From One Feminist to Another

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I’ve seen a lot of both positive and negative responses to Emma Watson’s UN speech. I was asked for my opinion of her speech by a few people on Facebook and Twitter. So, here I am, typing away.

So, without further ado, here is my bucket of thoughts on the matter -

I didn’t hate it, I didn’t like it, personally I felt it was much like my favorite stuffed bear I had as a child. Not Emma Watson, mind you, but her speech. I loved that bear. My bear was soft, fluffy and comforting. It somehow made me think that the Boogeyman would avoid my room. Well, in reality, the Boogeyman never existed, and my bear would have been completely useless if an intruder broke in to kidnap me. My bear would have just sat there in its adorable clown outfit while I was raped and murdered. Emma’s speech was adorable, and completely useless. It was a teddy bear pretending to be a Rottweiler. Not only that, it furthered the idea that us civilized people are ridiculously narcissistic.

Example: The woman living in the Middle East being stoned to death after she was raped is not so concerned about Obama’s White House paying their female workers less.

Example: The homosexual sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia is, I’m guessing, not so concerned about whether your male friend can feel free to let his emotions floweth.

Example: The little girl suffering through genital mutilation is probably not worried about the fact that Emma was called “bossy.”

To quote Justin Timberlake, “cry me a river” came to mind.

Now, I’m not saying that little issues shouldn’t be addressed, but addressing them in a room with world leaders – a large portion of them still allowing women to be brutalized – is wildly silly. It’s like sitting in a room with Michael Vick and his followers and trying to encourage them to support a Tempur Pedic dog line because your buddy Fido seems to be a bit achy in the morning.

“When I was 8, I was called bossy because I wanted to direct a play we would put on for our parents. When at 14, I started to be sexualized by certain elements of the media. At 15, my girlfriends started dropping out of sports teams because they didn’t want to appear masculine” she boldly proclaims to the man that thinks women should be held down and mutilated so that they don’t feel pleasure during sex.

“At 18, my male friends were unable to express their feelings” she tearfully says while trying to convince a world leader that thinks homosexuals should be beheaded.

“Both men and women should feel free to be sensitive” she says to a world leader who let dogs eat his uncle.

Side note: For people that claim to respect science more than anyone else, those that applaud the idea that men and women should be treated the same emotionally have completely rejected biology so as to create their own overarching moral system. Period. Men and women are different, suicides and depression increased when we started denying this.

So, in the end you can say, “It was meant for the world, not just for the men and women in the room!”, and yet it will still be about as effective as Obama’s hashtag diplomacy in getting anything done. It is ivory tower theatrics, Thurston and Lovey Howell-esque rhetoric. No offense, Emma darling, but the way I feel about your speech is similar to how your side would feel if Romney complained about money. It’s like a pageant contestant saying that they want to end world hunger while standing in a $2000 gown with a cloud of hairspray looming above their head. It’s adorable, it’s predictable, and “powerful” according to a magazine that will spend more than I will make in a lifetime ensuring that they get the first photo of the next celebrity baby named after a piece of fruit. Excuse me if I don’t raise my glass of Dom Perignon to their ability to relate to the little people and decide what is “powerful.”

Sounds harsh? Yes. Yes it does. Life is harsh.

Moving on…

Emma cited Edmund Burke saying, “all that is needed for the forces of evil to triumph is for good men and women to do nothing.” In actuality, that wildly popular quote was never found in his writings, and for the sake of the discussion I’ll post his exact words:

When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”

Same meaning, but interestingly enough, I doubt that she would use Edmund Burke as a point of reference in any other way. Why? Well, when he was making these statements, he was simultaneously saying that the preservation of citizens and the success of a country are intrinsically linked to Christianity. He spoke on the rights of ALL men, and the need for restraint of passions frequently. Not to put words in his mouth, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say that he’d have quite a few words for women dressed in vagina costumes fighting to remove rights from innocent infants. He wouldn’t support the various government programs that are aimed not at equality, but at giving the weaker sex as many handouts as possible so as to keep them enslaved (I didn’t call them weaker, liberals did by their actions). That’s not equality, Emma.

She spent a good portion of time discussing why she believes feminism has lost its zest. She claims that it is all about the false man hating rhetoric. I would challenge that position. I would say that it is because we have stripped feminism of its purpose. We have lost sight, Emma. I would say that we traded principles for weapons grade stupidity. There is a woman that sent her child to school with vagina cookies, Emma. Vagina cookies. Then she told the teacher that didn’t particularly appreciate them that she wished her future husband would abuse her for not happily accepting the vagina cookies. There is a woman who changed into a man, and then fought to teach breastfeeding AS a man. He won. A major part of the 2012 election revolved around the words “free contraception.” We call Beyonce empowering for prancing around in a thong and doing sexual favors for her man because she  “just wanna be the girl you like.” The word “feminism” is rejected by women with brains not only because so called “feminists” act like man haters, but also because they’ve dumbed us down to petty, weak, ignorant, drama loving toys who don’t care about what is happening to our own sex in other countries.

See, Emma, back in the day women’s rights meant something. We started off saying, “WE ARE MORE THAN OBJECTS!!!!” and have now moved to “LOOK, WE ARE SHINY OBJECTS!!!!” and we pretend that it has something to do with loving our bodies. We started off by saying that life in the womb was sacred, now we are just vending machines that can be emptied and reused. The feminist movement started off by saying that we have minds, that we have individual opinions, and that we should have the right to voice those opinions and be taken seriously. Now we have moved towards the idea that if we don’t support Sir Nurses-A-Lot we don’t care about female empowerment. Emma, I can’t take the lady that sent cookies decorated as vaginas to school with her 2nd Grade daughter seriously. Honestly, at this point I wouldn’t be surprised if she finger paints on her walls with peanut butter and calls herself Picasso.

Feminists of today do not deserve the title. Say I take a can of Spam and slap the label “Steak” on it… Would that make the Spam a steak? No. It would make me desperate to sell you Spam under false pretenses so as to get a higher profit that I shouldn’t receive. This is what feminism has done. It has taken what the original feminists believed to be oppression, and labeled it by a familiar name that makes other people think that they are doing something worthy of their accolades.

Emma spoke of being sexualized, as though it was unwelcomed. Yet she took home a paycheck from Burberry and Lancôme. That’s not an issue in need of calling in the feminist brigade to save her from the grimy hands of men, that’s an issue that feminists themselves have created. They are not consistent in their complaints. They don’t want to be sexualized, but when they get paid to be sexualized it is beautiful because then it is somehow taking pride in their body. They have decided when they get to be a victim, and that doesn’t work.

The problem is that feminism works kind of like a 5 year-old child left to clean his room by himself. Mom comes to the door and suddenly he’s cleaning, Mom walks away and then he is playing again. Emma Watson steps up to a microphone and suddenly it’s all about respecting ourselves and equality, Emma steps away from the microphone and it goes back to being reruns of the vagina monologues and genital pastries. They fight phantom monsters because going after the real monsters are too scary. They don’t have the ability to be a voice for brutalized women because they are too scared to step out of line and be labeled an anti-feminist. The feminists I know are only as brave as their edgy t-shirts and tampon earrings will permit them to be. Heaven forbid they say something that Wendy Davis, Sandra Fluke, and Hillary Clinton wouldn’t agree with.

