Reason & Facts vs. Personal Attacks

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I’m quite careful when labeling issues as “taboo,” I believe that we tend to label too many issues with this description in an attempt to “pick up the torch,” per se. It gives us a false sense of purpose, and instead of simply talking about the subject, or bringing awareness, we instead make it an uncomfortable topic when most of the time it wasn’t one to begin with.

I’m not insinuating that some subjects aren’t truly taboo, because clearly there are many. My point is to simply note that talking about certain subjects removes the taboo, labeling it “taboo” for some self-serving purpose, does not. It always boggles my mind to google and find thousands of different blog posts about one “taboo” subject. I have that special little, “I do not think that word means what you think it means” moment.

To my point – If there is a beloved female in the conservative movement right now, it is Dana Loesch. She is worshipped on twitter, and held in high regard in the majority of conservative circles. So in the beginning of last week I stifled my opinion for the most part, especially since I kept thinking to myself that speaking negatively against Dana is “taboo,” so “just don’t do it” flooded my mind. Then I found myself writing a letter to The Blaze, and in said letter I proclaimed the opposite of what I had said in my silence:

So while the crowd follows this type of vitriol with excited anticipation for the next “take down,” there are some of us who have never followed, tail wagging, behind the popular girl who purposefully hurts people to get a laugh or a pat on the back. I never have, and I won’t start now.

SO, here I am to put my money where my mouth is after calling out my own hypocrisy, even if no one was privy to its existence in this particular case.

As noted above, last week I sent a letter to The Blaze concerning The Dana Show, and while I won’t share the entire letter, I do plan on sharing bits of said letter throughout this blog piece.

As a Conservative, very little that the left does makes me cringe anymore. I’ve learned to accept the depravity that accompanies most of their ideologies, especially those that have an incredibly destitute view of human value. Don’t get me wrong, there are decent people on the left side of the aisle, but the policies themselves wreak of principles that embrace proclivities for the sheer sake of self satisfying goals.

That said, I find myself cringing quite often these days when reading the, almost villainous, replies from fellow Conservatives. So, this blog post is for those of us who wish to be more in this world than a cheap and forgettable witty comeback. So, pretty much everyone. If you don’t fall into that category, you probably shouldn’t be reading my blog.

I can be sarcastic, a lot, but I try to remain sarcastic towards the beliefs or stance of a person while making truth and honesty the forefront of my arguments, not their personhood, and I always keep it clean. Why? Because why shouldn’t I? Should I fight back with material that only serves to demonstrate a possible absence of substance? That’s exactly what the elitist “progressives” crave. They want us to get down into the mud and play their game, because then they’ll photograph us when we’re muddy and use them as a weapon against us; rightfully so, I might add. This doesn’t make me special, or superior, it simply makes me reasonable. Do I think things about some people that I shouldn’t? Of course, but like most people, I try to control myself.

So what happened to make me write a letter to The Blaze? A woman called Dana a “bitter hag.”

Call me cold hearted, this would not even budge my feelings enough to garner a reply. I wouldn’t be rendered speechless out of offense, I would be rendered speechless out of a need to conserve precious time that this particular comment would waste with an unwarranted reply. Yet this comment was used as the catalyst for a childish “yo momma” segment. “You’re gonna love this,” Dana declared before reading the “bitter hag” comment in her character voice of the day, to the sound of intimidating music.

Hmmmm…probably not, Dana.

As I mention in my letter, “When I think of the things that she has been called, or what I’ve been called, or pretty much anything else that any other conservative woman has been called, “bitter hag” is an incredible upgrade.” I stand by that statement, and my reasoning was clarified later on in the letter:

Have we crossed the isthmus? Are we no longer able to voice personal opinions without juvenile Mean Girl-esque attempts to personally attack someone? More importantly, did being called a “bitter hag” really offend Dana that deeply? Or was it a convenient way to get the “attaboy” accolades from the masses? If she was offended that deeply, I’m forced to reconsider my personal opinion that she is a strong conservative woman. If it was the latter, I’m forced to reconsider my opinion that she is a strong conservative voice of reason.”

Why was I so impassioned by this particular segment? After reading the comment, Dana proceeded to show a picture of this woman, then showcased a photo of this woman’s mother. She then proceeded to verbally assault this woman on her overbite, attacked her facial features, her couch, her hair, and also made fun of their looks in comparison to her family’s self-proclaimed superior looks. Oh, to be so blessed aesthetically. Somewhere within the diatribe there was even a z-snap, then it ended with a final jab that taught the woman a lesson about helping her frizzy hair to be tamed with a dime size amount of conditioner.

Too far, Friends. Too far.

My below reply to her may seem harsh, but her response to this woman was the quintessential villainous response from Conservatives that I’ve grown to fear:

“My elderly family members are, shockingly, not supermodel candidates. I’m guessing that this reality is shared by, well, everyone that doesn’t have a 50 year old supermodel Grandmother. Imagine that, people get old and unattractive, and if your daughter calls someone a “bitter hag,” your photo can be paraded and mocked on TV by a woman with an Ichthys tattooed on her wrist.”

Every person that she ever debates will probably have an elderly family member or an unattractive feature. Come on, it’s low hanging fruit. Female empowerment does not find its core in the arrogance of the popular girl, female empowerment is found in our ability to think rationally. If we can’t move above grade school tactics, we are just as immature as those who buy votes with “free” contraceptives and degrading “first time” commercials that are specifically targeting an audience that they assume is of lesser intelligence, i.e., women.

I disagreed with the hate mail portion of The Dana Show to begin with, but this was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Why, you might ask, was this so important to me? Important enough to create a letter? Because I know that Dana is capable of thought provoking points, she is talented in opening the eyes of those she debates with, and she is incredibly intelligent. All of those qualities are lost on the other side if this is how she plans to conduct her behavior. As I said in the letter, the hate mail segments just seemed to cross the line between wit and obnoxious to me, even though they did nothing to offend me.

If she read her hate mail with a Darth Vader mask I’d be a bit more amused…maybe. Probably not, but it’s a possibility.

I felt in a way that it was belittling to women. Is this how we see ourselves? As sniveling beings in need of pointless vent sessions using various accents for theatrics? Maybe I’m on my own little island when it comes to that view point. Or, maybe I realize that if I wasn’t grounded in my opinions, and I was looking for a side that was speaking the truth, I would pass up the theatrics and look for the adults with facts.

So now the question is posed to us: What do we want to be known for when it comes to our political opinions? For our, questionable at best, wit when it comes to producing nicknames, e.g., “Obummer,” and “Moochelle,” or our ability to comprehend the Labor Force Participation data? For our solid z-snap, or our dedication to fighting for the voiceless? Whether we can weaken our opponents into a crying hot mess over their hair texture, or whether we can present them with facts that leave them unable to intelligently defend their position?

I know what I’ve chosen.

Sarcasm and wit lighten the mood, or get your point across in a more direct manner, when used in the right context. But when they are used to attack a person extraneously, as she has done sporadically in the past, they only serve to demonize the views of conservative women everywhere. We should find our views to be substantial and without need for petty attacks that speak to the supposed ignorance they accuse us of having. Not because we need them to think we have a factual viewpoint, but because we do have a factual viewpoint. We don’t need the petty attacks, because we have the truth. Personal attacks are nothing but unmitigated nonsense when either side participates in their furtherance, and beyond that, they are harmful to conservative women who stand on reasoning and facts.

Alright. Now I feel better. Time for coffee.

-          Mb


A Rose by Any Other Name…

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When I was 9 years old I attended a private school in Pennsylvania, stiff upper-lip teachers, uniforms and all. We read a great deal of books while at school; in addition, we had to list off a number of books that we would read during the year at home. The part I hated most would grow to be the part I appreciate most now: comprehension tests. After each book we had a set of rigorous questions to answer, each pertaining to intricate details found within the book. With the glaring eyes of a teacher staring through you as you stumbled for the answers to the multitude of questions, you quickly learned to actually pay attention when you took to reading your books.

Could my teacher have simply taken us through the areas that answered the questions? Of course. We would have passed the tests with flying colors, received a good grade, and the clouds would have opened up and beamed a heavenly glow around a highly approved teacher. But what good would it do for our actual education, not just the grades on a paper? Nothing. You can teach a child to pass a test, but the result will not be the comprehension of the materials.

Welcome to Common Core.

I could go on a 6 page tangent over the idea that classic literature and personal writing is somehow deemed irrelevant to those that add their approval to such poor standards, but alas, I won’t only focus on this one issue since it is simply one large missing portion of a widely flawed initiative. Ok…For the sake of being honest, I’ll probably focus a lot of this post on said portion. Our society would rather have kids droning on about vampires and Anastasia Steele than topics and stories that challenge the reader to create within their mind a space welcoming of creativity, and that’s the sad fact.

