Of Rubio, Republicans, and voting ‘right’

The political winds taunt some, depress others, and are a wonderful excuse to go do the dishes during commercial breaks for many. I, on the other hand, love nothing more than the sweet scent of political conflict in the air. It’s the breeze of responsible, the reminder that we can all make a difference in our world. I am ready for 18 months, 2 weeks, and 3 days of brutal campaigns, insults, and shouts of joy. That said, It’s only been a few weeks, and I’ve already experienced all of those things. I’m not one to shy away from opinions, nor one to defend someone to the death despite a clear difference in beliefs. I am, however, a realist…  Which brings me to the point of this post:

                                                              Who should you vote for?


WARNING: I’m about to discuss points and facts that I don’t, necessarily, even like. I’m about to tell you why some of my favorite people in politics can’t beat Hillary. I don’t like these facts, I despise many of them, yet I can’t get past them. So please don’t assume that I’m attacking your favorite candidate… Unless of course your favorite candidate is Hillary Clinton.


Despite the myriad reasons why Hillary shouldn’t be President, including the fact that if she were a Republican she’d more than likely be charged with a few crimes, she will most likely be the Democrat candidate of choice on the ballot in 2016. The woman could punch ducklings on live TV and still be worshipped by the left. They’re doing their best to make her seem human – “look, the elitist eats a burrito” – and they’ll succeed with those who really, really, really want her to be human…. Despite the fact that when she’s in public she looks like she’s either chronically constipated, or counting down the seconds before she is able to run to the nearest bottle of Germ-X so as to cleanse herself of commoner bacteria.


Hillary has a really good shot at the White House, because the average American voter is a glutton for punishment. They’re like an abused wife, captive to the idea that they won’t survive without a particular party in power. Yes, I compared the Democrat regime to an abusive husband. Luckily, for some of them, that’s a step up. Talking to you, Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Anthony Weiner… I digress. So follow me on this journey, let’s chat about what kind of competitor we need on our side to go up against the only “Feminist” to remain married to a womanizer and alleged rapist. I’m going to break down my reasons against/for the current candidates, as well as a few potentials.


Ted Cruz – Don’t you feel American when you listen to him? You feel good, you feel like he’s the second coming of Reagan. You just get the feeling like he belongs on a Presidential flashcard. Sometimes you might even accidently say “Ted Reagan” because it sounds fantastic. Wait… Is that just me? This man should have a soundtrack, and it should be Lee Greenwoods’ greatest hit on repeat. I’m pretty sure he smells like Apple Pie and baseball. I love this man, and I love what he stands for, and so do the handful, albeit large handful, of those in the country that land so far right they’ve got a poster of George Washington holding an AR-15 above their bed. So, what’s not to love about him? Well, quite simply, he’s not going to get the votes from the middle ground. If we lived in a sane America, filled with fiscally responsible adults, they’d see that he is the best chance for lowering the debt, elevating the lower class, etc…. Now, the Libertarians might not vote for Hillary, but they also won’t vote for him, they’ll either stay home, or they’ll vote for an Independent… And voting for an Independent is basically like casting your vote for the rich white chick in the pantsuit. If he wins the GOP ticket, I’ll slap a bumper sticker on my car and preach the good word, but he’s not my first choice.


Rand Paul – Oh, my heart. I love this man too. He’s a genuinely good person with a heart for his country. I really love the fact that he fights against the militarization of the police. He sees what I see, what many common sense individuals see; it shouldn’t be an us vs. them system, militarizing the police just damages the relationship they should have with the people of this nation. He believes that the warrior cop mentality is toxic. He believes in accountability, regardless of what uniform you wear. I have found myself siding with him on countless occasions where this is concerned. But there are staunch Republicans (I know many personally) that throw anyone who dares to stand for the rights of all people, not just the uniformed, under the bus. So while I may love him, many staunch Republicans will go full liberal and anti-rights if he says Andy Griffith can’t have a tank. That issue aside, I believe foreign policy is one of the most important issues in a Presidential candidate. I also believe that sometimes blood must be shed for the good of the innocent (WWI, WWII, ISIS, etc.), and I believe that America should defend the innocent. Hashtag diplomacy, well wishes, and minding our own business doesn’t always work. Understanding this is not Rand’s strong suit. He sounds like he’s changing his tune a bit on foreign policy, but with everything going on in this world, is it enough? On the plus side, most vehemently Republican voters will not like voting for Rand, but if he goes up against Hillary they’ll smarten up and vote for him because they’re still a step ahead of the Independents who really, really just want their weed, man. Unfortunately, he will garner very few votes from the minorities that Democrats have owned in the last 2 elections. Once again, I’ll buy a cap with his name on it if he makes the ticket, but he’s not my first choice.


Jeb Bush – No.


Chris Christie – No.


No. Stop it. 


Seriously? I should not have to explain the faults in either of those choices. Have we not learned our lesson with McCain and Romney? Do we need to revisit the rich white guy camp again to play games with what might be the most important election our generation will see? Stop making me hate you, GOP.  Stop it. Now. You need my generation, why are you bound and determined to push us away? 


Scott Walker – Alright, this one pains me… I’m a Wisconsinite, and a proud supporter of Walker. This election is going to require more, it’s going to require someone with a story, someone with charisma, someone that relates. I support most of what Walker has accomplished, including his fight against union thugs. But Walker does not have the story, and he doesn’t  have the charisma it will take to beat Hillary. True or not, her supporters will paint him as a “typical white Republican bully.” This election is going to be a difficult one, and we MUST learn from the past, or we’ll repeat it. If we run the same old campaigns of McCain and Romney, we’ll be listening to a concession speech by our candidate on election night.  If he ends up running against Hillary, once again, I’ll be the first in line to support him… but… Scott Walker is not my first choice. Ouch.


Marco Rubio – Ready? Rubio is my first choice. And below is just a peek at why I believe he should be yours too (I will include excerpts from his recent announcement):


He’s not an old rich white guy. TMZ once asked him the difference between Lil Wayne and Tupac, and he answered by detailing the difference between the two rappers. He quoted Jay-Z on the House floor. This may mean nothing to you, because it means nothing to me, but it means something to the millions of new voters who can relate. He’s relevant. I know Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, and the likes don’t agree, but guess what… this country followed the lead of the Conservative leaders for long enough. We may agree with them, we may have the same opinions, we may own their books and tweet their quotes, but their choices have not given us results for quite a long time. Rubio is not Reagan, but I tend to believe that Reagan would have a difficult time getting elected these days.


“Here in America, my father became a bartender, my mother a cashier, a maid, a K-Mart stock clerk.” His parents had to budget, he had to budget. He just paid off his student loans in 2012. Do you know how long it’s been since Hillary Clinton had to worry about a budget? A loan payment? A very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very long time. She can stand in Chipotle until the cows come home, and it doesn’t change the fact that she is still going to walk away with a net worth that the majority of us will never see in a lifetime. This year alone, she’ll spend more on restaurants and clothes than I’ll ever spend on a house. She’s out of touch. Drastically out of touch. Her daughter is out of touch. And her husband needs reminders not to touch. This is where every other candidate fails to compare. Rubio can shoot Hillary’s class warfare back at her via cannon. He can paint her as an elitist who is completely out of touch with the rest of the world, including himself, and then he can drop a quote from Public Enemy and bury her, no other candidate can offer that, and if they tried they’d just look like that weird 50 year-old neighbor who has “JUICY” printed in glitter across the butt of her sweatpants. You don’t want to hear that, Conservatives, but buck up, Buttercup, it’s a fact.


“They’re busy looking backwards. So they do not see how jobs and prosperity today depend on our ability to compete in a global economy. And so our leaders put us at a disadvantage by taxing and borrowing and regulating like it was 1999.” In case you didn’t get the point, Marco Rubio is young and relevant. Hillary isn’t. McCain preached on how he could help you, Romney preached on how he could help you, Rubio is not speaking down to you, he is one of you.


“If we reform our tax code and reduce regulations and control spending and modernize our immigration laws and repeal and replace Obamacare.”


Taxes – I love the opinion of Cruz concerning taxes, I also love the opinion of Paul concerning taxes, and Reagan, and Coolidge, and, and, the list goes on. Guess how much good those views do if Hillary is in the White House? Wishful thinking is grand, and I’ll be a flat tax supporter until I die. *wipes away single tear* However, we are dealing with the struggle of earning votes from individuals who will give their support to a candidate based off of clips of Presidential debates between Lady Gaga and Katy Perry songs on the radio. If you asked the majority of the people in this country what “flat tax” means, they’ll look at you like your finger is glowing and wonder if you need to “phone home.” If Rubio gets in the White House and tax cuts take place, jobs grow, and people see that their livelihood improves, he can then run on even more tax cuts, and other Republicans will have the ability to tout even more drastic ideas without the majority disregarding them. Did you know that in a recent poll, roughly 29% of Americans believe that less taxes on the wealthy will help the economy? That’s it. So, if you and that 29% (which includes myself) think you can magically win an election by touting tax breaks for the rich, then have it. We will have much better luck using someone like Rubio to get our foot in the door and soften opinions.


Immigration Laws – Uh oh. There are Conservatives who jumped head first into a rather silly pool of pandemonium the moment that Rubio suggested that a path to citizenship for illegals already in America is the right thing to do, while also saying that the current laws need to be upheld, and that control is needed at the borders. I’ll admit, I wasn’t thrilled myself, but at the time I failed to see how it would benefit him. While you have your breakdown and proclaim your refusal to support him, I’m just going to sit over here sipping my coffee and wonder how many voters the smooth talking Cuban Senator just stole from the Democrats by not fitting into the cold and calculated mold that the liberal narrative has built for Republicans. Go ahead. Pitch your fit, but ol’Marco gained votes that no one else in the GOP will ever touch, like a boss. Besides,  apart from a ‘wetback roundup’ (go ahead, support someone who pushes that ideal and pave the way for Hillary), giving established extended families a conditional chance at staying is almost the only tangible and conservative thing left to do. 


