Authoritarianism – The Ultimate Political Aphrodisiac

So… Here’s my very serious – GIF free – post (co-written by the other – ever brilliant, but not so frequent – Collision writer).

I have been asked why I’ve focused so much on Ted Cruz instead of Donald Trump as of late, here’s why:

I think most of us would like to believe that those who follow after Trump are merely misguided, but for many he appeals to the darker proclivities living within us, the part of us that craves control and power.

The authoritarian.

I’ve found that the vast majority of the men I’ve met who support Trump are authoritarians or, as one Twitter user noted, the embodiment of Dale Gribble (you can laugh, I did). Of course they don’t openly admit this, and many are in a state of delusion in regards to their own condition – yet they indeed mirror the characteristics of an authoritarian. They find themselves to be higher on the food chain, and feel rightfully placed in a position of power over those who are weaker. They don’t see the value in those beneath them, and have a black and white world view. While masked in self-righteous ego driven behavior, they project their own feelings of inadequacy and rage onto one individual or, in this particular case, a scapegoat group of individuals.

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Ted Cruz

Unearthed Interview: Ted Cruz Continuously Dodges Immigration Question


Back in 2011, on The Duke Machado Show, Ted Cruz was interviewed on his immigration stance. The video, filmed in Waco, TX, following a Tea Party Senate forum, was not fully released until yesterday, February 4th. A portion of the video was released when the discussion on Birthright Citizenship was being bounced around, see below:

His stance has clearly changed, considering his current immigration plan, located here:

End birthright citizenship. It makes no sense for us to be providing the tremendous incentive of automatic citizenship to the children of those who enter illegally. Most nations on earth do not do so, and neither should we. Birthright citizenship was meant to ensure that the children of slaves were guaranteed citizenship. It was not meant to confer citizenship on the children of people who are here illegally; nor was it intended to confer citizenship on the children of birth tourists, a burgeoning industry that makes a mockery of American citizenship. As President, I will take immediate steps to pass legislation or a constitutional amendment to end birthright citizenship.

The full video, which lasts for roughly 21 minutes, has now been released by Duke, along with Patriot Insight. Five months ago, in the comments section of the above video, Duke – being a conservative – gave an answer as to why he withheld the rest of the footage:

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(AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

Trumpoholics Follow-up & A Conservative Case Against Ending Birthright Citizenship


Firstly, I’ll address my last post, and the negative criticism I received. I wrote a post a couple weeks ago that may have hinted at the idea that Donald Trump followers need a 12 step program; you can read the post here. Okay, it didn’t hint, it pretty much just said it. I was called various names, many of them rather creative. “Mattress backed intern for the GOP” and “little GOP girl” are my personal favorites; I’ve yet to receive a logical rebuttal. Isn’t it odd that someone who advocates for less government is suddenly the establishment faction of the GOP? Almost as odd as those who say they want less government currently supporting a candidate with an immigration plan that would require a major increase in government? Yes. Yes it is. Odd. Or ridiculous, foolishness, etc…. That said, I honestly wrote the Trumpoholics post because I saw a void, I had a deep yearning to help the people. My heart was in the right place, because I hurt for those being deceived by Trump’s magnetic and awe inspiring verbiage.

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