Common Core attempts to prepare kids for the workforce (emphasis on “attempts”), not for college. By high school, common core will place kids years behind the education level in other countries. Can schools do anything about that? They can modify the standards by an additional 15%, but the standards themselves are under a copyright by NGA Center, and the Council of Chief State School Officers; regretfully, they are the only group that has the legal right to change the standards. So if your school says “we modified and only partially adapted” in an attempt to bring levity to the change, realize that they are grossly misleading you, or they have no idea what they’re talking about – both of which should concern you.

Why did states welcome Common Core with open arms, many knowing the issues it would cause? The almighty dollar. Money trumps the future of your child’s education in today’s world, it’s as simple as that. Money and waivers are given to those that welcomed Common Core standards and testing. Period.

Sandra Stotsky, Professor of Education Reform, had the following to say about Common Core standards when she refused to sign off on the standards:

“As empty skill sets, Common Core’s ELA “college readiness” standards weaken the base of literary and cultural knowledge needed for authentic college coursework, decrease the capacity for analytical thinking, and completely muddle the development of writing skills.”

She goes on to note that English teachers are being asked to teach on materials that are beyond their skill set. At minimum, 50% of the curriculum must be filled with informational nonfiction material (questionable material at best); reducing literary material to dismal levels, occasionally minor quotes and sections are substituted instead of allowing students to absorb the full material.

Maybe now is when you might question the importance of literature. “What’s the big deal?”… As infuriating as it is to even hear it be questioned, I believe that we should seize the opportunity to explain.

If not for the works of Mary Wollstonecraft, the original feminist movement may not have been born. No, not today’s feminist movement, the feminist movement that would be revolted by today’s feminists and their ultimate goal of objectifying women across the globe.

“…and women, intoxicated by the adoration that men (under the influence of their senses) pay them, don’t try to achieve a permanently important place in men’s feelings, or to become the friends of the fellow creatures who find amusement in their society…

…as blind obedience is ever sought for by power, tyrants and sensualists are in the right when they endeavor to keep women in the dark, because the former only want slaves, and the latter a play-thing.”  – Mary Wollstonecraft

Literature is an important key to understanding moral customs and cultural differences. We learn about the beauty of a free society and the struggles highlighted for our minds to analyze. We are forced to contemplate good and evil, acknowledge the differences between our fellow man, and imagine for just a time that we are struggling with the lost. Our emotions are challenged, and our compassion developed. It teaches us the benefits of metaphors, comprehension, and depth of character; every person, every stage, every smell, every scene is custom to the reader. Building it inside of our minds while the story unfolds. They are not just a people spoken about in our history books, the characters become a being that we know and care for; we develop a logical response to both good and bad actions through our connection to the character. You may choose to toss it out with the pile of what you deem to be useless art, but I fear that the societal decline that has accompanied the lack of reading and writing is of no coincidence.

Let’s also not forget that our failing vocabulary could use a substantial lift.

See “bling,” “twerk,” “cuz,” “totes,” “peeps,” “adorbs,” “realz,” “dat,” “haz,” “luv,” “YOLO,” “swag,” “outa,” “dat,” “whatevs,” etc…. I rest my case. Do you realize that many of those words won’t even be corrected by autocorrect? Dat should totes make you weep 4 humanity, Peeps, 4 realz.

Our education system is encouraging/forcing kids to waste much of their time on not using their mind to contemplate morals, use critical thinking or build worlds inside their imagination. If time is the true currency, what our schools are doing is as frivolous as flushing your money down the toilet. In reality, it is more so. Once again Stotsky reiterates:

“Teachers and parents are regularly being told that more technical and persuasive writing will boost students’ critical thinking.  But little analytical thinking is apt to appear in letters to the principal about cafeteria food that kids are often encouraged to write in order to practice writing a “persuasive” letter. Reading researchers know there is absolutely no research to support the idea that increased study of “literary non-fiction” or “informational” texts in the English class, or increases in persuasive writing, will increase students’ level of analytical thinking.  There is every reason to believe they will, instead, lower the level.”

To read her full statement, click here.

I would be remiss if I also didn’t note that we had already experienced the failures of universal testing with NCLB (No Child Left Behind). Schools in low income neighborhoods became what Common Core wishes for all schools to become: test preparation programs. NCLB disciplined high performing schools and children on its war path to lift poor performers up. This never works. It’s never worked. Why do we keep trying such doomed experimental programs with education AND economics???

So then we take billionaires and politically motivated organizations and give them the reins to dismantle a democratic institution that has done more to bring equality than any other democratic institution in the USA? We provided opportunity to those who made the choice to seek it out, now we are punishing those who strive for success. Since NCLB & Common Core, there has been an increase in charter schools; meanwhile, thousands of public schools have been forced to close. Public schools that while in poor neighborhoods were the bridge that offered hope and freedom to children that, despite their circumstances, created within themselves the ability to survive & accomplish. Years later we now have increased child poverty, and the continual widening of achievement gaps due to standards that were backed by both sides of the aisle.

Well done, Ol’ Chaps!

Back to Common Core – Not only will children suffer in their reading and writing, but in a world where comprehension is not a priority, math and various other studies will take a detrimental blow. We are already seeing arithmetic problems in grade school students turned into 100+ steps of wasted time. It is making children feel like failures, when in reality, their minds should be built to solve the problem in the most logical way. Horrifyingly, these practices have never even been tested! They’ve turned the United States education system into a giant experiment. The weakness of the Common Core math standards were even noted by the creators of the standards themselves.

But then it gets even better!

We have a nation of kids who have constant entertainment. Video games, television, movies, etc. fill their days. Constantly being fed the narrative. Constantly being mind numbingly entertained. Then we send them to school and expect them to pay attention to the mundane, the redundant, and the unimaginative, then drug them because they are “hyper.”

Historically we didn’t have the issues that we have, and many other countries don’t either, so what gives? Clearly changes in the last 50 years have led us to this point, what were they? Do they have to do with chemicals? Food Dyes? Education? Shouldn’t those be the first questions we respond with before we start pumping children with more pharmaceuticals than an 80’s rock band?

If you or your child exhibit 6 of the 18 ADHD behaviors, you/they can be labeled as an individual who suffers from a “biologic abnormality of the brain” and handed a prescription. Read the behavior list sometime, you’ll likely come to the same conclusion as me: every human being at some point has suffered from ADHD. Imagine the entire population of Nicaragua, that’s roughly how many children in the US alone are on Psychotropic drugs. Kids are diagnosed at an alarming rate. Once signs of a hyper personality are found, parents, teachers, and doctors flock to the easy out like starving castaways who have just come upon a Pizza Hut.

Maybe I’m just primitive in nature, turning from my cave art to watch the spectacle and shake my club in mumbled revolt, but those “symptoms” seem to me to be an epidemic of both the mind and the heart. I’m not a doctor, but I am an observer of society and the downhill slope it’s taking that leads directly to a lava pit.

In a world filled with sensory overload, we’ve lost a huge part of who we are. With every advancement made in video games, the entertainment industry, and now faulty school standards, we slam another nail into the casket of creativity and imagination.  Now I’m not saying that all movies, games, and shows are bad, I’m just saying that as time goes on, our hearts become more invested in things that require little thought process. God created our minds to be used, and when kids are scratching on the walls of conformity we’ve now decided they need a pill instead of a change. They don’t require self-discipline because it’s not expected any longer, and then we have to deal with ADULTS that have no self-discipline.

And Isn’t that a peach….

Welcome to the new America. Start standing up against the change, or conform to the new thought standards, perpetuating a system that creates robots that simply obey the government agenda. Educators & politicians can call what they are doing education, but indoctrination by any other name will destroy as swiftly.

“What appalls me most about the standards is the cavalier contempt for great works of human art and thought, in literary form. It is a sheer ignorance of the life of the imagination. We are not programming machines. We are teaching children. We are not producing functionaries, factory-like. We are to be forming the minds and hearts of men and women to be human beings, honoring what is good and right and cherishing what is beautiful.” Dr. Anthony Esolen – Providence College


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Scandals happen. From the illegitimate son of Grover Cleveland to The Whiskey Ring and Credit Mobilier scandals during the Ulysses S. Grant Presidency, or maybe the Reagan era Iran-Contra scandal, the Nixon Watergate or Monica (No additional titling needed).

All of the above scandals either had the TV exploding with breaking news or tested the speed and efficiency of printing presses across the US. Reporters loaded with more questions than they’d ever have the opportunity to ask, grasping at any open door presented to them to break the next big story; motivated by the possibility of a career rocketing moment.

