Tweetstorm Q&A

Around this time last week this small town introvert had her laptop propped up on Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle and C.S. Lewis for Skype interviews and phone calls with various media outlets. My place of comfort is found behind a keyboard, and I appreciate all of the patience and kind words from those who have been in contact with me. This shy bookworm had done radio spots before, but this was an entirely new world.

I’ve been humbled by the level of support I’ve received, and I’ve attempted to reach out to those who took the time to send incredibly kind messages. If I didn’t reply to you, I apologize. Just know that I appreciate the time you took, and I’m in the process of going through all of my accounts. Now that it’s settling down, I wanted to sit down and reply to some of the questions and comments I received, so this post shall serve as both a “Thank you!” and a Q&A of sorts.

“What was the reaction like?” 

Short answer: Awesome.

Long answer: I have been shown so much support from both sides of the aisle, and can’t possibly say how much I appreciate that. I have countless messages from Conservatives AND Progressives that have truly been eyeopening for me.

Just one of many examples:

You don’t know me- and I am not on twitter, but your words reminded me what bipartisanship really is. Like you, I have been a lifelong supporter of my party (though the Democratic Party). I live in Alabama- so as you can guess, my choice is about as popular as yours. While you have been berated and attacked for supporting “woman haters” etc, I have been called a “baby-killing socialist”. Your words made me remember how people on both sides can possess the same intelligence and conviction. You are every Republican with whom I have had a heated discussion but always ended the conversation with a laugh and respect. After being attacked because I said publicly that Trump’s words were unacceptable, I began to lose hope that my conservative friends were brainwashed, I saw the article about your twitter feed. Thank you. Thank you for seeing the side of the coin that so many simply won’t see. Thank you for being strong and standing up against sexual assault and rape culture. Thank you for reminding me that the right Party isn’t always right. Thank you for reminding me to examine my own vote- always. Thank you for proving why I am still friends with my strong, convicted sisters of all parties.

Many of those who recently followed me through all of this are going to disagree with a lot of my politics, and I understand that… Heck, I embrace it! I’m willing to listen to them, and I hope they’re willing to listen to me. I’m going to fight for conservative principles, and this year that means we have a common enemy, but I hope that in the future we can open ourselves up to stronger and more meaningful dialogue outside of the angry and bitter factions on each side.

My regular and humble readership is well aware that I don’t hold back when it comes to either side of the aisle. There are times when we’ll agree, and times when I’m going to disappoint you, but I hope to keep the conversation open. I won’t bend my opinions or convictions to make someone else happy, and if I ever find myself doing that I’ll walk away altogether.

“Before you give her kudos, check out her posts on guns and abortion.”

I’m a Conservative, there’s no denying it.

I’ve often described myself as a “Classic Feminist.” I’m pro-life, but I don’t go out and protest because I think we are better served putting more time into caring for women and showing them how strong they are. I align with women like Alice Paul, author of the original Equal Rights Amendment in 1923, who felt that abortion was the “ultimate exploitation of women.” My Feminist heroes are women like Elizabeth Blackwell, Mattie H. Brinkerhoff, Mary Wollstonecraft, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton. I believe in empowering women, and it fuels my passion for women to be respected – a passion that drove me to my “tweetstorm.”

I also believe in the right to self-defense, and have spoken about it quite often, especially how it pertains to women. While my family and friends would laugh at the idea of me ever hunting – or putting camouflage apparel on my body, for that matter – I’m passionate about self-defense. As an independent woman I refuse to be afraid, and I refuse to allow the possible intentions of others to limit me.

“Women should know the facts, we shouldn’t just smile and nod when someone puts a handy phone up on campus while they pretend like it’s going to do us any good, like women can just say, “Hold that thought, Ted Bundy, I need to go over there and use the phone that those swell administrators put up for moments like this.” Because we all know that those morally sound psychopaths normally give women a phone-a-friend before making them a statistic. We shouldn’t agree with a man that hands us a ballpoint pen to use as protection against an attacker, and we should ask if that man would give his own daughter a ballpoint pen as a means of protection. We as women should not sit idly by while bureaucrats legislate our safety and have the audacity to tell us to pee ourselves to deter potential rapists.”

So yes, if you dig through my past you’ll find plenty of blogs and articles pertaining to both subjects.

“How dare you call yourself pro-life and allow Hillary to win!” 

