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If it quacks like a duck….

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Some idiot, and the idiot is me, set my alarm clock to the sound of a duck. I guess I thought that, due to my propensity to sleep through tornado sirens, an odd sounding alarm would do the trick… and what better than the joyful sound of a duck. That’s a rhetorical question, for I now have a list of sounds that would in fact be better to wake up to than a duck, and dying cats is one of them. BUT, the important point is that it did indeed do the trick, and I woke up on time. It also made me spend my entire drive to work fantasizing about the various ways in which a duck can be killed. I came up with hundreds during my 20 minute drive, people. Hundreds. And I got creative.

The above serves absolutely no purpose other than to a) creep you out, and b) show you what kind of mood I was in while getting ready this morning and reading Facebook posts and tweets. Everyone has an opinion about the ISIS controversy, and now I have foundation on my pants after reading a post and dropping my bottle in utter shock of the stupidity. (SIDE NOTE: Due to my lack of energy, we’ll blame it on ducks, I didn’t change my pants.) The person that made the comments on this particular status – which was simply one of many people making similar comments & posts – has no idea what his ignorance made me do, nor that my extra cup of coffee this morning was named after him. Seriously, I wrote his name on my McDonalds coffee cup. You’re welcome, Sir. Petty? Yes. But I was tired, and now have to work off an extra cup of coffee containing copious amounts of sugar and cream, as well as remove a foundation stain, because of this particular person. And of course ducks. Can’t forget about the ducks.

“Why is the name —– on your coffee cup?”

“Oh, curious coworker, let me tell you.”

Ok, so this particular person took to Facebook to attack fellow Christians for wanting to take out ISIS. After thoroughly mocking those who want to stop ISIS from beheading human beings, he quoted this set of verses.

38 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Eye for eye, and tooth for tooth.39 But I tell you, do not resist an evil person. If anyone slaps you on the right cheek, turn to them the other cheek also.40 And if anyone wants to sue you and take your shirt, hand over your coat as well. 41 If anyone forces you to go one mile, go with them two miles. 42 Give to the one who asks you, and do not turn away from the one who wants to borrow from you. 43 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ 44 But I tell you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45 that you may be children of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. 46 If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? 47 And if you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? 48 Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” – Matthew 5:38-48

First I’d like to point out that it’s a bit difficult to turn the other cheek when someone has removed your head. Second, this verse is talking about the victim forgiving, not the people that should step in and stop the madmen from decapitating infants with dull blades. But you know, context is overrated. I adore this verse, it reminds me that I need to forgive the person on my coffee cup, for I was a victim of his dumb comment, or my pants were, maybe they should turn the other cheek (Pun intended? Maybe.)? I’ll need to mull this over.

My favorite so far though is “ISIS needs the gospel more than anyone else.” That is a HUGE assumption. It’s such a big assumption that if I assume unicorns exist, I’d have better odds. Sin is sin, and all fall short. So technically radical ISIS members, while barbarians, are on par with the rest of the world in their need for salvation, including those that are being beheaded by them. Yes, many Christians are being attacked and killed, but many non-Christians are as well. I’d say it’s pretty even if you look at news reports. Since the brave and threatening hashtag diplomacy has taken over, innumerable non-Christians have been beheaded or murdered in some other grotesque way. So basically you’re saying that one group of non-Christians deserves to hear the gospel more than another. Maybe I didn’t read the bible correctly, but from what I understand, when they stand in judgment, those non-believing victims will be held to the same accountability standards as members of ISIS for their unbelief. So claiming that radical members of ISIS somehow need Jesus more is weak and silly, and kind of revolting if you think about it.

Most of these eye opening revelations that I’ve read have, shockingly, come from recent graduates who majored in theology, and now they know everything there is to know about the bible. And most of them believe that God himself predetermined the beheadings, that’s a whole different kettle of fish, and they can make it sound really good if you just give them a chance. Yes, Christians, our churches are filled with people who believe that God Himself orchestrated the beheading of infants. This, my friends, is why I have a “Top 10 Reasons Why We Deserve What’s Coming” list. Many of them have attacked Phil Robertson for saying that “In this case you have to convert them, which I think would be next to impossible, I’m not giving up on them, I’m just saying convert them or kill them. One or the other.” What a hillbilly, am-I-right?! So yes, I’m going to call out the multiple Christians that had huge threads on their timelines that were solely devoted to mocking Phil Robertson for his comment. Not talking about the heartbreaking acts that are taking place in Iraq, no, they were simply saving the world 1 Phil Robertson joke at a time. I even saw some Sarah Palin, George Bush, and Sean Hannity jokes that were thrown in for good measure. I know that Phil didn’t swallow a thesaurus and make his basic argument unnecessarily indigestible so as to appear to be of higher intellect than the fumbling Christians that didn’t spend such intense time (2-4 years) in theological studies – she says sarcastically – but he makes a point, guys.

Checkmate, Evolution.

Last night I made a post about our President’s comments concerning his goal to make ISIS manageable. I won’t comment on that in this post, but I will post a comment that I received on that post. In my post I loosely compared radical members of ISIS (I’m going to talk about the “radicalized” part later in this post) to the Nazi regime. The following comment hit the nail on the head:

And even so, the Nazi mentality – while also purely evil – was more ideological and less religious zealousness. They (the foot soldiers) were willing to fight for the cause but if overwhelmed, overwhelmingly surrendered. The ISIS extremists are – to a person – jihadists who would die for the cause. They are not reluctant soldiers enlisted by their government. They are – each and every one of them – martyrs willing to do what it takes to eradicate the Israelites, the Christians, the Westerners, the enemies of “Islam”, far more willing to die than to face the shame of surrender. There won’t be stories of Christmas truces of both sides meeting in the trenches to sing Silent Night. In order to preserve innocents and innocence, and quite frankly to be good stewards, I agree- They must be met head on. Enough force to turn back an opponent whose only goal and only acceptable outcome is to kill, is to kill first.”