Obamacare – He wants to repeal it, most people hate it, and by the time 2016 rolls around even more people will hate it. I really don’t think more needs to be said on this. 


“I live in an exceptional country where the son of a bartender and a maid can have the same dreams, and the same future as those who’ve come from power and privilege.” Oh snap. He went there. While popular Democrats have in recent year felt the need to remind us that without immigrants we wouldn’t have proper lawn care (no joke), and even our current President referred to them as “fruit pickers,” Marco Rubio is here to say that they can be President. 


He speaks fluent Spanish. “Not a big deal,” you might say? It’s a very big deal. Because while our President is calling immigrants “fruit pickers,” Rubio’s Cuban immigrant father came home from working as a bar tender after midnight most nights and told his son, in Spanish, that “In this country you will achieve all the things we never could.” That’s a substantial difference. “The final verdict on our generation will be written by Americans who have not yet been born. Let us make sure they record that we made the right choice. That in the early years of this century, thanks to the rapidly changing and uncertain world, our generation rose to face the great challenges of our time. And because we did — because we did there was still one place in the world where you — where who you come from does not determine how far you go.” This doesn’t move Ann Coulter, it doesn’t move Glenn Beck, it doesn’t move Hannity, Limbaugh, Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, etc. but it does move the kid that grew up in Harlem, it resonates with the woman who grew up translating for her parents, it has the power to move the young voters who feel like the politicians and the media can’t relate to them. Scott Walker can attack the unions, Ted Cruz can tout the NRA and filibuster, and Rand Paul can support liberty like none other, and they all do an outstanding job, but not one of them can relate to the young minority vote in the way Marco Rubio can.


Other candidates tend to want to slide their arm across the table, knocking all of the dominoes down in one sweep, and in no particular order. I want to do the same, but what I want will not work. Rubio is very good at being strategic, he plants dominoes to fall at just the right time. We need that.

He’s being asked difficult questions and he answering them in ways that are making the MSM implode. For example, he was asked about Evolution (since he’s a Christian) and he responded with, “It’s a scientific theory that should be taught.” Another example: A reporter recently asked if 43 was old enough to be President, Rubio responded with, “I know 44 is, which is what I turn in May.” People feel that he is inexperienced, but I tend to wonder if those people have been paying attention to politics lately. That’s not going to hurt his chances in anyway whatsoever. Maybe someday when we are back on track we will live in a matured America where people do care about the experience of a Presidential candidate, but it’s time that we face the fact that today is not that day. The left is terrified of Rubio, not so much Cruz and Rand, and that is very evident, and it’s also something we should be watching. This tells us that they confidently have their arguments against Cruz and Rand locked and loaded, guarded by a trigger happy MSNBC lapdog. However, with Rubio they’re scrambling for something, anything!They’re shooting blind and hoping that something hits… And he’s just smooth enough to pull a Matrix and avoid any fatal shots. Unfortunately, many on the right are too busy applying their Ted Cruz bumper stickers to notice.  

Now, after noting all of the obvious pros, here are a few things that I would really like to see from Rubio:

The Republican party isn’t sexist, that’s a fact. I mean come on, the party labeling us as “sexist” has numerous affairs, alleged rapes, and a body count in the war on women (Thanks, Ted…). The important thing to remember is that with Hillary, we aren’t fighting facts, we are fighting a narrative. If Rubio wins the GOP ticket, he needs to pick a woman as his Vice. Nikki Haley, Suzanna Martinez, etc… He needs a calm, smart, and articulate woman who can speak to the importance of the most understated and misunderstood woman’s right; The right to carry.

Democrats are starting to come out of the woodwork concerning Marijuana legalization. They don’t care. Seriously, they don’t care. The only reason we are seeing this – most recently in Wisconsin – and will continue to see this, is because they want Conservative candidates to look old and distant. When questioned, Rubio should default to the Constitution. “It should be left to the states and has nothing to do with the Presidential election.” And then give the, “Why are you even asking me such a silly question” face. It won’t be long before marijuana is legalized nationwide, taking a hardline stance will only push the younger votes away.

When asked about women’s rights, I want him to speak to women. I want him to look at the media and say that he’s sick and tired of politicians and the media insulting the intelligence of women. That equality laws are on the books, and touting additional legislation, and pretending as though women can’t understand any of the real issues that have to do with the Presidential election, is an insult to women. Simply saying, “it’s already illegal to discriminate” only addresses the issue, it doesn’t address the stereotype that Republicans care little about women. We need to turn the tables. We need to show that they are attacking women by assuming that we will believe their nonsense. He needs to speak like an original Feminist. The original Feminists believed that women were an intellectual equal, and showed distain for those who thought we were self-indulged jackwagons that couldn’t handle the difficult topics. Well, we aren’t, and Rubio needs to fight on our behalf against that narrative. Rand Paul has started doing this, Rubio should take note.

I’ve heard the following since expressing my opinions of the above with numerous people: 

“You’re crazy! How can Hillary win with Benghazi in her past?” – How did Obama win reelection with Benghazi in his VERY recent past? Good rule of thumb: Don’t underestimate your enemy, and don’t overestimate the bleeding hearts of their voters. If Hillary Clinton went surfing on a pile of dead puppies, but was wearing a Planned Parenthood t-shirt, she’d still get a disturbingly large number of votes from those who claim to “care.” 


“How can Hillary win with Bill as her baggage?” – How was Ted Kennedy’s name mentioned at the 2012 DNC without the large feminist attendance all projectile vomiting as they went running towards the door? He let a woman die slowly in a sinking vehicle to hide his dirty little secret and avoided punishment, yet feminists still get joyfully verklempt when they get the chance to celebrate his glorious name. There really are stupid questions, and we need to stop asking them, and start embracing the truth. We need to all sit down and watch Karate Kid and learn to know the opponent. Embrace the enemy. Be the ignorant whiny underpaid contraceptiveless needy feminist with a degree in gender studies, Grasshopper. 


“How can Hillary possibly win with the server debacle?” – Because she has a vagina, and a (D) beside her title. No seriously, that’s why.


“Won’t people see her horrible foreign policy?” – This morning I read an article about the guy that served her a burrito at Chipotle, and it wasn’t satirical. The article is not important, hilarious, but not important. However, the existence of this article is important. This woman is a celebrity, and I guarantee you that the majority of the individuals that vote for her will know exactly what she prefers in her burritos, but they will have no idea if she even knows how to point to Iran on a map.


Now, we can listen to the Conservative voices that are praising every other candidate, and some are even throwing Rubio under the bus. We can pick one of the other candidates, and I’ll vote for them, support them, and even be positive about the fight… But I sincerely hope that people vote Rubio, because I believe he is our best shot. I hope we all research his position on issues without flying off the handle like we did on Amnesty. Heck, he may do something really stupid before November 2016, I doubt it, but crazier things have happened. If that’s the case, I’ll gladly sit down and cover my words in hot sauce before dining on them. I don’t know the future, and I may be forced to change my tune, but as of right now… well… Rubio has my vote, and he should have yours too. 

There. I think I covered everything. Wait. One more thing. Whatever you do, please don’t pick Bush or Christie, because if you do, this will be me during Hillary’s inauguration:

May I Propose A New Year’s Resolution For Everyone?

Every year in December we all start making goals in our heads: Lose 20 pounds, walk more, gym memberships, new cars, buy a house, etc. and rarely do any of us actually stick to our grand plans. So, I have a resolution to propose, one that we could all use, and one that will greatly benefit our fellow man.

Be rational.

That’s it! No gimmicks, no memberships, and nothing out of your pocket, but it might be the hardest thing you’ve ever done. It might challenge you, it demands that you remember what your Faith stands for, what your convictions stand for, and it means you have to question where your allegiance should lie. We have become reactionary, and not reasonable. Passive, and not compassionate. Quick to defend, slow to mourn.

Years ago I watched as someone on a show trained one of their dogs to respond to clicker training. Upon hearing the sound, her dog would respond by doing whatever her master requested of her, and immediately she would be rewarded. At first she questioned it, she was confused, but eventually the response was automatic. Eventually she would respond with or without a reward, because it had become chiseled into her mind that upon the “click” she needed to heed the request of her owner.

In this post, I’ll show you how we are all just a bunch of clicker trained dogs. That’s what this is all about, not just the actions of our government, but the reactions of the people. I’m going to touch on multiple topics, today’s blog is my alphabet soup of opinions, and I’ll probably say enough to offend everyone at least once. Fingers crossed.

This week two large, news worthy topics took center stage: Gruber was questioned about admitting to the fact that the architects of the ACA lied to the people in order to pass a bill that harmed the people. Then arrived the – suspiciously timed – release of the Senate report that detailed CIA interrogation tactics. Last week Ferguson was still in the news, followed by the news about Garner, pouring gasoline on an already thriving fire. It seems as though it is one thing after the other, and very few people have been rational.

Issue #1: CIA Interrogation Tactics

I’ll go ahead and rip this band-aid off first. I was challenged by a post that I read by Matt Walsh. He made an incredibly good point concerning the release of the Senate report, and by “Senate report,” I mean Democrat Senate opinion report. I digress, the point was, if we are going to say we have the moral high ground, we should stand by it. This is something I need to think about when it comes to torture. I’ve never lost sleep over the idea of water boarding a man who would murder my family without a care, but at the same time, can I justify calling America the moral high ground when “rectal rehydration” and “hypothermia” are practices we use on our enemies? Like I said, this is something I need to mull over. This is not to say that the report should have even been released, but it was, so I’ll think it over.

I believe that torture has the potential to save lives, I’ve held that position for quite a while, and will probably continue to do so, regardless of what the “findings” say. The report was written by Democrats, by cherry picking through 6 million documents, and they didn’t interview anyone with the CIA. Personally, I don’t want to hear the bleeding hearts on the left preaching about the suffering of terrorists. I noticed that there were a few practices that we don’t use. For example, we don’t behead them, we don’t fly planes into their buildings and force their innocent family members to burn alive or jump to their death, we don’t steal, rape, torture, and behead their women and children, etc. So my questioning has nothing to do with whether they deserve it, but rather who we wish to be as a country, and what techniques we want to put our stamp of approval on. Let’s all be honest, the level of care that a terrorist deserves would probably be something worse than what Jack Bauer could deliver while armed with a towel, hack saw, and table lamp.