You could argue that all Presidential scandals have been politicized, they’ve been used – maybe even flaunted – by the opposition; whether you carried a torch for the targeted prosecutor Archibald Cox, or laughed at the sheer hypocrisy of feminists accusing the right of a war on women while sharing a stage with President womanizer himself, we’ve all found ourselves choosing sides and pointing fingers to the other side of the aisle.

But what makes the Obama scandals different? Well, let’s go over a few prior scandals:

Glover Cleveland: A child without a Father, socially unacceptable…especially when the Father is leading the country.

Ulysses S. Grant: His cabinet was a mess. He was disgraced with the scandals, yet defended those close to him. Partiality was no stranger during his presidency.

Watergate: Bribery, wiretapping, perjury, OH MY!

Bill Clinton: Oh giggles. Though aiding in the crash of the housing market should have been bigger news, President Clinton claimed the headlines with his tumultuous relationships instead.

Reagan Presidency – Iran-Contra was a bit more detailed as there were hostages that the Reagan administration was concerned with saving. Wrong or right in their actions, I still wanted to list it so as not to seem “partial” to conservatives. I’ll also take advantage of the opportunity to show you what Reagan said concerning the scandal:

“First, let me say I take full responsibility for my own actions and for those of my administration. As angry as I may be about activities undertaken without my knowledge, I am still accountable for those activities. As disappointed as I may be in some who served me, I’m still the one who must answer to the American people for this behavior….A few months ago I told the American people I did not trade arms for hostages. My heart and my best intentions still tell me that’s true, but the facts and the evidence tell me it is not. As the Tower board reported, what began as a strategic opening to Iran deteriorated, in its implementation, into trading arms for hostages. This runs counter to my own beliefs, to administration policy, and to the original strategy we had in mind.”

We never really found out what exact roles Reagan played in the scandal; however, he still took on full responsibility for what happened within his administration.

The Obama scandals contain something that sets them apart from the rest. Far apart. Like miles apart. Oceans apart.


Fast & Furious: Although leftist enjoy tossing Operation Wide Receiver in our face whenever this is mentioned, I enjoy the fact that the tossing of this Bush gun running tactic is like a sweet pitch right over the plate. You see, during OWR the Mexican government was aware of the gun running, the guns were tracked, and once our government realized that the tracking devices were being removed the operation ended. Bringing up OWR actually helps in conveying the blatant disregard involved in Fast & Furious; A gun running scandal involving untracked guns and no knowledge of activities from the Mexican government. Fast and furious resulted in over 300 filled graves with individuals killed by our guns; left like calling cards to mock our stupidity and recklessness, US weapons show up at Mexican Cartel crime scenes.

Benghazi: If you don’t already know the details, you should. Unlike previous scandals, this scandal puts an entirely new level of meaning to the word ‘Scandal’. Specific orders given that guaranteed help was not sent to our brave men in Benghazi. For over 7 hours our government stood by while our Ambassador was raped and murdered, giving a “Stand down” order to anyone within the range of aiding the brave Americans under attack. No one has shouldered the blame, and we now know that those orders were given by the top of the food chain, not the low level employees who have been camped out under the bus during all of these scandals. Then to add yet ANOTHER twist to the scandal, a YouTuber is currently sitting in prison, and the Obama administration knowingly lied and deceived the people of this nation. The media ignores the truth about Benghazi so adamantly that most US citizens aren’t even aware of the victims that gave their life. The details of this case are so vast that they warrant their own post…book…impeachment.

IRS scandal: Targeting, auditing, profiling, OH MY!

AP scandal: The media finally awakens to the underhandedness of the Obama Administration.

Hundreds of graves? No.

Leaving Ambassadors to die? No.

IRS targeting conservatives? No.

Getting their phone records? Alright NOW you’ve crossed a serious line!

With shovels in hand the Obama administration is ready to bury any shred of evidence that points to them. But it seems as of late that in their quest to seek eternal innocence they’ve become rather sloppy in their crime scene clean-up. Like the robber that has to destroy the fan adorned with their fingerprints that they had to use to dry the newly applied paint on the walls that were scratched while removing the carpet that contained blood from their hand after they cut it cleaning up a vase that broke while they were trying to steal the stapler. Regardless of the actual crimes – despicable as they may be – any sane person would walk into the room and say “what the heck happened here!?!?”.

Now if only the media had been more like journalists and less like coconspirators back when Benghazi and Fast and Furious happened, we may not have the AP & IRS scandals going down right now. While they scrape the bottom of the dignity barrel for any shred of credibility they have left, those of us who saw the bloody writing on the wall in the first place are left clutching our pearls in shock over their new found interest.

While I’m hoping that the minor break in media malpractice continues until members of the Obama administration are held accountable, I won’t hold my breath. To be honest, I look at this sudden change and hope it is exactly what the media claims. I’ve viewed a few blogs from individuals who believe that the sudden outing of the last two scandals are very convenient for an administration that would rather deal with those scandals than face the facts being revealed about Benghazi.

I saw many posts from Republicans congratulating the President on taking “action” with the IRS debacle. As much as I’d love to give kudos, it’s hard for me to toss out accolades for someone who is a professional at throwing low level employees under the bus. I’ve also witnessed a lot of information that seems to suggest that Obama was more informed about the IRS targeting well before this. If that’s the case, it would bode well for him to throw his targeted blame takers under the bus and be over with this issue…Hmmmmm…Maybe there is a reason for his speedy action?

From another angle, you could say that taking care of such an issue in proper time would also paint him as a President who handles issues, which happens to be the exact opposite of what we are accusing him of doing in the first place. More motive? Let’s not forget that Obama puppet master George Soros gave millions to some of the groups that put pressure on the IRS to target Conservative Nonprofits.

My reasons are purely hypothetical and hopefully not true; however, I know how this administration works. They calmly bury the screaming boxes of evidence while releasing exactly what they want you to see. So, I’d caution those who are boarding the Thank Goodness The Media Is Finally Doing The Right Thing plane headed to Obamafinallydidsomethingrightville. Because I’ve heard of those flights, and the stewardesses are always serving kool-aid.

I would encourage everyone to read this —–>


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On Friday I stumbled out of bed in what can only be described as an impeccable audition for a movie based on the coming Zombie apocalypse, due to the shards of glass I felt as though I was swallowing, I was grasping at my throat and speaking with the rasp of Marlon Brando; clearly I have a multitude of acting options. Zombie Godfather anyone? AmIRight?

After a couple days of sleep, cold pills, garlic tea, apple cider vinegar, honey and fish oil, I’m finally feeling like I’ve crossed over from “I’m going to die” to “watch it, I’m still not feeling great and the snark is strong.”

So what does one do at 2am while they’re choking down garlic tea? Or at 3am when steaming their face with a hot towel wrapped around their neck? Or at 1am while sitting on the couch dazed and confused and not even sure how I got there? Well, I decided to read Twitter and Facebook. I was able to catch up on all of the bitter – media hating – feelings circulating throughout the US…

I didn’t even know that parts of the US were still awake at that time…unless they were like me, choking down garlic water and fish oil…like a boss.

So, I started thinking about a conversation that took place on Twitter Thursday between Tweeters that have significant followers and more pull in the Conservative movement then I do. They were discussing the idea of taking down NBC, I concurred with them; NBC is the weakest link in the industry and thusly, the easiest kill.

I know, I’m even creeping myself out.

Basically their point is that by taking out NBC you send a message to the rest of the stations that we have reached the end of our rope with the media bias that blatantly ignored the mountains of evidence standing between the Benghazi victims and the truth, or the fact that the IRS is targeting innocent Americans simply because of their political stance. But you see – as those brilliant tweeters noted – we can’t possibly believe that ignoring NBC News would do any good. No, their bread and butter is in the entertainment television that airs during primetime. They also brilliantly pointed out that avoiding all channels, while noble, is a bit of a bigger bite than anyone is willing to take. Reach for the obtainable goals.

Point being, aren’t we tired of complaining yet? If we are adamantly against their truth censorship, why are we boosting their ratings? For entertainment purposes? So let me get this straight, when it comes to Benghazi we are revolted by their silence, yet we’ll watch our favorite show on their channel while we tweet about the evil media bias.  

Example: Pass the popcorn and tub of ice cream, I’m going to rant about NBC on Twitter while I watch The Voice.

Mull it over. *Jeopardy Music*

In addition to the blatantly obvious option we clearly aren’t capitalizing on with the news channels, why are we watching shows with false equality preaching  frequenters of Rodeo Drive? They preach on equality, yet attack us daily on Twitter and Facebook, mock us in movies, manipulate masses into hating us, and what do we do??? Being like the chronically enabling wife of a drug addict, we help them of course!