Feminism hasn’t become a negative term because it has been given a bad rap, it has become a negative term because the current leaders and voices of the movement are idiots.

Some people may be reading this and thinking, “Well, Emma never said that she blatantly supported abortion, nor did she go into detail on her own personal beliefs.” I concur, but that is irrelevant. What is relevant is who is absorbing her message, and what conclusions they come to. What group did this empower? That matters. As much as I’d love to think that there will simply be a bunch of little girls running around saying, “I’m not bossy” – while I hope they one day grow up into someone that isn’t rendered powerless or weakened by a 5 letter word – I know that it won’t end there.

I know that the people doing a fist bump were the individuals that wish to allow little boys into little girls rooms because they “feel different,” without taking any care to evaluate what that might do to the little girls. Because the child that feeds their rhetoric is important, the other children aren’t. A confused little boy shouldn’t have to use the little boy’s room, but the vast number of little girls who will now be confused just need to “get over it” and learn tolerance.

I know some of the individuals who screamed “AMEN” during her speech are the very people that think slicing an infant’s spine at 8 months along is acceptable.

I know that some of those rejoicing over this speech are the very individuals who have turned their back on women, called Islam the religion of peace, and ignored the screams of the millions of brutalized women. All in the name of the cause though, right?

I know that many of those giving Emma accolades are the very same people that don’t think that I should have a gun to protect myself. They fight on behalf of men that may wish to brutalize me, and yet call themselves feminists.

THAT is what matters.

I would have been more impressed had she pointed to her audience and said something similar to the following:

“We as women will give a voice to the child brides and the victims of sex slavery. We will fight for the women that you have allowed to be brutalized. We will ask good men to join us, and we will stand up to men like you. We will stand strong, we will be powerful, and we will be heard. We will show you that we are not mere objects, that we are not weak, and that those silenced by your governments will be remembered. We will not support a porn industry that has aided in the slavery of women. We will no longer let you insult our intelligence. We will be valued. We will not fall for propaganda that leads to us electing leaders that have empowered you. Leaders that have helped you to continue harming us. We refuse to adapt the victim mentality.”

I know I sound like I’m being hard on Emma. I am. I think she means well, but I don’t agree with her on many points, and I refuse to pretend like I do. I support the original goals of the feminist movement, and I support my ability to come to a conclusion that is not spoon fed to me by the religion of feminism. Because THAT is what feminism was originally about.

– MB

Who Will Guard the Guardians?

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“This and no other is the root from which a tyrant springs; when he first appears he is a protector.”
– Plato

This morning I read two different stories involving police officers, and both speak wonders. The first story rightly labeled a local police officer as a hero after he bravely rescued a woman from drowning. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the article and left a “thank you” to the brave police officer in the comments section. It was nice to read something positive after all of the negative that has been filling my timeline lately. Then a comment made by another woman on that same article made me doubt the human race once again. This peculiar commenter made it known that she would love to see people that post police overreach articles face this brave young hero. Basically, she dared anyone to say anything negative about any other police officer because the man that saved a woman from drowning had a badge.

I can’t wait to start posting articles about heroic civilians and follow it up with, “I’d love to see those who speak out against child abuse and rape face these heroes.”

“Please remove this article about sex trafficking, my husband just so happens to be a man, and this paints all men as sex addicted monsters.”

“Please remove this article about Andrea Yates, my Mom is a mother, and this paints all mothers as psychopaths.”

“Please remove this article about how bad aspects of the public education system can be, my wife is a teacher.”

“Please remove this article about being careful when getting in a stranger’s car, my husband picks up hitchhikers and delivers them home safely.”

Do you know why bad things happen to people? Because bad people usually use the same techniques that good people happen to use, just for different reasons. Don’t justify your silence on issues by saying there are good people, it just allows the bad to continue deceiving, sometimes even turning the good people into tools for bad. Hence this blog post.  

The second story I read was revolting and should leave everyone outraged.

In 2012 a police officer was arrested for planning to kidnap, torture, rape, kill, and eventually cannibalize his victims. He had used the NYPD database to track his potential victims, and had detailed out and established his plans in chat rooms and phone calls. He had even brought on coconspirators to help him be successful, he even brought the idea of harming his wife into the debacle. His google searches included “How to knock out someone with chloroform.” Yet, the acts of this monster amazingly have nothing to do with today’s blog post; however, what happened to him does indeed relate to today’s blog post. He walked this week. He was sentenced to 1 year, time served, for using the perks of his job to hunt down his potential victims. 1 year. *taps on microphone* 1 year.

He faced less time for conspiring to barbeque a woman while she was still alive, after the brutal rape he had planned for her, than an 18-year-old would spend for having sex with his 16-year-old girlfriend. I’m not justifying statutory rape, I’m just demonstrating how the magic a badge holds in the courtroom can make David Copperfield look like a hobo playing shell games on a street corner.

So, to the point: I’ve let the idea for this blog post mull around in my brain for a few months. I wasn’t sure how to approach such a divisive topic, I wasn’t sure how to avoid being offensive, etc. but honestly, at this point, I’m not going to squander time designated for perfectly good sleep worrying about whether people can have an adult conversation about a legitimate issue, or if they’re going to go Stephanie Tanner stompy foot on me. Life is short, I have a lot of opinions, and this isn’t going to be the last viewpoint that makes enemies.

Topic: Police Overreach (Insert Jaws theme music here)

So, I kind of feel like I kicked a puppy just by flirting with the idea of going towards this topic. Immediately upon reading this many people will say, “Oh yeah, well let’s see who she calls when someone breaks into her house!!”

I’m going to go ahead and answer that question: The cops. Because I’m not anti-cop, I’m anti-Police State. Oh, and that’s sort of their original purpose, as opposed to being suited up like The Terminator to go investigate a joint.

No, I’m not going to apologize if adults can’t talk about real issues without a bias that causes them to lash out at people, even if what those individuals are saying is logical. I’m not even going to back down when confronted by those who want to voice their frustrations because they have friends and family in law enforcement, because I do too.

Hey, finish reading, and if you disagree, I would love to discuss it with you via email, or in the comments section.

The barricade that keeps us from solving issues:

Conservatives have a tendency of behaving like liberals when it comes to certain conversations that need to be had; guarding certain topics better than they would the holy grail. I was blocked by a police officer after having a discussion concerning police brutality, apparently discussing a legitimate issue is no longer permitted. This is like men getting mad if you discuss the issue of rape, because they have the same tools that were used in the crime.

Quite frankly, I’m getting sick and tired of saying anything about our need to reduce the police state mentality only to have people assume that I have a Guy Fawkes mask in my purse, and that I belong in zip-tie handcuffs. Come on now, People… Now I finally understand why I rarely find a logical article on the subject! Either you have articles worshipping law enforcement, or you have articles showing complete distain for law enforcement, or you have the articles that are never written because sane individuals approach the topic only to be taken on a guilt trip to the land of heroic stories, where the rivers of bravery floweth, and the dangerous changes taking place in our society are forgotten.

Seriously, I love the police. I appreciate the police. I just want to request that our law enforcement simply do what they were originally designed for before 1984 becomes prophetic.  

On that note:

In 2011 Jose Guerena was shot 22 times while standing in his kitchen. The 26-year-old man was an Iraq veteran who had returned home and was now working the night shift at a mine. After seeing a suspicious person by their house, he put his wife and child in a closet and took his gun out to investigate. A SWAT team riddled his body with bullets while in search of drugs throughout the neighborhood. His home did not have any drugs, and the only marijuana found by the SWAT team was a small bag located in another home.