Democrats: “Those poor terrorists!”

Republicans: “Yeah, those poor tortures, beheaders, rapists, and child slaughterers. Give me a break.”

While I might agree with the Republican viewpoint, I have to mull over who we are, not just what they deserve. For example: I’ve studied Calvinism vs. Arminianism (I don’t align with either), but I always hear the same thing from the New Calvinist perspective, “But we ALL deserve hell, Marybeth, so it’s not unfair to say that God made some people with no hope.” My reply has always been, “It’s not about what we deserve, it’s about what He promised.” I see interrogation tactics as the same type of issue, it’s not all about what they deserve, it’s about what we stand for. Put a bullet in their head, I’m not going to lose sleep when the terrorist that looked into the face of a child while he took off their head loses his life. It’s not about how evil he is, it’s about how good we claim to be.

That said, CIA, playing a Janeane Garofalo audiobook as torture? You’ve gone too far.

Like I said, my mind is not made up by any stretch of the imagination, but I am willing to think outside of the box. I’m willing to question the response I’m supposed to give upon hearing the “click.” I love having my position challenged, we all should, and that’s the reason for this post. We have become accustomed to spitting out a canned response before thinking. We hear a news report, a certain politician we support, a tagline, etc. and we don’t even take the time to think through our convictions and responses, we just go dig out that over baked one-liner, or that thoughtless opinion, and throw it back at the world. We become one huge food fight, where nobody even cares what the fight is about, they just want to defend their own.

Issue #2: Gruber & The Really Stupid Voters

Someday that will be a movie title. What can we all take away from this? The Democrats in charge do not care who they hurt. Their reactions are not based off of logic, but are instead based off of defending their own side. They don’t care if you lost your insurance, they don’t care if your Grandparent was denied chemo, they don’t care if you can’t afford groceries AND healthcare at the same time. They don’t care. They care that they were caught, but they don’t care about what this bill has done to families across America. When questioning Gruber, Trey Gowdy dropped the mic, threw down the gauntlet, and made Gruber wish he was never born, and every Conservative cheered and fist bumped over the much needed take down. Rightly so. But I think Issa won the show with a very important question to Gruber, one that I believe was widely overlooked by both Liberals and Conservatives. Issa asked Gruber if anyone at any of the events he spoke at (vast majority, if not all, were democrats) ever stopped Gruber to say, more or less, “Wait a second! You’re openly calling those that vote for our agenda ‘stupid?’” Of course Issa worded it differently, but the point was made, and Gruber said that he had not been corrected by anyone. That, to me, speaks wonders. This wasn’t just an opinion by an MIT Professor going off the rails, this was more than likely the opinion of the room, and anyone who felt differently and didn’t speak out concerning such a detrimental topic to the American people, is nothing but a coward. Period.

Let’s just take a moment here to pretend that the President didn’t know and agree with Gruber’s opinion of the average Democrat voter. Okay. Moment over.

The immediate response is not anger over the lies, as it should be, it is simply anger over the fact that this was made public knowledge. Do you see how heartbreaking that is? We as Conservatives shouldn’t just be attacking Gruber, we should be asking Democrats why they betrayed their own people, why they lied to their own voters. Gruber doesn’t need to apologize to us, he wasn’t talking about our stupidity, we didn’t vote for the bill, but the average Democrat voter did, and we should be using this opportunity to show them as such.

The world we live in today is fogged by our own lack of compassion, we have been thoughtless about choosing our allegiance, and both sides of the fence have failed the people, as well as law enforcement, and our moral compass. We have put individuals in power that have hurt our neighbors, just for the sake of padding our own pockets.

Issues #3&4: Michael Brown & Eric Garner:

Concerning my comments above about immediately choosing allegiance, immediately upon hearing that Michael Brown was killed, the majority of responses were similar to those listed below:

“I’m sure the police officer felt his life was in danger, this kid was probably causing trouble.”

“Hmmmm…Black kid, white cop. Explains everything.”

Days later Darren Wilson had a support page, and the responses changed to this:

“Brown was a criminal, a thug, and didn’t respect authority. #ISupportDarrenWilson”

“Brown was an unarmed black child!!! #BlackLivesMatter.”

No one was in their right mind. No one. Those who right off the cuff supported the officer without having facts just seemed, well, cold. Plus, now everyone knows that you are going to support someone with a badge, with or without facts, and with or without cause. That’s called a gang mentality, friends. Those that immediately jumped to preach on race did nothing but follow the path laid out by the media and an incredibly corrupt Government. So what was the right response? Well, in my opinion, it would have been something like this:

“Wow, heartbreaking news about a guy that lost his life. Praying for all involved, and that the truth, no matter who it benefits, prevails.”

That statement doesn’t condemn anyone, it doesn’t defend anyone. But see, we’ve lost compassion, and as soon as the “click” takes place, we all jump to our own side and defend whichever person we hope is innocent. Basically, we are well trained. Recklessly we pledge our allegiance, not realizing that there isn’t a side to choose. Unfortunately, this happened with Garner as well, and both cases give us the opportunity to see both sides of a horrific coin. In the Brown case we find that Brown’s death, while tragic, was because he gave the officer a legitimate need for self-defense. In the Garner case we find that he should have never been killed, and that the police overused their power.

There is no side to win, and I don’t understand why people don’t grasp such a horrid reality. 2 men are dead. The declaration of innocence in the Wilson case is only justified because the facts were foggy, and the witnesses were conflicting. The majority said that Brown was attacking Wilson, and this gives Wilson the right to exercise self-defense. The Garner case, however, was an entirely different story.

If you are friends with me on Facebook, or you have read my Twitter, you’ll find that I didn’t reference the previous acts of Michael Brown, nor the “thug” mentality that everyone was touting. Why? Because it was irrelevant in my mind. Just like the emotional declarations of dedication from the Wilson followers, and the Police apologists who step over bodies just to defend a badge. I also didn’t base my opinions on the Eric Garner situation on whether or not he had a clean record, or had been arrest 436 different times. I didn’t, and don’t, care. None of it matters.

Last week I once again watched the video of Eric Garner, for what I would guess was the 8th time. It didn’t get any easier to watch, but I kept watching because I honestly wanted to see if I had missed something, I wanted to make sure that I had come to the right conclusion. Each time that I heard him say “I can’t breathe,” my heart broke a little more, and I can honestly say that I cried each time. Then I saw him lying there in the second video, and as the cops did not do anything to assist Garner, other than tap his shoulder and talk to him while he was unresponsive, I questioned what had happened to my country. As Pentaleo waved to the camera like a child while this man lay dying on a gurney, my stomach turned in revolt.

So today, with every bit of disdain that I have for this entire debacle, I’m going to debunk not only the worst excuses that I’ve read, but I’m also going to discuss why the past of Michael Brown and Eric Garner are irrelevant to the discussion, and once again note why we have become a nation of automatic responses with little regard for life. In addition, I’m going to chat about the false narrative that is the race issue.

“Well, don’t break the law and you won’t die.”

Not only is it sad that this is the first defense that most people fly to, it’s also incredibly stupid. Not the kind of stupid that people should have to call you out on, but the kind of stupid that calls for immediate realization and regret. That’s the kind of thing you say and then 5 minutes later think, “Man, that was really stupid.” Not something that the rest of the country should pick up and race around the podium of badges like it’s the most logical sentence proclaimed since Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream. It’s stupid, and if you said that, you should be horribly and deeply ashamed of yourself. Notice, I’m not calling you stupid, I’m calling that statement stupid. Beyond that, if you said that before saying ANYTHING else about the human being that lost his life, you should really evaluate your soul. Not in a, “Hmmm…I wonder if that was hasty” sort of way, but more in a “Hmmm…I wonder if I’m desensitized” sort of way.

Let’s break down the issue here:

The death penalty is different in each state, but the main reason it is used is for premeditated murder. In some states, treason, kidnapping, trafficking, espionage, rape of a child, etc. are also listed as reasons, but those are not widely known reasons since the vast majority of the time we hear of someone on death row, it is for premeditated murder. It’s your butchers, your serial rapists/killers, it’s the parasites of society that prey on the innocent, the monsters that give the horror film industry their wild ideas, the father of six selling loose cigarettes on the street.

Oh wait.

This is why the past transgressions of Michael Brown and Eric Garner are irrelevant. Michael Brown was killed in self-defense, and I support the right we have to protect ourselves. If someone breaks into my house, I’m not aiming to wound, I’ll leave it at that. They pose a direct threat, and I am in fear for my life. If you believe that any cop in the Eric Garner case feared for their life, I have a farm in Kentucky that I’d like to sell you. See, Michael Brown’s past was irrelevant to me because I KNOW that people can change, and I pray that they give up a life of crime and be productive members of society, that they find peace. While I hope they are held accountable, I would never say that the death penalty is optional for the crime of being a cigar stealing thug. What matters in the Ferguson case is that Michael Brown went after a police officer, another human being, and that person defended their life. That is what matters to me. How saggy Brown’s pants were does not matter. What matters is that Wilson, badge or no badge, had a right to defend his life.

When you justify manslaughter by saying that he simply shouldn’t have committed a crime, you automatically make the death penalty a logical choice for EVERY crime. Resisting arrest is NOT punishable by death. Period. So stop using that incredibly stupid tagline. If you attack a cop while resisting arrest, then you might have a case.

“I stand in solidarity with the protesters! Because I’m against a police state.”

Since when is burning down buildings a way to lessen the police state? Actually, you’re just giving people a reason, or at least they think it’s a reason, to support a police state, or what they don’t think will turn into a police state. You might not be out there lighting buildings in Ferguson on fire, but supporting those that do is not only dumb, but you should ask for a job in government since you’re currently helping them for free, you might as well get paid. Staaahhhhhhppppp.

“Fact: Garner was arrested multiple times before.”

