Everytown Shell Game

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The elitists are busy telling us how dangerous we are again, and this time they have a big and scary PSA involved, and of course, celebrities are included; because I love being told that protection is overrated from people who get escorted to the grocery store by armed guards…yeah. So, the PSA: An adorable little girl is playing hide and seek with her brother, she runs up the stairs and hides in her parents closet, after knocking a few things down she finds a shoe box containing a loaded handgun. A shoe box. A loaded gun…in a shoe box…with young children loose. The problem with this PSA is that the parents weren’t wearing helmets while snacking on a paint chip sundae and finger painting on their walls with peanut butter.

I digress. The gun slowly starts to turn towards her head…

Will you stop this? Click here. Scenes like this happen all the time, you have another chance to stop a child from being killed.

FYI – I could say those exact same words in a PSA telling you to cut your child’s hot dogs properly.

Don’t you want to stop children from being killed, you gun nut American? DON’T YOU? For the children!!! They preach that they simply want to educate parents on proper gun storage, but then you realize that Moms Demand Pointless Action and Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Big Gulps are behind the ad, and that their form of “proper gun storage” is in the holster of a police officer, not in a law abiding citizen home.

They never address how they will help gun owners keep their guns safe, they just want you to donate money towards their campaign, which goes to politicians and legislative actions, which leads to fighting for increased gun control. Now, what laws will force you to put your loaded gun in a safe and not in a shoe box, and how exactly will they check to make sure you are obeying those laws? See the downhill slope?

My favorite part of the entire grave dancing debacle is when you go to the Moms Demand Action website and find links that lead you to statistics involving “Concealed Carry Killers”. Mmmhmmm. That title isn’t specifically designed to fuel the propaganda against Concealed Carry License holders and demonize them at all…Not even a little, right?

More children and teens are losing their lives to guns now than they are to cancer.” – While the death of a human being is a horrid act regardless of age or reason, for perspective, that statistic involves kids and teens under the age of 19. Take a look at the death toll for kids under 19 in Chicago due to gang related events, regardless of the fact that Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, and then get back to me. Better yet, get back to Moms Demand Action and let them know you’re not a moron and that they need to try harder.

So what do they want? Aggressive gun laws, registration, bans on bedazzled long rifles that they like to call “Assault Rifles” because “assault” is a scary word, and whatever else they can possibly get passed.

So, you know, it’s time for another history lesson.

Now, before everyone flies off the handle and starts to chastise me by saying that I’m comparing our current situation to the Holocaust, please sit back down, put away the tar and feathers, call the dogs off, have a chai latte and breathe. I’m not eluding to the idea that Obama is Hitler, and I’m not saying that Democrats want to kill us all. I’m recollecting history, and in particular, the history of gun registration.

I’ve witnessed a lot of Republicans/Conservatives that talk about the Nazis and gun registration. They push the idea that gun registration was the catalytic move for the Nazis, that the Nazis themselves ushered in gun registration, etc. I’d like to debate that, not by presenting a less horrifying situation, but by giving historical context to the gun registration battle that should horrify us a lot more than any of Hitler’s gun control quotes.

The gun registration that the Nazis took advantage of was not designed to harm anyone, it was designed to promote safety, responsibility, and sensible gun laws. No sarcasm, it actually was designed to help people. That’s disturbing.

Werner Best, possibly the most forgotten key to Nazi success, was a Reich Commissioner for occupied Denmark, and a former Security Police Leader. He was a brilliant lawyer, an active member of the German National People’s Party, and begat the National Youth League. Best brainstormed with groups of National Socialists to create the Boxheim documents, which he had in his possession when he was arrested.

The Boxheim documents, written in the 1920’s, were seen as an action plan for a communist revolution. The tenants of the Boxheim documents included plans for a coup involving “Storm Divisions”, gun control that involved citizens being shot without trial if in possession of a gun, the abolishment of private poverty, and full control of all Jewish assets, including their food. With plans to starve the Jews he was labeled a lunatic, even by an embarrassed Hitler, who at the time was running for office as an upstanding citizen that preached the beauty of fairness to a large population of devoted followers.

Alas, a nation of forgetful and passive individuals eventual made Best the Police Commissioner in Hessen by 1933, then he was the deputy to Reinhard Heydrich and Himmler within a few years, and he eventually became the chief legal adviser to the Gestapo, and simultaneously held various other high ranking positions of influence due to his intelligence and legal skills.

Back to the point – After the Werner Best plans were found in the early 1930’s, the government reacted by forcing all weapons to be registered. I’ll repeat, because it’s important to understand – In a move to keep Jews safe from monsters like Werner Best, the government ordered that all weapons be registered. Noble, eh? The very laws intended to keep the Jews safe would become their death sentence. To all of our shock, Communists and Nazis did not register their weapons.