Reminder: A cannibalistic police officer is unencumbered, and probably fantasizing and enjoying a beer right now while this veteran is in a grave.

In 2010 a 7-year-old little girl was badly burned by a flashbang grenade that was thrown into the window of a her home, landing on her blanket. She was instantly disoriented and unable to hear and follow orders, a member of the SWAT team then entered the home and her life was ended with a single shot in the wake of all the madness.

Just this past May, a no knock SWAT raid ended with a 2-year-old child being thrown into a medically induced coma after have a flashbang grenade land in his crib. A search for drugs that weren’t even found in the home, a home that the suspect didn’t even reside in, ended with an innocent child having a gaping chest wound.

That’s just a sampling. All around the United States the Fourth Amendment is violated because people don’t know their rights, and men in uniform are either ignorant of those rights themselves, or they are taking advantage of the fact that many citizens are oblivious.  Yet if you mention this fact, you might as well have said that dogs don’t go to heaven, and baby ducks should be thrown in wood chippers.

In a press conference held in February of this year, concerning the ridiculous arrest of a jogger that was “resisting arrest,” or in reality, wearing headphones that made her unable to hear the cop shout at her after she jaywalked (no joke,) one police chief actually said, “In other cities there’s cops who are actually committing sexual assaults on duty, so I thank God that this is what passes for a controversy…” This girl was placed on the ground and handcuffed while she cried and begged them to understand that she didn’t do anything wrong.

I followed the comments section of an article on the jogger story and was amazed by the support from other officers for this, well, thug-like arrest. But it’s acceptable that the pigtailed jogger was a victim of police overreach, because well, she’s just lucky that she didn’t get sexually assaulted? That’s a logical defense? I mean, maybe in Soviet Russia, but here? Yes, the chief eventually admitted to the fact that he could have worded that better. By I’m going to throw “worded that better” out into the cold and replace it with, “should’ve never tried to justify it in the first place.”

I hate to go here, but…

No, that’s a lie. I’m pretty ok with going here. The greatest weapon that the Gestapo had in their power was fear. The people thought that the Gestapo had ears everywhere, could do what they wanted without repercussions, etc. and that fear gave the Gestapo the ability to actually do what they wanted without repercussions. Imagine that. They fed off of the ignorance of the people. They even leaked stories of brutality by police so as to put fear into the people. The “it could be worse for you” mentality was rampant, and the people simply wanted to stay safe, so they blindly complied.

I was listening to a video of a gun owner talking to a police officer. The police officer was in full agreement with the man concerning the fact that it was his right to carry his weapon. When the man asked the police officer why he didn’t just explain our rights to the concerned caller that had called the police, the officer eluded to the idea that they would rather not see a lot of people knowing that they can exercise those rights. The police are to blame for much of the anti-gun propaganda, they have aided in fueling so much of the fear surrounding guns…

SIDE NOTE: I’m not justifying the actions of those that are carrying long rifles into restaurants. My opinions on that will be in a different blog post.

Countless videos of civilians refusing a vehicle search are all over the net, and yet those conducting the searches find the ignorance of one’s own rights to be a benefit for the thousands of other cars searched without question. Unfortunately, even GOOD cops are being led down the road of the police state mentality. It’s the ends justifying the means again…But is that who America is? Is that what we want our country to be like? I’ll pass.

The video of a police officer supporting the rights of gun owners made the rounds as well, I shared it excitedly, and then realized that this shouldn’t be considered a “good deed,” it should be considered “their job.”

Let’s look at some facts:

Civilian body counts are rising:

In 2013, 33 police officers were killed in the line of duty. This is a horrid statistic, but it is also the lowest number since 1887. Facts are, crime is not increasing; actually, it is the contrary. Yet in 2012 (couldn’t find 2013 data yet) over 400 civilian deaths occurred, and that unprecedented statistic has continually been increasing since 9/11.

Crime has always existed, and shockingly, homicide rates are down! Taking into account population increase, technically the wild west – well before gun control laws – had the lowest homicide rate between 1880 – current day. Suddenly in the late 1890’s, early 1900’s, union-led gun control laws were enacted and the homicide rates skyrocketed, decreasing once again when prohibition was ending. Then after the JFK assassination, gun control laws were enacted again, and homicide rates skyrocketed.

According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, as of 2013, the percentage of non-fatal gun crime victims dropped 75% since 1993, going from 725.3 victims per 100,000 in 1993 to 181.5 in 2011. Gun homicide rates dropped by 49%, going from 6.5 victims per 100,000 in 1990 to 3.6 in 2010. All in all, there has been little change in crime, there are some ups and downs, but it’s pretty clear that people have been breaking the law for a very long time (I mean come on, the first born human committed murder…). Funny enough, they tend to do it less when individuals carry weapons. Unfortunately, the numbers indicate that crime is not on the rise, police fatalities are not on the rise, and are actually on the decline, but police are more frequently resorting to violence.

Point being, we’ve been living in a corrupt society with psychopaths for quite a while, nothing is going to make that fact go away. The difference is simple – Now we have social media monitoring every move that societal bottom dwellers make. Stories that once upon a time didn’t even make it to a breaking news report across our TV, or the newspaper for that matter, now have a twitter hashtag before an ambulance arrives. Don’t get me wrong, staying informed is beneficial, but understanding the impact social media has had in our ability to hear about the crime is essential for our perspective. Crime is in your face more than ever, that doesn’t justify police overreach.

Scary statistic: More individuals have been killed by Police in the United States than soldiers have died fighting terrorism in the Middle East since the World Trade Center attacks.

Unwarranted Searches & Knowing Your Rights:

After the Boston bombing, Tsarnaev was on the loose. The police proceeded to search homes in Watertown, without warrant, and the occupants of said homes appeased them out of ignorance. This was a direct violation of our Fourth Amendment rights, but our government sold it as an attempt to protect us. As people answered their doors with their hands over their head (little too fearful???), law enforcement began their in-depth searches.

Everybody says, “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear.” And to those people I kindly ask that they get a history book.

According to the Department of Justice, you are 8 times more likely to be killed by a police officer than a terrorist. Yet we actually have people defending no knock raids, and complete violations of the Fourth Amendment through unwarranted searches. They support the legal assaults that take place in airports on children and Grandmas. I live in a country where I can’t take my hairspray on a plane, but someone can troll the NYPD database looking for women to victimize and only serve a year in jail.

I’m going to need to blackout for a minute and digest that.

Alright, I’m back.

So, what changed? Police departments have become militarized. Originally, police officers were armed citizens who took on the responsibility of having arrest powers to protect the people. Now, they are more like a paramilitary organization. People fear American police more now than they ever have, and I had my concerns validated when a police officer said “Good!” when I mentioned that very fact. Officers have adopted a warrior mentality, and have assumed that the rest of the population consists of ignorant sheep. Looking at those they swore to protect and serve as enemies, or weaklings. Yes, many police officers give their lives in the line of duty, and many civilians are also killed recklessly. Could it be that it is everyone’s fault? If we are teaching officers to look at civilians as below them, or enemies, are we not just fueling the separation?