This person avoided having his name written on my coffee cup.

So, let’s break this down by answering 4 important questions:

1. What does “radical” Islam even mean?

I’ve had a lot of well-meaning believers tell me that they have friends who are peaceful Muslims, and they use the term “radical” – as I did above – to describe those that act in violence. This is all fine and dandy, except that you open doors to be labeled a “radical” yourself simply by following the bible. While the Old Testament contains violence, which those defending peaceful Muslims are quick to point out, there is a big difference between the Quran and the Bible. The verses in the Quran are not restrained by historical context, they remain open ended.

“I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them” – Quran (8:12)

“And fight with them until there is no more fitna (disorder/unbelief) and religion should be only for Allah” – Quran (8:39)

The Quran then goes on to chastise those who are not willing to pick up the sword against those who don’t follow him. So, what we label as “radicals” are actually individuals who are taking the Quran seriously. Those that we label as “peaceful” simply don’t adhere as strictly to the Quran. Following the basic tenants of the Quran are “radical.” So if 80% of Muslims are simply “less devout,” does that truly make the other 20% “radicals”? Yes & no… Having extreme views that aren’t widely shared? Yes. Different and new from what is traditional? No. The 20% who are “radical” walk the walk. So, by standing for traditional marriage, you are a radical Christian if going by the same standards that you place on Islam. Let’s all be happy for once that the majority of human beings don’t strictly adhere to the principles of their religion.

2. Why do you hate Muslims?

I don’t. Let me repeat: I DON’T HATE MUSLIMS. I’m just trying to point out the holes in so many of these weak arguments. “I have Muslim friends” is not anywhere close to being a strong argument for your beliefs. I’m not attacking your friends.

According to various reports, the percentage of “radicals” is anywhere between 15-25%. Low, right? No, in comparison to the Nazi Regime, the Soviet Union, etc. that is high. The other 80% do not matter. I don’t need to hear about your friends, because I am well aware that there are plenty of Muslims living in America that aren’t waiting to behead me when they get the chance. I’m sure they like long walks on the beach, dinner parties, and movie nights. I am aware of the fact that many Muslims serve in the military. I’m also aware that they don’t matter. The Muslims that do matter, are the 15-25% that do want to behead me, as well as anyone that doesn’t agree with them, if they get the chance. They matter. There are incredibly peaceful atheists living in our world, they’re not important in discussions chastising Hitler. The “peaceful” Muslims, Germans, Russians, etc. are irrelevant. This is the same issue that I have with law enforcement – Stop touting good cops during police brutality discussions, because unless they are standing up and fighting against militarization, or police brutality, they are irrelevant to the debate.

Peaceful Germans stood by and watched millions of Jews be slaughtered, so, are they relevant to the bodies bulldozed into landfills? Nope. End of story. If your Muslim friends would like to come out against ISIS, Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood, etc. I’d love to hear their opinions and offer my support, but don’t use them as your version of the race card to try and say that we shouldn’t attack those that are relevant, as well as the book that they use to justify their killing.

3.They aren’t always like this, right?

A lot of people yelled and screamed about the Iraq war, some didn’t agree that we should have been involved over there at all due to the cost, or felt that it was wrong to retaliate. Some really special people actually believed that George Bush orchestrated it all, bless their hearts. I’m not addressing those viewpoints – even though I have opinions of my own. I’m addressing the fact that much of the push back was due to the fact that news crews were interviewing Iraqis that were on their laptops in more developed communities, and they – as if on cue – whined to the media that America was haphazardly murdering civilians. Kind of like Hamas has done with the IDF? Hmmm…

Anyway, the truth? It is very common during non-war times, just as it is now, for women to be raped, murdered, abused, etc. legally in many Middle Eastern areas. They are not equal with men, and are viewed as property. It is normal for Homosexuals to be found guilty and receive a death penalty. It is normal for Christians to be heavily persecuted. It is also normal for Muslims that strictly adhere to the teachings of their religion to teach their children to do the same. They are raised with a hatred for Israel, as well as Western civilization, and a willingness to die for their faith. Not in a “I’ll die before I’ll deny my God” type of willingness, but a “I’ll sacrifice myself to do Allah’s calling” type of willingness. They are not simply confined to the ME, either. We have seen honor killings on American soil, and beheadings in the UK. Families that legally move here, then daughters slaughtered for becoming too “westernized,” why? Because they strictly adhere to their religion, and while they might not be planning terrorist attacks, this is what their strict beliefs demand of them. Once again, I’m not speaking against your peaceful Muslim friends, I’m just throwing out information concerning radicals.  

4. Shouldn’t we turn the other cheek?

Firstly, the above was a horrid use of Matthew 5: 38-48, and I really wish people would stop abusing it. In a world filled with evil people, often times war is necessary. Otherwise, think of the millions of additional human beings that would have been slaughtered under Hitler and Stalin, and imagine how much longer African Americans would have been held under slavery. War should never be fun, we shouldn’t look forward to killing individuals, but we should indeed be prepared and willing to protect the innocent, by lethal means if necessary, because they are willing to die before letting you save the innocent. Right now subhuman savagery is taking place, and has been taking place for a long time in the Middle East. So, say what you will, but the God of the bible, the lover of justice, and the one that condoned war on many occasions, would not tell you to “turn the other cheek” while watching madmen saw off someone’s head.  The truly detestable and facepalm worthy moment for Christians is when they act like turning the other cheek while the actual victims suffer is somehow a sacrifice and showing of decent fruit on their part. And when you do something that heartless and stupid, you rightfully earn a place on my coffee cup.

