Everytown Shell Game

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The elitists are busy telling us how dangerous we are again, and this time they have a big and scary PSA involved, and of course, celebrities are included; because I love being told that protection is overrated from people who get escorted to the grocery store by armed guards…yeah. So, the PSA: An adorable little girl is playing hide and seek with her brother, she runs up the stairs and hides in her parents closet, after knocking a few things down she finds a shoe box containing a loaded handgun. A shoe box. A loaded gun…in a shoe box…with young children loose. The problem with this PSA is that the parents weren’t wearing helmets while snacking on a paint chip sundae and finger painting on their walls with peanut butter.

I digress. The gun slowly starts to turn towards her head…

Will you stop this? Click here. Scenes like this happen all the time, you have another chance to stop a child from being killed.

FYI – I could say those exact same words in a PSA telling you to cut your child’s hot dogs properly.

Don’t you want to stop children from being killed, you gun nut American? DON’T YOU? For the children!!! They preach that they simply want to educate parents on proper gun storage, but then you realize that Moms Demand Pointless Action and Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Big Gulps are behind the ad, and that their form of “proper gun storage” is in the holster of a police officer, not in a law abiding citizen home.

They never address how they will help gun owners keep their guns safe, they just want you to donate money towards their campaign, which goes to politicians and legislative actions, which leads to fighting for increased gun control. Now, what laws will force you to put your loaded gun in a safe and not in a shoe box, and how exactly will they check to make sure you are obeying those laws? See the downhill slope?

My favorite part of the entire grave dancing debacle is when you go to the Moms Demand Action website and find links that lead you to statistics involving “Concealed Carry Killers”. Mmmhmmm. That title isn’t specifically designed to fuel the propaganda against Concealed Carry License holders and demonize them at all…Not even a little, right?

More children and teens are losing their lives to guns now than they are to cancer.” – While the death of a human being is a horrid act regardless of age or reason, for perspective, that statistic involves kids and teens under the age of 19. Take a look at the death toll for kids under 19 in Chicago due to gang related events, regardless of the fact that Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, and then get back to me. Better yet, get back to Moms Demand Action and let them know you’re not a moron and that they need to try harder.

So what do they want? Aggressive gun laws, registration, bans on bedazzled long rifles that they like to call “Assault Rifles” because “assault” is a scary word, and whatever else they can possibly get passed.

So, you know, it’s time for another history lesson.

Now, before everyone flies off the handle and starts to chastise me by saying that I’m comparing our current situation to the Holocaust, please sit back down, put away the tar and feathers, call the dogs off, have a chai latte and breathe. I’m not eluding to the idea that Obama is Hitler, and I’m not saying that Democrats want to kill us all. I’m recollecting history, and in particular, the history of gun registration.

I’ve witnessed a lot of Republicans/Conservatives that talk about the Nazis and gun registration. They push the idea that gun registration was the catalytic move for the Nazis, that the Nazis themselves ushered in gun registration, etc. I’d like to debate that, not by presenting a less horrifying situation, but by giving historical context to the gun registration battle that should horrify us a lot more than any of Hitler’s gun control quotes.

The gun registration that the Nazis took advantage of was not designed to harm anyone, it was designed to promote safety, responsibility, and sensible gun laws. No sarcasm, it actually was designed to help people. That’s disturbing.

Werner Best, possibly the most forgotten key to Nazi success, was a Reich Commissioner for occupied Denmark, and a former Security Police Leader. He was a brilliant lawyer, an active member of the German National People’s Party, and begat the National Youth League. Best brainstormed with groups of National Socialists to create the Boxheim documents, which he had in his possession when he was arrested.

The Boxheim documents, written in the 1920’s, were seen as an action plan for a communist revolution. The tenants of the Boxheim documents included plans for a coup involving “Storm Divisions”, gun control that involved citizens being shot without trial if in possession of a gun, the abolishment of private poverty, and full control of all Jewish assets, including their food. With plans to starve the Jews he was labeled a lunatic, even by an embarrassed Hitler, who at the time was running for office as an upstanding citizen that preached the beauty of fairness to a large population of devoted followers.

Alas, a nation of forgetful and passive individuals eventual made Best the Police Commissioner in Hessen by 1933, then he was the deputy to Reinhard Heydrich and Himmler within a few years, and he eventually became the chief legal adviser to the Gestapo, and simultaneously held various other high ranking positions of influence due to his intelligence and legal skills.