I’ve heard from many good hearted and conservative police officers that sincerely wish for civilians to be less armed. That’s not ok. It just means that we are failing the police officers being trained, because we clearly aren’t teaching them to respect the rights of citizens. Amazingly, when I talk to retired police officers they say the exact opposite. So, are we currently encouraging police officers to behave irresponsibly, to see innocent civilians as the potential enemy? I once heard a cop say, “I couldn’t care less what their rights are when I’m in the heat of the moment.” I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that this particular police officer probably should’ve chosen a different career path.

Police officers do not face the same justice system that civilians do:

If you kill a police dog, you will be charged with taking the life of an officer. Yet if a cop comes on to your property without a warrant and kills your animal, you’ll get to pay the vet bill to have them cremated.

I personally take great issue with this. I have a German Shepherd that is trained to guard my home, and she stays inside all day. She doesn’t know the difference between a cop breaking in, or Jeffrey Dahmer (apparently it could be both,) she just knows that it is her job to keep my home safe. I don’t like the idea that a police officer can get off the hook for slaughtering my dog  if for some reason they decide to illegally enter my home, only to escape the justice system because they have a badge. If that’s the way it’s going to be going forward, law enforcement is going to become the career of choice for aspiring criminals, similar to how it was for the Gestapo.

SIDE NOTE: Yes, I read the adorable story of the cop that saved a dog and found its owners. Once again, that cop deserves a thank you. Interestingly enough, he recognized the poor image that the police now have with civilians concerning pets, and he made it a point to say that they all don’t behave that way. I give a sincere kudos to that officer.

My recommendation:

If you are a police officer that is easily angered during police overreach discussions, you’re just increasing the chances that those listening will learn not to trust the police. Don’t defend criminals, even if they wear a badge, because that only gives us a substantiated reason to doubt whether your loyalty lies in protecting the innocent, or protecting whoever has a matching outfit.

If a group of mid-20’s blonde women with brownie batter addictions break in and rob a jewelry store, I’m not going to defend them because I’m a mid-20’s blonde woman with a brownie batter addiction. If you don’t want the world to act like the police are the largest gang in the United States, Hint: stop acting like it by pulling the gang loyalty card with the “Blue Code of Silence.” I get it, there is loyalty there, like in the military; However, let’s draw the line at say…oh, I don’t know…An unreasonable raid that left a 2 year-old with a gaping chest wound from a flashbang grenade. A woman that was stripped nude and pepper sprayed multiple times even after they had her in control behind bars. Or, maybe the unreasonable search of vehicles and homes without warrants?

I hope to see police officers bringing up these issues. If you are dedicated to protecting the people of the United States, why not call out those that are harming them, or those that are violating their rights?

Police, I want to work with you, because I am a law abiding citizen that hates crime. I want to see us be friends again, I don’t want to fear you when I don’t have a reason to do so, I don’t want to have to fear for my rights, I want you to know and understand them, and I want you to want the people of this country to know and understand their rights so that we can build a safer tomorrow. A tomorrow where we realize that a SWAT team is not necessary to apprehend little Billy’s weed stash.

To all of the police officers that respect the rights of the people, please let me express my gratitude. We need people like you on our side, I respect you, and I am thankful for your sacrifice. I appreciate the few that commented on some of those posts calling out your fellow brethren for violating the rights of the people. I don’t want the police to go away, I just want them to know their place in a free society. Contrary to both sides of the debate, respect and restraint are not antithetical.

Alright…I’ll take my lashings now. If by lashings you mean a piece of cake….or pie…I’m not picky.

-  MB

Defining a Hero

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A while back I wrote Defining a Monster (click here for link to post), this is my follow up:

My 5 year-old nephew runs into the room slamming his fists to the ground, pretending as though he were the star of an action packed blockbuster. Our masked vigilante valiantly fighting the evils of the world that’s located inside his vivid imagination with his staggering height and built muscles, which also only exist in his vivid imagination. He’s still at the age where he thinks that finishing off his potatoes will bring instant results to his muscle mass. I remember being little and constantly thinking of stories in my head, I look at him and just think of the wheels that must be turning. The momentary bravery it takes to fight the elusive “bad guy” that he’s created, and then the innocence of the hero that suddenly needs milk with his brownie and pizza.

As we entered the new year, I noticed a lack of excitement that normally accompanies the determination that somehow gets harpooned into our souls when the clock strikes midnight. It was as if we spent all of 2013 sailing closer and closer to Cape Horn, and as we stood on the ship deck counting down the minutes to midnight we contemplated the dangers of the waters soon to be traveled. Instead of the ball dropping in time square, we saw the high winds, the sharp rocks, the daunting icebergs; all of the dangers ahead would surely find us to be inexperienced sailors in well over our head, and they would undoubtedly take advantage at every possible turn. I don’t think it’s a secret, 2014 is not a number known for its coming joys for America.

Since the new year we have faced insurance difficulties, as well as an updated projection from the CBO for what we should expect for future full-time job loss due to the ACA. The expected numbers more than doubled, and the part time epidemic is set to take hold due to insurance regulations.  Additionally, yet another poor job report was released last week that seems to prove the pessimistic economists to be prophets. I’ll definitely be talking about some of those issues in the coming posts, but today I wanted to do something different.

I am not always the most delicate in my deliverance of opinion. I find the truth to be best when it’s laid out bare; admittedly, concerns over the brittleness of eggshells rarely infiltrate my mind. Reason is of the utmost importance to me, to a fault I might add. There’s no denying that God has His hands full with me and my unbridled skepticism, I surely earn my place on the cross daily. Have you ever played 20 questions with a 5 year old? Now imagine your patience level by question 50. Now tack on a couple million questions and you might have a feeling for what God endures from this daughter of His.

Issues & debates are puzzles, puzzles need to be solved. Period. I have to shut that part of me down sometimes, followed by walking away due to the fact that shutting that part down is normally not a process I’m willing to perform twice. My tolerance level for discursiveness is not what one would note as “desirable“, for me it’s like taking the organized puzzle pieces and throwing them on the ground in an attempt to complete the puzzle. It doesn’t make sense. More so, I find that we are far too delicate in matters that call for unabashed truth, and often brash in matters that call for delicacy. It’s the human condition colliding with Christianity that I wrote about in my last post. So while some may charge me with being too critical of the Christian, “my own kind”, I’ve always been more apt to lean on the side of logic and ignore the social norms of Sunday night potluck positivity.

Growing up I loved things that glowed in the dark; stars on a ceiling, secret notes on black paper, etc. (Clearly I was meant to be a spy.) But I always remember those things being so dull when all of the lights were on. You couldn’t see them or admire their contributions to the dark in a fully lit room. We used to run and find a room that had no windows, the darker the better; every step into the darkness made the secret words on black paper easier to read, every bit of sun that disappeared made the stars brighter. Some may accuse me of dwelling on the negative, or obsessing with the world. That’s their opinion. I don’t dwell on the negative, I just care deeply about those swallowed up by the negative. I’m not obsessed with the world, I simply hurt for those in its grasps. And sometimes, I turn off all the lights and look in the darkness for that glimmer of light that refused to buckle in to the black. My admiration for those glimmers of light and how Christ used them outweigh any assumptions of my obsessions with the repugnance of the world in my mind. To be honest, I am filled with hope, overflowing with gratitude for my Savior, and breathlessly amazed at how He moves in this world. As the song goes, I pray that my heart continues to break for what breaks His.