Fact: So were many high profile pastors, CEO’s, and other productive members of society. People do dumb things all the time, that still doesn’t justify the death penalty. We hope that people change, and until they do, we hold them accountable for their actions, we don’t kill them. He could have been arrested 30 more times for the same crime, and guess what, IT STILL WOULDN’T JUSTIFY THE DEATH PENALTY. They don’t execute people for selling cigarettes. Apparently the fact that due process is for all people, even those with a criminal past, comes as a surprise to some people.

If you need more information on this issue, please see the section dedicated to “Well, don’t break the law and you won’t die” again.

Moving on to “He had a heart attack, the cop didn’t kill him.”

Have you ever been so amazed by what someone has said that you tilt your head sideways and give it a couple seconds so that maybe their brain catches up with their mouth? This kind of reminds me of that. I’m sure that choking him, cutting off his oxygen until he passed out, smashing his face into the ground and creating positional asphyxiation, leaving him to lay there unconscious, etc. had nothing to do with his heart attack and death. Nothing at all. By the way, what’s the price on unicorns in your world, have they gone up with inflation? The coroner ruled it a homicide for a reason, and I don’t think it’s because he owns a Guy Fawkes mask and moonlights as an anti-cop protester.

Prison guards are trained to avoid positional asphyxiation, even with larger inmates. I know this comes as a shock since they’re criminals, and jumping on their back and choking them out should be totally copasetic to the masses, but apparently the people who train Prison Guards realize that even inmates have rights. So those saying that positional asphyxiation just happens, that’s why rules are put in place in terms of force. Accidental abortions happen when you push your pregnant wife down the stairs too, maybe it’s a good idea not to push your pregnant wife down the stairs.

“If he said “I can’t breathe,” clearly he could still breathe at least a little.”

*Blank stare* If you can watch the video and have this response, you’re grasping. That’s like watching a house burn down and having the insurance company refuse to pay you because the microwave was still usable.

“It’s because he was black!”

Are there racial issues in this country? Of course. It’s on both sides. Do either of these instances have to do with race? Of course not, and no one can prove that they do. I could dig up multiple videos and news stories that involve caucasians being the victims of police overreach, but then I’d have to deal with receiving a bunch of pictures telling me to call a crackhead the next time someone breaks into my house.

Beyond that, you do realize that a black superior officer stood by and watched Garner be taken down like an animal, right?

“1,501 law enforcement officers have died in the line of duty in the last 10 years.”

Heartbreaking number, truly, it is. Whether it’s 1501, or 1, it is a sad number. We should always mourn the loss of an officer. We should always mourn the loss of a father, mother, sister, brother, daughter, son, etc. The problem that I have with this statistic is what it is being used for, and that I found this line on a Conservative site, mocking the “I can’t breathe” case. First we see a cartoon with a grave marked “Police: Killed in the line of duty,” followed by the caption: “We can’t breathe.” So because these 1,501 law enforcement officers have died, somehow Eric Garner’s death is irrelevant. The article then went on to call American neighborhoods “War Zones,” it was at this point that I stood completely still to see if I could feel the Founding Fathers turning in their graves.

Beyond that, this Conservative site is the same one that houses writers who will take Mom’s Demand Action to the cleaners for bending statistics to fit their narrative. Shannon Watts is constantly taking gun statistics and fitting it into her agenda, and we all, myself included, rip her to shreds. She even has me blocked on Twitter, which I consider to be a badge of honor. I, a responsible gun owner, don’t appreciate her false and damaging numbers, and I, an American who cares about our freedoms, don’t appreciate it when a Conservative site does the same. They tout 1,501, but they don’t give you all the facts. Nowhere in the article does it say that more than half of those officers died in automobile or motorcycle accidents, another group from heart attacks, etc. and it is misleading to not mention this information. Especially since the number of cops killed by perpetrators per year was, as of 2013, at its lowest point since the late 1800’s. You mention the facts behind the 1,501 number and all of the Conservatives say, “Well, they were in the line of duty.” but we all know that’s ridiculous, they were going for the shock value. They wanted you to imagine 1,501 officers dying at the hands of people like Michael Brown and Eric Garner, but the reality is that cops usually defend themselves with lethal force when the situation calls for it.

“Well, at first I was mad when I watched the Garner video, but then after the legal definitions were explained to me I realized that what the officer did was justifiable under the law.”

Hmmm… Please add on to that. How about, “I watched the video, and if what the officer did is justifiable under the law, we need to change the law.”

Seriously, is anyone not concerned with the fact that people watched that video, were horrified, and then calmed down after being told that the cop was within the law? Like “Well, I watched that woman get stoned by her husband, freaked out a bit, but then calmed down when I realized that he is allowed to do that.” What, shouldn’t that raise the concern level, not lower it? Everyone was spouting off over whether it was a chokehold or not, really? Like you’re going to watch the video and think, “oh, well, this is not a big deal if his arm is situated like this.” “I just watched a man die tragically, for selling loose cigarettes, but it’s okay because of a definition.” So, after being told that I need to wait for the entire story, that I need to look at the law, and that I need to understand his past and health conditions, I’d like to throw my blanketed response back at you: If you watch that video, and for ANY reason, think that it is okay, I’m going to disagree with you, vehemently. If that is allowed by law, I want the law changed. If we are going to allow this in the name of not paralyzing cops, then we need to embrace the label of “cold barbarians.” If we can’t find a happy medium between this and sitting back and forcing the police to do nothing, then we have finally succeeded at allowing our Government to become that obnoxious kid on the playground who refuses to play unless you let him change the rules.

This happened in Ferguson too. We said that having every cop look like the terminator was bad, and that military equipment should not be allowed, and then suddenly when law enforcement stands back and watches looters burn buildings, people look at me like, “See…I guess you got your way!” I’m to the point that responding to such ridiculous statements is a waste of time.

“People just need to comply with police. Period. It’s not that hard, do what they ask you to do.”

Said Soviet Russia. My problem with this statement is that it’s blanketing ALL issues. If a cop wants to see my ID, sure! If that’s the law, I’ll hand it over. If he wants to search my car without reason and warrant, ummm…no. People need to learn their rights.

“A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty.” – James Madison

“It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.” – Benjamin Franklin

Our Founding Fathers did not only warn of armies that attack other countries and destroy them, the majority of the time, they warned about armies that destroy their own country. Does that mean that I think every law enforcement officer is going to turn on the people? Don’t be silly. But it does mean that I believe the Founding Fathers wanted power over the people to be limited, very limited. Like not choking a guy out over a cigarette tax limited. As the saying goes, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Many people feel that giving government more power will somehow make those who enforce such power side with us if anything were to go awry. People don’t seem to understand that law enforcement officers across our country – good, decent, brave law enforcement officer – are upholding laws against guns that go against our Constitution and tax laws – ahem – that support the nanny state ideals. Why? Because it’s their job. Sure, if the chips fell some of them would not do the government’s bidding, but friends, the reason why the Founders said that it was detrimental to keep control over such institutions is because the vast majority will follow orders, and will even use violence over taxes. Look no further than every other country that has ever welcomed such tactics. When/If gun control is enforced, guess who knocks on your door to collect guns? Do you think that everyone that lived in Russia and Germany were barbarians who didn’t care about their neighbors? You can’t possibly be that foolish. No, they were controlled by a few barbarians who demanded that those beneath them do their job, and guess what, they did.

“Let’s see who you call when someone breaks into your house!?”

I nominate this argument as the worst yet; the champion, the incomparable, the unparalleled. It’s horrible, ignorant, and downright silly. It’s overused, abused, and not even close to logical. It’s like poor rationale on steroids. I’ve covered this before, so now I shall cover it again…

If someone breaks into my house, I’m going to call the cops. Because it’s their job. If someone mugs me, I’m going to call the cops. If someone rapes me, I’m going to call the cops. If someone steals in the store, I’m going to call the cops. If someone hits my car, I’m going to call the cops. Heck, if I want to, I might just have the police on speed dial on my phone, because they’re the first people I’m going to call if I catch someone doing something illegal.

So, I have a wonderful doctor, he is one of the best doctors I’ve ever been to. (I have a point, don’t worry.) He’s a lung specialist, and a darn good one at that. As a chronic asthmatic, he changed my life. I can’t say enough about the man, and I honestly appreciate doctors more than most people because I spent a lot of my life in their care. I don’t care if they own yachts and large houses, they’ve earned them! Years ago, my doctor was on vacation for 2 weeks, but I had what I thought was a particularly bad cold and had to see whoever was available to get some help so that I didn’t step into overnight stay territory. The doctor I saw, in my opinion, was not just a mediocre doctor compared to mine, but she didn’t even deserve to be measured on the same scale. She had no idea what to prescribe me, I basically told her what to give me after she shrugged her shoulders. She wrote me prescriptions, didn’t listen to my lungs, and sent me out the door with access to more medications than the pharmacy could hold, but none that actually did any good. I walked out the door with what my doctor would diagnose as whooping cough 3 weeks later. I was miserable for weeks, couldn’t work, couldn’t sleep, and sick from self-medicating because she didn’t do anything to diagnose the issue.

My point in all of that is to say that I had no issue calling out this doctor, even though it’s a profession that I highly respect. She failed to do her job, and made the hospital look bad. My doctor found out who she was and wanted her location and information so that he could make a call to whoever was in charge that day (I had gone to a local hospital since I knew he was out), that instantly made me trust my doctor even more. Doctors are humans, and just like the entire human population as a whole, there are going to be some people that excel at being good, many that are decent, and some that wear see through Cheetah print pants, a pink sports bra, and curlers to Walmart.