Back to the point – After the Werner Best plans were found in the early 1930’s, the government reacted by forcing all weapons to be registered. I’ll repeat, because it’s important to understand – In a move to keep Jews safe from monsters like Werner Best, the government ordered that all weapons be registered. Noble, eh? The very laws intended to keep the Jews safe would become their death sentence. To all of our shock, Communists and Nazis did not register their weapons.

Imagine that, apparently psychopaths don’t really have much regard for the law.

By 1933 the Nazi regime, led by Hitler, used the registration records to begin disarming political opponents, this enabled them to seize power. Hitler’s German Weapons Act was born in 1938 after all of his opponents had been removed. They, once again, used the records that were once created to protect the Jews to track down Jewish civilians and sympathizers, confiscating their possessions and weapons. On the Night of the Broken Glass, less than a month after the mass confiscation, Jews were completely defenseless against the unmitigated evil that was unleashed upon them.

Throughout history we learn that criminals and psychopaths don’t scoff in utter hatred of laws that are passed, they use them to their advantage. Best and company didn’t see the registration as a road block, they saw it as a way to gain access to the law abiding citizens that felt bound by their morally sound nature to obey and register their fire arms.

You cannot make men good by law.” – C.S. Lewis

So let’s talk, Moms Demand Action and Mayors Against Illegal Guns, let’s ask the important questions. I’ll start.

Q: What enabled a country run by monsters to kill roughly 1.5 Million children?

A: Gun registration. By the way, that total happens to be larger than the death toll for choking, guns, childhood cancer, car accidents, etc. combined. Actually, the only thing that even comes close to a comparison is the roughly 1.2 Million children annihilated in the womb every year in America.

Q: What doesn’t stop a criminal?

A: I can’t believe I have to say this, but a sign in a window.

Example: Newtown, Columbine, Aurora, Fort Hood, etc…

Q: Why are you using Nazism to make your point?

A: Because I can? I get it, I’m as annoyed by the Obama/Hitler photos as you are, and I find them to be childish; however, there is NOTHING wrong with remembering the mistakes made in history so that we don’t make them again. I wouldn’t bring it up except, oh yeah, we’re making them again. History is full of warnings about increased gun control laws. It’s not a story written by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, it’s a reality, it’s what actually happened, and it is worth remembering.

Q: What else doesn’t stop a criminal?

A: The law. For example, refer to Eric Holder.

Q: What’s the point of this blog post?

A: To show that even if the individuals running the “Everytown” campaign have nothing but pure intentions, their intentions are stupid, harmful, uneducated, and naïve. Period. If they’ve ever read a history book, then they don’t have good intentions. Period. That doesn’t mean that they plan to send us to Auschwitz, it just means that they are willing to put innocent individuals in more danger for the sake of gaining more control.

P.S. Do not keep guns in a shoe box, or anywhere that isn’t locked when kids are in the home.


Responsible Gun Owner & CCW License Holder


Definitions…and Stuff….

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Fourth Amendment to the United States Constitution – “The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.”

I feel like the Rocky theme song should be playing in the background whenever we read the Constitution.

And there should be confetti.

And we should imagine the voice of Chuck Norris reading it.

Alright, to the actual blog post….

Well, unless you’re hiding under a rock, more than likely you are well aware that our Government probably knows about the time you called your Grandma for a recipe last week. It’s all over the news (not your Grandma’s recipe), plaguing the water carriers with topics that have them searching for anything other than the NSA to discuss…Even if it’s a moose that has fallen deeply in love for a statue of a moose.

Because moose love is important news.

In some alternate universe.

But alas, try as they may to block real news, the people have still heard the stories. Some believe the nonsense that this was all carried over from the Bush administration, and that’s unfortunate; Not for Bush – I’m guessing he’s pretty content staying busy with his painting – but, it’s unfortunate for the individuals who knew so little about this entire topic that they actually believed the water carriers. That just sends a neon sign that reads “KEEP LYING TO US!”.

The Bush program was designed for international communications believed to be in connection with Al Qaeda, not as a blanket over the entire US. It had flaws, and I’m not even going to go into my defense of his tactics. But at the time the outrage from the left was vast, yet devoted Obama followers are now defending a man who took those ideals, got them all jacked up on steroids, then sold them back to his followers labeling them as forms of “protection.”…He took the bad, the accidental intrusions of the Bush era and expanded it. AAAAANNNNDDD, that’s where I’m going with my blog post today.


noun. 1. a. The act of protecting. b. The condition of being protected. 2. One that protects.


noun. 1. An expression of an intention to inflict pain, injury, evil, or punishment. 2. An indication of impending danger or harm. 3. One that is regarded as a possible danger; a menace.