As we learn in the Quran, they are not interested in peace. They are not interested in ending the suffering. They are interested in conversion or annihilation. Someone made this point on one of the posts I read this morning, and it was countered with “but you want to do the same thing to them!” Not true, not even close to true. I don’t want to annihilate all Muslims, I don’t want to annihilate anyone, I want them to stop slaughtering others, and due to their adherence to their scripture – which unlike ours, demands them to slaughter – the only way to do that is to take out the individuals who are slaughtering innocents. They were given another option, they do not give us another option. That’s like saying that the person who shoots a mass murderer while trying to stop him is somehow guilty of the same crime that the murderer was committing. No. The murderer had a choice to do what was right, the one defending wasn’t given a choice. It’s not “like” that scenario, people, it IS that scenario. Is that saying that we should proclaim war against the moderate Muslims, the less devout in our own country? Absolutely not.

The point of all of this:

I’m tired of beating around the bush. I’m done beating around the bush. While you sit peacefully in your living room patting yourself on the back for touting the “turn the other cheek” argument – and again, inaccurately so – the actual victims are facing quite a different reality. Imagine with me for a moment that the non-Christian victims can hear your words of pacifism. I wonder how impressed they would be with the children of God for bravely typing “I have to turn the other cheek” in response to their suffering, major emphasis on “their.” Stop pretending like our God is a pacifist, because according to the bible, He isn’t.

Forgive me for my bluntness, but the church needs to wake up, specifically the deeply intellectual hippy-esque theological demigods, and they need to do it yesterday. It’s not about left or right, or situating yourself somewhere in the middle so that you can point to the middle and brag, it’s about right and wrong. Period.

Beheading people = Wrong

Stopping barbarians from beheading people = Right

- MB


The Truth About Benghazi… That’s All We Ask

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Reposting from last year. Maybe my co-blogger wasn’t so far off. – MB

Written 10/28/12

I remember an episode of “Psych” in which Henry – Shawn Spencer’s dad and mentor – is telling Young Shawn that a lie is frequently imbedded with nuggets of truth. Things which make the story harder to disqualify or at the very least sort out, and things which also make the story more easy to tell without giving yourself up. In the end of the episode, Old Shawn uses this knowledge to solve the mystery. He gleams little truths here and there from a convoluted web of lies from a pathological liar in order to piece the whole puzzle together into one big picture.

But you see, as the pieces come out a little at a time throughout the show, the lead characters are remiss to believe him. Part of what plays into the relative believability of the developing plot, from both the hero’s point of view and the hapless detectives’ point of view, is the idea that the pieces are just pieces when they are observed here and there and hither and yon. Until the end of the skit when Shawn does a clever monologue tying up all of the loose ends and piecing together – the whole puzzle for everyone to be amazed.

And isn’t that kind of human nature? For your average person anyway? To kind of NOT put all of the pieces together as they come out a little here and a little there and hither and yon? Of course it is. If that wasn’t the case, then your average person who is just picking up the tidbits a little at a time over a great period of time would have serious questions about this whole Benghazi scandal and the interesting and legitimate questions that it poses.

Now at this point the questions are many but most of the questions are common so I won’t get into that just yet. There’s a theory that at first glance might cause you to consider hitting the big “X” on the upper right portion of your screen… But I urge you to consider this in its entirety. It’s worth the read and is the ONLY theory that I have heard that carefully and completely answers (if not all, then the most important) questions surrounding Benghazi, the aftermath, the administration’s actions (or lack thereof), and responses to the question, “Why?”

Not long after the attack on 9-11-2012, on the CIA safe house in Benghazi, Libya, I was on Twitter doing what I do best; scrolling, reading, scrolling, reading, going to links, researching claims, balancing facts… The only thing I’m not sure about is the original source of this theory… Was it the Canadian Free Press? Their predictions, with VERY few exceptions have been Right On. In fact, the only recent theory that they espoused that did Not come to pass was the theory that President Obama was planning some sort of “October Surprise” in order to create a crisis which would guarantee him another four years in the White House. Yep they really bombed that one…

Or, wait… Did they?

What if…

What if there was an incredibly complex scheme to accomplish so so much all at the same time… All things that Obama has wanted to do, or that the people and/or groups he vocally supports have wanted to do? What if ALL of the mind-blowing questions could be explained in one theory… What if all the “Why”s could be very reasonably answered? Here’s my list of personal questions for the administration and then I will tell you why this theory, when put to the “smell test” smells rotten but right.

Why was security at the safe house taken out of the hands of U.S. Military and put in the hands of an Obama hand-picked team that has since been found to have links to al-Qaeda just weeks before the attack?

Why, despite them knowing not only hours in advance that things were desperate, but days-weeks-months in advance that extra security was requested because things were really heating up, was extra security denied, downgraded, and placed in the hands of local ‘police?’

Why, when the last desperate pleas came in just moments before the attack, pleas which indicated they didn’t know if they would survive – that the ‘police’ were taking pictures of the exits and doors, that people were watching the safe house, was an extraction team not immediately dispatched?

Why, when the first shots were fired, was a response team not dispatched, but rather told to Stand Down? And as the fight dragged on over long hours still no help was sent? The order remained, “Stand Down.” Why?

Why and how on earth was Stevens removed from the culprits with no culprit(s) being apprehended and who was it that got him to the hospital?

Why was the lie of the ‘offensive video’ promulgated and perpetuated? When we now know that no such reference was ever made in the initial assessment… Where did this idea come from? The Muslim Brotherhood, who now claim it was activism for the release of The Blind Sheikh? The Libyans who claimed immediately it was an organized act of terror? Who started this lie? And still… Why? And why the sudden unrelated leak that the U.S. may be considering releasing the Sheikh for “health reasons” (the government denies this)?

Why would Obama fly to Vegas in order to attend a fund-raiser the same night of this attack? Why was he not threatening lost jobs and rolling heads over this? Why was he not knee-deep in it demanding answers?