I have something I need to tell you guys: Police officers are human. I love them, I respect them, and I appreciate them, but they’re human. Some of them are going to be outstanding at their job, some deliver Christmas trees to kids, some bring groceries to single mothers, some care about criminals and Mom’s that steal because they can’t feed their kids, some are really sweet and let me go with a warning, some work at homeless shelters, some give homeless men boots during the winter, and some may have grown tired of seeing people hurt and now have a hair trigger personality, and a few others joined simply because they have a superiority complex (They can usually be seen with shirts that say, “Police Officer, because bad-a** isn’t an official title”). Balance is found when we remember that every profession – even those who save lives in the medical world, those who fight wars, fight fire, patrol the streets, and restock your cantaloupe in the produce department – is going to have both good and bad individuals. If you limit their power and remove the government overreach attacking our nation like a plague, you’ll lessen the opportunities to use lethal force, which means you’ll lessen the chance of those few power hungry police officers getting in over their head, which means you’ll lessen the chance of a horrible situation. Add in the fact that we could use more training, and less warrior mentality type attitude encouragement, and we would begin to see a change.

I have something else to tell you: Scrutiny is not attacking. Holding an institution responsible for their actions is not anti-that particular institution. Limiting is not paralyzing. Respecting does not mean I need to worship.

So, when you ask me who I’m going to call when someone breaks into my house, I’m going to call the police, and I’m going to expect them to do their job. Sending videos to my inbox of cops doing good things after I ask us all to be vigilant of how much power we give law enforcement is like me sending you clips of Dr. McDreamy saving someone with brain cancer after you complain about your recent ER visit. It’s irresponsible, and has NOTHING to do with the problem. You heard the click, and you responded by bowing down to your idols. You didn’t do what the Founders told you to do, you instead tried to make me feel unpatriotic, uncaring, and anti-cop while you bounced on the body of a victim with a pogo stick. When in reality, my way creates a positive relationship between the people and law enforcement. So, now that I think about it, maybe you’re the one that supports a system which causes the police to be viewed in a bad light with the public. Chew on that one for a bit.

Do I share videos of the awesome things many cops do? Of course! Am I thankful for the police? OF COURSE! Are they who I am going to call if someone harms me? Of course! Am I going to ignore issues in law enforcement to fancy your narrative? No. I’m not.

And remember who we are. We are not Europe, we are not China, we are America. Our country was Founded on individual rights, self-protection, and a Government that is supposed to run on a hands off approach. The same rights that gave Wilson the right to protect himself, and Garner the right to live and face due process. Respecting the police is pertinent; not fearing what they can become with too much power is dangerous. That means we are ALL responsible to hold ANY guilty party responsible. Badge or no badge. Michael Brown was responsible for his death, Eric Garner was not responsible for his. So, where should your allegiance be placed? Right now I’m talking about politically, of course I know that God is the blanketed answer, but right now I’m talking about us as a country. Look to your left and your right, no matter what they are wearing, be it a police uniform or a waitress apron, they are who your allegiance should be dedicated to. The People of this country. Your first response should be to protect their rights, at all cost. Countless soldiers have given their lives in the name of our freedom, it is our job to respect that freedom. It is our job to protect that freedom from our Government.

So this year, I challenge you to think. Think about who you defend, are you defending the rights of the man behind the badge, or just the badge. Think about who we are, are you putting your opinions to the challenge and ensuring that they can face fierce scrutiny? Think about your neighbor, if they lost their home because their already impossible budget was stretched to the limit because of the ACA, would you care more about Gruber’s remarks? Until we start seeing people, and stop seeing color, uniform, and political party, we will never heal this country.

– MBnew-year-resolutions2

Defining a Hero

A while back I wrote Defining a Monster (click here for link to post), this is my follow up:

My 5 year-old nephew runs into the room slamming his fists to the ground, pretending as though he were the star of an action packed blockbuster. Our masked vigilante valiantly fighting the evils of the world that’s located inside his vivid imagination with his staggering height and built muscles, which also only exist in his vivid imagination. He’s still at the age where he thinks that finishing off his potatoes will bring instant results to his muscle mass. I remember being little and constantly thinking of stories in my head, I look at him and just think of the wheels that must be turning. The momentary bravery it takes to fight the elusive “bad guy” that he’s created, and then the innocence of the hero that suddenly needs milk with his brownie and pizza.

As we entered the new year, I noticed a lack of excitement that normally accompanies the determination that somehow gets harpooned into our souls when the clock strikes midnight. It was as if we spent all of 2013 sailing closer and closer to Cape Horn, and as we stood on the ship deck counting down the minutes to midnight we contemplated the dangers of the waters soon to be traveled. Instead of the ball dropping in time square, we saw the high winds, the sharp rocks, the daunting icebergs; all of the dangers ahead would surely find us to be inexperienced sailors in well over our head, and they would undoubtedly take advantage at every possible turn. I don’t think it’s a secret, 2014 is not a number known for its coming joys for America.

Since the new year we have faced insurance difficulties, as well as an updated projection from the CBO for what we should expect for future full-time job loss due to the ACA. The expected numbers more than doubled, and the part time epidemic is set to take hold due to insurance regulations.  Additionally, yet another poor job report was released last week that seems to prove the pessimistic economists to be prophets. I’ll definitely be talking about some of those issues in the coming posts, but today I wanted to do something different.

I am not always the most delicate in my deliverance of opinion. I find the truth to be best when it’s laid out bare; admittedly, concerns over the brittleness of eggshells rarely infiltrate my mind. Reason is of the utmost importance to me, to a fault I might add. There’s no denying that God has His hands full with me and my unbridled skepticism, I surely earn my place on the cross daily. Have you ever played 20 questions with a 5 year old? Now imagine your patience level by question 50. Now tack on a couple million questions and you might have a feeling for what God endures from this daughter of His.

Issues & debates are puzzles, puzzles need to be solved. Period. I have to shut that part of me down sometimes, followed by walking away due to the fact that shutting that part down is normally not a process I’m willing to perform twice. My tolerance level for discursiveness is not what one would note as “desirable“, for me it’s like taking the organized puzzle pieces and throwing them on the ground in an attempt to complete the puzzle. It doesn’t make sense. More so, I find that we are far too delicate in matters that call for unabashed truth, and often brash in matters that call for delicacy. It’s the human condition colliding with Christianity that I wrote about in my last post. So while some may charge me with being too critical of the Christian, “my own kind”, I’ve always been more apt to lean on the side of logic and ignore the social norms of Sunday night potluck positivity.

Growing up I loved things that glowed in the dark; stars on a ceiling, secret notes on black paper, etc. (Clearly I was meant to be a spy.) But I always remember those things being so dull when all of the lights were on. You couldn’t see them or admire their contributions to the dark in a fully lit room. We used to run and find a room that had no windows, the darker the better; every step into the darkness made the secret words on black paper easier to read, every bit of sun that disappeared made the stars brighter. Some may accuse me of dwelling on the negative, or obsessing with the world. That’s their opinion. I don’t dwell on the negative, I just care deeply about those swallowed up by the negative. I’m not obsessed with the world, I simply hurt for those in its grasps. And sometimes, I turn off all the lights and look in the darkness for that glimmer of light that refused to buckle in to the black. My admiration for those glimmers of light and how Christ used them outweigh any assumptions of my obsessions with the repugnance of the world in my mind. To be honest, I am filled with hope, overflowing with gratitude for my Savior, and breathlessly amazed at how He moves in this world. As the song goes, I pray that my heart continues to break for what breaks His.

SO, in honor of the approaching sharp rocks, I couldn’t think of anything more fitting than to write about a few men that saw danger and met it with heroic determination. In a world where Iron Man is idolized and Thor is worshiped, sometimes the most heroic of men go unnoticed. Right now I’m content with my nephew’s infatuation with Captain America and his powerful shield that brings down the evil that stalks the world, but someday I hope his adoration and interests are held by men who didn’t need a shield; men with hearts that shook the world more than The Hulk’s mighty fists ever could. The logic that appealed to the natural instinct of self-preservation in these men was trumped by the logic of human worth and hope, which is itself an act that defies the idea of a Godless world and speaks to the greatest form of proof for Him that we can experience daily. That is why sometimes it’s a good thing to acknowledge the dark.

We do not know what a Jew is, we know only men.” – Words spoken by Andre Trocme when asked by the Nazis to produce a list of Jews. Andre lived in Le Chambon-sur-Lignon, France during the Holocaust. He, along with his wife, were responsible for helping what is believed to be over 4000 Jewish refugees find homes in his city. He, as the “spiritual leader”, encouraged the townspeople to do the work of God. He continued to tell his followers that when the Nazis came and took him away – for his refusal to provide a list – that they were to continue in the effort to save as many as they could. He woke up every morning to the realization that his life could end, or that he would be imprisoned, and everyday his ethical convictions drove him to continue. Thankfully, he survived the war and passed away in 1971.

Giovanni Palatucci was an Italian Police Official and chief of the Foreigners’ Office. He was put in charge of the Adriatic seaport of Fiume (Croatia). In 1938 the anti-Jewish laws were put into place, and he disobeyed said laws. He forged travel papers for hundreds of Jews so that they could flee persecution. In 1943 the government fell and was occupied by the Nazis. He was ordered to arrest the Jews and have them deported to concentration camps. Simply defying orders would have led to his termination and be of no help to the Jews, so he devised and executed a plan to have over 5000 Jews sent to a refugee camp that was managed by his uncle. He then destroyed records of all the refugees, and they were saved from the imminent doom that would have met them in Nazi concentration camps. He died at the age of 35 after being arrested by the Gestapo and sent to a concentration camp for his actions. He knew what his actions would cost him if exposed, and yet he charged ahead with a bravery that would put us all to shame.

Chiune Sugihara was a Japanese Diplomat. As vice-consul for a Japanese consulate in Lithuania, he kept his country updated on the actions of both the Nazis, and the Soviet troops. Once the Nazi invasion of Lithuania began, the Jews were scrambling for ways to escape the Nazis that were rounding them up like cattle. It is unknown how many Jews Chiune saved, some speculate that it was 5000, others believe a more accurate number to be 10,000. He was issuing visas to anyone that came to him, writing them for 18 hours a day, violating direct orders in the name of human compassion. Even while he was en route to the train station after being reassigned, he was handwriting visas and throwing them out the car window for desperate Jews. Many of the passports in the crowd were still unstamped when he boarded the train, so he threw his official stamp into the crowd for them to use. Hence why the number of Jews he saved is impossible to even try to calculate.

