Donald Trump Speaking at CPAC, ACU Claims They’re Still Conservative


CPAC, as most of you know, is an annual conference for conservative activists, hosted by the American Conservative Union, better known as the ACU. The Chairman of the ACU is a man by the name of Matt Schlapp. Now, in recent years, CPAC has been leaning more left, but they just made their most left leaning move by confirming Donald Trump as a speaker. After being questioned yesterday and today, the Chairman has evaded question after question in regards to the principles behind the allegedly “conservative” ACU and their recent decision involving the Lord of Darkness.

In other news, Brittany Pounders (founder of Liberty Juice) and I will probably never, ever be allowed at CPAC.


On Wednesday morning, Trump, Cruz, and Fiorina were confirmed as speakers for CPAC, happening in March of 2016.

Oh the jubilation. Go fetch the good Sherry, Niles!


So of course, being the person of restraint that I am, I tweeted out a sincere note of admiration for the glorious news.

The exchange that followed began fairly well, he was clearly trying to defuse any animosity I may have been projecting over the inclusion of Trump.

Tweet I attached:

So, to condense the above:

The ACU believes property rights are foundational to our democracy.

Trump doesn’t.

ACU Chairman refuses to affirm that Trump’s progressive stances go against what the ACU believes.

Donald Trump on Healthcare:

“The government’s gonna pay for it [healthcare].”

Donald Trump on Eminent Domain:

“Eminent domain is wonderful.”

You don’t even have to read into The Trump’s quotes, they’re perfectly clear. He’s repeatedly praised Canadian Healthcare, single payer systems, and socialized medicine as a whole. He is an open supporter of unnecessary eminent domain cases, and has praised the Kelo case, which involved the bulldozing of homes at the behest of a money hungry developer. To add insult to injury, after the homes were bulldozed, nothing happened on the land that was freed for what they claimed would be “economic development.”

Trump’s position on both issues is rather clear, yet the Chairman of the ACU refused to answer a simple yes or no question: “So then do you agree that Donald Trump’s progressive beliefs go against what the ACU believes?”

Enter Brittany.

And then there was this:

Two questions. Pretty simple, right? They went unanswered throughout the evening. This morning we tried to remind him that he still needed to answer our questions. Surely they were just forgotten, not ignored, right?

It seems petty to drag this Twitter exchange into a blog, but honestly, these are the people who are leaders in the conservative movement. The ACU can’t answer one question, because the only answers available expose them as phonies or panderers.

Therein lies the rub, if he affirmed that Trump’s progressive ideals don’t align with the ACU, he’ll get on Trump’s bad side. For some reason, Trump has his thumb on a vast number of “conservative” pundits, journalists, and leaders, and their defense of him is becoming so blatantly apparent that it’s stomach turning. Now, if he had said that Trump’s policies do align with the ACU, he would have to explain how a so called conservative organization is now in support of socialist healthcare and removing property rights.

And don’t you think a question concerning a donation made to a 501c3 organization could have been a simple yes/no answer, as well? Or is it possible that there’s a little bit of guilt, shame, and a financial benefit wrapped up in a delicious evasion sandwich? Unfortunately such a sandwich is sure to bring on a wild case of dyspepsia soon after it’s ingested.

Now that’s just my simple minded pondering, but his inability to answer a question doesn’t speak well to the existence of an answer that points to upstanding conservative principles in the ACU. Maybe, just maybe, the ticket sales and coverage of anything Trump touches is enough to bend the proclivities of the ACU enough to invite a big government, democrat supporting, progressive policy pushing jackwagon to their event? Both assumptions could be correct, or wildly off base. I mean, maybe they stared into Trump’s eyes for too long and this is all legitimate excitement via the cultish Donald phenomenon we’ve been witnessing, but we just can’t know because they just won’t answer.

Sure, they’ve been abandoning bits and pieces of conservatism for a while now, but isn’t it time that conservatives hold them accountable? I sincerely hope CPAC 2016 is chocked full of people like this:

You heard it straight from the horse’s mouth, we need to win. Apparently that means any quasi-democrat with a speech about big walls and mass deportation gets to be labeled a conservative. My how the mighty have fallen. If this is how you wish to win, please count me out.

UPDATE: According to The Donald J. Trump Foundation Form 990, the American Conservative Union received 50K in donations in 2013.

Dear Conservative Talking Heads, We Need to Talk…

I recently wrote a blog addressed to “real conservatives,” now I’m going to address their weird, quasi-cult ring leaders. I’m talking about Hannity, Ingraham, Levin, Coulter, Rush, Drudge, etc… If Anchorman taught us anything, it was clearly that those in the news can be really, really stupid.

Paul Ryan is expected to be voted in as speaker tomorrow, and the third GOP debate will take place tonight. Countless conservatives will watch on Twitter as their favorite conservative celebrity commentators live tweet their opinions on Ryan, or simply highlight what they feel is pertinent in the debate. In the coming days, these “leaders” will give their opinions to their faithful following, and many will take their words rather seriously when judging the candidates themselves, or Ryan’s ability to do the job of speaker. The problem is that many of them have become no better than DailyKos, Salon, and the like, in terms of telling us the unbiased truth.

If I can bring myself to complement Trump on one thing, and one thing only, he has separated those of good character from frauds.

The con artists from the decent.

The hustlers from the trustworthy.

The swindlers and charlatans from those who still have some semblance of dignity.

He put juicy steaks on display and waited for the wolves to relieve themselves of their costumes. And they did. En masse. This comes at a time when conservative media is following the trend of click bait journalism. Even a lot of well known – trusted sources – have turned the direction of fishing for readers.

“You won’t believe what Obama said…”

“Bet they didn’t see this one coming!”

“I couldn’t believe it until I saw it!”

This gets you readers, but it gets you the kind of readers who are only interested in the shock and awe articles. Articles like “LFP at a 35 year low” aren’t going to get the clicks they want, and that’s what it’s all about these days. However, articles like “Paul Ryan will burn down the House and take you with him, here’s why….” will bring a tsunami wave of clicks from those who no longer want things fixed, but instead want revenge.

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Ronald Reagan: The Establishment RINO

What exactly does “Establishment GOP” even mean these days? I’ve pondered this question over and over, with little answer. From what I can gather, any conservative politician who identifies as a Republican is now a member of the “Establishment GOP,” with the exception of those running who lack any political record. Lack of experience now disqualifies you from being a member of this evil, maniacal cult of “Republican establishment hacks!” But wait, there’s more! You also must be rich enough to fund your own campaign, otherwise you are surely – without doubt – a filthy, soul sucking, America hating RINO.

As I write this, I’ve flipped over to Twitter to do a simple search.


These are the first 4 results:

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