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Syrian Refugees: Have We Lost Our Decency? — November 16, 2015

Syrian Refugees: Have We Lost Our Decency?

I’m going to start this blog post with a fact I’m not proud of: I’m conflicted.

Most of the time I study an issue until I’m blue in the face, then come to a conclusion, and finally type out my opinions for any unfortunate soul who stumbles upon my posts. I’m alright with those that disagree, and I adore open discussions and feedback, but usually I have a reasonable level of confidence in my position before I type it out. This is different.

I haven’t said much about Syrian refugees, because to be honest the opinions I have are probably not the most popular at this point. The only post I wrote on the refugees was a story about a capsized ship, and it barely touched on politics. However, yesterday I watched the posts flood my Facebook – my news feed was disturbing and heart wrenching. People are angry, and understandably so, but I hope those who read this understand where my heart is upon its completion, even if they disagree.

I spent two hour on Sunday night just scrolling through photos and bios of those killed in Paris, and as my heart broke I prayed that it would not also harden. This blind rage seems to me to be misdirected for so many, and I never want to be consumed by the anger I so often witness. I try to share my opinions and conclusions in a lighthearted matter, and in an inviting way, and I refuse to let my heart be filled with hatred towards those that oppose me.

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