SO, in honor of the approaching sharp rocks, I couldn’t think of anything more fitting than to write about a few men that saw danger and met it with heroic determination. In a world where Iron Man is idolized and Thor is worshiped, sometimes the most heroic of men go unnoticed. Right now I’m content with my nephew’s infatuation with Captain America and his powerful shield that brings down the evil that stalks the world, but someday I hope his adoration and interests are held by men who didn’t need a shield; men with hearts that shook the world more than The Hulk’s mighty fists ever could. The logic that appealed to the natural instinct of self-preservation in these men was trumped by the logic of human worth and hope, which is itself an act that defies the idea of a Godless world and speaks to the greatest form of proof for Him that we can experience daily. That is why sometimes it’s a good thing to acknowledge the dark.

We do not know what a Jew is, we know only men.” – Words spoken by Andre Trocme when asked by the Nazis to produce a list of Jews. Andre lived in Le Chambon-sur-Lignon, France during the Holocaust. He, along with his wife, were responsible for helping what is believed to be over 4000 Jewish refugees find homes in his city. He, as the “spiritual leader”, encouraged the townspeople to do the work of God. He continued to tell his followers that when the Nazis came and took him away – for his refusal to provide a list – that they were to continue in the effort to save as many as they could. He woke up every morning to the realization that his life could end, or that he would be imprisoned, and everyday his ethical convictions drove him to continue. Thankfully, he survived the war and passed away in 1971.

Giovanni Palatucci was an Italian Police Official and chief of the Foreigners’ Office. He was put in charge of the Adriatic seaport of Fiume (Croatia). In 1938 the anti-Jewish laws were put into place, and he disobeyed said laws. He forged travel papers for hundreds of Jews so that they could flee persecution. In 1943 the government fell and was occupied by the Nazis. He was ordered to arrest the Jews and have them deported to concentration camps. Simply defying orders would have led to his termination and be of no help to the Jews, so he devised and executed a plan to have over 5000 Jews sent to a refugee camp that was managed by his uncle. He then destroyed records of all the refugees, and they were saved from the imminent doom that would have met them in Nazi concentration camps. He died at the age of 35 after being arrested by the Gestapo and sent to a concentration camp for his actions. He knew what his actions would cost him if exposed, and yet he charged ahead with a bravery that would put us all to shame.

Chiune Sugihara was a Japanese Diplomat. As vice-consul for a Japanese consulate in Lithuania, he kept his country updated on the actions of both the Nazis, and the Soviet troops. Once the Nazi invasion of Lithuania began, the Jews were scrambling for ways to escape the Nazis that were rounding them up like cattle. It is unknown how many Jews Chiune saved, some speculate that it was 5000, others believe a more accurate number to be 10,000. He was issuing visas to anyone that came to him, writing them for 18 hours a day, violating direct orders in the name of human compassion. Even while he was en route to the train station after being reassigned, he was handwriting visas and throwing them out the car window for desperate Jews. Many of the passports in the crowd were still unstamped when he boarded the train, so he threw his official stamp into the crowd for them to use. Hence why the number of Jews he saved is impossible to even try to calculate.

“I cannot allow these people to die, people who have come to me for help with death staring them in the eyes. Whatever punishment may be imposed on me, I know I should follow my conscience.” – Chiune Sugihara

Chiune Sugihara was finally recognized in 1985 for his heroic rescue of so many Jews. He passed away in 1986.

Does it not concern anyone else that these men disobeyed direct orders, put their lives on the line, one actually losing his life, and yet we don’t speak out about issues because we don’t want to be “divisive” with our dinner party friends? Does that not get to anyone else? Slavery, persecution, etc. are taking place all over the world, and who we vote for decides if we’re going to continue financially supporting those acts. You don’t even have to hide persecuted individuals in your home and disobey the laws of your country, you just have to say the truth! You just have to speak! Educate! Stand up for what is right!

In the next year many families will face financial turmoil. They’ll take on an insurance payment that is equal to, or possibly exceeds, the cost of a mortgage payment. They’ll cut, scrimp, and will no longer save. Is being low on money the worst thing to happen to a person? FAR from it. But this is just the beginning. Families will not be able to afford their deductibles, people will go without healthcare. Healthcare will continue to decline as it becomes less care and more of a conveyor belt health service. People will become numbers, elderly will be declined the care they desperately need. Businesses will start preparing for the ACA, jobs will be cut, unemployment compensation will be insufficient. Families will lose their homes or get creative in their living situations. These are just the facts that we have to step back and recognize them for what they are.

How many of us have heard (or said), “God is in control, I’m not going to concern myself with worldly issues.”?? I know I have heard it PLENTY of times.

The problem: The bible is full of action against evil.

God is in control, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a responsibility to be a voice for the voiceless. As I said earlier about my need for rationality, I look at the world and ponder the theory that silence from Christians is what’s needed, but I find that ideal lacking in any evidence that would substantiate its viability. I’m not asking you to spend this year hiding Jewish refugees in your walls, I’m just asking you to have conversations, to try and educate those around you. Speak the truth. If you don’t know what to speak of, then research the issues plaguing this nation, connect with those who know about those issues and ask questions so that YOU can spread the word. What our government is doing to healthcare has happened elsewhere. What our government is doing to guns has happened elsewhere. What our government is doing with police power has happened elsewhere.

All of those attempts to “reduce crime”, “increase affordable healthcare”, and “make the streets safer” don’t work. In all actuality, those supposed “efforts” make things far more dangerous, careless, and elitist. If you pointed to a wolf and said “that’s a sheep, trust me!”, I still wouldn’t approach the “sheep” because common sense says that it will kill me. Pointing to the ACA and saying that it’s affordable healthcare doesn’t make it affordable, nor does it guarantee that my family will receive healthcare; as a matter of fact, it does the opposite for many hard working families.

Prepare yourself for the midterm elections, learn about your candidates. Don’t just research their opinion on one topic that will benefit your wallet, research what they stand for and how it will affect the rest of the world. The powerful governments “elsewhere” were strengthened by a populous that only cared about themselves, let’s not be that populous. I’m going to make a good number of blog posts about some of the candidates. If you live in a state and would like specific information on candidates, please message us.

Take a moment to thank God for men like Trocme, Palatucci, and Sugihara. Our world can be a dim place, it can be filled with overwhelming hatred and a callousness that makes us weep for the innocent lives that become trapped within its grip for reasons unanswered. But there are heroes that forge through the darkness regardless of what lies wait in the shadows, those men exist in our world today as well. Would you have the fortitude to be one of them?

Enemy-occupied territory – that is what this world is. Christianity is the story of how the rightful king has landed, you might say landed in disguise, and is calling us all to take part in a great campaign in sabotage.” – C.S. Lewis

–  MB


Defining A Monster

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“The Constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people, it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government — lest it come to dominate our lives and interests.” – Patrick Henry

Lately it seems like turning on the News resembles an incredibly violent and depressing TV show that we would normally turn off. We’ve all seen the uplifting messages that attempt to answer the age old question – “What is this world coming to?”. I think somehow we’ve talked ourselves into believing that violence and pain are new additions to our society, that “back when I was a kid” was a utopian paradise where violence had no place.

Sometimes history is the best teacher.

Joe was born in May of 1907, his Mother was American, she had incredibly interesting ancestry that was linked all the way back to the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Those who described him would say he was an enthusiastic and passionate man. His moral stances were at the core of his being, he lived them, he believed them.