Example: We are like victims of the Soviet Union scattering outside intelligence for the dictators.

Somehow liberal entertainers have come to believe that they are the Lionhearts of world peace and unity, the Musashi of equality. Just for fun I thought about giving their tactics a run by punching someone in the gut and saying “bullying is bad!”…But then I realized that unless I am wearing something from the newest collection by Dolce & Gabbana and surrounded with bodyguards, my newly acquired ideals of helping the world finally realize the anti-violent truth would be futile.

This week I was reminded of a meeting that took place in the summer of 2012, a breakfast involving the leader of the free world and multiple A-list celebrities. Ok…so mostly b-list.  Clearly lacking the credentials for involvement in the green energy discussions (unless you count emission ranting about airplanes…WHILE ON AN AIRPLANE), we must ask a simple question: why exactly were these red carpet gods there? Clearly the stars themselves exuding the sheer confidence in the fact that they’re advocates for all that is good and right made them qualified by status alone; however, the President on the other hand knows why such involvement was necessary, and it didn’t involve the brilliant brains situated behind the flawless faces.

See…Now you understand why I get my full 8 hours of sleep every night. Because in the shadows of the night, in the natural expectorants that cause the coughing up of lungs, in the putrid stench of garlic tea – the boycotter awakens in me.

So, like the great Twitterers (sp?) suggested, I’m beginning with NBC. It’s basically a 12 step program…I might even suggest some anniversary chips for those of us who make it past seasons of The Voice without watching. I’m also giving up a lot of movies, making a choice not to go see some of the new movies in theaters, etc.  If the entertainment industry wants to become the US version of the Goskino, I don’t want to have anything to do with their rise to power…ok, more power. I’m starting to see the entertainment industry as not just being “biased” at this point, but as painting Socialism as the paragon of fairness while silencing any truth.

I went down the list of NBC shows, and to be honest I had a few on there that are in the series recording list on my DVR. For a brief moment I thought about ONLY watching those shows, slapping myself across the congested head for such an ignorant idea did indeed happen. It was 2am, people! I then remember 5 words that I will repeat whenever I think about supporting the targeted network after its most brutal display of leftist safety netting yet… “What difference does it make?”… Then it hit me, those boxes coming home from Benghazi containing the remains of Americans could have been filled with the remains of my family members. In the poignant words of Mr. Nordstrom: It matters.

It didn’t matter who was in those boxes to Hillary and Obama, standing over the caskets they spewed vitriolic lies and knowingly misled this country. The networks in question continuing to insult the intelligence of Americans with empty claims and false comparisons, propaganda that would give the Soviet Union a run for its money. Treating journalists with integrity as outcasts and spinning their own stories so as to take blame away from the people responsible.

Even now after some reporting has been done they are still managing to cover for our President. In the world that every other President lived in -Democrat or Republican – this would be a Presidential term ending occurrence. Yet somehow they have managed to place some blame on Clinton, some on the lower men on the totem pole, some on a few higher ups, the majority on republicans, a bowl full on Jay Carney, and nothing on the President of the United States…you know…their boss.

So what do I want out of this? Do I think the networks are going to shut down because of 1 person boycotting, or 100 people boycotting? No. But if we join the cause and encourage others to put aside their personal entertainment addictions for the sake of the Benghazi victims, Gosnell victims, etc. maybe we can make an impact. Maybe we can dent the ratings. Maybe we can send a message that those men deserve proper news coverage, those children and women deserve proper news coverage.

So, will you join me? Will you be a voice for those who are no longer with us? Will you fight the media bias you claim to hate?

So grab a book, take a walk, or watch other channels…Even if you never see them fall to their knees apologizing for their mistakes, you have the knowledge that you stood for something on behalf of the Benghazi victims. You’ve proven that in some little way that to you…

 “it matters”.

Learning The Game

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Michael Moore
Michelle Obama dancing

While our rights are slowly steadily quickly with the speed of light being taken from us, the blog topics are endless…but lately I’ve been in one of those bad political moods, I am really struggling to imagine the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s been a week of fail. One thing after another, people ignoring the facts, politicians lying being politicians, etc. Finally this morning it hit me…If I read ONE more article about the sequester, someone is going to need a spatula to peel me of the ceiling. Alas, why would I put anyone else through that? #AmIRight?

Yes, I am aware that hashtags used in a blog post are as – if not more – annoying than hashtags used on facebook. But I want to use it, and I think I should get a pass this time…I’m one “kittens will spontaneously combust because of the sequester” tweet away from drinking a bowl of brownie batter and camping out under my desk with a copy of One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

So, what does one do when feeling like the entire nation has become one big overindulged Veruca Salt? Cry. Mope. Give up. Write.

This last week was a sad reminder for most conservatives, March 1st marked one year since the passing of Andrew Breitbart. He was a leader, a hero, and a rejuvenator to a people who had forgotten how to fight. For so many years we were scared to speak out, we had been labeled “greedy”, “racist”, and many other derogatory terms used to guilt someone into silence. He taught us how to fight the liberal narrative, and I fully believe that because of him we found our voice. Conservatives are louder than we have been in a VERY long time, and we face baseless accusations with truth. We are like the child getting beat up on the schoolyard by the merciless bullies that finally starts fighting back. And though we are bruised, we aren’t willing to give up the fight…We have Breitbart to thank.

So, after watching a few videos of Breitbart (they’re like my Tony Robbins workshops) I finally felt like I had moved on from being the embodiment of one of those depressingly emo teenage memes that say “Just because I smile, doesn’t mean I don’t hurt”. Who am I kidding, those things rank somewhere on the full spectrum of human emotion that I rarely – if ever – visit… Mine would be more along the lines of a meme with Grumpy Cat wearing the mask from SCREAM that simply says “run”. Anyway, I’m now out of my funk….Now let’s get down to business. (Applies war paint, tinfoil hat, and mounts horse yelling “FOR AMERICA!!!!”)

WARNING: Feeling rejuvenated, but residual heightened levels of sarcasm still present.

So I remembered hearing this quote from a very important historical figure, who’s name I can’t recall at this point in time. Maybe by the time I’m done with this post I’ll have an epiphany, or go to google and find this poignant individual. Or not. I honestly don’t know. Clearly if this rambling is still here when you’re reading this, I didn’t.

Anyway…the quote. I don’t even know the whole thing, but I know that it talked about some people chopping away at the branches of evil, and some going straight to the root. After I read this I was thinking about the myriad times I’ve said the words “Cloward-Piven” this week to only be met by confused faces. I said before the election that what our nation is facing goes back to 3 core issues:

1. Cloward-Piven
2. Saul Alinsky
3. Moral Corruption
5. Math


So first up to the plate: Cloward-Piven

The Cloward-Piven strategy is a “common good” utopian paradise ideal owned by Richard Cloward, and Frances Piven. Basically you take the entire public welfare system, financially overload it leading to its collapse…and then replace it. It’s like not liking your lamp anymore, but not being able to convince the rest of your family to purchase a new one. So you shatter it…While the family is desperate for light after you shattered their lamp, you convince them that the lamp put out dangerous light, light created by dirty – oppressive child/race/poor hating – energy. While they are mulling over the evil light that once illuminated their home, you run out and purchase the lamp you want. YOU’RE A HERO! The problem? The lamp you just purchased has blown up every time someone else tried to use it, killing all of those within range. But you keep that on the DL, because it looks super awesome, maybe it even has a new lamp shade that makes it look updated and progressive in style.

Question: What kind of government system do they want?

Answer: Guaranteed annual income. FULL reliance on the government.

Creating a crisis so that you can deliver a terrible system to a delusional people, then having them label your system as a stroke of good will towards all men. Gee, I bet they’d even give that person a Nobel Peace Prize for doing absolutely nothing…

Cloward and Piven wrote that “The ultimate objective of this strategy—to wipe out poverty by establishing a guaranteed annual income—will be questioned by some. Because the ideal of individual social and economic mobility has deep roots, even activists seem reluctant to call for national programs to eliminate poverty by the outright redistribution of income”

Their super duper difficult plan???? Inform the people that they have rights to welfare assistance, making sure that EVERYONE is taking FULL advantage of the system. Why? Because MATH tells us that when everyone is taking full advantage of a system that is already straining under the weight of a poorly distributed balance between the makers and the takers, it will eventual collapse. Which is EXACTLY what they wanted. Now if Barack is as brilliant as the media lapdogs and the deeply devoted Obama voters believe he is, don’t you think he is “brilliant” enough to figure this out?

