What “Make America Great Again” Really Means

I’ve been venting about Tomi Lahren for a few weeks, off and on, but this will be my final comments regarding her – at least I sincerely hope they are. I came to this decision because, much like the fellows over at The Buckley Club, I believe that in order for Conservatives to rebuild and move on, we must cut ourselves off from the toxic parasites currently reproducing in the diseased bowels of our movement. Such an infestation requires attention to continue its growth, and when I complain and whine I’m just giving them more of said needed attention.

I am finally ready to stop… after this post, of course. It might be a challenge, but I believe I can let go of the reactionary reins. I’m confident. Not Kanye West confident, but more like “I feel like I can walk past that plate of brownies” confident.

The X-Files the x files maybe mulder x-filesTomi is a fresh face on the conservative scene for most of us. She was a supporter of Rubio during the primaries, and it took her all of about 20 seconds to support Trump when he got the nomination, because “LOCK HER UP!!!!!” Then she had a viral rant session when Colin Kaepernick (I wonder if he knows that auto-correct wants to change his name to pumpernickel?) refused to stand for the national anthem. Matt Purple took her tirade to task in epic fashion here.

Lahren is emblematic of too many conservatives, who sit around and wait for a pretext to be outraged so they can spit dilophosaur venom at the camera. That probably sounds familiar: it’s exactly what the far-left social justice warriors do, lurking on Twitter, waiting for someone to say something remotely offensive so they can throw a tantrum. About them, Liberty Laura writes, “The new breed of progressive fascists that Trump is in-part responsible for cultivating is just as emotional as the militant left.” It’s ironic, isn’t it? Conservatives have long prided themselves on prioritizing fact over emotion, yet today their most popular personalities are rage merchants like Lahren and their most shared experience is angry catharsis against left-wing perfidy. They’ve somehow let their most discredited opponents define them, imitating the tactics of SJWs and channeling their whininess.

Now on to one of her more recent videos: On Wednesday evening, Tomi dedicated her “Final Thoughts” segment to us troglodytes who refuse to vote for Trump and clearly don’t understand what “Make America Great Again” means (because it’s obviously a difficult tagline to comprehend), excerpt below:

“Some are very confused with the declaration “Make America Great Again,” so let me explain. No it doesn’t mean those of us who say it, wear it, or tweet it don’t believe America is great. No, quite the opposite. We love this country and want to see it flourish, we do believe it is in danger though.”

Image result for pity gif

Well, I’ll begin this by noting that it’s not so much a “confusion” we suffer from, but instead an understanding of words. Let me break it down:

Make (verb)to produce; cause to exist or happen; bring about: to make trouble; to make war.

To “make something great,” as opposed to “continue something great,” or “make something greater,” would be to change it from its current lack of greatness.

Again (adverb)once more; another time; anew; in addition: Will you spell your name again, please?

If America is already great, wouldn’t we just need to “Keep America Great” instead of making it great again? It doesn’t say “Make America Greater Again,” or “Make America Great Still.” I’m not trying to nitpick here, I’m just reacting to her very angry, monotone diatribe which seemed to suggest that “Make America Great Again” is a declaration that America is already great, which is in stark contrast to the actual verbiage used, as well as Trump’s own campaign declarations. I’m also not insinuating that it is unpatriotic to feel as though America is not at her greatest, but let’s not pretend as though people are confused over what “Make America Great Again” actually stands for. I’m confused much in the same way I might be confused when a feminist says “I support independent women” before sending me a three page article on how we should depend on the government for our contraception; the words aren’t the cause of my befuddlement, just the train wreck of a thought process behind them – and that’s not really my fault.

So, while her short speech was about as useless as me passionately reading an Apple Crumble recipe for millions of eager sponges, let’s look at her list of points behind the term “Make America Great Again,” and what she says it really means.

Ready to get educated, fellow morons?

megan mullally will and grace vodka karen walker will grace

So here’s Tomi’s list of what it means to “Make America Great Again” according to The Blaze:

  • Ending crippling regulations “like Obamacare”
  • Becoming energy independent
  • Creating jobs for oil, steel and factory workers
  • Securing a border where immigrants crossing illegally are held accountable
  • Working hard not to be well off but to be better off, not asking for entitlements
  • Building a stronger military fighting force “like the warriors they are, not the sitting ducks Obama has forced them to become”
  • Gaining a tougher American reputation, not coddling radical Islamic terrorists here and abroad
  • Denying deals with hostile states like Iran
  • Stop making deals like swapping “five terrorists for one traitor”
  • Before accepting more refugees, care for the 50,000 veterans on our streets
  • Encouraging respect for law enforcement officers for the work they do
  • Believing that “all lives matter”
  • Standing for the national anthem

However, much like a Craigslist ad, those are merely taglines and artificial selling points, but when the day finally arrives to reap the benefits of your purchase you could end up with something unrecognizable… or murdered, I suppose.