Ahhhh, the simplicity… Google a word and BOOM, you have the definition. It’s so easy a caveman could do…well, maybe not…errrr, spelling barrier or something. But it’s so easy that my 6 year old nephew probably could. But what if Webster didn’t hold the true definition of the words above, or maybe the correct definition according to the government?

Oops, I spelled korrect wrong.

You see, I firmly believe that the most dangerous words being uttered right now are “If you aren’t a threat, you have nothing to worry about.” What some feel is a simple answer to all of the “unnecessary worries” circulating throughout the US, I find to be disturbing. Why? Because History is a beast, and when you forget that it’s a beast it always returns, that’s usually when you get your head bitten off.

Name a tyrannical government that didn’t proclaim “safety”, “fairness”, and/or “taking care of threats for the good of the people” as the foundation of their radical change. The problem is that the government definition of the word “threat” is rarely a mirrored image of the Webster definition.

Want to save Jews???


You don’t like your child wearing Lenin’s face on a pin and pledging allegiance to his greatness???


You want to have freedom of speech???


Wait, you want to report on something we did wrong?


You see, large governments are more concerned about the threat you pose to them, not the threats you face. When it comes down to protecting you or themselves, you will always lose. Fortunately the Founders knew this and designed a system that made the big elitist government mob so small that they could no longer define “threat.”

Then we had to mess it up.

We’ve all had the pleasure of having that “one neighbor”, or that “one sibling” that we’re convinced have made it their life goal to get under our skin and camp there with a spacious tent, a weeks’ worth of food, and a plush sleeping bag. Or you have that “one neighbor” with the Obama bumper sticker, you’re sure that when that fine chap camps under your skin it’s going to be with a multi-room family tent and a months’ worth of food… something inside just tells you that they’re bringing memory foam mattresses for the long haul.

No matter what that opinionated thorn in your side believes, any sane individual would say that they have a right to believe their nonsense. While we may laugh when individuals cry over trees, we aren’t interested in prohibiting them from shedding those tears; we’ve made our own diagnoses concerning the insanity of some individuals, we also respect the right to personal opinion. From crying over a tree to supporting abortion – sometimes both – we agree that it is their personal beliefs. Fighting laws is one thing, fighting their right to an opinion and the freedom to voice it is another.

I have teenage sisters that tend to knock heads at every turn, they have on more than one occasion proclaimed one another to be insane. Now imagine with me that my sisters are both adults, our parents have joined forces with Sister A, Sister B is still sticking to her guns on her choice of sky color… But now Sister A declares Sister B clinically insane and a threat to everyone around her simply for her perspective of the color blue, prescribes her psychological examinations and assertive community treatment where she is surrounded by Sister A approved “sane” and “safe” individuals that just reestablish the insanity in her choice of shade. Within the walls of a mental institution she is brainwashed into believing that not only are her opinions wrong, but that she is now mentally disabled for such opinions; release comes only when her crime of opinion is washed from her mind and replaced with the korrect opinion.

Could you imagine being able to take your opponent, ornery neighbor, or obstinate sister to the doctor and have them diagnosed with schizophrenia; locked away with the promise that once released they’ll be in the right train of thought? The reality is that governments have used political opinions to deem someone as a threat, or as mentally unstable in the past. Political abuse of psychiatry. It’s not conspiracy, and it’s not impossible; it’s factual, and it’s historical. Imagine that you are a member of the Soviet Union, you make a few friends from another country, they inform you that the system you belong to is flawed; you experience a revelation and become more critical. You start sending letters to other members and ask for freedom; you tell them that they are oppressive, that your eyes have been opened. Before you know it your friends come looking for you and find that you have been committed to a mental hospital; deemed mentally unstable because of your political opinions alone. That is what happened to Evgeni Belov, as well as countless other individuals.

So the Government defined “mentally unstable”, they defined “threat”, and they defined “protection of the people.” But don’t worry, everything will be different here because we’re somehow magically safe. The fairy that controls the American bubble of tyrannical invincibility sprinkled Tyranny Repelling Dust over us while we slept, and Commonsense Dust over our government. Then again, who defines commonsense?!?!? Better yet, what political affiliation is the fairy?!?!?