Joe was married at 29, he went on to have 4 children who I’m sure he would describe as inspirations for the passions he was so strictly devoted to. You could describe Joe like you would you or me, he had compassion, hope, etc. I’m sure he planned on growing old with his wife, seeing his Grandkids running around the yard playing with one another, I’m sure that when he looked into the eyes of his Newborn son he felt the same joy that you and I would have felt. Joe went through trials just like any of us, when his brother passed away at 19 it was a traumatic event for his entire family, including his 2 sisters and Father.

Joe was raised in a fairly easy upbringing, his family didn’t want for much. He wasn’t into religion, he actually believed it had no place in politics. So be it, we all have opposing views, right? Joe aged, he became closer with political influences. The party he associated with preached on profit sharing, helping the elderly, stabilizing the middle class, and helping to increase the standards of healthcare. Nobel causes. He believed in equal rights. He once wrote this about the leader of his party, whom he would have declared was a hero in moments of a falling nation:

That is the greatest thing about him, That he is not only our leader and a great hero, but himself, upright, firm and simple, In him the roots of our world. His soul touches the stars, and yet he remains a man like you and me.”

It seems to me as though Joe put incredible levels of trust in this man. He trusted him to lead the country that his children would one day inherit, his beautiful 4 children. His statement doesn’t seem to indicate any underlying distrust in the man he is showering with accolades.

Now, I’ve given accolades to Ronald Reagan, we saw movie stars pledging their devotion to Barack Obama, kids worshiping Beyonce and Hollywood, etc. Through the years every leader has had their following, it’s the natural order of things. Some become dangerous, some sacrifice basic knowledge, historical evidence and integrity in the name of a man. Some people – not much different from you and me – remove their natural moral boundaries to do the very same. Lenin had an entire education system sporting badges of his face… Forgotten lessons of a tumultuous history, per se.

This family man with a wife and 4 children would soon say the words “contribution to European culture” after describing his success in the deportation of 65,000 Jews. He would consider it a “contribution to European culture” after sending countless men, women and children from Vienna to death camps. They would be tortured, raped, murdered and it was all for a “contribution to European culture.” You see Joe’s real name is Baldur Von Schirach, he would become a member of Hitler’s inner circle. He was the leader of the “Hitler Youth”.

During the Nuremberg trials Schirach proclaimed that he didn’t know about the death camps, that he disagreed with Hitler, that he had made it known that he didn’t agree with how the Jews were treated when being deported. But yet how many died under his command, how many lives were stolen? How many youth were brought up to hate the Jews under his command? How many Newtowns, how many Columbines, how many Auroras, how many young children were executed like criminals because of the choices he made? The number of deaths attached to his name make the men we label as monsters look like amateurs. His regrets couldn’t bring them back. His regrets wouldn’t give the empty arms of a Mother her child back. His regrets couldn’t reunite a family torn by the hate of men. His regrets couldn’t reverse the trains that led families like yours and mine to their death sentence.

Schirach knew what it was like to be a new Father, he knew what it was like to adore his wife, he knew the joy that comes with looking into the eyes of your child. He still destroyed lives. Why? How? He had been systematically brainwashed into believing that they were in the wrong, that they deserved the treatment, or at least the deportation…Even when his own morals reared their ugly head his dedication to a man overcame him until it was too late. The deeds were done, the graves were filled.

At the end of the opening statement made by Robert H. Jackson during the Nuremberg trials where Schirech was prosecuted, Jackson said the following:

The American dream of a peace-and-plenty economy, as well as the hopes of other nations, can never be fulfilled if those nations are involved in a war every generation so vast and devastating as to crush the generation that fights and burden the generation that follows. But experience has shown that wars are no longer local. All modern wars become world wars eventually. And none of the big nations at least can stay out. If we cannot stay out of wars, our only hope is to prevent wars.”

America, the land of peace-and-plenty. The land of a free people. The land where the people kept their Government in check. You see, the atrocities that the Jews were subject to were preventable. In a world of the naïve evil flourishes, it finds the weakest point and attacks. It seeks out the defenseless, it invades the gun free zones with illegal weaponry because no one can stop it. It knows and cares not that it’s actions are cowardly, it has no aspirations of nobility, no goals of integrity, it – quite simply – seeks to destroy.

Over the past few weeks Washington has been pushing for gun control, hitting the emotional gut of a nation torn with heart wrenching acts. Preaching on the idea that evil is always in your face, the monsters are always wearing a scary mask, and the boogeyman is always hiding in your closet. But it is in these moments of possible change that we need to remember the truth…Evil has been around, it’s not going anywhere, and it’s not changing. The largest school massacre happened almost a hundred years ago, with no guns…While it is common to imagine that the times now are different (and they are to a degree), such tragedies have always existed…They always will.

The evil that causes spontaneous chaos and bloodshed is always recognizable. They may be able to cause mass casualties, enter schools and theaters causing terror, fly planes into buildings or bomb civilians, but from its beginning to its end we call it evil. Why? Because it is recognizable. It is clearly bad, and ending such evil is clearly good. It doesn’t give off the false assumption that it is trying to help others. It’s the outlaw that walks into the saloon gaining the immediate glares of fear.. These monsters are recognized as monsters, to call them anything else would be a denial of clear atrocities.

But evil that has a following that believes their motives are good can cause MUCH more damage. I’m not trivializing the spontaneous violence we have been witnessing of late by any means, just pointing out differences in body count.

One of the largest terrorist acts to ever take place was on 9-11, they claimed the lives of nearly 3000 people. The terrorists had a plan and they struck…They didn’t win over the hearts of the people, they carried out a day of mass chaos causing as much pain as they could. We stood with our hearts heavy, with horror and shock on our face as we watched our fellow citizens die. The Holocaust on the other hand started on a different note, they won many hearts and they laid out upstanding intentions to gain support from the people. This enabled them to enslave and slaughter MILLIONS of innocent civilians over a span of YEARS. The horror and shock didn’t set in until the stoves had already burned red at night and the bodies of men, women and children had been bulldozed into landfills.

Piers Morgan has asked multiple times “what do you fear, gun owners!?”. As though history is impossible of repeating itself.

What do I fear?

Of course I fear the violence we have been witnessing, like any sane human being. I can’t live my life in fear, I KNOW that violence is as old as the earth…When Cain crushed the skull of Abel their wasn’t a gun to blame for promoting a violent society. To say that guns in general awaken the evil in a man is shear buffoonery. But what I really fear is not a world where a man harms a human being and is condemned immediately, like I said, that’s been around forever and I can’t live my life in fear. I fear a world where a man exterminates a family under a direct order from his Government. I fear a Government that has the power and ability to give that order. I fear a people that watch in horror and obey the commands of a worshipped monster out of fear for their family. I fear an ignorant nation that has forgotten that the most successful monsters are the ones that preach peace, unity, fair share, and the idea of a violence free world. That the scariest boogeyman is not the one that hides in your closet, it’s the one you invite into your home.

Our 2nd Amendment is not for the right to hunt, it’s for the right to protect ourselves. The Schirechs of the world who believe that their intentions were good can’t be allowed to ignorantly load the trains. They made the 2nd Amendment so that we are not the regrets of manipulative maniacal leaders and ignorant followers, that our children are not the lessons in corrupted governments for other countries.