I’m pro-life for the unborn, but I’m also pro-life for the millions who could potentially be killed by the flippant foreign policy of an emotionally unstable egomaniac with nuclear codes. I’m pro-life for the children of illegal immigrants. I’m pro-life for Syrian refugees. I’m pro-life for the victims who have been brutally slaughtered by the dangerous men Trump praises. I’m pro-life for the innocent individuals Trump targeted in his almost joyful approval of war crimes. I’m pro-life for Patrick Zamarripa, Aiyana Stanley-Jones, Michael Smith, and Eric Garner. And I will stand with my pro-life bonafides unscathed against a man whose big government ideals, divisive rhetoric, and racist narrative would most certainly add far too many names to an already heartbreaking list. Additionally, I was pro-life when Donald Trump still thought it was okay to “rip the baby out of the womb,” and I was pro-life when Trump was donating to Hillary Clinton and found her pro-choice ideals acceptable.

What a flaming hypocrite I’d be if I claimed the title of “pro-life” but only stood up for some lives.

People who assume they have the moral justification to hold my pro-life principles hostage and demand that I choose which I will falter on will find themselves sorely disappointed.

“Where were you when Trump was attacking minorities, the disabled, and veterans?”

I think the most negative feedback I’ve had has come from people who assume I only spoke out when Trump attacked women, and that’s just not the case.

In July of 2015, I wrote this article.

So let me get this right – I’m not a “real Republican” because I won’t support a guy who has historically held leftist positions and financially supported Democrats? I’m not a “real Republican” because I won’t support dangerous rhetoric that not only alienates and demonizes minorities, but pushes them away? I’m not a “real Republican” because I won’t bow down and worship a man who advocates for larger government? I’m not a “real Republican” because I don’t take a capricious man’s word as the Gospel, but instead look at his history and who he really is, not just what he spouts off when the wind blows in the right direction? Really?

In May of this year I wrote this article.

Those in the #NeverTrump movement must be unwavering, they must stand by their principles regardless of what everyone else is doing, otherwise they will fail. The party may very well die with Trump and his revolting narrative, but the death of the conservative movement will be on the shoulders of those who could have made a stand for the principles they espouse, but chose instead to begrudgingly cast their vote and become a sycophant for a dangerous individual.

In June of this year I then wrote this article:

As you shed off your principles, even if you think it only temporary, you shed off your reason to fight. Unlike books, principles can only go up in flames if you abandon them. To walk out of your home, away from your principles – and watch as they are soaked in fuel before going up in flames – only to boast that you survived, is not winning.

And that same month I made a final plea to my elected representatives. In this article I even went so far as to – jokingly – write a mock apology template for them, shown below:

“Today I set aside all preconceived notions of party unity being the most important objective of 2016; if unity means coming together with totalitarian behavior, then unity is not an admirable goal. I instead come to you with sincerity, humility, and an apology. There is a time for unification, and a time for dissension; it has long been time for the latter. I gave my endorsement to an unworthy man, to someone who represents the opposite of all that I vowed to protect. I put this election before the principles I hold dear, and I gave my support to someone who has the power to cause irreparable harm to the title of ‘Conservative.’

I won’t belittle your intelligence with empty platitudes on how I faced a more difficult choice, or how my position as ——- has somehow given me a level of responsibility to my party that you can’t understand. This is not the truth, the truth is that I was wrong. The truth is that as an elected leader, I was chosen to represent the people, espouse the principles of conservatism, and take the action necessary to protect a movement that I hope my children are proud to be a part of someday. A movement that sees individuals, not their race. A movement that respects the Constitution, and doesn’t constantly seek out ways to abuse it. A movement with a proud heritage of fighting for equality of opportunity, God given rights, and the innocent. We cannot win if we abandon that which we were fighting for just for the sake of crossing the finish line.

The simple truth, stripped of all failed attempts at rationalization, is that regardless of position, responsibility, and impending loss, siding with what is right is always the right choice. There is never a good enough reason to side with an abuser. We teach our children the difference between right and wrong, to defend the innocent, and to never celebrate the violator. We don’t tell them that they must pick one of two miscreants, we tell them to stand in solidarity with the innocent. We pray that they are never in that position, but we also pray that they have the fortitude to stand strong against the enemy if they are, to not be manipulated into striking the sufferer. 

Donald Trump would indeed save us from four years of Hillary. Some would call this winning; I mistakenly called this winning. But winning is standing with those he has mercilessly attacked. Winning is standing with the innocent disabled child who watched as a presidential candidate mocked someone just like her. Winning is standing with soldiers who could be put in physical and emotional peril by a man who openly supported committing war crimes, and used Veterans for a campaign stunt. Winning is standing against someone who wishes to directly attack the Constitution, even if it means we stand to lose. Winning is putting my principles before my party. If that means that my peers will attempt to push me out of my position, then so be it.

I am a politician, a title that has become synonymous with personal gratification, selfish desires, and an overwhelming allegiance to one of two parties. I am a Republican, a title that has tragically become synonymous with the racist, nationalist, and sexist theatrics of a Trojan Horse. I am your fellow countryman, a title that I believe supersedes all other titles. Today I am not red or blue, today I’m broken for the false choice you have been given. 