“I cannot allow these people to die, people who have come to me for help with death staring them in the eyes. Whatever punishment may be imposed on me, I know I should follow my conscience.” – Chiune Sugihara

Chiune Sugihara was finally recognized in 1985 for his heroic rescue of so many Jews. He passed away in 1986.

Does it not concern anyone else that these men disobeyed direct orders, put their lives on the line, one actually losing his life, and yet we don’t speak out about issues because we don’t want to be “divisive” with our dinner party friends? Does that not get to anyone else? Slavery, persecution, etc. are taking place all over the world, and who we vote for decides if we’re going to continue financially supporting those acts. You don’t even have to hide persecuted individuals in your home and disobey the laws of your country, you just have to say the truth! You just have to speak! Educate! Stand up for what is right!

In the next year many families will face financial turmoil. They’ll take on an insurance payment that is equal to, or possibly exceeds, the cost of a mortgage payment. They’ll cut, scrimp, and will no longer save. Is being low on money the worst thing to happen to a person? FAR from it. But this is just the beginning. Families will not be able to afford their deductibles, people will go without healthcare. Healthcare will continue to decline as it becomes less care and more of a conveyor belt health service. People will become numbers, elderly will be declined the care they desperately need. Businesses will start preparing for the ACA, jobs will be cut, unemployment compensation will be insufficient. Families will lose their homes or get creative in their living situations. These are just the facts that we have to step back and recognize them for what they are.

How many of us have heard (or said), “God is in control, I’m not going to concern myself with worldly issues.”?? I know I have heard it PLENTY of times.

The problem: The bible is full of action against evil.

God is in control, but that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a responsibility to be a voice for the voiceless. As I said earlier about my need for rationality, I look at the world and ponder the theory that silence from Christians is what’s needed, but I find that ideal lacking in any evidence that would substantiate its viability. I’m not asking you to spend this year hiding Jewish refugees in your walls, I’m just asking you to have conversations, to try and educate those around you. Speak the truth. If you don’t know what to speak of, then research the issues plaguing this nation, connect with those who know about those issues and ask questions so that YOU can spread the word. What our government is doing to healthcare has happened elsewhere. What our government is doing to guns has happened elsewhere. What our government is doing with police power has happened elsewhere.

All of those attempts to “reduce crime”, “increase affordable healthcare”, and “make the streets safer” don’t work. In all actuality, those supposed “efforts” make things far more dangerous, careless, and elitist. If you pointed to a wolf and said “that’s a sheep, trust me!”, I still wouldn’t approach the “sheep” because common sense says that it will kill me. Pointing to the ACA and saying that it’s affordable healthcare doesn’t make it affordable, nor does it guarantee that my family will receive healthcare; as a matter of fact, it does the opposite for many hard working families.

Prepare yourself for the midterm elections, learn about your candidates. Don’t just research their opinion on one topic that will benefit your wallet, research what they stand for and how it will affect the rest of the world. The powerful governments “elsewhere” were strengthened by a populous that only cared about themselves, let’s not be that populous. I’m going to make a good number of blog posts about some of the candidates. If you live in a state and would like specific information on candidates, please message us.

Take a moment to thank God for men like Trocme, Palatucci, and Sugihara. Our world can be a dim place, it can be filled with overwhelming hatred and a callousness that makes us weep for the innocent lives that become trapped within its grip for reasons unanswered. But there are heroes that forge through the darkness regardless of what lies wait in the shadows, those men exist in our world today as well. Would you have the fortitude to be one of them?

Enemy-occupied territory – that is what this world is. Christianity is the story of how the rightful king has landed, you might say landed in disguise, and is calling us all to take part in a great campaign in sabotage.” – C.S. Lewis

–  MB


My Conversation With the ACA Live-Chat Rep

[08:07:14 am]: Thanks for contacting Health Insurance Marketplace Live Chat. Please wait while we connect you to someone who can help.
[08:07:16 am]: Please be patient while we’re helping other people.
[08:07:19 am]: Welcome! You’re now connected to Health Insurance Marketplace Live Chat.Thanks for contacting us. My name is Kenneth. To protect your privacy, please don’t provide any personal information, like Social Security Number, or any other sensitive medical or personal information.
[08:07:28 am]: Kenneth
Welcome to the Health Insurance Marketplace, my name is Kenny, how may I help you?
[08:07:41 am]: Mb
Good Morning, Kenny
[08:08:40 am]: Kenneth
Good Morning Mb, How may I help you today?
[08:08:53 am]: Mb
Question: My Doctor that I have been going to for years has announced that he will retire due to the ACA. Have you been hearing a lot of that?
[08:09:58 am]: Kenneth
Unfortunately, yes I have.
[08:10:06 am]: Mb
Question: I have heard a lot of that. My fear is that if all of these doctors start quitting, our healthcare will be very poor.
[08:11:25 am]: Mb
What’s the point in being covered if you won’t get adequate care anyway?
[08:12:32 am]: Kenneth
Good point. Unfortunately, I don’t have an answer to that.
[08:13:42 am]: Mb
Ok. Sorry I’m taking up your time, this just has me very concerned because I have a chronic lung condition and I’m very upset about losing my specialist.
[08:14:19 am]: Kenneth
Understandable. No need to apologize.
[08:15:20 am]: Mb
Can the ACA guarantee me that I will receive the same value of care for my preexisting condition that was stabilized by a very effective specialist?
[08:17:15 am]: Kenneth
Well I do know, that pre-existing conditions cannot determine whether or not you can get the same sort of coverage. They are changing that so people with pre-existing conditions can still receive the same care they have been getting at, hopefully, lower costs.
[08:19:06 am]: Mb
But it won’t be the same level of care if specialists and high end doctors all quit.
[08:19:14 am]: Mb
Another question, if you don’t mind.
[08:20:12 am]: Mb
My Grandfather is incredibly sick and bedridden. What exactly is this “death panel” that everyone is talking about. Can you explain exactly how that works?
[08:22:21 am]: Kenneth
Unfortunately, I haven’t heard of anything like that. Looking in my information, I don’t see anything regarding hospice or anything like that. I apologize for the inconvenience.
[08:23:31 am]: Mb
Is there a government panel that decides to approve/deny treatment for terminal or low survival percentage patients?
[08:25:56 am]: Kenneth
Not that I know of. I would think that would be up to the Health Insurance Company.
[08:28:10 am]: Mb
Howard Dean (former Dem National Committee Chairman) made this statement: The IPAB will be able to stop certain treatments its members do not favor by simply setting rates to levels where no doctor or hospital will perform them.”
[08:28:12 am]: Mb
Is that true?
[08:28:50 am]: Kenneth
I do not know unfortunately. I don’t have any information that says yes or no to that statement.
[08:30:46 am]: Mb
Doesn’t the IPAB come to life if Medicare cost goes above the approved level? If you reduce reimbursements to the provider isn’t that a form of rationed care? Once again, I appreciate that you are trying to answer these questions for me.
[08:33:30 am]: Kenneth
I thank you for the kindness, but even with that, I wouldn’t have an answer to that either.
[08:35:37 am]: Mb
Well, that’s all I have for now. I feel as though with the lack of information provided (not just specifically from you) I’m not very comfortable with this healthcare whatsoever.
[08:37:12 am]: Kenneth
I can certainly understand that. You have raised some key points that I will definitely look into.
[08:40:01 am]: Mb
That would be great. Bless your heart, you’re probably getting a lot of these questions. I feel the need to voice the important questions…because as my hero Andrew Breitbart once said, “They think we should sit down and shut up, and that is ending right now”…
[08:41:19 am]: Kenneth
Amen to that.

I Say Tomato, You Say Racist!

I was watching my nephew play ball on Monday evening, his team full of different ethnicities, different personalities, different ages, different religions, etc….but yet they found commonality not only in their favorite pastime, but also in their obliviousness of their obvious differences.

You see, my nephew didn’t care what color Child A was, all he cared about is that he could throw a ball. Child B didn’t care what religion Child C was, Child B just wanted to know if Child C could hit a ball hard enough to get him to home plate. At the beautiful age of 6, all opposition from their fellow team members had to do with their baseball techniques and what their favorite movies were.

Moral of the story…We should all be like kids, ignore color, and play baseball.

The End.

Just kidding…I mean, yes, that’s a great idea, but what have these kids figured out that we can’t? What have they grasped on to that we can’t?

Simple: Equality

We’ve been continually fed a lie that has spread like the bubonic plague among the people. Not their people, our people, those people, but THE people of this nation. We’ve violently distorted the word “equality”. We’ve gutted the idea of a nation that is colorblind. We’ve ignored the desperate cries from our children that simply beg to be seen as equal, and they are the ones that truly show us how; however, the age of responsibility is getting younger daily, we hand over a burden of judgment at such a young age now. We are oblivious to the fact that they were the individuals who really grasped the idea of equality in its purest form.

To explain how this twisting and manipulating has been accomplished I’ll break it down into a story, I’ll use my sisters – known as Sister A & Sister B – for the fictional story.

My sisters and I are sitting around debating over what we want to watch on TV. I think that everyone should have a fair vote, but Sister A doesn’t agree. Sister A wants to be able to pick what we watch regardless of what Sister B wants. Sister A desperately wants to get Sister B on her side. So what does Sister A do? She works to convince Sister B that I want to do exactly what she is actually doing. She tells her that I want to control her, I want to decide the show without her input. And more importantly – in the most subtle way – Sister A convinces Sister B that she NEEDS her. Blatant lies. But you see, by convincing Sister B that I am the enemy she wins her trust, once the alliance is formed Sister A controls the remote and turns on what she wants, and convinces Sister B that this is what she wanted as well. It’s manipulation at its finest.

You see, no matter what my intentions were with the remote, no matter how fair I wanted the voting to be, or how fair I wanted the discussion to be, my points were no longer relevant. I had been demonized by Sister A. Sister A successfully made Sister B reject me by convincing her that I wanted to control the TV, that I disliked her, and in the process she gained what she had been fighting for…The TV. The other result? Sister B has absolutely no voice in the matter, that’s exactly what I didn’t want.