Imagine that, apparently psychopaths don’t really have much regard for the law.

By 1933 the Nazi regime, led by Hitler, used the registration records to begin disarming political opponents, this enabled them to seize power. Hitler’s German Weapons Act was born in 1938 after all of his opponents had been removed. They, once again, used the records that were once created to protect the Jews to track down Jewish civilians and sympathizers, confiscating their possessions and weapons. On the Night of the Broken Glass, less than a month after the mass confiscation, Jews were completely defenseless against the unmitigated evil that was unleashed upon them.

Throughout history we learn that criminals and psychopaths don’t scoff in utter hatred of laws that are passed, they use them to their advantage. Best and company didn’t see the registration as a road block, they saw it as a way to gain access to the law abiding citizens that felt bound by their morally sound nature to obey and register their fire arms.

You cannot make men good by law.” – C.S. Lewis

So let’s talk, Moms Demand Action and Mayors Against Illegal Guns, let’s ask the important questions. I’ll start.

Q: What enabled a country run by monsters to kill roughly 1.5 Million children?

A: Gun registration. By the way, that total happens to be larger than the death toll for choking, guns, childhood cancer, car accidents, etc. combined. Actually, the only thing that even comes close to a comparison is the roughly 1.2 Million children annihilated in the womb every year in America.

Q: What doesn’t stop a criminal?

A: I can’t believe I have to say this, but a sign in a window.

Example: Newtown, Columbine, Aurora, Fort Hood, etc…

Q: Why are you using Nazism to make your point?

A: Because I can? I get it, I’m as annoyed by the Obama/Hitler photos as you are, and I find them to be childish; however, there is NOTHING wrong with remembering the mistakes made in history so that we don’t make them again. I wouldn’t bring it up except, oh yeah, we’re making them again. History is full of warnings about increased gun control laws. It’s not a story written by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, it’s a reality, it’s what actually happened, and it is worth remembering.

Q: What else doesn’t stop a criminal?

A: The law. For example, refer to Eric Holder.

Q: What’s the point of this blog post?

A: To show that even if the individuals running the “Everytown” campaign have nothing but pure intentions, their intentions are stupid, harmful, uneducated, and naïve. Period. If they’ve ever read a history book, then they don’t have good intentions. Period. That doesn’t mean that they plan to send us to Auschwitz, it just means that they are willing to put innocent individuals in more danger for the sake of gaining more control.

P.S. Do not keep guns in a shoe box, or anywhere that isn’t locked when kids are in the home.


Responsible Gun Owner & CCW License Holder


The Illusion of Gun Control

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“Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom of Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretence, raised in the United States.” -Noah Webster

About a year ago I got a European bred German Shepherd, very sweet dog but definitely bred for work. When she was young she would just sleep off and on whenever she wanted, but now that she is getting older I have noticed one thing… She sleeps deeply for hours during the day, she never that did before. She will get up and play, but in general she sleeps during the day more than most dogs that I know. But when the sun sets this all changes, once I lay my head on the pillow she walks over to the window and starts her “shift”, for the first couple hours she moves from window to window watching for any movement outside…Her ears are high, and the first sound of movement sends her into an immediate investigation. Even when she finally lays down right beside my bed she is awake, laying her head downbut always alert to what is going on around her. If I said this didn’t make me sleep better I would be lying…It is a comfort knowing that you have protection. If anyone looks her way it serves as a deterrent to entering my home unwelcomed…And if anyone entered and wasn’t welcomed, well, it probably wouldn’t be pretty. In her mind her sole duty is to keep her people safe, well…and fetch balls. When I take her to my nephews she goes into panic mode if they climb a tree, or when a stray dog entered the yard she wanted the people on the porch. It is a sense of safety that I am guessing will only get better when she graduates from dog toddlerhood.

We as humans feel safe when we have protection. Our world is full of dangers that we don’t recognize or see, watching the nightly news is the most constant reminder of this fact. I would hate to see my dog hurt someone, but would I call her off if a person broke into my home? No. For this very fact I am an avid supporter of gun rights. I will outline my personal reasons as to why, and also why the average excuses do not suffice nor do they give any valid reasoning for gun control.

