The Little State That Could…

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Originally blogged in 2012. I started to make a new blog concerning recent events in Israel, however, I then remembered that I had written this during the 2012 debacle. There are a few points that are specific to that particular year, but in general, this post is relevant and is exactly what I would say today. 
If only the Civil War was the only misconception that the left has had in the last day week month decade really, really long time…But alas, it is not.  

In a land far far away situated between Canada and Mexico, the people are split on their alliance, who they support in the war between Hamas and Israel (Trust me, it’s not over.) I have seen too many posts to respond to concerning Israel “stealing” land from the Palestinians. My twitter feed has exploded with derogatory comments, and that is why I decided to write this post.  

Although typing up a basic response (basic for me tends to be a book) and exercising my mad copy/paste skills in each post was incredibly tempting, I decided to write this blog post to address my beliefs and factual backing for what I feel is some of the greatest misconceptions concerning Israel out there today. 

“How would you feel if someone stole your land??? Those poor Palestinians!” 

My gut reaction to statements like the above is to respond to this with, “Really, you’re NOT going to side with God’s people?”. Bus alas, I have always felt that my moral beliefs should be understood by the atheists as well. Even though I feel strongly that a “moral law” is written on the hearts of men BY God, I try to approach my explanations in a way that can’t be construed as being “bible thumping.”

Now…We COULD go all the way back to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The Promised Land. The 40 years of wondering in the desert. The history of Jerusalem. The Establishment of the Jewish Monarchy. The Roman Rule, Arab Rule, Ottoman Rule, etc. But for the sake of our sanity, and a goal of keeping this a “blog post” and not a “book,” I’ll keep it short (er)…

Here is my somewhat sporadic, yet condensed, history rant: 

So let’s travel back in time to the 1920’s – 1960’s and deal with those land thieves once and for all. When Israel stole the land from the Palestinians British…Just kidding. They didn’t steal anything. BEFORE the State of Israel was declared, the land was territory of Britain. It became British territory through the Sykes-Picot Agreement (or Asia Minor). They called for it to be shared between the Arab Palestinians and the Jewish Palestinians (Since they recognized both), actually the word “Palestine” was given by the Europeans to name the region (“region,” people, “region!”). The Jewish community, known at that time as the Jewish Palestinians, gave a thumbs up to the concept, the Palestinian Arabs gave a thumbs down. Why is it that we forget about British Imperialism after the whole fall of the Ottoman empire?

So, back to the middle of the 1920’s. The British divided the land, giving the Jews west of the Jordan river, and the Arab Palestinians what we now call Jordan. Then came the whole “We want ALL the land, lets push those Jews into the sea” idea. So, they started the war games trying to drive the Jews out, and they still haven’t ended, nor will they anytime soon. The Brits turned a blind eye to the chaos that they could no longer control, and the Jews decided that it was time to fight back and protect the land given to them.

Then the British turned the states back over to the UN (Adoption remorse?). BUT, upon receiving yet another offer to have both a Jewish Palestinian state AND an Arab Palestinian state the Arabs said, “no, we want all of the land that is both East & West of the Jordan river.” Too bad…so sad Well…isn’t this a pickle.

Since the Sinai Peninsula was traded to Egypt for peace, and Jordan was originally going to be within the Israeli borders, technically the most accurate way to describe the actions of that time period would be to say that ISRAEL is the one with whom had land “stolen” from them. There were NO Palestinian borders. None. Zip. Ninguno. Geen. It was a region. How do you steal land from the Arabs when land is GIVEN by the British to the Jews? Because they wanted it? Are we 5? It’s like when your Mom puts out a platter of cookies, just because you lick a cookie then put it back on the platter doesn’t mean the cookie is actually yours. It wasn’t their time to play “claim that territory,” because the British had already claimed it, and then GAVE it to whom they chose.

SO, throughout this time the Jews PURCHASED more land from the Palestinians, the Palestinians were removed from the land. No, not by the Israelis, but by the Arab countries that wanted to invade Israel. They said “flee so that we may bring our peaceful religion’s war machines into position!” Ok…maybe they didn’t use that exact verbiage, but you get the point.

Throughout all of the wars, including the one between 1948-49 the Jewish Palestinians ended with a slightly larger state than what the UN had proposed. BUT, by the time we hit the 1960’s the Arab Palestinians had control of 85% of the Palestine territory, compared to the 75% they had been given.

Bum bum bum…The Six Day War.

The Six Day War was for the exact same premise as all of the previous wars between the Arabs and the Israelis. The Arabs rejected, and STILL reject Israel. The Egyptians had used United Nations troops from the Sinai Peninsula to block shipping to Israel’s port of Eilat. This was an act of war, and the Arab nations have NEVER denied that it wants Israel OFF the map. They don’t want peace.