Why, if no one informed the President who gave the order, and No one informed the President of the emails, and no one informed the President of the need for beefed up security, if at no other time than when he was Downgrading it, does EVERYONE still have a job in his administration?

What was a Turkish Representative doing at the safe house, leaving only an hour before the attack – escorted out by Stevens through the front door to the front gate… Was he warning Stevens? Threatening Stevens? Deceiving Stevens? Playing him like a fiddle?

How on earth could Obama allegedly not look the father of the slain Seal in the eye? His response to what he considers a true tragedy (Colorado) was abject sympathy, empathy, hours of one on one time consoling the families of the slain ‘Joker’ victims… but not with this man? Why?

How on earth could Biden allegedly aver, “Did your son always have balls the size of cue balls?” This also does not reek of sympathy. It reeks of spite.

Which is why I think that when you apply objective reasoning to the whole thing… piece the whole puzzle together, as the theory goes, you might be compelled to at least consider that it could go all the way to the top.

Let’s start by assuming that the Turkish Rep was the middle man for a deal between the U.S. and Radical Islamists. We’ve already verified that the rebels, also with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood (most radical of radical groups… terrifying) and to al-Qaeda, have in their possession American arms. Disappointing that the MSM makes nothing of this…. But we know they do and know there is no other means by which they could have attained this quantity. So while alarming, this is not a knock you off your chair revelation. Been there done that with Fast and Furious, right? The idea that our government may be arming our enemies as in our well-known enemies is new. But if fast and furious raises little more than eyebrows and questions of Republican witch hunts, then most people won’t be surprised, much less outraged. What makes it interesting is the close close relationship that Obama has with the Turkish President. Stevens dealing with Turkey… no big deal. Turkey dealing with Syria… no big deal. See the road of continuity there? The real question of what Turkey’s representative was doing on 9-11-12 at the CIA safe house in a very dangerous area that everyone knew was close to blowing up is probably the only question that gets unanswered. But for the sake of testing the theory, we have to know that the specific reason is not important. But that he was there at all is important. It lends to the idea that WHATEVER was going on needed a middle man of ambiguously neutral U.S. standing to broker the deal. Or threat. Or warning. Or promise. Or fake deal… whatever the case may be. It easily ties the whole process to the idea that the U.S., through their Very Good Friend Turkey, was working with Extreme Factions of Radical Terrorists. It opens the door to the rest. Does it smell good? No. It Stinks… But it smells feasible! At the very least – feasible.

How can Obama accomplish these things all at once? Appease the Muslim Brotherhood by releasing the Sheikh, arm the rebels, create a crisis big enough to secure the presidency. If only there was a way. What if Obama could be a goat AND a hero at the same time, but enough of a hero that the election would be a lock? If only there was a way. Something that would require the video as an excuse, the date as a secondary excuse (plus it clouds the issue just enough), decreased security as an oversight, non response as a time constraint… something that could also take the focus off of the arms dealings at the same time. Just in time for the election… If only there was a way.


If only 2 SEALS hadn’t gotten in the way… Engaging and killing scores of al-Qaeda for hours. Possibly ignoring orders to ‘Stand Down.’ Thus the comment from Biden, “balls the size of cue balls.” Not because of their incredible stand-off and brave fight… NO… they had the BALLS to get in the way of an otherwise perfect plan… so the theory goes. If not for Spite, would Biden… even Biden say something that crass? His ineptitude was debunked during debate night. The guy’s as sharp as a tack. He can dumb himself down. But can’t shut himself up for spite. He couldn’t hide it debate night and he couldn’t hide it when he met one of the slain seals father… “balls the size of cue balls.” Think about it.

If only 2 SEALS hadn’t gotten in the way… the fight would have been over before it started. It would have looked ambiguous enough to blame it on a spontaneous uprising. It would have been under less intense scrutiny. There never would have been any question why they “Watched them die.” There obviously wouldn’t have been enough time. The dispatching of the drone may have been just to ‘keep an eye on things… but there wasn’t enough time to do anything more.’

If only 2 SEALS hadn’t gotten in the way… the change in security may have been just ‘an oversight.’ Or an act of misplaced ‘trust’ or the right thing to do because maybe the story is that THAT security team sacrificed their lives and Americans didn’t.

If only 2 SEALS hadn’t gotten in the way… then Obama could have brokered an exchange. An exchange for the release of one of ours for one of theirs. He would be a goat and he would be a hero, but enough of a hero close enough to the election to keep the White House hands down.

You see, the theory that ties this all together, the one that I heard a month ago and brushed off as impossibly foolish, now almost makes sense. It smells feasible. It explains every last question that is being raised. As the theory goes, Stevens wasn’t supposed to die. That’s why he wound up at the hospital. Maybe by the very people who Finally captured him. It was supposed to be over very quickly. The theory supports that the lack of response by the U.S. was them expecting that any minute now… annnny minute… the fight would be over and the deed would be done. Thus, ‘Stand Down.’ I think the theory supports that the video response lost it’s credibility in the light that American’s were dead and not just missing and that the fight took so very long. In such a case, it may very well be that the partners are saving face and going off script. I think the theory supports that the drone was dispatched for posterity but now offers damning evidence. I think the theory supports that Obama went to rest for his trip to Vegas expecting entirely different news. I think the theory supports that Biden can’t bite his tongue and was bitter the 2 SEALS got in the way. I think the theory supports that The Muslim Brotherhood never had to leave script… they’ve wanted the Blind Sheikh released since his incarceration began but it explains the sudden increase in volume for the same – as if it’s more likely to be a now or never arrangement. I think the theory states: U.S. security obeys orders and stands down. The rebels sweep in and abduct Stevens. Obama let’s it simmer long enough to be close enough to the election to gain him popularity, then exchanges the Blind Sheikh for Stevens. At that point there is not enough time for any legitimate news to surface, for any real questions to be answered, for anything bad to happen at all to the Obama campaign, only a boost.