Her – ever so patriotically positive – reasons to support Trump have absolutely nothing to do with what he actually plans to do.

“Need a barber? Sweeney Todd is a barber!”

Image result for that's not fun gif

Tomi’s “Make America Great Again” delusion: Create jobs and reduce regulations and taxes.

Trump’s “Make America Great Again” reality: Trump’s plans on trade (“fair trade” vs. “free trade”) would make Americans face higher prices on various imported goods, including vehicles and everyday necessities. Using tariffs and discriminatory taxation to his advantage because Capitalism is soooo yesterday’s GOP – I’m sure Lenin is getting quite the kick out of us. His tax plan would never make it past the welcome mat because you can’t dramatically cut taxes across the board and increase spending… because math. Tax plans are like a bakery without an oven, if you don’t have an oven it really doesn’t matter what you mix up because you’ll never be able to sell your product. If you don’t cut spending, nothing matters.

In short, Trump’s economic plan: Let people keep more of their tax money so that they can pay higher prices for everyday necessities and products. Then spend money we don’t have to boost the military, create yet another government run healthcare system (plus the cost of undoing Obamacare), deportation costs (read here), a giant wall, plus all of the eminent domain cases that come along with the wall, rebuild aging infrastructures, triple immigration enforcement, etc., etc., etc…

Unfortunately, Tomi, 10 – 2 does not equal banana, and saying that something will happen doesn’t make it so.

Tomi’s “Make America Great Again” delusion: Building a stronger military and allowing soldiers to be “like the warriors they are, not the sitting ducks Obama has forced them to become.”

Trump’s “Make America Great Again” reality: Donald Trump’s plan to force the military into committing war crimes is not letting them become “the warriors they are,” it would be forcing them to become the monsters American heroes are not. His foreign policy would be harsh and flippant, and his economic policy would put already shaky relations with other countries in jeopardy. Not to mention, his irresponsible rhetoric would put our relationship with world leaders in danger and cause other countries to question America’s fundamental values. As yet another preview unfolded just last night: “When they circle our beautiful destroyers with their little boats, and they make gestures at our people that they shouldn’t be allowed to make, they will be shot out of the water.”

Unlike Tomi, I don’t use my family as a conversation qualifier, but since she does I’ll note that I’m the daughter of a 30 year Army veteran, the step-daughter of a Navy Sailor, the granddaughter of a Navy Sailor, a cousin and niece to various Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers (a few of them deployed), and I’m utterly disgusted that a woman who postulates her empty diatribes on her love for our troops – which she pretends is somehow superior to anyone who disagrees with her – is not only supporting a man who would put them in considerable danger out of desperation, but is celebrating him. She’s not just voting for him because there’s no one else, she’s actually embracing his entire narrative.

Side note: Screaming “BENGHAZI” does not make it acceptable to be a cheerleader for someone who has the potential to make Benghazi look like child’s play.

I won’t even touch on his blatant disrespect for our military, and the sacrifices that families have made. He has used, abused, and patronized our veterans, and for Tomi and Donald to use them for their narrative is not any different than Democrats using the victims of gun violence for their’s. Both cases are despicable.

Tomi wants a “tougher” reputation, and that’s something we need again. However, hiring Putin’s errand boy is not the way to achieve that goal.

Tomi’s “Make America Great Again” delusion: That he’ll keep any of his flimsy positions on various issues, including the Supreme Court.

Trump’s “Make America Great Again” reality: His position on everything:

Tomi’s “Make America Great Again” delusion: Being able to proudly say that “all lives matter.”

Trump’s “Make America Great Again” reality: The rise and empowerment of White Nationalists, sexists, the KKK, and Fascism. A campaign run on ethnic stereotypes, the exploitation of fear, fantasies of restricted religious freedom, and the belittlement and character assassination of foreigners that would only lead to a similar presidency. Those are the earmarks of fascist leadership. His entire candidacy has been full of one flip-flop after the next, yet his supporters remain true. Why? It’s very simple, he’s attacking various subsets of society, and preaching a separatist narrative. He’s offering revenge, which is really all some people cared about in the first place. As I’ve said before, we’ve learned that many self-proclaimed Republicans in this country care very little about the size of government, they instead care that the big government they secretly crave is in their power. Tomi is no exception.

Tomi’s “Make America Great Again” delusion: The end of Obamacare.

Trump’s “Make America Great Again” reality: Has promised to replace it with another form of government run healthcare.