It’s simple: They don’t want Israel to exist.

During the Six Day War Israel fought Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia…etc (The Arab Republic) And they win. (Somebody had their spinach…and you know…GOD…) Jewish people had control of the Sinai Desert. If you haven’t seen a map…that’s a large chunk. Israel (being the last shred of good in the Middle East) told the ready to flee Palestinian Arabs to stay in hopes of educating and finally finding peace between the two nations of people. Then in the 1980’s Israel gave the Sinai Desert to Egypt in an act of peace.

But from the beginning of the wars, up through current day, the Arab Palestinians have had ONE goal:

“Our aim is the full restoration of the rights of the Palestinian people. In other words, we aim at the destruction of the State of Israel. The immediate aim: perfection of Arab military might. The national aim: the eradication of Israel.” – President Nasser of Egypt in 1965

“We will not accept any coexistence with Israel…Today the issue is not the establishment of peace between the Arab states and Israel . The war with Israel is in effect since 1948.” – Nasser in 1967 

“This is our chance Arabs, to deal Israel a mortal blow of annihilation, to blot out its entire presence in our holy land” Cairo Radio

Oh, but they weren’t just filling their “burn book” with Israel…

“Millions of Arabs are … preparing to blow up all of America’s interests, all of America’s installations, and your entire existence, America.” Cairo Radio

So, you can be angry at America, and angry at the Brits, but the facts are, it was British territory, and it was GIVEN. Israelis are not thieves, in fact, they have given land to promote peace, and any of the land gained during the wars was because they WON the land during a war NOT started by them. But the problem isn’t the offers, the problem isn’t the lack of peace, and the problem isn’t Israel.

The problem is that the countries surrounding Israel want her gone.

The problem is that while Israel wants peace, Jihadist don’t know of such a thing as peace.

The problem is that while Israelis wants “coexistence,” terrorists want to drag their family members lifeless bodies through the streets.

During this time, Iraq proclaimed that “Israel was an error which must be rectified.” Palestinians stated that “it is either us or the Israelis,” and Syria declared that it was time to “explode the Zionist presence in the Arab homeland,”etc. So from THOSE quotes alone we can clearly see a reason for a bad case of sellers remorse on behalf of the Palestinians. So while the Palestinian militant movement of Hamas is dragging bodies through streets and committing war crimes both by aiming at civilian locations, and hiding behind their own civilians, you’ll have to excuse me while I look at you with puzzled amazement when you proclaim your support of Hamas…Or better yet, your condemnation of Israel.

Israel tries their hardest to avoid civilians. They were even warning them with phone calls, roof knocking, and even dropping leaflets over Gaza warning them to “avoid being present in the vicinity of Hamas operatives.” Of course there are civilian casualties of war…But one side is doing their best to avoid as many as possible, and the other is meticulously planning them out.

Egyptian President Morsi backed Hamas and stated that Israel needed to end the aggression. Mr. Morsi is a high-ranking member with the Muslim Brotherhood and has an open door policy with the White House, what we fail to see is that the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaeda, and Hamas are basically sister terrorist organizations. They’ve all vocalized their deeply rooted hatred for Israel, including the Muslim Brotherhood…and yet our President supports them. Why haven’t we cut off economic funds???

Hamas is a progeny of the Muslim Brotherhood. When the Muslim Brotherhood says “jump”, Hamas says “how high?”. Of course Morsi had the power to create a “ceasefire,” he’s had it all along, and Israel has no urge to continue fighting. Hamas backs off, Israel backs off.

But hold off on your “peace celebrations.” For Israel hating Morsi to encourage a “ceasefire” tells us that deeper, more sinister plans against Israel are lying in anxious wait. We can’t possibly be ignorant enough to believe that he has had an instantaneous change of heart concerning Israel. The Morsi government has turned a blind eye towards the killing of Christians, and now are bringing in a new level of dictatorship. Egypt is about to get very bloody. So, right AFTER the “ceasefire” Morsi comes out with his sickle and hammer ideology…Sounds legit.

Islamic theocracies…They redefine the word “brutal”.

Back to the point…I ask that you put yourself in the shoes of Israel. Let’s say you purchase a house. While unpacking your dishes and settling in, suddenly a rock comes crashing through your window with a note:

“Dear Israel Jones Family,

We hate you and hope you die. We want to demolish your home, preferably with you in it, and build a pool, maybe even a mini bar with ackawi dip and smooth cardamom coffee equipped with straws long enough to accommodate our Burqa wearing women…You know…If we decide they can have coffee. So, we have weapons and will be violently attacking your home, and probably trying to vaporize your children.