I think the theory explains why Obama is still stalling. I think it explains why the plan has failed. I think it explains why everyone still has their jobs. As soon as someone loses their job, then the President has to answer the questions ‘Who’ and ‘Why’ and he wouldn’t be prepared to do this. He has a better than even chance at losing this thing, but if the lid comes off Benghazi, as the theory hypothesizes… it’s over.

I’m not asking anyone to think anything. This theory is already out there anyway. But I think it’s possible, it’s plausible, and I think it smells better than what’s being shoveled at the moment. I also think that in the absence of any real information out of the White House that any theory is better than no theory. If they want to debunk all these theories, then the lies need to stop. Please, Mr. President… if this is not the case, what is? The truth needs to come out.

Unless the truth is as damning as most objective Americans believe it is. Even so, for the integrity of our Country… for the integrity of the Presidency, even if not from the source(s) itself, the truth must be known. We deserve that. Stevens deserves that. The fallen SEALS – Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty – deserve that. The countless told to stand down while their own paid the ultimate price deserve that.


Connect the Dots

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Important people and facts you should know about before going to vote this year. Educate your fellow Americans on how important this election is! There are so many people to list, this will be the first blog entry, it’s a good start.


George Soros: Since the 1980 he’s been considered one of the most politically powerful individuals in the world. He has played key roles in bringing down governments for decades. Other countries believe that he affects American politics more profoundly than any other living person. The Chinese have labels him the “Greatest financial terrorist”. His involvement as a teen in the confiscation of property from the Jews in Hungary made him feel  “no sense of guilt”, and called it “probably the happiest year of my life”. Soros vocalized that he would “puncture the bubble of American supremacy.”. For years he quietly funded Pro-Islam organizations, and communist projects.  Creating groups of individuals who sought to bring an open society agenda to the US. Then he met his final piece of the puzzle. Barack Obama. Soros has hosted multiple fundraisers, and as recently as this week funded political ads for Obama. His son funded the now famous Samuel L. Jackson “Wake the $%#& up” ad that aired this week. Soros played a major part in the Arab Springs, and Obamacare. He is funded the media’s demise into being propaganda for the NEW democratic party, a group that he himself helped develop. He was behind the Super-Pac titled “Dump West”, a multi-million dollar project designed to demonize black republican Allen West, West is incredibly critical/vocal of Obama’s policies and the danger Obama poses to the US.  Research SO much more on George here:


Frank Marshall Davis: Card carrying member of the Communist Party, mentored Obama at the request of his communist Grandparents. Friends with Vernon Jarrett. MANY more details available online.


Vernon Jarrett: Friend of Frank Marshall Davis, Father-In-Law of Valerie Jarrett, the closest aide to Obama.  Vernon Jarrett wrote an article in 1979 detailing the possibility of billions of dollars donated by Arab nations, supposedly to unload on American black leaders and minorities. He quoted a lawyer by the name of Donald Warden, who said “It’s not just a rumor. Aid will come from some of the Arab states.”.

Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour: San Francisco lawyer. Substantial evidence and sources allege that he helped to arrange for the entrance of Obama into Harvard Law School in 1988. Percy Sutton told an interviewer in 2008 that he had been introduced to Obama by one of his fundraising friends, a Mr. al-Mansour. Al-Mansour does not deny this. But to add another twist, Abdullah Tariq al-Mansour did not always go by this name, it was changed when he became Muslim and was very close with Saudi royalty…His original name? Donald Warden. If you need a reminder, read the bit about Vernon Jarrett again. Percy claims that al-Mansour wrote a note to him that said ““there is a young man that has applied to Harvard. I know that you have a few friends up there because you used to go up there to speak. Would you please write a letter in support of him?”.


Valerie Jarrett: Born in Iran, a country protected by Obama during the Arab Spring. Daughter-In-Law of Vernon Jarrett. Closest aide to Obama.

Take a moment and connect those dots.

Moving on.

Edward Said: Anti-Colonial Palestinian radical. Said studied with Obama at Columbia, Said was actually a speaker at one of Obama’s fundraisers years ago. Khalidi was a friend of Edward Said and now has Edwards job in Arab Studies at Columbia. Both Said and Khalidi were/are strictly against Israel, and have close mentoring ties with Obama. There is a tape from a dinner that Obama attended years ago with Khalidi involving Anti-Israel discussion, this tape is in the hands of the liberal media, and they refuse to release it to the people.

Muslim Brotherhood: Founded in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna, brother of alleged penman of The Project. The Project gave 25 strategies to infiltrate the west, and bring together a world under Islam. The Project stayed in the hands of the Muslim Brotherhood until 2001 when its contents were found during a raid. The Muslim Brotherhood has close connections with the President, the most recent being the election in Egypt that the President congratulated. The President has met with leading members of the Muslim Brotherhood on multiple occasions. Harmless right? Well, Hillary Clintons Deputy Chief of Staff is Huma Abedin, whom has ties with the MB. U.S. Army Lieutenant General William Jerry Boykin has come out saying that individuals with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood hold important positions within “every major federal agency”. And let’s not forget their creed – “Allah is our objective; the Koran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations.”.

Muhammad Morsi: Prime Minister of Egypt, member of the Muslim Brotherhood. Feels that the world should be subject to a law forbidding the blasphemy of Islam. He is vocalizing this on a national level, and our President has stated that anti-tolerance is the same as violence. These views coincide in a dangerous way. Morsi is also incredibly Anti-Israel.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: Iranian President. Stated that Israel will be defeated. This man is incredibly dangerous, his country is also developing nuclear bombs. This would be a deadly battle for Israel, and a possible start to a World War.