For every “It won’t happen here”, I can reference millions of silenced mouths that once muttered the same words.

For every “He’s a good person, he’s not capable of such atrocities”, I can reference hundreds of individuals once described as “good men” that loaded trains of Jews, manipulated hundred of Children in the USSR, or refused to take a position on a man who slaughtered hundreds of innocent infants.

For every “In other countries that are gun free there is peace”, I can reference thousands of statistics and data saying that in those countries crime increased, murder increased, rape increased, theft increased, etc. You will NEVER remove the evil of this world.

For every human prop that our Government uses to push gun control, I can reference the MILLIONS of victims that were denied the means to protect themselves BY their Government, that were silenced BY their seemingly good willed Government, that can’t be used as human props because they never made it out alive.

The targets for the devastating events that have taken place over the years have always been the weak or unprotected. For our Government to blatantly lie – without ANY proof or substantial research – and say that removing guns from law abiding citizens of the US would somehow reduce a societal influence of violence is unmitigated rubbish.

Just remember that those that deny that Governments can turn on The People are either ignorant, dangerously naïve, or are purposefully ignoring the millions of victims that prove otherwise simply for political objectives, including the goal of keeping you oblivious to what is going on. Just remember, the removal of guns or the tightening of gun control has NEVER worked. They may manipulate the numbers to make it seem like it has, but the ACTUAL data available to you proves otherwise. I’m not saying that it’s going to happen here, I’m just saying that I question both the intelligence and/or motives of any historically educated politicians that are seeking to remove guns while being privy to the statistical data…

Below is an excerpt from an Essay written by Ferdinand Von Schirach, the Grandson of Baldur Von Schirach:

Crimes are examined in court. The judge investigates whether the accused was the perpetrator, and then he weighs his degree of culpability. Most of the guilty parties are not that different to us. They made a wrong move, dropped out of normal society or felt that their life was hopeless. Often it’s only a matter of chance whether a person becomes a perpetrator or a victim. Indeed, killing those we love and killing ourselves are very similar.

What my grandfather did is something completely different. His crimes were organized; they were systematic, cold-hearted and precise. They were planned at a desk. There were memos and meetings. He made his decision again and again. At the time, he said that his “removal” of the Jews from Vienna was his contribution to European culture.

After those kinds of sentences, any further questions, any attempts at a psychological explanation, are superfluous. Sometimes a person’s guilt is so massive that nothing else plays a role. Of course, the state itself was criminal. But that doesn’t exonerate men like him, because they are the very ones who brought this state into being. My grandfather did not break through the thin veneer of civilization; his decisions were not the result of misfortune, chance or carelessness.

In criminal trials these days, we ask whether the accused was conscious of what he did, whether he can understand it and differentiate between right and wrong. In the case of my grandfather, all of these things can be swiftly answered. In fact, he was particularly guilty: He came from a family that had enjoyed positions of responsibility for centuries. He had a happy childhood, he was educated and the world was his oyster. It would have been easy for him to decide to live another life. He did not innocently become guilty. In the end, a person’s degree of guilt is always also determined by their circumstances….

… I write about the postwar prosecution of crimes, about the courts in postwar Germany that handed down atrocious judgments, about the judges who only imposed five minutes of imprisonment on Nazi perpetrators for each murder they committed. It’s a book about the crimes committed in our state, about vengeance, guilt and the things we continue to fail at even today.

We believe we are safe, but the opposite is true: We could lose our freedom once again. Doing so would mean losing everything. That is our life now. That is our responsibility.”

Within the words of his essay he also notes that his Grandfather had the words “I was one of you” put on his gravestone, he says that the reported last words of his Grandfather were “What was I thinking”. The echoes of this man’s actions haunt his family, the Grandfather who played cards with his Grandson after his prison term is also the barbarian that his Grandson would grow up to be ashamed of.



History is the Best Teacher… Pass the Gravy.

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At 4 and 5 my nephews have hit the age that when I say “later” to something they actually remember it. When they were younger and they asked for something I would simply say “maybe later”, and within 5 minutes they forgot what it was…But that’s what we as humans are supposed to do, we are supposed to grow and learn, remember the details, hold people in power accountable to their word. For my nephews, this scored them an extra cupcake on Saturday. For the rest of us, it should score us a new President in November. But unfortunately, even though a recent study suggested that 60% of the US population doesn’t trust the news, we still have an incredibly close race…Why?  Perhaps individuals working off of limited details are still swayed by the constant barrage of deceiving monologue.


I am strongly against the mainstream media at this point in time.  They have become nothing more than propaganda reciting machines for the Democratic party. Is that their fault?  Yes.  But the fault also lies with us…  If the mainstream media couldn’t get away with their tactics, if we held them accountable, if we didn’t fall for their pervasive rhetoric, well…facts are, they wouldn’t be as successful as they are at changing the election tides. We’ve said we don’t trust them, but the numbers in the polls (skewed though they may be) either dictate a selfish ideal where a large part of the population has refused to think beyond their own personal wants, or simply an estimate of the politically uneducated and the cleverly disguised wolves that guide them into the abyss…using entitlements and equality as bait. What if the sheep realized that the innocent lambs are the ones that will be left paying off the debts of such selfish ideals, both physically and financially?


This leads me to the point of my post…I’ve had multiple individuals explain to me that they have nowhere to get their news source, that the conservative media is just as biased.Yes, they are all biased. I do believe there is a HUGE difference between Obama’s media groupies and the conservative news outlets, but for the sake of meeting the confused where they are, we’ll call all news outlets unreliable for the remainder of this post.


This morning I read a great article by Shawn Mitchell (Townhall) about what the press should be asking President Obama. Yes, this post came from a conservative site, BUT the questions are quite legitimate and ones we can answer ourselves by just knowing world events. See, it hit me that these questions are answered by his actions, and if we ask the same questions we can come up with the answers quite easily. So, when approaching something like this, get your Google search engine ready…


“Ask him if his policies toward the Middle East may have contributed to current violence there.”


We know that this MSM isn’t going to ask a question like this. So, with a simple Google search, and an admittance from the Libyan President as well as Mr. Stevens journal, we can see that our President ignored warning signs, or better yet, his relationship with Muslim Brotherhood leaders skewed his ability to see danger…  Where America currently stands with the Middle East is at an unprotected, weak and knowingly vulnerable state. So clearly, his policies do have a direct line to the current violence.  


“Specifically, did his decision to pressure Mubarak out of Egypt and to forcibly remove Qaddafi from Libya enable radical elements hostile to the US to rise to power?”


Once again, after a 3 minute Google search on recent statements by President Morsi (Muslim Brotherhood) of Egypt tells us that yes, his policies have lead to a radical rise of power. Morsi himself being one of the greatest examples…this is a violent leader for a violent group, and under his power Christians are being murdered in Egypt with NO repercussions. This is the same man that Obama congratulated.  


“Ask him if his overall approach to engaging the Muslim world has produced positive results.”


No. It hasn’t. We have an extensive body count and a plethora of riots.


“Ask him why, after the attacks on Egyptian, Libyan, and other embassies, his administration immediately asserted the fiction they were spontaneous demonstrations of religious grievance at an obscure internet clip critical of Mohammed.”


Because a spontaneous demonstration could be pinned on a YouTube video maker, instead of on a terrorist attack initiated by a released Gitmo detainee. To say that these were planned attacks is to admit that the radicals see us as the weak country we have become… That wasn’t acceptable to the Obama administration during an election year.  


