The Political Refugee: Episode 1

I have good news: I’ll be doing a weekly podcast now!

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I’ll be posting them here on the blog. Let me know what you think of Episode 1, and if you have any questions you want answered on the next episode, leave them in the comments or tweet them!

One thought on “The Political Refugee: Episode 1

  1. Coming in late to Ep. 1, but some thoughts.

    ~15:00 The persistent Trump line about 94 million out of work makes more sense when combined with “Meals on Wheels doesn’t get results”, doesn’t it?

    ~23:00 It seems that; and we can trace this back to how American voters perceive their and their neighborhoods’/countries’ lot in life; that the comparisons to other countries don’t mean ‘we should be worse’, but that they mean ‘being better hasn’t gotten us anywhere and I have these things to point to to prove it’. How 4 in 5 Evangelical voters, despite shouting from the pews to ‘Be better people’, came to the conclusion that ‘being better holds no value’, is a study in the most craven types of hypocrisy.

    The general direction of the electorate on both sides is pure populism. We’re asking the kid what he wants for dinner and he says Gummy bears and we say OK. The Democratic Party machine was able to deflect those instincts and it got them nothing. The GOP wasn’t and now hold all the cards. That’s what ties together all these rabbit holes.

    And of course refugees could get lost on rabbit trails… that’s kind of the point 🙂


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