First Amendment: The First Amendment is under attack by our own President. I won’t write much on the YouTube video makers arrest, as details are not really out yet, but he was taken into custody for using a computer while on probation. This man was hunted by our Government after the current administration used his video as an excuse for terrorist attacks in the Middle East. Come to find out, the White House was lying about the information they knew, and they lied by continuously calling it a “spontaneous attack” by people angered by a video…that was made in July…right…Look at Chick-Fil-A, they have a right to voice their opinions, and people have a right not to eat there (although that backfired into a record setting sales day), but the First Amendment was attacked by democrats trying to bully Chick-Fil-A from being in their cities BECAUSE they exercised their First Amendment rights…Consistently forgetting that while they preach tolerance from us for their viewpoints, they try to prohibit with hate and death threats the freedom of conservatives to have opposing viewpoints.

Fast and Furious: If you don’t know about the Presidents deadliest scandal please research Katie Pavlich, or for a synopsis look back on former blog posts. We’ve noted Fast and Furious a few times.

Cloward-Piven: The economic strategy that Obama is following to the letter. The final phase of this system is economic collapse, leading to the guaranteed annual income of the entire nation. “Wealth redistribution” has NOTHIN on this. Read up on this, because if you vote for Obama you ARE voting for this system. This system will obliterate the United States of American…We will become the United Socialist States of America.

Saul Alinsky: Yeah, basically all the tactics that Obama has used to tout Americans joining together comes directly from Rules for Radicals. He is the brilliant, teleprompter reading, hypnotist President he is today because of Saul. Make no mistake, the disdain that the lower class now have for the middle and upper class are a direct result from a President that designed the chaos like a master architect of manipulation.

Woman’s Rights/Marriage Equality: When the President and Democrats stop getting help from men like gay hating, Black Panther supporting Louis Farrakhan mere WEEKS after demonizing Chick-Fil-A I might start listening. Or when they stop supporting Islamic groups that have shown violence towards women and gays. Or like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt that is once again trying to make it legal for men to marry girls as young as 9…Maybe, MAYBE I’ll listen to Sandra Fluke cry about birth control when she sheds a tear for a 9 year old bride, or a women getting stoned for being raped. MAYBE if they would encourage Planned Parenthood to stop celebrating their founder, Margaret Sanger, I would take them more seriously. A woman who spoke at KKK rallies and encouraged ethnic cleansing be used against “bad stock” (blacks)… I don’t know, but everyone is hypocritical at some point in their life, but when a party continuously does it just to gain your uneducated vote I start to question their motives…Well, I don’t even question them anymore, they’ve made them clear.

Romney is standing up against the above threats…I’ve been clear that he wasn’t my favorite candidate, but he is gaining an entirely new respect from those of us who see what is really going on. In a nation where Islam is taking over, the people are silenced, the entire livelihood depends on a handout from the government, and a man is worshipped is the same type of nation where you are forced to look over your shoulder for men with guns to be listening before you tell your Grandchildren stories about how Christians used to meet in churches and not hide their bibles. If Romney wins the road will be tough, but it won’t end with us living in slavery. Stand with the our Forefathers for a Constitution that made us the greatest country in the world, stand with your children for their right to wear a cross around their neck… Stand with Romney against the greatest national threat to ever plague our country, and no, it’s not obesity.

~ Mb ~

For the Love of the Game

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“Think of only three things: your God, your family and the Green Bay Packers-in that order.”
~ Vince Lombardi

Man I love those Packers. My team. My state. My heroes, when I was 12… Vince Lombardi was a household name and The Green Bay Packers was a religion. Every Sunday in the fall I was at my grandma’s house watching them with my uncle – rooting, jumping, covering my ears when my uncle cursed… and generally being disappointed (The Packers were awful in the late 70’s/early 80’s). As much as I loved them, Vince Lombardi, apparently realizing the pitfalls of such misprioritized adoration, gave some wonderful advice. My dad, oblivious to the musings of football fans, made us attend church anyway, and family always came before football, so without meaning to he endorsed Lombardi and helped instill my eventual adult priorities.

Now along the way I mixed things up. At one point in my life, when my father-in-law insulted the Packers, I became so indignant that I had to take a drive. “That’s my team!” I shouted.  As I left the driveway, a small still voice said, “And why don’t you respond like this when people blaspheme My Name?” In shame, I turned the car around and set my mind to putting God first. My family second. The Packers third.

The Packers made their second super bowl in as many years. They were heavily favored over Denver. Now one thing I’ve always been proud of (irony forthcoming) is the humility of Packer fans. A TSN article in ’95 called them the real ‘America’s team’ – something I was very quick to point out to Dallas and Chicago fans. But as I walked around the factory in conversational anticipation of the super bowl a foreign thing happened; almost every single person I talked to acted and talked like the formality of the game was almost insulting. “They should just let the Packers go home. This game is gonna be a joke.” “Give them the trophy now.” “This is gonna be a blow out. I’m already embarrassed for the Broncos.” Etc. Etc. Etc. And so I found myself saying something that I had never considered a possibility. When Art, a fellow worker, scoffed at my suggestion that the Pack might not pull it off, in righteous anger I said, “I hope they lose.” I was embarrassed to be associated with such arrogance. I supposed that a loss would bring us back to our humble roots. Or at the very least that the pretenders would springboard off of the band wagon.

It didn’t hurt any less when they lost. It didn’t make it better when the ‘fans’ talked about what losers their team was in the weeks to follow. Some burned their jerseys. Some did jump ship.

They may as well have been the ‘fans ‘ in the dark days that watched the games without passion if the mood fit them because ‘Why bother? They’re just gonna lose.’