Final question: : Do you honestly believe that the infamous leaders of tyrannical governments were able to rise into power with a nation of people who believed that those leaders could cause such mass destruction, but knowing the dangers chose to support them anyway?

Well, this person is risky…The power they want could potentially enslave my children and future Grandchildren….But, YOLO!”

No…no, they said the same thing you are saying…

I have nothing to worry about when it comes to my government as long as I’m not a threat.”

Our government isn’t the only group repeating history, politically ignorant US citizens are repeating history as well. It may or may not be as bloody and violent as all of the other tyrannical governments, but removal of rights always gets messy.

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” – Benjamin Franklin

Defining A Monster

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“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government — lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” – Patrick Henry

Lately it seems like turning on the News resembles an incredibly violent and depressing TV show that we would normally turn off. We’ve all seen the uplifting messages that attempt to answer the age old question – “What is this world coming to?”. I think somehow we’ve talked ourselves into believing that violence and pain are new additions to our society, that “back when I was a kid” was a utopian paradise where violence had no place.

Sometimes history is the best teacher.

Joe was born in May of 1907, his Mother was American, she had incredibly interesting ancestry that was linked all the way back to the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Those who described him would say he was an enthusiastic and passionate man. His moral stances were at the core of his being, he lived them, he believed them.

Joe was married at 29, he went on to have 4 children who I’m sure he would describe as inspirations for the passions he was so strictly devoted to. You could describe Joe like you would you or me, he had compassion, hope, etc. I’m sure he planned on growing old with his wife, seeing his Grandkids running around the yard playing with one another, I’m sure that when he looked into the eyes of his Newborn son he felt the same joy that you and I would have felt. Joe went through trials just like any of us, when his brother passed away at 19 it was a traumatic event for his entire family, including his 2 sisters and Father.

Joe was raised in a fairly easy upbringing, his family didn’t want for much. He wasn’t into religion, he actually believed it had no place in politics. So be it, we all have opposing views, right? Joe aged, he became closer with political influences. The party he associated with preached on profit sharing, helping the elderly, stabilizing the middle class, and helping to increase the standards of healthcare. Nobel causes. He believed in equal rights. He once wrote this about the leader of his party, whom he would have declared was a hero in moments of a falling nation:

That is the greatest thing about him, That he is not only our leader and a great hero, but himself, upright, firm and simple, In him the roots of our world. His soul touches the stars, and yet he remains a man like you and me.”

It seems to me as though Joe put incredible levels of trust in this man. He trusted him to lead the country that his children would one day inherit, his beautiful 4 children. His statement doesn’t seem to indicate any underlying distrust in the man he is showering with accolades.

Now, I’ve given accolades to Ronald Reagan, we saw movie stars pledging their devotion to Barack Obama, kids worshiping Beyonce and Hollywood, etc. Through the years every leader has had their following, it’s the natural order of things. Some become dangerous, some sacrifice basic knowledge, historical evidence and integrity in the name of a man. Some people – not much different from you and me – remove their natural moral boundaries to do the very same. Lenin had an entire education system sporting badges of his face… Forgotten lessons of a tumultuous history, per se.

This family man with a wife and 4 children would soon say the words “contribution to European culture” after describing his success in the deportation of 65,000 Jews. He would consider it a “contribution to European culture” after sending countless men, women and children from Vienna to death camps. They would be tortured, raped, murdered and it was all for a “contribution to European culture.” You see Joe’s real name is Baldur Von Schirach, he would become a member of Hitler’s inner circle. He was the leader of the “Hitler Youth”.

During the Nuremberg trials Schirach proclaimed that he didn’t know about the death camps, that he disagreed with Hitler, that he had made it known that he didn’t agree with how the Jews were treated when being deported. But yet how many died under his command, how many lives were stolen? How many youth were brought up to hate the Jews under his command? How many Newtowns, how many Columbines, how many Auroras, how many young children were executed like criminals because of the choices he made? The number of deaths attached to his name make the men we label as monsters look like amateurs. His regrets couldn’t bring them back. His regrets wouldn’t give the empty arms of a Mother her child back. His regrets couldn’t reunite a family torn by the hate of men. His regrets couldn’t reverse the trains that led families like yours and mine to their death sentence.