I have heard the stories where a young child is playing with a gun that should have been put up, the results were tragic and life was lost. I have heard stories of violence and pain where a gun was used. We all know about the tragic school shootings and horrific crimes committed. But we also know about the accidents, for instance…one of my good friends had a cousin accidentally shot while hunting. But I have also heard stories of children drowning in pools because a door was left open or a ladder was left in the pool. I have heard the tragic news reports of people murdered by being drowned, and I have heard of accidental drowning victims. Do we then outlaw pools, lakes, and bath tubs? No. A gun, just like any other dangerous entity is to be treated with extreme caution and should require extreme training, as well as extreme care. ESPECIALLY when a child is in the home. Some would consider my dog to be dangerous, but I take precautions to ensure that she isn’t loose, she isn’t running the streets, and she isn’t out of control. The idea that if Guns were removed from homes in America it would make the streets safer is completely false. Drugs are illegal and I don’t have them because I do not want any part of them, and for many borderline law abiding citizens the legality of them is a deterrent as well. BUT, we have streets, rehabs and prisons full of drug addicts who have found a way to constantly feed their addictions. Cops have worked tirelessly for years to lower this number, but in the end it all comes down to the fact that drug addicts still exist because large amounts of people are more than willing to go behind the backs of law enforcement for not only a living, but to maintain their way of life.

To think that outlawing guns would undo the criminal activity involving guns is false. And if you are under the assumption that I then think drugs should be legal, that is wrong as well. Guns for the most part are used for good. We can’t even begin to imagine how many lives are saved DAILY because of guns in the U.S. (we will get into more of this later). Those that get them legally and have the proper training should be allowed to have them…Just like medically ill patients around the world should legally be able to have medications, even though many criminals turn them into illegal drugs and addictions. To use it as a means to eliminate crime and accidents is a blatant lie used by the left.

Now to the most dangerous of the reasons. My quote from Noah Webster is one to remember…We as a nation are free (this is questionable at this point in time), but we are flirting with the dangerous line of socialism, and that line was only allowed to be placed because of our politically uneducated nature. We haven’t put this topic in the forefront of our minds, while the devious plans have been knowingly taking place behind our backs. Something as brutal as Fast and Furious is now being used as a platform for gun control campaigning, and shockingly from the very people that refuse to allow justice to the Fast and Furious case. People, this is like OJ Simpson preaching on the dangers of knives.

So, I am giving the socialist the benefit of the doubt by saying that they know the history of gun control…Back in the French 1700’s blacks were beat for having any type of weapon whatsoever, laws continued to be passed prohibiting FREE blacks from owning firearms. Out of fear of a revolution? How about the 20 million dead due to the gun control in the Soviet Union? Or how about the holocaust, in 1938 Germany rolls in the newly established gun control and millions of Jews are slaughtered defenselessly. As early as 1970 Uganda established gun control and before 1980 over 300,000 Christians were murdered. This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg…

       So, the only conclusion that I can draw from someone coming into my home and removing my trained and controlled dog would be that they themselves plan on entering my home unwelcomed. Same goes for my guns. Our President and upper class government are working to disarm the very people that they are refusing to listen to concerning our economy. With his executive privileges he now has the power to hit the martial law button and have complete control of our lives, add gun control to that and you have what history has proven to be a deadly mixture.

       Not only is it historically proven that the government becomes the embodiment of what can only be referred to as the Orkin Man for humans, but the crime rates sky rocket. Why? Because all you have done is remove the guns from the self controlled ensuring that the uncontrollable have a free ride while rummaging through your home.

       Think like a criminal…If every home in the US had a sign in the front yard indicating if they were armed or unarmed, which homes would you prefer to enter? The new healthcare bill will tax the middle class into poverty, when you tax someone into poverty and then unarm them we cannot possibly be so naive as to belief that this is not a purposeful removal of freedoms for the purpose of a questionably fatal control. With Obamacare our government would now have the ability to deny coverage and life saving medical services…Could we possibly think that this added to gun control couldn’t grow into a discrimination on race or religion like it has for EVERY other instance of Government control?

       Our country has been the exception to the rule when it came to freedom, but that wasn’t free was it? We were the exception because we had been given our freedom and were willing to fight for it. But if we willingly relinquish those rights do you honestly believe that we can be the exception any longer? Absolutely not.

       Once again Christians, you have the obligation to fight for the very freedoms you use every time you walk into your church, every time that you bow your head in public, for the freedom to listen to your Christians stations and wear a cross around your neck. Take a moment to think about your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, the millions who have had their lives taken for doing exactly what you do everyday…serve your God. That isn’t the future that you want for your kids, and if you think that future impossible…

       I urge you to look at who we as a country are now standing behind, who our President is in support of, and who his confidants praise. Look at where he is headed, where gun control took other countries, and the blood that he is willing to hide in order to get reelected. Maybe then we wouldn’t be bickering over having a Mormon in the White House.

       I love the bumper sticker that said “You think healthcare is expensive? What until it’s free”, maybe we should have bumper stickers that say “You think guns are dangerous? Wait until only the criminals have them”…