The liberals have accused us of racism while breeding racism. They have accused us of trying to control while controlling. But worst of all, they’ve deemed individuals of color, or of different ethnicity, different class, etc. of being less intelligent. Not only should minorities be offended, they should be outraged, we all should be outraged. I AM outraged. I find all individuals to be equal, I’ve read the genius of Thomas Sowell, the brilliance of C.S. Lewis, and the astounding words of Ravi Zacharias. Men with diverse backgrounds and equal contribution to this world.

The difference between parties concerning voter ID laws:

Conservatives (deemed racist): We believe that all individuals should be treated equally, that all should be required to show ID in the voting booth for accountability purposes.

Democrats (deemed champions for equality): They believe that being forced to show ID to vote is racist.

What are they ACTUALLY saying?


Amy is Caucasian, Mary is African American, both are in their mid 20’s, both make a yearly income between 40K & 50K, both own houses, both excel in their jobs.

John is Caucasian, Jeff is African American, both are in their 40’s, both make minimum wage at a factory, both rent small apartments, both work hard.

Rachel is Caucasian, Susan is African American, both are in their 30’s, both are jobless, both live on state aid, both live in rundown neighborhoods, both can’t seem to get on their feet.

By calling voter ID laws racist, the Democrats are assuming that in all of the above situations the African American individual is less capable of obtaining an ID than the Caucasian. To insinuate that they are less capable is to insinuate that they are not equal in intelligence and ability. You see, they’ve whispered that Conservatives are racists while actively treating those of a different ethnicity as less capable, they’ve judged them by their color. What is that again???


Just as they have done to women, they have degraded them, objectified them, turned them into political tools. I’m sickened by this. I’m sickened by the idea that if you are a Conservative woman you are somehow less intelligent. I’m sickened by the idea that if you are a Conservative minority you are a “slave to the white man”. These are lies they tell you to degrade your opinion, to personally attack the opposition. It’s revolting and we should be fed up. What they are really saying is “if you don’t agree with us, keep your opinions to yourself.”…but equality equality equality.

Don’t just take my word for it, how about a couple quotes from the Vice President of the “First black President” (yeah, that title just screams character quality over color)…

Speaking about then Sen. Barack Obama: “He’s the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy.”

“you cannot go to a 7-Eleven or a Dunkin’ Donuts unless you have a slight Indian accent. I’m not joking.

Really, Biden?

So you believe he’s NOT racist, but you believe I am because I find that all races are equally capable in intelligence and ability to get an ID? Well, as Ravi Zacharias – A BRILLIANT Indian-born apologist – so gracefully says, “We have a right to believe whatever we want, but not everything we believe is right.”.

Martin Luther King Jr. dreamed of a world where people were judged on character and not color. I believe in that dream, but our President does not, the leaders of our country do not. I fear a world where an opinion is silenced because of color, isn’t that what we fought against? I fear a world where empty allegations of racism are made in an attempt to demonize peaceful protestors, while Allen West and Mia Love are subject to some of the most vitriolic racism in politics I’ve ever seen, and all to the silence of the media.

Republican Mia Love – parents were Haitian immigrants – while running for office, was sent a package that contained disturbing edited images of her, her husband, and a hooded KKK member. Liberals attacked her, threatened her life, etc. she was called a “Republican black puppet”, an “anchor baby”, told that she should “go back to the cotton fields”, told that she was “the white man’s slave”…And that is JUST a sampling, the other comments she received are not even something I would repeat, nor feel comfortable posting on a Christian blog. I remember reading the comments on her twitter feed and just crying for her, my heart broke for a woman that was strong, intelligent, a mother, a person that truly cared for all people, and here she was receiving this treatment. I remember respectfully defending her with many other conservatives and receiving tweets telling me to die, or to “drink bleach, racist”, etc…Where was AL Sharpton?

You see, liberals no longer need proof of their claims, they’ve been given a pass by the party that has manipulated them to claim racism to any objection. It’s easier to keep them ignorant to the truth, giving them one blanket answer to use against logical arguments keeps them in the dark.

Allen West, Herman Cain, as well as many other African American/Asian/Hispanic politicians, received the same type of treatment from the “NOH8” & “Equality” advocates. Not just from individuals, but from journalists and celebrities as well. THEY are the ones that still live for the dream that MLK Jr. spoke of, they are the heroes, they are the brave.

What have they done wrong? They learned how to think for themselves. They’ve learned to judge by character. They’ve learned to truly despise the idea that separate treatment of any kind only works to divide the people.

What has Obama done for the people?

Unemployment – Though at first glance it seems as though unemployment has gone down, it hasn’t. The majority of people don’t understand that the number of people in the work force has gone down, not unemployment. The labor force participation rate is lower than it has been in 30 years. Those individuals have given up looking for work completely, they aren’t counted in the unemployment numbers any longer. Unemployment hasn’t improved, if you thought it had, you’ve been manipulated. Plain and simple.

Dependency – I’ve never quite understood the idea that those who want to give you everything are merciful, and those who want to teach you how to gain everything are oppressive. More people today are dependent upon the government to provide for their every need than ever before. More people have lost the ability to provide for their family because those jobs they claim exist, don’t. More people are raising children in poverty, more people can’t afford to send their children to a better school, and more kids are learning from their government that hard work is futile. This is not only something that can destroy a country, it is anti-biblical.

Youth – What has he done for the youth? Do you realize that in today’s society it is easier to have a child out of wedlock than to be responsible? Free schooling, free healthcare, free childcare, free housing, free food, etc. We encourage instability and dependency.

Obamacare – It is now widely known that Obamacare will cost the average family 20K per year, this will lower a large number of Americans into poverty. Not bring individuals UP from poverty, it brings individual DOWN to poverty. His idea of creating a more “fair” class was never to build individuals up, by design, from the very beginning, it simply lowered the other classes. Now to add insult to injury, not only will many Americans still go without coverage, and ALL will go with a lower level of care, many American jobs will be lost if the Democrats have their way with the immigration bill. In the text it does not require newly legalized immigrants to have Obamacare, they are exempt. So when your employer looks at the cost of keeping you on, compared to hiring someone that is exempt from coverage, jobs will be lost nationwide.

So far, just the few points I’ve mentioned above have MLK Jr. rolling in his grave. Great men fought for our equality, great men have fought for our right to pursue our dreams, and now men of poor character control our livelihood like dictators, waving the flag of racism while not only creating racism, but being racists themselves.

Abortion – Obama is a fully fledged supporter of abortion and specifically, Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood and liberal politicians still celebrate the birthday of their founder Margaret Sanger. Not only has Planned Parenthood taken so many lives, they’ve aided sexual abusers, lied to women, and have further led to the objectification of women across the US.

Obama: “Thank you Planned Parenthood, God bless you, God bless you.”

A few quotes from Margaret Sanger, Founder of Planned Parenthood. As a woman who spoke at a KKK rally, it’s not surprising that she would say the following:

“Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race.”

We should hire three or four colored ministers, preferably with social-service backgrounds, and with engaging personalities. The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.”

Do you want to see if a “cleaner race” is still the goal of this liberal institution? Take a look at where the majority of Planned Parenthood abortion facilities are located and the demographics of women they target.

Just a sample of what you will find: 12 per 1,000 white women will have an abortion. 40 per 1,000 black women will have an abortion. 29 per 1,000 Hispanic women will have an abortion.

Back to the point – I’m quite interested in learning from those who are devoted to this man, why they are so dedicated to him. He hasn’t been faithful to anything he has said.

We were promised transparency, we received Benghazi and Fast and Furious.

We were promised equality, we received a more divisive President than we’ve ever had.

We were promised privacy, the elimination of former intrusive government tactics, and we received the largest level of government wiretapping on all Americans.

We were promised affordable healthcare, we received healthcare that will drive many individuals into poverty.

We were promised a responsible foreign policy, we received a President that armed Mexican Cartels which led to the death of hundreds of innocent individuals, we received a President that has armed terrorists and individuals who want to kill us, we received a President that has taken our ability to keep our country safe and lowered our level of protection astronomically.

We were promised a President that would defend the Constitution, we received a President that has degraded and demonized those who support the Constitution.

If you say that you support this man because of his character and not his color, I am whole heartedly interested in learning why exactly that is.

“I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Martin Luther King Jr.

As do I, Mr. King. As do I.

– MB (Shout out to my buddy Gman21 for the idea of this post!)

For the Love of the Game

“Think of only three things: your God, your family and the Green Bay Packers-in that order.”
~ Vince Lombardi

Man I love those Packers. My team. My state. My heroes, when I was 12… Vince Lombardi was a household name and The Green Bay Packers was a religion. Every Sunday in the fall I was at my grandma’s house watching them with my uncle – rooting, jumping, covering my ears when my uncle cursed… and generally being disappointed (The Packers were awful in the late 70’s/early 80’s). As much as I loved them, Vince Lombardi, apparently realizing the pitfalls of such misprioritized adoration, gave some wonderful advice. My dad, oblivious to the musings of football fans, made us attend church anyway, and family always came before football, so without meaning to he endorsed Lombardi and helped instill my eventual adult priorities.

Now along the way I mixed things up. At one point in my life, when my father-in-law insulted the Packers, I became so indignant that I had to take a drive. “That’s my team!” I shouted.  As I left the driveway, a small still voice said, “And why don’t you respond like this when people blaspheme My Name?” In shame, I turned the car around and set my mind to putting God first. My family second. The Packers third.

The Packers made their second super bowl in as many years. They were heavily favored over Denver. Now one thing I’ve always been proud of (irony forthcoming) is the humility of Packer fans. A TSN article in ’95 called them the real ‘America’s team’ – something I was very quick to point out to Dallas and Chicago fans. But as I walked around the factory in conversational anticipation of the super bowl a foreign thing happened; almost every single person I talked to acted and talked like the formality of the game was almost insulting. “They should just let the Packers go home. This game is gonna be a joke.” “Give them the trophy now.” “This is gonna be a blow out. I’m already embarrassed for the Broncos.” Etc. Etc. Etc. And so I found myself saying something that I had never considered a possibility. When Art, a fellow worker, scoffed at my suggestion that the Pack might not pull it off, in righteous anger I said, “I hope they lose.” I was embarrassed to be associated with such arrogance. I supposed that a loss would bring us back to our humble roots. Or at the very least that the pretenders would springboard off of the band wagon.