Schirach knew what it was like to be a new Father, he knew what it was like to adore his wife, he knew the joy that comes with looking into the eyes of your child. He still destroyed lives. Why? How? He had been systematically brainwashed into believing that they were in the wrong, that they deserved the treatment, or at least the deportation…Even when his own morals reared their ugly head his dedication to a man overcame him until it was too late. The deeds were done, the graves were filled.

At the end of the opening statement made by Robert H. Jackson during the Nuremberg trials where Schirech was prosecuted, Jackson said the following:

The American dream of a peace-and-plenty economy, as well as the hopes of other nations, can never be fulfilled if those nations are involved in a war every generation so vast and devastating as to crush the generation that fights and burden the generation that follows. But experience has shown that wars are no longer local. All modern wars become world wars eventually. And none of the big nations at least can stay out. If we cannot stay out of wars, our only hope is to prevent wars.”

America, the land of peace-and-plenty. The land of a free people. The land where the people kept their Government in check. You see, the atrocities that the Jews were subject to were preventable. In a world of the naïve evil flourishes, it finds the weakest point and attacks. It seeks out the defenseless, it invades the gun free zones with illegal weaponry because no one can stop it. It knows and cares not that it’s actions are cowardly, it has no aspirations of nobility, no goals of integrity, it – quite simply – seeks to destroy.

Over the past few weeks Washington has been pushing for gun control, hitting the emotional gut of a nation torn with heart wrenching acts. Preaching on the idea that evil is always in your face, the monsters are always wearing a scary mask, and the boogeyman is always hiding in your closet. But it is in these moments of possible change that we need to remember the truth…Evil has been around, it’s not going anywhere, and it’s not changing. The largest school massacre happened almost a hundred years ago, with no guns…While it is common to imagine that the times now are different (and they are to a degree), such tragedies have always existed…They always will.

The evil that causes spontaneous chaos and bloodshed is always recognizable. They may be able to cause mass casualties, enter schools and theaters causing terror, fly planes into buildings or bomb civilians, but from its beginning to its end we call it evil. Why? Because it is recognizable. It is clearly bad, and ending such evil is clearly good. It doesn’t give off the false assumption that it is trying to help others. It’s the outlaw that walks into the saloon gaining the immediate glares of fear.. These monsters are recognized as monsters, to call them anything else would be a denial of clear atrocities.

But evil that has a following that believes their motives are good can cause MUCH more damage. I’m not trivializing the spontaneous violence we have been witnessing of late by any means, just pointing out differences in body count.

One of the largest terrorist acts to ever take place was on 9-11, they claimed the lives of nearly 3000 people. The terrorists had a plan and they struck…They didn’t win over the hearts of the people, they carried out a day of mass chaos causing as much pain as they could. We stood with our hearts heavy, with horror and shock on our face as we watched our fellow citizens die. The Holocaust on the other hand started on a different note, they won many hearts and they laid out upstanding intentions to gain support from the people. This enabled them to enslave and slaughter MILLIONS of innocent civilians over a span of YEARS. The horror and shock didn’t set in until the stoves had already burned red at night and the bodies of men, women and children had been bulldozed into landfills.

Piers Morgan has asked multiple times “what do you fear, gun owners!?”. As though history is impossible of repeating itself.

What do I fear?

Of course I fear the violence we have been witnessing, like any sane human being. I can’t live my life in fear, I KNOW that violence is as old as the earth…When Cain crushed the skull of Abel their wasn’t a gun to blame for promoting a violent society. To say that guns in general awaken the evil in a man is shear buffoonery. But what I really fear is not a world where a man harms a human being and is condemned immediately, like I said, that’s been around forever and I can’t live my life in fear. I fear a world where a man exterminates a family under a direct order from his Government. I fear a Government that has the power and ability to give that order. I fear a people that watch in horror and obey the commands of a worshipped monster out of fear for their family. I fear an ignorant nation that has forgotten that the most successful monsters are the ones that preach peace, unity, fair share, and the idea of a violence free world. That the scariest boogeyman is not the one that hides in your closet, it’s the one you invite into your home.

Our 2nd Amendment is not for the right to hunt, it’s for the right to protect ourselves. The Schirechs of the world who believe that their intentions were good can’t be allowed to ignorantly load the trains. They made the 2nd Amendment so that we are not the regrets of manipulative maniacal leaders and ignorant followers, that our children are not the lessons in corrupted governments for other countries.

For every “It won’t happen here”, I can reference millions of silenced mouths that once muttered the same words.