But some, like me, who remembered the 70’s and 80’s, just put on our big people pants and started the long wait to ‘next year.’ We remembered the years where we weren’t even close. Where the word ‘playoff’ just caused a sad smile and a distant look. And although Lombardi may have disagreed, we were still the second best team in the NFL.

I’ve since adopted a new favorite team – The Saint Louis Cardinals. I cared nothing for baseball. The Brewers were never my thing.  In ’82 I was old enough to understand baseball, but never could understand why the neighbors would fly all the way to California for an AL playoff game.  Then came my wife.  My wife, father-in-law, and the infectious fever they had for the Cardinals, drew me into it.  For awhile they were just ‘my favorite football team and favorite baseball team.’ Then ‘my co-favorite teams.’ But as funny as this sounds, the Packers fan base sampling that I experienced over the years seemed to degrade, subjectively speaking, to the point that I decided to just love the team without an overaffiliation. In fairness, I’ve come to realize that despite my humble pride, every team has its ‘bad’ fans. Too late though. I’m too deeply entrenched into the familiar subculture of the Cards to ever go back. Nothing personal against my home team.

‘The Call’ a few days ago, that gave Seatle a win and took the game away from The Packers, was a wake up call to the owners. What if, they reasoned, that call had happened in Green Bay? Could we have had European soccer match style riots? We better do something! A very quick deal was hashed out with the refs. All was right with the world. If you call refs getting a standing ovation ‘right.’ The fans were incensed, the owners responded.

No. Let’s put that in perspective.

The fans were incensed enough that the owners feared boycotts, riots, or more likely lawsuits in the event of riots to the point that getting things back to normal – removing the people who (although they tried their hardest) had no business refereeing an NFL game, and putting the people who made things considerably more safe, knew and abided by the rules, and who would ultimately help to ensure the integrity of the game, back on the field – was paramount.

Tell me you see where this is going.

What if.

The owners were immune to lawsuits? The integrity of the game just didn’t matter? The overall agenda was to degrade the game to the point that the fans lost interest – so riots not only didn’t matter (to them), but helped the agenda? And revenues actually fell? The salaries rewritten so everyone divided equally the much devalued salaries? Then teams sold off at their devalued worth? Then revalued for profit? What if it was just one persuasive owner with a lot of backing and a backdoor deal and a lot to gain and nothing to lose – who really loved… Rugby? And swore rugby was not more violent than football?

Ok, it got weird. The fans, flawed though they are, drive the game, the ultimate direction of the game, and their involvement ensures the integrity of the game. The constitution of the game! Packers get a top ten all time bad call… That’s my team! ’85 Cards lose game 6 in top ten bad call… That’s my team! Why do most Boston fans still hate Buckner? … That’s my team! “That was an interception!” Why? That’s my team! My game! I was watching! I know the rules! I watch every game! I know! I’m involved!

“What about what’s going on in the middle east?”
(crickets chirping)
That’s my God!
“Christians in Egypt being killed?”
(crickets chirping)
That’s my God!
“Fast and furious? Brian Terry? Eric Holder? Executive privilege? Andrew Breitbart? George Soros? The Muslim Brotherhood? 2016? Occupy Unmasked? Sharia law? UN gun control? 1st amendment jeopardy & Detroit protests? Executive orders? Downgraded credit rating? Unemployment? Deficit? Obamacare? Failed bailouts? GM takeover? Impending hyperinflation?
That’s my God! That’s my family!

That’s my country!

The flawed fan now drives the game. The despondent, self mislabeled-self-prophecy-fulfilling non game changing, uninvolved, non vested (or so they think) fan. Who would riot over a bad call but won’t vote over a bad president. They don’t realize that an activist judge on the supreme court is like a permanent replacement ref from hell. That the impas in congress is fine by him – either Republicans pass liberal laws or he can say how much they’ve been in the way… Win win. (Yeah, the refs just won’t budge… Not our fault.) That much like the owners, he doesn’t care about the ‘constitution’ of the game – only the ends. Riots don’t matter. Image matters. The only and scary difference is that his approach to presiding seems to hinge only very loosely on fan opinion. He really does not seem to care. Why? Would the media downplaying the inadequacy of the replacement refs have changed anything? Yes! That play and botched call was everywhere for 3 days. When most fans have resigned to living with the call but the media won’t let it go? Imagine that in reverse. Much easier to move on. Despite the fact that the MSM forgives everything the man does, fans have no excuse. While a biased media is a significant threat, we the voters have a patriotic responsibility to get individually informed and then to vote!

The experts say that a fan losing the big game may actually experience the loss as acutely as the players. Packers/Giants has been that to me twice. Packers/Broncos. Cards/Red Sox. But the next morning, we put on our clothes and go to work. We move on. There’s always next year.
But this is the movie where if the team loses, they’re done. The “Major League” of life.
If we lose – we are done.
Problem is, if we win, it’s “We are Marshall.” The desperate moral boost a team needed just to move on – a slow and hard recovery.

But that’s our chance.

Our only chance.

Get in the game.  Get passionate, then draw people with your passion.  Get infectious. Get a fever. Convince the casual fan that they can make a difference.  Realize that the game is almost at its end.

Do it for your God… Your family… Your Country… Your Team…

Unless replacement refs is your thing…

~  Tim ~

Will You Stand With Israel?

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Well, I had plans to blog about something else this week, but considered the chaos currently erupting in the Middle East I decided I should switch topics.

Well friends, here we sit in the unfortunate predicament of having a President who has turned his back on Israel, and a Christian nation split between what is right and what they deem the possibility of personal gain. We sit with a Secretary of State who has abandoned all reason for a pretend sense of uniting and peace. But most of all we sit on country that has the financial and moral stability comparable to a home located in tornado alley and completely constructed of toothpicks.