Sincerely, All of your neighbors, Including the people who sold you your garage.”

Would you not defend yourself? Israel has been taking numerous attacks over the years, rockets, warnings and brutality. But when Israel defends itself we give a “stand down” order?

I support Israel. I support her because God told me to. I support her because it’s LOGICAL. I support her because she is the one shred of decency left in the Middle East. I’m ashamed that 51% of my nation turned their back on her by voting in a President that supports her enemies.

Alright, I’ll finally get to the end of this post. But just know that if you’re dealing with Hamas sympathizers, you are not alone. We live in an America where a dictator gets a majority vote, and the people support terrorists and brutality in the Middle East while preaching on “peace.” There is more of this to come. How do I know this? Because “God said so”…



Everytown Shell Game

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The elitists are busy telling us how dangerous we are again, and this time they have a big and scary PSA involved, and of course, celebrities are included; because I love being told that protection is overrated from people who get escorted to the grocery store by armed guards…yeah. So, the PSA: An adorable little girl is playing hide and seek with her brother, she runs up the stairs and hides in her parents closet, after knocking a few things down she finds a shoe box containing a loaded handgun. A shoe box. A loaded gun…in a shoe box…with young children loose. The problem with this PSA is that the parents weren’t wearing helmets while snacking on a paint chip sundae and finger painting on their walls with peanut butter.

I digress. The gun slowly starts to turn towards her head…

Will you stop this? Click here. Scenes like this happen all the time, you have another chance to stop a child from being killed.

FYI – I could say those exact same words in a PSA telling you to cut your child’s hot dogs properly.

Don’t you want to stop children from being killed, you gun nut American? DON’T YOU? For the children!!! They preach that they simply want to educate parents on proper gun storage, but then you realize that Moms Demand Pointless Action and Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Big Gulps are behind the ad, and that their form of “proper gun storage” is in the holster of a police officer, not in a law abiding citizen home.

They never address how they will help gun owners keep their guns safe, they just want you to donate money towards their campaign, which goes to politicians and legislative actions, which leads to fighting for increased gun control. Now, what laws will force you to put your loaded gun in a safe and not in a shoe box, and how exactly will they check to make sure you are obeying those laws? See the downhill slope?

My favorite part of the entire grave dancing debacle is when you go to the Moms Demand Action website and find links that lead you to statistics involving “Concealed Carry Killers”. Mmmhmmm. That title isn’t specifically designed to fuel the propaganda against Concealed Carry License holders and demonize them at all…Not even a little, right?

More children and teens are losing their lives to guns now than they are to cancer.” – While the death of a human being is a horrid act regardless of age or reason, for perspective, that statistic involves kids and teens under the age of 19. Take a look at the death toll for kids under 19 in Chicago due to gang related events, regardless of the fact that Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation, and then get back to me. Better yet, get back to Moms Demand Action and let them know you’re not a moron and that they need to try harder.

So what do they want? Aggressive gun laws, registration, bans on bedazzled long rifles that they like to call “Assault Rifles” because “assault” is a scary word, and whatever else they can possibly get passed.

So, you know, it’s time for another history lesson.

Now, before everyone flies off the handle and starts to chastise me by saying that I’m comparing our current situation to the Holocaust, please sit back down, put away the tar and feathers, call the dogs off, have a chai latte and breathe. I’m not eluding to the idea that Obama is Hitler, and I’m not saying that Democrats want to kill us all. I’m recollecting history, and in particular, the history of gun registration.

I’ve witnessed a lot of Republicans/Conservatives that talk about the Nazis and gun registration. They push the idea that gun registration was the catalytic move for the Nazis, that the Nazis themselves ushered in gun registration, etc. I’d like to debate that, not by presenting a less horrifying situation, but by giving historical context to the gun registration battle that should horrify us a lot more than any of Hitler’s gun control quotes.

The gun registration that the Nazis took advantage of was not designed to harm anyone, it was designed to promote safety, responsibility, and sensible gun laws. No sarcasm, it actually was designed to help people. That’s disturbing.

Werner Best, possibly the most forgotten key to Nazi success, was a Reich Commissioner for occupied Denmark, and a former Security Police Leader. He was a brilliant lawyer, an active member of the German National People’s Party, and begat the National Youth League. Best brainstormed with groups of National Socialists to create the Boxheim documents, which he had in his possession when he was arrested.

The Boxheim documents, written in the 1920’s, were seen as an action plan for a communist revolution. The tenants of the Boxheim documents included plans for a coup involving “Storm Divisions”, gun control that involved citizens being shot without trial if in possession of a gun, the abolishment of private poverty, and full control of all Jewish assets, including their food. With plans to starve the Jews he was labeled a lunatic, even by an embarrassed Hitler, who at the time was running for office as an upstanding citizen that preached the beauty of fairness to a large population of devoted followers.