It didn’t hurt any less when they lost. It didn’t make it better when the ‘fans’ talked about what losers their team was in the weeks to follow. Some burned their jerseys. Some did jump ship.

They may as well have been the ‘fans ‘ in the dark days that watched the games without passion if the mood fit them because ‘Why bother? They’re just gonna lose.’

But some, like me, who remembered the 70’s and 80’s, just put on our big people pants and started the long wait to ‘next year.’ We remembered the years where we weren’t even close. Where the word ‘playoff’ just caused a sad smile and a distant look. And although Lombardi may have disagreed, we were still the second best team in the NFL.

I’ve since adopted a new favorite team – The Saint Louis Cardinals. I cared nothing for baseball. The Brewers were never my thing.  In ’82 I was old enough to understand baseball, but never could understand why the neighbors would fly all the way to California for an AL playoff game.  Then came my wife.  My wife, father-in-law, and the infectious fever they had for the Cardinals, drew me into it.  For awhile they were just ‘my favorite football team and favorite baseball team.’ Then ‘my co-favorite teams.’ But as funny as this sounds, the Packers fan base sampling that I experienced over the years seemed to degrade, subjectively speaking, to the point that I decided to just love the team without an overaffiliation. In fairness, I’ve come to realize that despite my humble pride, every team has its ‘bad’ fans. Too late though. I’m too deeply entrenched into the familiar subculture of the Cards to ever go back. Nothing personal against my home team.

‘The Call’ a few days ago, that gave Seatle a win and took the game away from The Packers, was a wake up call to the owners. What if, they reasoned, that call had happened in Green Bay? Could we have had European soccer match style riots? We better do something! A very quick deal was hashed out with the refs. All was right with the world. If you call refs getting a standing ovation ‘right.’ The fans were incensed, the owners responded.

No. Let’s put that in perspective.

The fans were incensed enough that the owners feared boycotts, riots, or more likely lawsuits in the event of riots to the point that getting things back to normal – removing the people who (although they tried their hardest) had no business refereeing an NFL game, and putting the people who made things considerably more safe, knew and abided by the rules, and who would ultimately help to ensure the integrity of the game, back on the field – was paramount.

Tell me you see where this is going.

What if.

The owners were immune to lawsuits? The integrity of the game just didn’t matter? The overall agenda was to degrade the game to the point that the fans lost interest – so riots not only didn’t matter (to them), but helped the agenda? And revenues actually fell? The salaries rewritten so everyone divided equally the much devalued salaries? Then teams sold off at their devalued worth? Then revalued for profit? What if it was just one persuasive owner with a lot of backing and a backdoor deal and a lot to gain and nothing to lose – who really loved… Rugby? And swore rugby was not more violent than football?

Ok, it got weird. The fans, flawed though they are, drive the game, the ultimate direction of the game, and their involvement ensures the integrity of the game. The constitution of the game! Packers get a top ten all time bad call… That’s my team! ’85 Cards lose game 6 in top ten bad call… That’s my team! Why do most Boston fans still hate Buckner? … That’s my team! “That was an interception!” Why? That’s my team! My game! I was watching! I know the rules! I watch every game! I know! I’m involved!

“What about what’s going on in the middle east?”
(crickets chirping)
That’s my God!
“Christians in Egypt being killed?”
(crickets chirping)
That’s my God!
“Fast and furious? Brian Terry? Eric Holder? Executive privilege? Andrew Breitbart? George Soros? The Muslim Brotherhood? 2016? Occupy Unmasked? Sharia law? UN gun control? 1st amendment jeopardy & Detroit protests? Executive orders? Downgraded credit rating? Unemployment? Deficit? Obamacare? Failed bailouts? GM takeover? Impending hyperinflation?
That’s my God! That’s my family!

That’s my country!

The flawed fan now drives the game. The despondent, self mislabeled-self-prophecy-fulfilling non game changing, uninvolved, non vested (or so they think) fan. Who would riot over a bad call but won’t vote over a bad president. They don’t realize that an activist judge on the supreme court is like a permanent replacement ref from hell. That the impas in congress is fine by him – either Republicans pass liberal laws or he can say how much they’ve been in the way… Win win. (Yeah, the refs just won’t budge… Not our fault.) That much like the owners, he doesn’t care about the ‘constitution’ of the game – only the ends. Riots don’t matter. Image matters. The only and scary difference is that his approach to presiding seems to hinge only very loosely on fan opinion. He really does not seem to care. Why? Would the media downplaying the inadequacy of the replacement refs have changed anything? Yes! That play and botched call was everywhere for 3 days. When most fans have resigned to living with the call but the media won’t let it go? Imagine that in reverse. Much easier to move on. Despite the fact that the MSM forgives everything the man does, fans have no excuse. While a biased media is a significant threat, we the voters have a patriotic responsibility to get individually informed and then to vote!

The experts say that a fan losing the big game may actually experience the loss as acutely as the players. Packers/Giants has been that to me twice. Packers/Broncos. Cards/Red Sox. But the next morning, we put on our clothes and go to work. We move on. There’s always next year.
But this is the movie where if the team loses, they’re done. The “Major League” of life.
If we lose – we are done.
Problem is, if we win, it’s “We are Marshall.” The desperate moral boost a team needed just to move on – a slow and hard recovery.

But that’s our chance.

Our only chance.

Get in the game.  Get passionate, then draw people with your passion.  Get infectious. Get a fever. Convince the casual fan that they can make a difference.  Realize that the game is almost at its end.

Do it for your God… Your family… Your Country… Your Team…

Unless replacement refs is your thing…

~  Tim ~

Punching holes in the wall

    “We hold these truths to be self evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.”
– Thomas Jefferson –

It’s weird to think that after these words were penned and the Declaration was signed, that it wasn’t immediately laminated and placed behind vacuum sealed glass. But the war was in full swing. The Declaration was simply an emphatic letter to George the third letting him know they would never back down. The Declaration, to them, was never as important as the freedom for which they fought. It simply clearly defined their motives and arguably, silently avered the truth of their suppression. Historically, we recognize the profound and revolutionary results of their actions. And while we revere the documents, the writers, and the ideals they espouse(d), and we celebrate the results, they were ultimately just concerned about the results.

I’m gonna try something I’ve never seen done, not that is hasn’t been done. We have interpretations of the bible up to the ‘red neck ten commandments,’ right? So how about the above passage? Here goes:

George, we’re doing this for obvious reasons: God created all men equal. It goes without saying that you disagree. He’s given all men certain rights that cannot be revoked, (while we suffer from your attempts to revoke them,) namely Life, Liberty on several fronts, and to try to be happy. We will live or die by this. Good luck. Sincerely, Tom and company.
Just a couple things stand out to me in the original text.
1: “…all men are created equal.” Equal in importance, not necessarily social status. Like ‘same body – many (equally important) parts.’ Critics argue obvious social level, slave ownership, etc. (I always secretly hoped to believe that they were the 18th century version of Schindler where that was concerned.) Equal.
2: Capital “C” in “Creator.”
3: “Rights, Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Happiness,” grammatically emphasized. Again, the underlying message was probably pointing out the things that were not being allowed.
4: ‘Endowed’ and ‘unalienable.’ Given, and irrevocable. It drives some people nuts when I tell them I’m free in Christ because they see it as so much bondage, rules, and regulations… restrictions. That it can’t be taken away would seem debatable. But it’s not. With the Colonies, it wasn’t the ability to have the things that couldn’t be revoked, it was the Right to the things that was irrevocable, different from freedom in Christ in that the ability to remain free can’t be taken, but you get the picture.

These ‘truths’ are obvious. Yet, according to what I’ve read, homeland security and Nancy Pelosi would have you believe that if you hold to these truths, if you believe in personal liberties, if you are a tea party libertarian, you are a potential terrorist and a dangerous individual!
If you’re like me, you’re thinking, “This can’t end well.”

The collision of church and state should never have happened. It is the love of the almighty dollar that is the root of this corruption. Even the love of power is subject to the love of money. The government is in bed with the abortion industry. For many years, more and more restrictions have been placed on protesters (primarily religious folk), ie. certain distance from clinics, illegal to approach and talk to or convince would be ‘patients’ otherwise, etc. etc. Finally we were getting reports that abortion centers were slowly but surely being shut down… defunded. Individual lower level politics doing what they could… states, sovereign states passing legislating… The dam seemed about to burst.
“That’s ok,” thought the federal government, “we can force everyone to buy health coverage and include in the bill a ‘birth control’ mandate. BAM! Collision.

Passage of the bill: Bought by one vote. Upheld: (possibly) Bought by one opinion. It’s discouraging to think this precious liberty could be bought by politicians and thugs. It’s backwards too. The government was confined to certain powers, separate but equal, that the will of the people has barely held in check for the last few years. Whether by principle in that the government should be limited in its powers over ‘church’ or in ignorant application that religion has absolutely no place in the government, it has remained intact (with its share of black eyes). Now the government apparently has decided that the separation only goes one way – and you can guess the direction!

But it’s encouraging too. One vote. During Obama’s popular phase. One. Not that an abuse of power and executive orders can’t nullify lack of popularity and unfavorable opinion polls. But we can only be cautiously hopeful that the integrity of the system will remain intact. That enough people can let their senators know how we feel about their job security. There is hope. If not now, then November. There’s always hope. Hope was forged from the midst of a Revolutionary War. It’s certainly not gone now.

There’s definitely much more to talk about than Obamacare, but that’s the pressing issue. Call your senators. Stay involved. Be active.
And if you’re compelled to believe that religion shouldn’t get involved, remember our founding fathers were politicians whose purpose included ‘Creator’ with a capital ‘C’.