For every “He’s a good person, he’s not capable of such atrocities”, I can reference hundreds of individuals once described as “good men” that loaded trains of Jews, manipulated hundred of Children in the USSR, or refused to take a position on a man who slaughtered hundreds of innocent infants.

For every “In other countries that are gun free there is peace”, I can reference thousands of statistics and data saying that in those countries crime increased, murder increased, rape increased, theft increased, etc. You will NEVER remove the evil of this world.

For every human prop that our Government uses to push gun control, I can reference the MILLIONS of victims that were denied the means to protect themselves BY their Government, that were silenced BY their seemingly good willed Government, that can’t be used as human props because they never made it out alive.

The targets for the devastating events that have taken place over the years have always been the weak or unprotected. For our Government to blatantly lie – without ANY proof or substantial research – and say that removing guns from law abiding citizens of the US would somehow reduce a societal influence of violence is unmitigated rubbish.

Just remember that those that deny that Governments can turn on The People are either ignorant, dangerously naïve, or are purposefully ignoring the millions of victims that prove otherwise simply for political objectives, including the goal of keeping you oblivious to what is going on. Just remember, the removal of guns or the tightening of gun control has NEVER worked. They may manipulate the numbers to make it seem like it has, but the ACTUAL data available to you proves otherwise. I’m not saying that it’s going to happen here, I’m just saying that I question both the intelligence and/or motives of any historically educated politicians that are seeking to remove guns while being privy to the statistical data…

Below is an excerpt from an Essay written by Ferdinand Von Schirach, the Grandson of Baldur Von Schirach:

Crimes are examined in court. The judge investigates whether the accused was the perpetrator, and then he weighs his degree of culpability. Most of the guilty parties are not that different to us. They made a wrong move, dropped out of normal society or felt that their life was hopeless. Often it’s only a matter of chance whether a person becomes a perpetrator or a victim. Indeed, killing those we love and killing ourselves are very similar.

What my grandfather did is something completely different. His crimes were organized; they were systematic, cold-hearted and precise. They were planned at a desk. There were memos and meetings. He made his decision again and again. At the time, he said that his “removal” of the Jews from Vienna was his contribution to European culture.

After those kinds of sentences, any further questions, any attempts at a psychological explanation, are superfluous. Sometimes a person’s guilt is so massive that nothing else plays a role. Of course, the state itself was criminal. But that doesn’t exonerate men like him, because they are the very ones who brought this state into being. My grandfather did not break through the thin veneer of civilization; his decisions were not the result of misfortune, chance or carelessness.

In criminal trials these days, we ask whether the accused was conscious of what he did, whether he can understand it and differentiate between right and wrong. In the case of my grandfather, all of these things can be swiftly answered. In fact, he was particularly guilty: He came from a family that had enjoyed positions of responsibility for centuries. He had a happy childhood, he was educated and the world was his oyster. It would have been easy for him to decide to live another life. He did not innocently become guilty. In the end, a person’s degree of guilt is always also determined by their circumstances….

… I write about the postwar prosecution of crimes, about the courts in postwar Germany that handed down atrocious judgments, about the judges who only imposed five minutes of imprisonment on Nazi perpetrators for each murder they committed. It’s a book about the crimes committed in our state, about vengeance, guilt and the things we continue to fail at even today.

We believe we are safe, but the opposite is true: We could lose our freedom once again. Doing so would mean losing everything. That is our life now. That is our responsibility.”

Within the words of his essay he also notes that his Grandfather had the words “I was one of you” put on his gravestone, he says that the reported last words of his Grandfather were “What was I thinking”. The echoes of this man’s actions haunt his family, the Grandfather who played cards with his Grandson after his prison term is also the barbarian that his Grandson would grow up to be ashamed of.



Welcome to school, Comrade!

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Welcome to school, Comrade.

Oh my…where to start.

So the idea for this blog post, or what you may call a volcano of deeply buried and constantly building irritation, came yesterday after my nephew had his bus get stuck in the snow on the way home from school. So, I am now going to let the straw debilitate the camel and spew all of my pent up thoughts concerning schools.

SIDE NOTE: This is NOT an attack on those who dedicate their lives to educating the sponge-like minds of the young. I know that there are many good hearted educators who truly love children.

ADDITIONAL SIDE NOTE: I’m really tired of having to make “side notes” like the one above. If educators can’t see how destructive our education system has become, they are probably part of the problem. I am also tired of the emotional “my feelings are hurt” responses instead of logical rebuttals.