You can’t scream from the rooftops that you’re not a Communist while following fellow Communists directions on “How To Be A Communist Country” without someone eventually saying, “Hey now, if you’re not a commie, why are you doing what they said would make a Communist country???” And you can’t peddle free Obama-phones without me thinking that you know EXACTLY how this system works.

The last step of the Cloward-Piven strategy – as listed above – is financial collapse. Financial collapse happens when you overload the welfare system. How do you do that, pray tell? Well, let’s go over a few pretty Commutastic ways someone could do such a thing. How about the largest tax increase in US history…The Affordable (Ha. Ha.) Care Act. Or how about taxing businesses KNOWING that they will terminate more employees? How about raising the minimum wage, KNOWING that it will terminate jobs and stop companies from hiring as many people? How about fighting for more spending…Well, I mean this one is pretty obvious…need more welfare dependency, create more welfare. Need people to be more dependant, make sure that they take home less money from their job.

But how do you convince a nation to implode themselves? First, you create the Veruca Salt mentality by saying that we are entitled to such things. It’s easier to oppress someone if you scream that you are trying to protect them from oppression. It’s like the shepherd leading the lamb to the field saying “this is where you’ll be safe”, but what the lamb doesn’t know is that the shepherd has a pretty sweet deal with the wolf. The lamb is just collateral damage. Second, you convince those “entitled individuals” that there are really selfish people who don’t want THEM to be happy. Then you whisper future promises in their ear and wait for them to look at you and say “But I want it NOW, DADDY!” (preferably in a thick English accent), then you fiercely point your finger in the direction of those selfish haters of the poor and scream:


Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Saul Alinsky to the discussion.

The collective: “Welcome, Saul!”

When you go to make an elaborate dessert, and you only have one shot to make it, do you look at a recipe or wing it? If someone has already perfected the recipe you usually stick with what works, that way you don’t go to your dinner party with what looks like a pancake version of the Grand Canyon instead of a soufflé. Well, the liberals did the same thing. Saul Alinsky already had it all laid out for them, so they got out their mixing bowl and added class warfare, manipulation, “pity me”, race warfare, and a bit of fake radical hatred towards government, mixed it on high for a few years and now it’s baking into a beautiful mixture of orchestrated madness. They targeted the college aged kids first, because if anyone is looking for a cause to support, it’s individuals who can afford to camp in a park next to rape tents and smoke pot while playing on an Ipad purchased with Daddy’s money…while complaining about Daddy’s money. Those moldable minds were the clear target…The less they would search for facts, the better. And these kids were used to not thinking about facts, they had been spending day in and day out with progressive professors who didn’t require them to think outside the box of political uniformity, content to be “bricks in the wall”, they went marching on a mission they didn’t even understand, but a mission that gave them purpose, none the less.

Saul Alinsky wrote the handbook for creating a radical uprising…He is the brilliant, yet dangerous mind that wrote Rules for Radicals. Using the race card is a favorite Alinsky-like tactic. You see, they are using a tactic that they know Conservatives will not refute on principle. We don’t want to abuse or use conservative minorities because we are the side that actually finds all men equal. Conservative minorities are beginning to stand up and refute the obnoxious lies, and they are being attacked and demonized. Honestly, being a black conservative in a “radicalized” location would be cause for legitimate concern for safety at this point.

One of the Alinsky rules is that, “Ridicule is a man’s most potent weapon.” Just look at movies, TV, Celebrities, the Mainstream media, etc. it is FULL of conservative ridicule. They have tried to demonize us as being behind the times. They make fun of conservative stances so that the younger – uneducated moldable minds – think that being conservative just simply isn’t cool. Another Alinsky rule is to go outside the experience of the enemy, then cause confusion, fear, and retreat.

One word: Sequester.

Conservatives don’t have experience in manipulating the people to agree with our beliefs. We stand on the principle that everyone has a right to their own opinions and should, therefore, decide what they believe when the facts are presented…the issue is that we fail to get the facts to the table. The left doesn’t get facts to the table, but they get pretty little cupcakes of false information to the table, and THAT is how they win. Give them a day and they can have the world believing that eating sand will cut the time it takes to solve a quadratic equation in half, within a week professors would be selling packets of “miracle sand”. It’s how they work, they OWN the narrative.

Alinsky wrote that, “In war, the end justifies almost any means.”

Yeah, digest that one.

Saul Alinsky was a community organizer that inspired both Obama and Hillary Clinton (any many other prominent democrats). While Obama was a community organizer in Chicago he worked with individuals who carried on the legacy of Saul Alinsky. Before getting involved with ACORN he was involved with Project Vote, PV was set up by the Alinsky community organizers, he ran the voter registration drive for Project Vote. He was then an attorney for ACORN during the Clinton subprime loan debacle. Pressuring banks to increase subprime lending, the same subprime lending that eventually led to the collapse of the housing market bubble. When Clinton shot steroids into the Credit Default Swaps in his National Homeownership Strategy, he partnered with ACORN.

Shhhh…Don’t tell anyone that the same ACORN that Obama and Clinton were so devoted to is the same ACORN that was caught on video teaching individuals how to set up prostitution rings and whorehouses. I feel like I should note here that I’m against the War On Women…the real one.

Those poor minorities that couldn’t get mortgages before could now get help from the benevolent Democrats and Communities organizers. Fannie and Freddie came along for the ride too. But you know what’s worse than NOT getting a loan for a home? Having your home foreclose and be repossessed. By the time Clinton was leaving, the foreclosure numbers had already begun to rise, nearly 540K JUST in year 2001. Jump to year 2011 – In 2011 alone Nearly 4 MILLION foreclosures took place, and roughly 1.2 MILLION Repossessions. So WHY would banks that KNEW this would happen go along with it? Because the CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) in conjunction with Clintons newly put into place regulators made the liberals in Washington the Frank Nitti of mortgage lending. When banks didn’t comply what would they do? Cry racist and send their attack dog attorneys after them. Like Obama.

What did Bush do? Well, over EIGHTEEN times the Bush Administration mentioned that “financial trouble of a large GSE could cause strong repercussions in financial markets, affecting Federally insured entities and economic activity”, they warned the Democrat majority of the issues, and the progressives turned a blind eye to the unraveling of a country. Now should they have done more? Yes. If they knew how far gone our country would have been in 2013, I’m pretty sure that in their shoes most of us would have made a lot more noise. Yet liberals get away with this because of the Alinsky techniques they ever so brilliantly put into use. They created the side of devils long ago, and it wasn’t them. When their actions create catastrophic impact on a nation, they simply point the finger towards the opposition.

Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. . . . One acts decisively only in the conviction that all the angels are on one side and all the devils on the other.” Saul Alinsky

When Michelle Obama gave her DNC speech in 2008 she used a term straight out of Rules For Radicals. This was just ONE more hint of what was to come…From the mouth of our President we have heard that he is still a community organizer. Don’t confuse that with the guy that organizes the bell ringing for United Way…No, his community organizing is more like the bully who “organizes” the take down of the kid who would like to keep his lunch money. Al Capone probably turned down a cannoli more times than Obama truly helped any community.

So, I’ll end this very long Saul Alinsky section by saying that if you DON’T know the rules for radicals that Alinsky lined out for all of his faithful followers, you should. Who knew that the man who dedicated his book to “the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom, Lucifer” could have such success in the political arena.

As for moral corruption, take a look at my last post. Until people of Faith, or people of moral integrity start standing up and facing the issues, we WILL be a lost nation. This doesn’t take 10 paragraphs to explain, turn on the news for 5 minutes and you can see how far we have fallen morally. It’s pure unmitigated carelessness, and it’s in that carelessness we have found a populous that no longer cares for their fellow man.

Regarding my comment about math, it’s pretty clear…we can recite the rhetoric just like the liberals, but when it comes to the facts more and more we are becoming like them. Do yourself a favor, learn about the Clinton administration and the years of denial that have led to the “blame Bush” mentality, then USE IT! I have debated with multiple liberals, and I can honestly say that when confronted with the financial facts concerning the Clinton era, they have ended the discussion with “let’s just agree to disagree”, that’s where you want them…doubting the story they’ve been told. They don’t have an answer…They’ve been living in a fairytale with rainbows that shoot out fairness, and unicorns that fly you to the nearest equal rights celebration after stopping by the peace cloud where you get to watch bulldozers run over guns. But shaking their thought process out of the utopian paradise is what will START the thinking process…We hope…I have NEVER heard a logical remark in response. Not. Once.

The cheap shots and immature nicknames for Obama and Michelle need to stop, we need to be facing the issues head on. We have facts on our side, we don’t need to stoop to their level by calling Michelle “Moochelle”, it’s not even funny anymore…Was it ever? Point being, use the MATH, use the fact that 2+2=4…That U-6 unemployment reflects the REAL story behind the unemployment and devastation in our country. That while the U-3 “looks” better (not really) than it was before, the LFP #’s are where they projected we would be in 2017. Use the fact that raising the minimum wage will only devastate the unemployment more. Use the amount of taxes added to the common American because of Obamacare. Fight with the weapon of knowledge in government activity.