This is only a sample of the articles and posts I’ve written for my blog – as well as other outlets – calling out Trump for his mistreatment of all people, and calling on Republicans – both men and women – to stand against him.

“Why were you doing interviews with the Liberal media?”

Why not? The most important thing that can come out of all of this is for people to see that whatever Trump may be, he is definitely not a conservative. That’s the most important message I can share, regardless of the media outlet. Additionally, we’ve become dangerously polarized and shut off from opposing opinions. That’s why I adore the fact that I have readers on both sides of the aisle; sometimes they love me, sometimes they hate me, but we talk in-depth about issues and that’s what I care about.

“Who are you supporting for President? Why aren’t you voting for Hillary?”

I’ve been asked why I won’t vote for Hillary more times than I can count, and the simple answer is that I don’t agree with her on various issues, nor appreciate her behavior. We could crawl into the gutter and hash it all out, but the fact remains that I can’t morally justify voting for Hillary Clinton.

I am supporting Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn this election. He aligns with my stance on small government conservatism, believes we need to take a deeper look at the racial division in our country, supports immigrants, and supports refugees – three issues that rank very high on my list of concerns. Foreign policy is incredibly important to me, as well, and I believe he holds a firm grasp on the issues facing our world. After this election, Conservatives will need to come together and form a new foundation, and I believe Evan and Mindy are an incredible way to begin the rebuilding process.

“Why don’t you talk about Hillary more?! Why so much focus on Trump?!” 

Clearly I’m not a fan of Hillary, otherwise I’d be voting for her. Here’s the kicker though: Hillary Clinton does not represent my party, nor my views. If I’m going to attach my name to something, I’m going to hold it to the standards I’ve set. That’s why when Donald Trump became the representative of my party, I walked away. Conservatives deserve a movement that aligns with our values, we shouldn’t be forced into either camp. Both sides should be able to stand for what we believe in apart from party politics, and if we all made the choice to do that we’d send a reminder that both parties apparently need: Our vote isn’t a gift, it must be earned.

“Conservatives have always held his beliefs, Donald Trump didn’t invade, he was welcomed. They’ve always treated women like dogs.” 

I choose to believe that such comments are borne merely from a misunderstanding and not willful ignorance. Trump does not take a conservative stance on religious liberty, freedom of speech, property rights, free trade, spending, etc., and where he seemingly hints at holding a conservative stance – abortion and gun rights – he’s fumbled over, and over, and over again. By any stretch of reasonable ideals, Trump remains antithetical to Conservatism as a whole.

As for political parties and women, both have made mistakes in protecting their miscreants. Whether it’s the right refusing to call out men like Trump, or the left refusing to call out men like Weiner, Spitzer, and Filner, both sides have failed to stand by women as they should – end of story. I’m not demanding special treatment from either side, I’m demanding that if anyone wants my vote they’re going to respect women and uphold basic human decency.

I could say that I was a Republican because I aligned with the party that supported the suffragette, emboldened the original Feminist movement, and gave women independence outside of the government, and that would be true. However, I was also a Republican because I believe in the free market system and competitive capitalism, upholding individual rights, and adherence to the Constitution. I believe that if an entrepreneurial woman wants to start a hair braiding business, a bureaucratic labyrinth should not be standing in her way. I don’t believe that women need to be coddled, I believe in our strength and dignity. I believe in fighting objectification, and I refuse to be pandered to. I believe in equal opportunities, not preferential treatment. The list goes on, and on, and on. That is why I was a Republican, and it’s why I’m still a Conservative. There was never a point where my Conservative beliefs stood at odds with the care and appreciate my sex is deserving of, just my party as of recent, and that’s why I walked away.

And, last but not least, my favorite question: “Do you actually have an unhealthy obsession with Phil Collins?” 

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13 thoughts on “Tweetstorm Q&A

  1. Thanks for writing this Q&A. I particularly like this one: “Before you give her kudos, check out her posts on guns and abortion.” I guess qualify as a liberal, even though I hate the notion of the one-dimensional political spectrum, and it just kills me every time one of my peers says something like this. It happened en masse most recently when some Democrats started donating to the NC GOP after the firebombing. Yeah, I get that they have views I probably oppose vehemently – that’s the whole reason the gesture has meaning in the first place.

    Ok, so person A and B disagree on abortion. Why should that be the starting point for a refusal to engage with each other? Why not find the things they DO agree on first? They might actually find that they both support a less interventionist foreign policy, or that they support changing bankruptcy rules to accommodate student debt. And together they might actually GET THINGS DONE that make a real, positive difference to people. But if they just write each other off from the start, you get… well, I guess you get our current political climate!