I think a lot of conservatives take the 10 foot pole approach when it comes to discussing the dysfunctions of schools. We all go to church with a teacher, have a family member that is a teacher, or have friends that are teachers. Just today on my Facebook page a friend posted “Hug a teacher!”. In order to avoid hurt feelings we choose to skip the issue.

Have you ever noticed that Google is the endless source of knowledge UNTIL you are typing angrily with passion? Yesterday I found myself taking to Google to try and find information on “How to file a formal complaint against a school for being stupid and endangering our children”…apparently this is not recognizable to Google.

SIDE NOTE FOR GOOGLE: When someone searches for the above information, the page should just say “Breathe, count to 10 and try again.”

So my beautiful 6 year old nephew is going to school yesterday during a snow storm. If you keep your child home it is an unexcused absence, if you send them you have to TRUST that the school has been paying attention to the warnings and will treat your children as the irreplaceable cargo that they are.

(Angry face)

The bus drivers called the school and advised that the roads were getting bad and that they should let out early, but no, that was not an option. If this was a onetime occurrence I would say “don’t do that again”, but this is frequent. I struggled getting home from work on the snow covered, iced over roads. Apparently so did my nephews bus as it became stuck in someone’s driveway, which made ALL of the kids very late getting home, and guardians very worried.

(Angrier face!)

If you know who Madea is, you have an idea of what kind of response I have to my nephew being in danger of any kind. Now, once you’re done saying a prayer for the people who had to hear me rant, keep reading.

Point being, why are our kids put in danger to avoid a snow day? It seems that this is becoming more and more frequent with many schools. Maybe we have a deeper issue? Now to the rest of the weight bogging down the camel. It may seem like I am getting off subject now, but don’t worry, it all comes together…Hopefully.

Let’s face it, schools have changed. Somewhere along the way education took a backseat, and politics took over the entire vehicle. I have noticed this for a long time, but the beast showed just how ugly it is during the great “recall Walker” debacle that took place here in WI. I won’t go into the actual reasons behind the recall (FYI – I support Walker), but the actions from teachers and school officials was beyond repulsive.

Grade school children of all ages were returning home with political filled minds, their little “sponges” saturated with the ugliness spewed by a liberal teacher done wrong (well, by her/his personal opinion). For many children they were explaining how their own parents political opinions and support of Walker were going to destroy their education, or at least that’s what Mrs. ***** said!

Teachers were encouraging high school students to attend the Union organized protests. They were encouraging CHILDREN to go on strike from school to show the state and parents how much they appreciate their teachers. The liberal teachers driving a wedge between the moldable minds of the young and the parents that supported our Governor.

Whispers between parents began: “Maybe I should school my children from home?”

So, “teachers used bad judgment” you might say…No, they didn’t. They used very good judgment, and it was a test to see just how far they have come, and what they can get away with. They used the children as pawns in a very dangerous game…Who else did that?

Comrade, meet the possibilities.

In the USSR children were brainwashed from the moment they started being educated, by the time they reached 9 they were able to join the Young Pioneer organization. The little “Octobrists” were very prepared for their future endeavors as a Young Pioneer, they had already been sporting star shaped badges with a photo of Lenin when he was a young boy emblazoned in the middle.

As a Young Pioneer you were given a great responsibility, to oversee and advise a group of roughly 5 “Little Octobrists”. You repeated the comrades promise: “to love and cherish the Motherland passionately, to live as the great Lenin bade us, as the Communist Party teaches us, as required by the laws of the Young Pioneers of the Soviet Union.”

They made them feel important in their political activity…Why?

“Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.” Lenin

“Give me a child when he’s 7 and he’s mine forever” Hitler

Not only are our children precious to us, our children are precious to a political party that plans on bringing up the next generation of children to be likeminded with them. Makes me think of the video for Another Brick In The Wall. Our kids are being manipulated, liberals in the school system whisper the magic word of “individualism” in their ear and then TELL them how to be an individual…Just like the rest of the individuals who think alike.

YEP, ANOTHER SIDE NOTE: I don’t feel the need to post the definition of “individual”, I’m pretty sure we can all come to the conclusion that it doesn’t entail a military of the likeminded.

WARNING: I’m going to use the word “Socialism”. Considering many educators and politicians currently leading our country are self proclaimed socialists, I think I can now use that word without being deemed a conspiracy theorist.