You know what they say, whoever brings the bigger gun wins the fight. The liberal using their narrative when up against facts, is sort of like them trying to use a butter knife against your steak knife machete tank. Trust me, I lack in the knowledge department just like anyone else, but I constantly strive to learn more about our government, our history, and most importantly our God. It’s the only way that I can wholeheartedly fight for the future I want my nephews to have. Let’s do this!

Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” – James Madison

Welcome to school, Comrade!

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Welcome to school, Comrade.

Oh my…where to start.

So the idea for this blog post, or what you may call a volcano of deeply buried and constantly building irritation, came yesterday after my nephew had his bus get stuck in the snow on the way home from school. So, I am now going to let the straw debilitate the camel and spew all of my pent up thoughts concerning schools.

SIDE NOTE: This is NOT an attack on those who dedicate their lives to educating the sponge-like minds of the young. I know that there are many good hearted educators who truly love children.

ADDITIONAL SIDE NOTE: I’m really tired of having to make “side notes” like the one above. If educators can’t see how destructive our education system has become, they are probably part of the problem. I am also tired of the emotional “my feelings are hurt” responses instead of logical rebuttals.

I think a lot of conservatives take the 10 foot pole approach when it comes to discussing the dysfunctions of schools. We all go to church with a teacher, have a family member that is a teacher, or have friends that are teachers. Just today on my Facebook page a friend posted “Hug a teacher!”. In order to avoid hurt feelings we choose to skip the issue.

Have you ever noticed that Google is the endless source of knowledge UNTIL you are typing angrily with passion? Yesterday I found myself taking to Google to try and find information on “How to file a formal complaint against a school for being stupid and endangering our children”…apparently this is not recognizable to Google.

SIDE NOTE FOR GOOGLE: When someone searches for the above information, the page should just say “Breathe, count to 10 and try again.”

So my beautiful 6 year old nephew is going to school yesterday during a snow storm. If you keep your child home it is an unexcused absence, if you send them you have to TRUST that the school has been paying attention to the warnings and will treat your children as the irreplaceable cargo that they are.

(Angry face)

The bus drivers called the school and advised that the roads were getting bad and that they should let out early, but no, that was not an option. If this was a onetime occurrence I would say “don’t do that again”, but this is frequent. I struggled getting home from work on the snow covered, iced over roads. Apparently so did my nephews bus as it became stuck in someone’s driveway, which made ALL of the kids very late getting home, and guardians very worried.

(Angrier face!)

If you know who Madea is, you have an idea of what kind of response I have to my nephew being in danger of any kind. Now, once you’re done saying a prayer for the people who had to hear me rant, keep reading.

Point being, why are our kids put in danger to avoid a snow day? It seems that this is becoming more and more frequent with many schools. Maybe we have a deeper issue? Now to the rest of the weight bogging down the camel. It may seem like I am getting off subject now, but don’t worry, it all comes together…Hopefully.

Let’s face it, schools have changed. Somewhere along the way education took a backseat, and politics took over the entire vehicle. I have noticed this for a long time, but the beast showed just how ugly it is during the great “recall Walker” debacle that took place here in WI. I won’t go into the actual reasons behind the recall (FYI – I support Walker), but the actions from teachers and school officials was beyond repulsive.

Grade school children of all ages were returning home with political filled minds, their little “sponges” saturated with the ugliness spewed by a liberal teacher done wrong (well, by her/his personal opinion). For many children they were explaining how their own parents political opinions and support of Walker were going to destroy their education, or at least that’s what Mrs. ***** said!

Teachers were encouraging high school students to attend the Union organized protests. They were encouraging CHILDREN to go on strike from school to show the state and parents how much they appreciate their teachers. The liberal teachers driving a wedge between the moldable minds of the young and the parents that supported our Governor.

Whispers between parents began: “Maybe I should school my children from home?”

So, “teachers used bad judgment” you might say…No, they didn’t. They used very good judgment, and it was a test to see just how far they have come, and what they can get away with. They used the children as pawns in a very dangerous game…Who else did that?

Comrade, meet the possibilities.

In the USSR children were brainwashed from the moment they started being educated, by the time they reached 9 they were able to join the Young Pioneer organization. The little “Octobrists” were very prepared for their future endeavors as a Young Pioneer, they had already been sporting star shaped badges with a photo of Lenin when he was a young boy emblazoned in the middle.

As a Young Pioneer you were given a great responsibility, to oversee and advise a group of roughly 5 “Little Octobrists”. You repeated the comrades promise: “to love and cherish the Motherland passionately, to live as the great Lenin bade us, as the Communist Party teaches us, as required by the laws of the Young Pioneers of the Soviet Union.”

They made them feel important in their political activity…Why?

“Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.” Lenin

“Give me a child when he’s 7 and he’s mine forever” Hitler

Not only are our children precious to us, our children are precious to a political party that plans on bringing up the next generation of children to be likeminded with them. Makes me think of the video for Another Brick In The Wall. Our kids are being manipulated, liberals in the school system whisper the magic word of “individualism” in their ear and then TELL them how to be an individual…Just like the rest of the individuals who think alike.

YEP, ANOTHER SIDE NOTE: I don’t feel the need to post the definition of “individual”, I’m pretty sure we can all come to the conclusion that it doesn’t entail a military of the likeminded.

WARNING: I’m going to use the word “Socialism”. Considering many educators and politicians currently leading our country are self proclaimed socialists, I think I can now use that word without being deemed a conspiracy theorist.

As I said in my prior post, the definitions between socialism and communism are different on paper, but in real life the only real difference is a matter of years. Socialists LOVE children, not just because of their cute pudgy little faces, they love them as the political objects they turn them into. They won’t be so bold as to say that…Well, that’s not true, some of them are.

Glenn Beck reminded us on his show yesterday that in Arab countries the family of the victim chooses the punishment for the criminal. We don’t do that in the USA because we believe in a fair judicial system. Well…Some of us do. So while the politicians are using the family members of the Sandy Hook victims to push their pointless agenda, the world is watching while we take parents who just buried their children and ask them what they think about guns. They are playing on the emotions of gullible Americans.


When the President went on national TV and signed executive orders surrounded by children he not only appealed to adults who can’t tell the difference between a Semi-Automatic and a Fully-Automatic, he appealed to all of the children watching who saw that “This President cares about MY views, and I’m only a kid”.

I don’t know about you, but when I was 8 my most difficult decision was whether Barbie should ride on the horse or her convertible after getting married to Ken. I wasn’t mulling over politics, and I SURE wasn’t old enough to comprehend the many details that come with removing guns, or limiting guns. I wasn’t old enough to know about the millions of children that had been slaughtered by tyrannical governments, and I wasn’t old enough to realize that my right to own those guns was what stopped that same deadly tyranny from controlling my country.

But just like Hitler and Lenin, our Socialists like to get them while they’re young! Creating an army of kids who think the world owes them free birth control and Get Out of Pregnancy Free cards. Teaching them that guns are bad, and those who like them don’t like you…Or better yet, teaching them that those who appreciate the 2nd Amendment don’t care about YOUR safety, little Billy. They don’t care if YOU are shot at school.

The line between “They don’t care about YOU” and “See, they should be punished” is very thin. Other socialist/communist countries have proven these techniques to be successful. To liberals, the end justifies the means. It’s for equality…so what’s a little danger and bloodshed if the result is equality?? Am I right??? Stalin? Lenin? Hitler? Bueller? So, how exactly do we get people to agree to a government that will place their kids in more danger? Insist that the political party trying to protect those kids wants to put them in danger! Ya, that’s the ticket!

Although we may not feel the decline of schools while we are packing a lunch and sending them out to that nice bus driver, or attending that PTA meeting with your child’s super awesome teacher who makes turkeys with handprints, the fact still stands that when the chips were down, WI teachers involved children in their politics. Slowly they had manipulated them (whether they themselves knew it or not), and many children turned against their parents.

Many teachers are not to blame, it’s the entire education system at this point. They edit American history, change the narrative, remove the bible, remove the flag, remove moral integrity and responsibility from kids, feed them pills…etc. It’s really a flawless system that they have created. We can already see the changes.

Just look out for warning signs, like maybe when the youth were chanting “Forward” for Hitler they should have seen that he was manipulating the young minds…Wait a minute….Have I heard that slogan chanted recently?

Anyway, I’m scared of the changes that I see in schools.

