, what happens next? How long to we let that game go on?

      It would behoove you to remember that while the GOP leadership may have oversold their strength, we did not give them a veto proof majority. They can’t wave a magic want and make the other side comply.


  8. Thank you for the post. I am (was?) one of those raging conservatives. I learned quite a bit from your post.

    BUT… Bigger picture here… Time and again, we relent (I’m still not sure a government shutdown wasn’t the way to go with emergency funding for military and other essentials – assuming that can be done) only to never get it right. Way too many times we’ve heard this rhetoric from Republican leaders (i.e, Ryan’s quote “You’re going to see us put a bill on the president’s desk going after ObamaCare and Planned Parenthood…”) only to have them pull the football from us at the last moment, Lucy style. Prime example: What happened when Bush was POTUS and the GOP had both the Senate and House? Practically nothing. If anything (admittedly, not fact checking this), I believe government grew.

    THAT is why we are more and more angry, disappointed, and frustrated with the GOP. That is why Trump is number one. (Mind you, while like his aggressiveness [finally! someone with balls – GOP take note], minus the insults, I’m sill wary of him. Too much of a finger-in-the-wind record with him.) As of now, I’m rooting for Ted Cruz.

    So, while your reasoned post is good, I think you’re missing the larger picture of frustration.


    • First, let me just say “Thank you!” for stopping by. I love to dialogue about the issues, and you bring up some great points.

      Shutting down the government is never a good idea, especially in an election year. While you can pass emergency funding bills for the military, it’s not a guarantee. Eventually someone has to say “uncle,” and it was highly improbable that it would be the Democrats. Over 50% of the spending bill went to military funding and equipment, resources that we need in this time of upheaval in the Middle East. And to what end, and how long will they fund without needing to settle the bill? On top of that, during the last shutdown, they temporarily funded the military, but non-emergency employees were indeed furloughed. 850,000 of them. Those people did suffer, had to get loans, etc., now imagine that during a long term shutdown. And if the GOP caved AFTER a shutdown, it would be a HUGE showing of weakness, leading our GOP aspects in 2016 looking even more grim than they currently do.

      I’ve said from day 1 that Planned Parenthood will not be defunded until a Republican President is in place. That said, Democrats need to own their dedication to them. The Omnibus would have hit a filibuster in the Senate if defunding Planned Parenthood were attached. They would not have had 60 votes for cloture, and it would have been a guaranteed shutdown without it even getting to Obama’s desk. Additionally, individual Democrats would not have had to stamp their name on the legislation. HOWEVER, next month we are sending a reconciliation bill up to defund PP, and repeal Obamacare. Two items, no fat. The beauty of a reconciliation bill is that it can’t be filibustered. This will force Democrats in the Senate to put their stamp of approval on continued funding for PP and Obamacare, and it will also force the President to do the same. That’s a strategic move (If I would have kept my blog shorter I would have discussed this).

      Bush only had both the House and Senate during 2003-2007, and that was with BARELY a majority in the Senate. Unless we have a veto proof majority, we have to settle with bipartisan work. We never get everything that we want, and that was by design. Plus, most of our candidates are far more conservative than Bush, to be quite honest.

      Frustration is warranted, but misguided. We spent all of 2015 with a Freedom Caucus that essentially made us a three party system, making the Democrats the “real” majority for quite a while, stalling everything. Trump’s anger is ironic because according to Trump, Republicans are bad because they aren’t good enough at fighting against that which Donald Trump helped to fund. Ted Cruz once had my support, but he lost it when he started pandering to Trump.


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  11. Thank you! I went to bed fuming and wondering when I became a RINO. I am a Bible reading and believing, pro-life, fiscal conservative who supports a strong military, the right of citizens to own firearms, and I recognize the importance of a thoughtful immigration policy. I also have a pragmatic streak, sometimes the best bill or law that can be passed is less than i would like, that doesn’t make it bad. And, the current group of “real” conservatives would dump me in the swamp as a weak kneed sell-out.

    Then i found your blog and your voice, and I am not alone!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve been there, too! Sometimes it feels like you’re screaming at a wall, only to be labeled their flavor of the day term.

      You are not alone! Thank you for reading 🙂 I look forward to your posts, as well!

      Liked by 1 person

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