I did some researching yesterday and today, I was able to find a few different quotes, but I think the most important thing I hope everyone absorbs is the Muslim Brotherhood mission statement:


“Allah is our objective; the Quran is our constitution, the Prophet is our leader; Jihad is our way; and death for the sake of Allah is the highest of our aspirations.”


Remember those words when you are watching the news, when you listen to our President talk about the unity between Christians and Islam. What the left side of the aisle refuses to acknowledge (including our own Secretary Of State) is that the Muslim Brotherhood was never, currently isn’t, and won’t ever be a peaceful group.


The founder of the Brotherhood: “It is in the nature of Islam to dominate, not to be dominated, to impose its law on all nations and to extend its power to the entire planet.”


Let’s give them kudos, they know how to set objectives…very CLEAR objectives. And if you weren’t convinced yet…


Muhammed Badi in 2010: “change that the Muslim nation seeks can only be attained through jihad . . . by raising a jihadi generation that pursues death just as our enemies pursue life.”


I’ve been looking for peaceful exhibits…I just can’t seem to find any. What I have found, and read on numerous articles is that President Morsi treats Israel as though it is a boil on the worlds back, one in desperate need of being lanced off. Wait…wait…it’s not JUST Israel. I mean they HATE Israel…but they’re not really a fan of anyone else:


Yusuf al-Qaradawi: “The civilizational-jihadist process . . . is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house . . . so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”


Clearly, the only way for that to be clearer is if you were staring down the barrel of their gun yourself. But yet, does it really have to get to that point before we stop sipping the kool-aid? Why is our government facing the above rhetoric with ease and a calm nature? I could go on a very long, incredibly backed up conspiracy theory bunny trail, but for the sake of our collective sanity I’ll stay to the point and make it simple.


As a Christian, we have the responsibility to stand for Israel. I don’t believe that Obama’s actions towards our country are anything but a devised plan, and that’s my opinion. I don’t believe that our economic situation is something he ever planned to fix, and that’s my opinion. I feel that the Islamic nations having more nuclear power than us in Obama’s second term is NOT him striving for peace, but instead the end goal to diminish this nations sovereignty…Once again, that’s my opinion…But what ISN’T just my opinion is that we have a biblical obligation to stand with Israel. No matter where you stand, what you think you stand to gain financially, the medical care you think is free and owed to you, your views on Abortion, marriage equality, or womens rights…etc…You have an obligation to stand for Israel above all else, and Obama is NOT standing with Israel. Actions speak louder than words, they booed God and Jerusalem during the DNC convention (Ironically they denied God 3 times…sound familiar?). They apologized to the Muslims for a brutal attack on our embassies, which is on US soil (the embassy IS considered US soil). Yes, they backtracked and condemned the actions, but only when a body count got involved.


Somewhere in between here I should really post something about the pathetic attack of the left on Romney for actually representing those of us who love our Country. Or the lack of care from our President concerning the attacks, his insincerity, his disregard for our safety, and his shameless campaigning during chaos…I would go into more detail, but the conservative media is doing a GREAT job of lining out the actual timeline of the occurrences. I encourage you to research it all so that I don’t have to make a 4 page blog post.


Our President has declined a meeting request by Benjamin Netanyahu saying he didn’t have the time…EVEN THOUGH Netanyahu said HE would change his own schedule for Obama, only to have Obama plan a late night TV appearance the same day, and apparently yet ANOTHER meeting with Morsi. We’ve forgotten the most important part…not ONLY does Obama treat the Muslim Brotherhood like they are the Care Bears and we are Dark Heart, but he also congratulated Morsi on his election. He congratulated him on what the conservatives said well beforehand would be a violent and hostile takeover, and what our own government should have perceived as well. Judging by the violence towards Christians that oppose Morsi, I’m guessing we could call that a violent and hostile takeover?


The US has given billions of dollars in foreign aid to Egypt, encouraging peace in the East…Actually, the opposite has happened, any peace between Egypt and Israel is as good as broken. Our Main Stream Media is supporting Morsi and making his efforts look positive, when in reality, he is throwing Israel under the bus in the name of anti-colonialism…But then again, the main stream media has sold their journalist integrity to the highest bidder. They embody the idea of an anti-superhero, cloaked in a suit and glasses, secretly wearing the “O” symbol. When damaging news for the Obama campaign arrives they run to the phone booth and emerge as the behind the scenes hero for the most corrupt administration to date. The most unacceptable part in all of this are the victims of their dedication, your children, sisters, brothers, nephews, nieces, aunts, uncles, parents, Grandparents…etc. Unknowingly turning on the TV to what most of the time is more fictional than the Teletubbies. Today they blame the violent act on a movie and religious intolerance, tomorrow when the truth is released they simply downplay and hide the facts. They own and control the spotlight, and they use your naive mind as a weapon on the opposing side.

Haven’t you had enough?


As Glenn Beck has noted multiple time, for the first time in nearly 40 years, Morsi was in Tehran in August for a meeting with leaders of Iran. This was a meeting with the Non-Aligned Movement, with over 120 countries…The Non-Aligned Movement endorsed Iran’s nuclear program…And they all have something in common, they don’t like us, and they REALLY don’t like Israel.

Look at the violence towards those who oppose Morsi? Muslim cleric Hashem Islam Ali Islam said that those who protest against President Morsi can in good conscience be killed. Why? Because this is WHO they are. And Christians in Egypt have been crucified (literally), without repercussion in the name of sharia law.


Our President has turned his back on Israel, they know it, he knows it, and better yet…The new countries building a United States of Islam know it too…But we the lost sheep looking to the main stream media for our national intelligence are the only fools not seeing it. So let’s face the facts. You want to complain that our nation is falling apart? You want to complain that Romney won’t fix it either? You want to vote for a third party candidate that will never make it in, only adding another bullet to the game of Russian Roulette this countries citizens are playing with the United States of America? Please do, but (posting error – fix pending this P.M. ~Tim~)