I’m scared of the fact that liberals in school systems care more about gun control than they do the safety of the children. HUNDREDS of school aged children have been killed in Chicago, and they have the strictest gun laws in the US. Yet no one is fighting for those kids. Millions of children have been slaughtered by tyranny, but they aren’t protecting our right to protect the children they teach.

I’m scared of the fact that many schools get financial incentives when children are diagnosed with ADHD. More kids than ever are tranquilized in schools, and how about the fact that almost EVERY school shooting has been carried out by someone on the very medications that schools push like Girl Scouts push cookies.

I’m scared of the fact that teachers used their relationship with their students to make those students choose between their teacher or their parents in an ADULT political dispute. Yet I know conservative teachers who supported Walker, and they didn’t speak out in their classrooms. Interesting…

I’m scared of the fact that saving those snow days came before ensuring the safety of my nephew. Ok, so I attempted to tie it in….I told you it was the straw that broke the camel’s back!

Keep a close eye on your kids and their schools, even if they seem harmless. Remember that those Little Octobrists and Young Pioneers went home proudly displaying their Lenin stars to unsuspecting parents. We fail to remember that most dictatorships responsible for slaughtering millions would have been avoided if the majority of the people had known the future. I don’t know the future…Do you? Let’s avoid a repeat of history, and lets teach kids the REAL meaning of individuality.

Give a teacher a hug, especially one that isn’t pushing their political agenda on kids!



Equality or Depravity?

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A few months ago I wrote a blog post concerning the equality of women and the dramatic kick off the pedestal the feminist movement has brought upon women. Since I’m no stranger to controversial topics, I’ve decided to expand on a recently escalated arm of this topic. It’s been a while since our last post, why not dive into the controversial deep end and get this year started off right.

I love a good debate, in the last few days I’ve had some interesting debates both on Twitter and Facebook concerning women in combat. I have found that the majority of the left love the G.I. Jane mentality of women on the frontlines. But I have also found some on the right that feel women are just as capable, that a volunteer army provides the gift of choice for the men who would not choose to fight beside a woman. Also, that a woman is given the same choice and willingly puts herself in danger.

Is it sexist to say that you would not want to stand behind a woman with a gun?

Is it feminist to say that you are just as capable of fighting with the guys?

Is it heroic for a woman to join in the battle?

Here goes!

First I want to bring up a few twitter posts from our ladies embarrassing serving our nation:

Nancy Pelosi: “Lifting the ban on combat is a significant step forward for equality. Women will now be able to reach the highest ranks in the military.”

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: ““Valor knows no gender.” Another historic step in the march toward full equality.”

In my post entitled “Women, a National Treasure”, I talk about my issue with so called “equality”…I referenced a quote from Ravi Zacharias talking about how God commanded men to love women as He loves the church, Ravi goes on to say that in doing so, God called for men to love women as He has loved humanity.

So to my point: When the feminists preach on equality, they are not talking about pulling you up from the lowly levels of the supposed barefoot and pregnant doormat, they are talking about pulling you down from the pedestals of treasured entities worthy of the utmost respect and protection. Debbie and Nancy should just come out with a blanket statement of “Thank goodness we’ve gained ground in our fight to stop men from holding us in such high regard that they won’t let us die in the barbaric conditions of battle.”

What torture would a female POW face that a male POW wouldn’t? Do you honestly think that a demented, vicious and brutal enemy would treat you both the same? Would a woman’s “benefits” not bring on a prolonged level of torture to a morally depraved regime that already finds women to be below the level of dogs? What honorable man would feel heroic allowing a woman into situations where she will possibly face those conditions, regardless of her willingness or her capabilities with a gun?

The social changes deemed as “appropriate” have only served to lower our level of human dignity. We assign a level of deserved degradation to countries that have the audacity and cowardice to place their armed women and children as shields…To treat them as a disposable entity unworthy of the utmost protection is seen as one of the lowest levels of masculinity known to man. My confusion then begins when our military places women on the frontlines, why does our position change to labeling this as a step towards equality?

Equality, thy name is Hypocrite.

Let’s give another example of this: Say your daughter is getting ready to walk to work at 1am, she will be walking in dead of night with the possibility of shady characters lurking in dark shadows looking for opportunities. (This is where most Fathers would figure out a safer option…but let’s roll with this…) Would you REALLY feel like a man sending your wife to walk your daughter to work? I. Don’t. Think. So. If you didn’t deem yourself a coward, you would surely be a delusional coward.

Is chivalry completely dead?

I am happy to report that no, it is not. I posed the question on twitter and received DM’s as well as replies that men feel as though this is an easy answer. The majority of the replies came from men who were familiar with combat, they were veterans, men currently serving..etc…Some were non military men that just knew what concerns they would have if on the battlefield with a woman. It was heartwarming. All gave a “nay”, women do not belong in combat. I did not receive ONE response on twitter from men (other than from liberals) saying that women should be placed in combat. While some women would yell “SEXIST”, I offer my sincerest thank you for seeing women as too precious to put through the hell that some of them have faced, or the hell they know exists. This feeds into my next position on why women being in combat is such a poor idea.

Since chivalry is NOT dead, honorable and brave men automatically have a sense of responsibility toward women. It’s not a prejudice. So what OTHER dangers are there?

SIDE NOTE: Women have only 60 percent of the physical strength of men, on average. Honestly, I am one of the women that are probably WELL below that, I don’t mind the prejudice.

If men have this automatic sense of protection and responsibility toward women, why do we think that adding another distraction to the battlefield is a good idea? How many lives will be lost because the men are trying to fight AND protect the women? How many men and women will face emotional damage beyond the normal amount battle already creates? For a man to see a woman, someone he is wired to protect, in hygienically depraved circumstances and emotionally damaging situations comes with its consequences.

This is not equality. This is not bravery. This is not biblical. This is not safe.

I’ve heard many stories, many testimonies from women who have served tours. I’m proud of our military women, but as a woman, if I wanted to throw myself on the frontlines for my country in an act of bravery and protection of my family, I would have to stop and realize that my choices could be putting others in danger, and could also lower the morale of men who have so bravely sacrificed so much for me already. The strengths of a woman are not measured by the vast amount of things they can do that are “better or equal to a man”. The strengths of a man are not measured by the amount of people he can kill or the awards decorating his chest. The measure of who we are is judged by our motives … If your motives stem from a dedication to your family and a love for the US, that’s heroic…If that’s the case, ladies, THINK of the implications that your presence will have on your fellow soldiers and their ability to fight and protect your family.

Is it so bad to accept our limitations and flourish in our abilities? Call me old fashioned, but I find that the roles of women have strayed so far away from any position of being deemed “treasured”. I won’t go into detail on that since I already did in my prior post. There are differences between men and women (besides the obvious), emotionally, physically, and mentally. You may not like the truth, but the truth cares not if you like it, nor believe it. In Israel the women fight, not because the government wishes that upon women, but because they are constantly under threat or attack and NEED the help. BUT, the women are treated VERY different from the men. They serve half as long, and they are automatically exempt if they marry or have children.

The natural reactions and inherent responsibilities of men with a conscience will always be there. It is society that teaches the man that his natural response is selfish and sexist. It is society that teaches the woman that raising a family is not beautiful or heroic. It is society that tells a woman that being treasured is degrading, that being protected is oppressive, that being cherished is inequality.

It is evil that teaches a man to abandon his natural God given responsibility to protect and love women. It is evil that teaches a man to stand behind her while she is shattered with bullets. THAT is why good men will always feel the need to protect women, even if the women are willingly putting themselves in danger. That is why brave battlefield ready women will cost lives. The best way to make the monster of chivalry decimation grow, is to feed it. Put women in vulnerable positions, in torturous conditions, in the hands of barbaric men…Then teach men to treat them as they would fellow male soldiers, that is giving the “monster” a buffet.

Lt. Commander Kenneth Carkhuff was relieved of his duties after being promoted for his “unlimited potential”, He was “destined for command and beyond”. Why was such a decorated and honorable man relieved of his duties? He was relieved of his duties because he expressed to his commanders that his Faith was colliding with his orders to lead women into combat. So instead of doing what other countries have done after the morale of soldiers left them compromised once women were introduced to combat, which is remove women from combat, we in America have chosen to force men to abandon their decency, or their careers. Young men everywhere want to be heroes, and like Lt. Commander Carkhuff, they also would take a bullet before letting a woman come into danger, or avoid the career all together.

When will we stop letting feminist desensitize our men, and start demanding the respect that is God given. Jesus went out of his way; he did things deemed as shameful, brave, and startling just to show the woman at the well how precious she was to Him. He commanded men to love women as He has loved humanity. I don’t know about you, but that kind of love seems beyond equal, beyond beautiful, and beyond fair to me.