Tomi’s “Make America Great Again” delusion: Before accepting more refugees, care for the 50,000 veterans on our streets.

Trump’s “Make America Great Again” reality: More government, which will bring zero solutions.

What Tomi fails to note is that if we stop taking in all refugees our veteran programs would still suck because they are a victim of big government. The amount of fraud and poor management that takes place in our current system is outrageous. The injustice is not only found in the mishandling of funds, but in the way that we fail to reintroduce veterans into society. Instead we throw them pills and a monthly check and call it a day, and in doing so we as a society basically say “you’re no longer a positive contributor.” This mindset is toxic. Government has grown in size and demand by creating an incentive for being psychologically incapacitated, so we convince as many soldiers as possible that they are – many of which never saw a day in combat – and replace actual treatment with a paycheck. Their self-worth is destroyed in the long term, which leads down so many horribly devastating roads. In allowing this ideal to flourish under the guise of “due payment” we have done a great disservice to our heroes. There’s no doubt that we must do better by them, but it’s not as simple as throwing every dollar bill we can find at a failing system that runs like a bureaucratic labyrinth. And it’s not as simple as blaming the plight of homeless veterans on refugees. Additionally, one could argue that Trump’s economic plans, as noted above, could hurt the supply and demand system that creates jobs these homeless veterans need. Veterans are being hurt by big government, not refugees.

The other issue Tomi is refusing to face is that she’s creating a false dilemma; She wants you to feel bad, so she’s constructed the issue to read as though supporting refugees happens at the cost of supporting veterans and vice versa. This isn’t the case. You could do this with any level of funding. What about video game research? Or research centered around the study of obese lesbians? (The list of obnoxious government funded projects would make you ill.) I mean, pick your poison. Yet refugees are what she’s settled on? Refugees who, once here, create demand and jobs?

And there’s yet another angle to this issue: Our morality.

I believe S.E. Cupp lined out one of the best arguments in support of Syrian Refugees here.

The moral grounds for accepting refugees hinge on two principles: One, American exceptionalism demands that we lead where others have neither the will nor the courage.

And two, we are morally obligated to defend Western values of democracy, freedom and equality against Islamist ideologies that would threaten them.ISIS’s attacks in Paris were attacks on our values. Closing our borders is surrendering those values to the enemy.

My biggest argument with someone like Tomi is that I understand what “Make America Great Again” means to her, even if she doesn’t. You see, I hear people like her compare our country to other countries. “Refugees in —– did this!” Yet they disregard our exceptional refugee program, which is above and beyond the most advanced screening process in the world. Similar to the ever popular “You wouldn’t get due process if you illegally entered Mexico!” comments commonly said by Trump supporters who fail to understand that their argument only serves to prove how great America is; we are better than Mexico because of our rights and values. Worse yet, their attempt to justify such behavior in America is only an attempt to attack what makes our country great. She, and those like her, are too busy being angry and thinking of ways to “Make America Great Again” that they can’t even recognize where we are great, nor the values instilled by our founders that, when we strive to maintain, make us great. The real ideas behind “Make America Great Again” are not conservative, and they don’t make America great, they drag us down into the gutter in many ways. They are what happens when Nationalism infiltrates an angry and ignorant subset of a movement.

This is how fascism comes to America, not with jackboots and salutes (although there have been salutes, and a whiff of violence) but with a television huckster, a phony billionaire, a textbook egomaniac “tapping into” popular resentments and insecurities, and with an entire national political party — out of ambition or blind party loyalty, or simply out of fear — falling into line behind him.

There are two options here: Tomi, and those like her, refuse to understand his fascist ideals, or they are alright with his fascist ideals.

Bonus round:

Tomi’s “Make America Great Again” reality: Standing for the national anthem.

Apparently Trump will “Make America Great Again” by removing rights and forcing football players to stand for the national anthem? Okay.

I reached out to the Founding Fathers for a comment, and they sent me this in return:

Image result for thumbs down gif

8 thoughts on “What “Make America Great Again” Really Means

    • Ron Wise (@junren65) says:

      No, I love her, Marla. Sure glad I didn’t follow this Tomi twit. BTW, I am a veteran with PTSD from many different events. I have never been treated by the VA in the manner you described. They have been very good to me and probably saved my life. Given that this is an anecdote, I caution you to not use anecdotes to build a case against the VA.🙂 Very good article.

      Liked by 1 person

      • collisionofchurchandstate says:

        Thank you!! And yes, I think the VA can do very good things, I just have a lot of personal experience with them not doing good things. However, I know that’s not the same for everyone. And I’m so incredibly happy that it wasn’t the case with you. Thank you for your service, Ron!


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