“Ask why for over a week it denied there was a deliberate targeting of America by terrorist groups on the anniversary of September 11th.  Ask him if it’s true the State Department had warnings of likely attacks in the Middle East at least 48 hours before they occurred.”


We will never get a straight answer to this question, but when the Libyan President himself says these were a planned terrorist attack, as well as multiple other facts, yes…America was warned. Americans were killed in a planned terrorist attack, and in order to get your vote it was not made public.


“Speaking of Obama team players, will any of you professional skeptics ask Harry Reid if he plans to apologize to Mitt Romney for falsely accusing him of paying no taxes for 10 years? And if he doesn’t, then why not?”


This seems like a petty question, but in reality it is incredibly necessary. Why do politicians and media feel that they can say “reliable source” and gain our complete trust. Romney and his taxes were dragged through the mud, now weeks later we find that 44% of his income went to others, but yet where are the apologies? Where are the demands for justice in the Brian Terry case? His parents are mourning the loss of their son, and they don’t even know the facts about his case because our President is hiding documents. I couldn’t care less about Romney’s taxes, but I care a great deal about a family mourning a child while the President treats him like a necessary casualty for the greater good.  


“Will any of you ask the president how he can serve all Americans, as he pointedly told David Letterman is his job, if he doesn’t even know what the national debt is or what he has added to it?”


Serving “all Americans” ended when he started class warfare. We had signs, but refused to see them. Michelle Obama herself quotes Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules For Radicals’ in her 2008 DNC speech. They had no intention of bridging the ever widening, now violent divide between the parties…They achieved exactly what they strived for, they made one class hate another. It was as though they had an RFR Presy-do-list on the fridge that they checked off within the first term. As for the debt? This worked in his favor, study the Cloward-Piven strategy…Breaking you and I was a necessary evil. As George Soros (Obama’s right hand man…or should I say left? lol) said while emptying the homes of Jews during the holocaust, it was never an act he felt guilt over…because the ends justify the means.


“Ask him—if Chrysler and GM couldn’t pay their bills–what he thinks would have happened if bankruptcy law had been allowed to operate in a normal way?  Would Americans’ demand for cars have been less? Wouldn’t Chrysler’s and GM’s assets have been sold in an orderly way to leaner competitors or start up companies, who would have created new jobs and joined other suppliers to serve the American market?”


SUCH an important question…The idea that the auto industry is saved is one of the more blatant lies of the Democrats right now. They are imploding. The auto industry is like a lovely home built on sand…gutted, with weight bearing beams removed. It’s been beautified by the Obama administration, and they are waiting until the election is over to let it crash. Don’t be fooled. The auto industry is in shambles, and the only way it will survive (short term) is with ANOTHER bail out.


“Will you ask if it isn’t it more accurate to say he saved the ruinous pay, benefits, and pensions of the United Auto Workers that GM and Chrysler employed, and did it by lawlessly ripping equity out of the hands of secured creditors and bondholders and gifting it to the labor unions?”


The truth is that the unions write WAY to many checks out to democrats for them to EVER by at the raw end of a deal.  


“And, isn’t it true that the happy talk a while back about GM paying back its loans was highly misleading, as in essentially false? That wasn’t income from auto sales, was it, just federal stimulus grants that GM turned around and handed back to the government? And don’t taxpayers still hold a major chunk of GM ownership in billions of devalued stock? And isn’t the company’s survival still very much in doubt?”


Bum bum bum…Ouch.


See, our lives revolve around our day to day business so much that we have forgotten that so many of these questions can be answered by simply paying attention. Look at the facts from multiple different news sites and then look at the actions of our President towards those facts. I see jokes about not following politics everywhere, why aren’t we asking them why? Maybe we should be looking at our fellow man and asking some questions as well…Like how we as a nation speak of success and hope for our children, but in the face of a Marxist takeover we talk about how we’d rather watch paint dry than listen to anymore politics. Why are we marching into voting booths blind?


I know everyone hates Hitler/Obama comparisons, but I just want to bring up a few points. This morning I was watching a show on the military channel titled “The Fatal Attraction of Hitler”, the show began with a nation of people praising a man who offered hope, he offered a change for the German people. They worshipped him, he was a celebrity. While he was on stage he would wait 1 minute while he took in the crowd, breathing in the energy…His faithful followers in awe of his love for them. They showed one of his speeches when he was campaigning, I imagined myself in the crowd overcome with hope that my nation would come together and grow in strength. The speech was rousing, it delivered goose bumps. One of the narrators explained that if he would have lost and disappeared out of the lime light he would go down in history as one of the greatest political figures, and greatly admired. For many Germans, they wanted Jews out…not helplessly slaughtered, but out.


Despite his hate of Jews, this man was undeniably a tidal wave of new promises for a falling nation. The poor in the streets heard his promises. The hopeless felt his hope. The deprived felt his apparent pain in their depravity. He was worshipped. (Sound familiar?) Tears of joy flowed when he was present, the swastika was proudly flown in the air like a triumphant banner of a coming hope (Now it brings bile into our throats). But at the end of the documentary you have a startling moment of clarity. Even after knowing all of the truths about Hitler, watching him work you are drawn into the captivating nature of his rhetoric, then suddenly it ends by watching the mounds of bodies be bulldozed into mass graves. Mothers, Fathers, Sisters, Brothers, Nephews, Nieces…etc thrown into a hole with no regard to their dreams, their hopes, their futures. Suddenly the rousing hope of a hero is the dangerous rhetoric of a maniac.


I am in no way saying that Obama is identical to Hitler. But we have a symbol of “Hope”, we have people placing their hands over their hearts pledging their allegiance to him. We have a crowd of the dedicated, worshipping him like he is a savior. What could he do to our country? What could Islam do to our country? The distain that he is currently showing towards the makers of an anti-Islamic film maker should be a red flag, though maybe some feel small, it is still a red flag. In comparison, maybe a few negative Jew comments from Hitler seemed small to the masses… Did they know what was coming? Do you think they did? When we start punishing individuals for being offensive to Islam do you realize that being a Christian is offensive to Islam? That it is the radicals receiving the apologies from Obama? That a bounty of 100K has now been put on the film makers head? That Obama’s friends in the Middle East want it punishable by law to speak out against Islam?


During the first raid of the Jewish people they were asked to leave, those who didn’t were imprisoned…but for one minute do you believe that the German people who had whispers of hope seductively sent their direction thought that ovens would be glowing red with the bodies of innocent people, that mass graves would be filled with family members, that scientific tests would be performed on human beings like they were disposable rats? No. They didn’t. Obama isn’t Hitler, and the takeover won’t be the same, the results may not be the same. But part of our nation is now pledging allegiance to a man, not our flag. Historically, that has been deadly 100% of the time. Just because you are an American doesn’t make you exempt. And the man they are pledging allegiance to is making us weak and vulnerable to a radical group of people that would rather us exterminated, and on top of that…he wants to remove our guns. The similarities are chilling, and maybe that is why everyone hates the comparisons so much.


On an end note, my brother hated politics…He would say “I’m not voting for Obama so what does it matter?”, I took him to see 2016 and he has been paying attention now…When I asked him why he said “Because that scared me”. THIS should be our feeling. No matter who you are voting for, you should know the truth. It is time to wake up from our slumber.