Everyone is All Whigged out!

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Yes, I know that normally the term is “All wigged out,” but in my defense, you will later see the reason behind my spelling.

In my last blog post I insinuated that the recent changes in our country were “asked for,” I stand by that perception. This blog post will only serve to demonstrate an even deeper reasoning behind my adamant feelings that the US is a deprived nation, a nation full of the “wants.” The “Cotton Whigs” have outnumbered the “Conscience Whigs.”

The movie Lincoln started opening in theaters this past weekend. I have put myself on a strict diet of minor amounts of Hollywood obnoxiousness. I believe they are doing a Saul Alinsky approved job of manipulating the ignorant vote. I guess I could be nice and call it the “young vote,” but for the sake of taking in the collective obnoxious I will leave it at “ignorant vote.” Do I believe the people themselves to be unintelligent? Absolutely not. But I believe that a large part of our population has fallen victim to the calling of society to ignore, or even run from facts to protect our own delusions.

Albeit my new strict diet of less donations to the abhorrent industry, I have decided to see the movie Lincoln. I look forward to what I hope to be an epic portrayal of a man known as one of the greatest heroes to lead our nation. But while thinking about the new movie Lincoln, I started wondering about just how much history this pricey little flick will entail. In my mind, any movie with Abraham Lincoln is sure to make you feel patriotic. I mean come on, the man could sip tea for 2 hours and knowing his history you should still be in awe.

BUT, I have learned that the historical facts surrounding the era of Lincoln have been skewed. I like the popular map that is roaming around the internet showing the “supporters of slaves” compared to the “Republican voters.” Liberals are posting it EVERYWHERE, I imagine that when they do they’re probably sending virtual fist bumps to one another. Here we go, let’s play pin the racism on the elephant. Heck, that fun little game had a HUGE hand in them winning this election, as well as the racial warfare that will soon hit the U.S.A.

Oh History, where hath thou gone???

So here in my little world I read these maps and think to myself “What has happened to our country? Aren’t teachers TEACHING these valuable lessons anymore?”

Brief summary below:

In the early 1830’s the “Whig party” began. People were angry over Andrew Jackson and his “king like” ruling of the nation. The “Whig party” was adapted from a group in English politics that was adamantly against the royal tyranny. Abraham Lincoln was a member of the Whig Party. This party was a mixture of everything…fiscal conservative democrats to Anti-Masons.

The Whigs were not the picture of success, there was that whole James Polk debacle and the Whigs vs. the Democrats on immigrants in 1844 (Yep, this battle is THAT old.)

Hope then reared it’s purty little head in 1848 with a Whig Presidency in Taylor. Once he died and Fillmore took over, it was at this point that the party started addressing slavery more directly.

Hopes dashed, Democrat won in 1852.

By the time 1856 came along the Whig party was falling apart completely…SO the ever important issue of slavery split the party into the Northern “Conscience Whigs” (Booo slavery), and the Southern “Cotton Whigs” (Slavery = Fist bumps all around, and lots of money.) While the Southern slavery loving “Cotton Whigs” found a place to call home in the Democrat party (yes…you read that right,) the Northern slavery hating Whigs became the Republican Party.

I would love to imagine that the people posting these race warfare inducing “maps” knew this little chunk of history and is just playing the political games…but my gut tells me that isn’t very likely.

We all know the rest, Abraham Lincoln was made President…and after the Battles of Fort Sumter, Chattanooga, Vicksburg…etc…we find the Emancipation Proclamation in 1862. Which was followed by even more battles, Shiloh, Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, as well as others. Despite the war Lincoln was re-elected in 1864, and assassinated in 1865.

I remember visiting Gettysburg when I was about 9. We were driven out to the battlefield in the early morning, I remember fog…it was honestly one of the most historically dramatic feelings I’ve ever had. I hope to return someday now that I’m older, but I’ll never forget standing on that field and knowing what had happened. I was on a field trip and I remember boys play fighting like they were in the war, girls talking about the dresses that were being worn by the workers. But I kept looking around wondering if the leader of the tour was right, maybe I would get to see the ghost of a soldier.

I’ve had the opportunity to talk to many veterans, so the subject of war has always held my attention. I’ve always been interested in battles. Call it morbid curiosity, but I remember wanting to see the ghost of a soldier. Although the spirits of the uniformed deceased never showed up, I can tell you that the feeling on that battlefield was enough to give anyone goosebumps. It is an indescribable feeling to stand where history was made, to stand in the place that was the inspiration for the Gettysburg Address. We actually saw the David Wills House where Abraham Lincoln finished the Gettysburg Address. Breathtaking experience for the history enthusiast.

The history of our nation is full of painful moments, it is full of joyous victories, and it is full of men who fought for the rights of individuals. Where men once fought to be free, now they fight because peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are deemed racist. Where women once fought for voting privileges, now they fight for the privilege to kill their offspring and have free contraceptives. THAT my friends, is how far we have fallen.

We arm our enemies, while fighting to disarm our own nation. On Veterans day our President spoke of taking care of our own, and he doubled down on his statement that Al-Qaida is decimated. While Al-Qaida was involved in the brutal murder of 4 Americans left to die while his administration watched on September 11, 2012. “Take care of our own,” Mr. President? Is that what that was? Terrorist attacks by Al-Qaida, Mr. President? Is that your definition of “decimated?”

I find solace in remembering history. When I hear the begging for birth control, I go read about the bravery of men who fought for freedom. When I hear about the revolting fight for more slavery from the enslaved themselves, I try to remember the quotes of great men who knew that the USA meant more than the cheap and degrading diatribe of leftist journalist. It’s how I keep my sanity.

The leftist propagandists and “equality” cheerleaders preach on poverty from their perch in laptop latte happy land where all of the historic genocidal dictators had the right ideas, but the wrong “plan.” Where THEIR dictator will do it right, because history doesn’t ALWAYS have to repeat itself. Beckoning the barista for a refill so that they can continue attacking the 1% who employ the very people who are now losing their jobs at alarming rates, all due to our economy tanking because of the mandates that THEIR re-elected god put in place. Once again ignoring the history that their party and their actions were the catalyst for our financial troubles.

The moderate, individually morally driven masses throw their hands in the air saying “I’m tired of political posts!” Back to family game night! Why not, the election is over and who wants to hear anymore about it?? If only Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Tyrone Woods, and Glen Doherty had the gift of passing over politics for another 4 years and getting back to family game night. They wave us off and threaten to block us. Because WE are disrupting their already stress filled lives, not understanding that we are trying to warn them of a new level of stress they can’t even imagine.

The “new right” preaches on a “new” more “inclusive” party where we shake off those pesky moral bound conservatives and drive towards a new way of defeating the liberal agenda. You know, WITHOUT the very people that still hold a candle for the moral beliefs that our Founding Fathers possessed…The people that still believe that when the chips are stacked against you and the world is screaming that they WANT slavery, they WANT the money that comes with it, and they don’t want things to change, that it is STILL our responsibility to say “But that’s just not right.” Us obnoxious “Conscience Whigs.”

“I freed a thousand slaves, I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves.” Harriet Tubman

Before the election I made a statement that was met with much criticism, I said that I feared for my country because I believe that if slavery were made legal today, and the slave owners were controlling the welfare in this country, that the majority would support the slave owners. Most of the critics attached this thought process to the African American slave trade, I was talking about both that and the state of our country today. Slavery in the form of debt has been made legal. The slave owners have power of the welfare in this country. And the majority have supported it’s growth. Now as jobs disappear, more and more of our citizens will be chained to the slavery of government dependency. And they are WILLING.

Abraham Lincoln said that “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

He also said “You can fool all of the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time.”

The scales are tipping heavily between “all” vs. “some” on the second quote, bringing the word “some” into question…Maybe it should be replaced with “most?” It’s making the purpose of the first quote more of a prophesy than a good point.

If we don’t stand as the “Conscience Whigs,” standing on the morals that were put in place to lead us, our party WILL fail. Playing the “blame game” gets you no where. You want to “reach across the aisle”, be my guest. But if you lower your moral standards and throw dignity out the window what you will gain will NOT be the Country these brave historical men fought for, it will be a watered down version, equipped with an incredibly blurry line of where we place the worth of individual human life. Be it the innocent child without a choice, the elderly woman facing euthanasia, or the American painting a target on a building begging for help. We may never get our country back, and biblically (end times) wise, most of us Christian conservatives believe we won’t. BUT, our morals and our dignity are what keep the memories and the principles of the Founding Father alive in our country. Don’t give them up. Fight like we can win using the principles our country was founded on, no matter what you think the ending will be. Leave that part up to God.