As I said in my prior post, the definitions between socialism and communism are different on paper, but in real life the only real difference is a matter of years. Socialists LOVE children, not just because of their cute pudgy little faces, they love them as the political objects they turn them into. They won’t be so bold as to say that…Well, that’s not true, some of them are.

Glenn Beck reminded us on his show yesterday that in Arab countries the family of the victim chooses the punishment for the criminal. We don’t do that in the USA because we believe in a fair judicial system. Well…Some of us do. So while the politicians are using the family members of the Sandy Hook victims to push their pointless agenda, the world is watching while we take parents who just buried their children and ask them what they think about guns. They are playing on the emotions of gullible Americans.


When the President went on national TV and signed executive orders surrounded by children he not only appealed to adults who can’t tell the difference between a Semi-Automatic and a Fully-Automatic, he appealed to all of the children watching who saw that “This President cares about MY views, and I’m only a kid”.

I don’t know about you, but when I was 8 my most difficult decision was whether Barbie should ride on the horse or her convertible after getting married to Ken. I wasn’t mulling over politics, and I SURE wasn’t old enough to comprehend the many details that come with removing guns, or limiting guns. I wasn’t old enough to know about the millions of children that had been slaughtered by tyrannical governments, and I wasn’t old enough to realize that my right to own those guns was what stopped that same deadly tyranny from controlling my country.

But just like Hitler and Lenin, our Socialists like to get them while they’re young! Creating an army of kids who think the world owes them free birth control and Get Out of Pregnancy Free cards. Teaching them that guns are bad, and those who like them don’t like you…Or better yet, teaching them that those who appreciate the 2nd Amendment don’t care about YOUR safety, little Billy. They don’t care if YOU are shot at school.

The line between “They don’t care about YOU” and “See, they should be punished” is very thin. Other socialist/communist countries have proven these techniques to be successful. To liberals, the end justifies the means. It’s for equality…so what’s a little danger and bloodshed if the result is equality?? Am I right??? Stalin? Lenin? Hitler? Bueller? So, how exactly do we get people to agree to a government that will place their kids in more danger? Insist that the political party trying to protect those kids wants to put them in danger! Ya, that’s the ticket!

Although we may not feel the decline of schools while we are packing a lunch and sending them out to that nice bus driver, or attending that PTA meeting with your child’s super awesome teacher who makes turkeys with handprints, the fact still stands that when the chips were down, WI teachers involved children in their politics. Slowly they had manipulated them (whether they themselves knew it or not), and many children turned against their parents.

Many teachers are not to blame, it’s the entire education system at this point. They edit American history, change the narrative, remove the bible, remove the flag, remove moral integrity and responsibility from kids, feed them pills…etc. It’s really a flawless system that they have created. We can already see the changes.

Just look out for warning signs, like maybe when the youth were chanting “Forward” for Hitler they should have seen that he was manipulating the young minds…Wait a minute….Have I heard that slogan chanted recently?

Anyway, I’m scared of the changes that I see in schools.

I’m scared of the fact that liberals in school systems care more about gun control than they do the safety of the children. HUNDREDS of school aged children have been killed in Chicago, and they have the strictest gun laws in the US. Yet no one is fighting for those kids. Millions of children have been slaughtered by tyranny, but they aren’t protecting our right to protect the children they teach.

I’m scared of the fact that many schools get financial incentives when children are diagnosed with ADHD. More kids than ever are tranquilized in schools, and how about the fact that almost EVERY school shooting has been carried out by someone on the very medications that schools push like Girl Scouts push cookies.

I’m scared of the fact that teachers used their relationship with their students to make those students choose between their teacher or their parents in an ADULT political dispute. Yet I know conservative teachers who supported Walker, and they didn’t speak out in their classrooms. Interesting…

I’m scared of the fact that saving those snow days came before ensuring the safety of my nephew. Ok, so I attempted to tie it in….I told you it was the straw that broke the camel’s back!

Keep a close eye on your kids and their schools, even if they seem harmless. Remember that those Little Octobrists and Young Pioneers went home proudly displaying their Lenin stars to unsuspecting parents. We fail to remember that most dictatorships responsible for slaughtering millions would have been avoided if the majority of the people had known the future. I don’t know the future…Do you? Let’s avoid a repeat of history, and lets teach kids the REAL meaning of individuality.

Give a teacher a hug, especially one that isn’t pushing their political agenda on kids!