    So thanks again for speaking up, and hopefully inspiring others on both the left and the right to do the same. Just because the media treat politics like a bloodsport doesn’t mean we have to accept that attitude and extend it to our daily lives.

    Liked by 2 people

    • SO true, Peter! We’ve become a society of political one-liners. One of my good friends was a Bernie supporter, and we talked about issues in-depth and found SO many areas where we agree, and others where we were willing to compromise. I think it’s so important to do that. The vast majority of us don’t have poor intentions, nor want to hurt anyone else, and pretending as though we do has made conversations toxic.

      Thank you so much for your comment!


  2. So grateful to discover your blog. I’ve been a registered Republican all of my voting life. Over the last several years, however, I’ve felt more and more alienated by a party that seemed to me increasingly racist, sexist, anti-religion (unless you belong to the right religion), and anti-science. All of this took place during a time in which our society began to view the American Male as either an idiot who can’t disentangle himself from the living room blinds or worse, a closet sexual predator just waiting for his opportunity to molest a 13-year old junior high student.

    Although I had already made the choice to leave the party, after the video of Trump’s comments was made public I was still frustrated and angry as I listened to comments from Republican leaders and others in which they said that “all men talk this way” or “it’s just locker room talk.” I’m disgusted to be lumped together with these “men.” Although many Republican leaders here in Utah immediately withdrew their support, some have not; notably Rep. Rob Bishop and Senator Orrin Hatch, who believe that party unity and Clinton’s defeat “Trump” everything else.

    I support your decision to leave the party. Your writing is intelligent and eloquent and you are obviously committed to a brand of conservatism that is open and inclusive without compromising our values for a short-term electoral victory. I look forward to hearing more from you. Help me make others aware that there are good and honorable Conservative men who abhor Trump and the direction the Republican party has chosen. We love and are grateful for the women in our lives.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. “What a flaming hypocrite I’d be if I claimed the title of “pro-life” but only stood up for some lives.” those are words of someone who really knows what they stand for and what they believe! Mostly when people say they are pro life, their definition is very narrow, very self centered focusing on small part of “lives” in general. I often think that some people say they believe in things and do not really understand the what and whys of they believe. Just words.

    I consider myself pro choice in the respect that I do not think that anyone should be able to tell any woman what do to with her own body, not the government, not their friends, not their family. Your pro life statements, are definitely thought provoking. I am glad that your Tweet storm went viral, you have opened a lot of eyes. I appreciate your opinions and I hope that people who may have blindly use their vote to vote for their party, regardless of what anyone believes, take a breath and think about the consequences.

    I can see what you would not Vote Hillary, I respect that, but if you vote for Evan McMullin are you not afraid that that it will be a vote for Trump? Main Stream America does not know a lot about the other candidates, not much of a chance that any of them will get enough votes to become a a true factor, other than a vote for Hillary, could be a Vote for Trump. I am truly interested in your response.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Shar! Thank you for the kind words, and for your comment as a whole. I guess I’m no more afraid that it’s a vote for Trump than I am that it’s a vote for Hillary. The choice for me was to either vote for McMullin, Johnson, or stay home this round, I never considered any other option because I can’t morally put my stamp of approval on Hillary or Trump. If the Democrats had put someone like Biden on the ticket, I more than likely would have voted for him.


  4. I really enjoyed your article. You are an amazing writer with very thoughtful viewpoints.

    What is your feeling about being pro life in the face of rape? Do you think that is an exception to the pro life argument? First the victim would have to endure the entire term of the pregnancy, a constant reminder of the encounter. Unless she puts the child up for adoption, the woman would have to raise a child who the woman would forever be felt as born out of a hateful incident.

    Interested in hearing your opinion.


  5. Thanks so much for your initial tweetstorm and your subsequent Q&A. As someone that considers myself a feminist AND [formerly?] a Republican, your words have rung very true to me. Thank you.

    P.S. You’re an excellent writer. Please write a book, or something? K thx bye.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. On doing interviews with liberal media, I never would have heard of you were it not for an interview you did on NPR, and it probably would have taken me much longer to come around to Evan McMullin as a viable voting option. Thanks for that.

    I, too, am a lifelong Republican, but am feeling so alienated by the party and its “conservative” supporters in the media. I’ve long defended my alignment while distancing myself from the media mouthpieces. I no longer consider a Republican party which stands up and defends Donald Trump MY Republican party. I am saddened by the fact that Mike Pence, someone who I think I would have supported otherwise, is so staunch a defender of Trump. I am disappointed with Rubio who won’t speak the truth. I am deeply upset that groups like the Freedom Caucus would do whatever it takes to beat Hillary Clinton, even if it means electing and defending a pathological liar and extreme narcissist to the Presidency.

    Liked by 1 person

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