About MB

Marybeth currently resides in the beautiful state of Wisconsin, but her family roots are in the St. Louis area. Sarcasm is her first language, but she speaks enough English to get her through the day. She’s a mild mannered highly caffeinated bookworm who enjoys having her opinions challenged and loves a good debate. Marybeth is a Christian, Phil Collins fan, pie aficionado, and a political commentator – in that order. One time she yelled at Republicans on Twitter and got to talk about it on All In with Chris Hayes. She has been featured in various articles across the political spectrum, from Huffington post to RedState, and even Elle and Vox (gasp). Marybeth isn’t a Republican or a Democrat, but instead she has a nice hammock right in the middle where she’s more than likely writing about how both sides are wrong. She rejects increasing government control, and will gladly rebuke either side of the aisle when they become power hungry. She encourages everyone to be a little nicer, a little happier, and to listen a little better, because the tribal mentality is toxic, and angry people are annoying. You can find Marybeth blogging on her site, Collisionofchurchandstate.com, and also at TheBuckleyClub.com. You can also find her on Medium and Twitter at @MBGlenn.

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