Alas, a nation of forgetful and passive individuals eventual made Best the Police Commissioner in Hessen by 1933, then he was the deputy to Reinhard Heydrich and Himmler within a few years, and he eventually became the chief legal adviser to the Gestapo, and simultaneously held various other high ranking positions of influence due to his intelligence and legal skills.

Back to the point – After the Werner Best plans were found in the early 1930’s, the government reacted by forcing all weapons to be registered. I’ll repeat, because it’s important to understand – In a move to keep Jews safe from monsters like Werner Best, the government ordered that all weapons be registered. Noble, eh? The very laws intended to keep the Jews safe would become their death sentence. To all of our shock, Communists and Nazis did not register their weapons.

Imagine that, apparently psychopaths don’t really have much regard for the law.

By 1933 the Nazi regime, led by Hitler, used the registration records to begin disarming political opponents, this enabled them to seize power. Hitler’s German Weapons Act was born in 1938 after all of his opponents had been removed. They, once again, used the records that were once created to protect the Jews to track down Jewish civilians and sympathizers, confiscating their possessions and weapons. On the Night of the Broken Glass, less than a month after the mass confiscation, Jews were completely defenseless against the unmitigated evil that was unleashed upon them.

Throughout history we learn that criminals and psychopaths don’t scoff in utter hatred of laws that are passed, they use them to their advantage. Best and company didn’t see the registration as a road block, they saw it as a way to gain access to the law abiding citizens that felt bound by their morally sound nature to obey and register their fire arms.

You cannot make men good by law.” – C.S. Lewis

So let’s talk, Moms Demand Action and Mayors Against Illegal Guns, let’s ask the important questions. I’ll start.

Q: What enabled a country run by monsters to kill roughly 1.5 Million children?

A: Gun registration. By the way, that total happens to be larger than the death toll for choking, guns, childhood cancer, car accidents, etc. combined. Actually, the only thing that even comes close to a comparison is the roughly 1.2 Million children annihilated in the womb every year in America.

Q: What doesn’t stop a criminal?

A: I can’t believe I have to say this, but a sign in a window.

Example: Newtown, Columbine, Aurora, Fort Hood, etc…

Q: Why are you using Nazism to make your point?

A: Because I can? I get it, I’m as annoyed by the Obama/Hitler photos as you are, and I find them to be childish; however, there is NOTHING wrong with remembering the mistakes made in history so that we don’t make them again. I wouldn’t bring it up except, oh yeah, we’re making them again. History is full of warnings about increased gun control laws. It’s not a story written by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm, it’s a reality, it’s what actually happened, and it is worth remembering.

Q: What else doesn’t stop a criminal?

A: The law. For example, refer to Eric Holder.

Q: What’s the point of this blog post?

A: To show that even if the individuals running the “Everytown” campaign have nothing but pure intentions, their intentions are stupid, harmful, uneducated, and naïve. Period. If they’ve ever read a history book, then they don’t have good intentions. Period. That doesn’t mean that they plan to send us to Auschwitz, it just means that they are willing to put innocent individuals in more danger for the sake of gaining more control.

P.S. Do not keep guns in a shoe box, or anywhere that isn’t locked when kids are in the home.


Responsible Gun Owner & CCW License Holder


Let’s break the snooze button…

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Most mornings I can be found hitting the snooze button with great enthusiasm, and when I say enthusiasm I mean that I slam it, bury it under pillows, borderline on breaking it. It seems impossible to wake up, so impossible that it usually takes me 3-4 proper “enthusiastic” hits to the snooze button to do so.

Then yesterday morning happened….

Unlike those other mornings, I forgot to set that burdensome alarm the night before. Springing out of bed with only 20 minutes to get ready, throwing on whatever clothes looked decent. I lacked the need for any additional snooze sessions, the time on the clock was so alarming that I sprang into action immediately. It was not hard getting out of bed, it was not difficult finding the energy. My hair was in what some would call a 2 minute bun of desperation, but for the sake of my feelings we’ll refer to my look as Bohemian Chic…

Suddenly while I was driving to work in my silent car (refer to this blog post), it dawned on me…Why was it so easy to get out of bed today? How come I was bright eyed and ready to face the world without any additional snooze button usage?

Simple answer – The moment called for urgency.

I think that sometimes we see the moral decay of our world and we hit the snooze button, we continue to slumber in ignorance while the world around us crumbles in the hands of evil. I realized that the 10 extra minutes on my snooze button was not unlike the 10 extra years on our communities snooze buttons. On our countries snooze button. On the worlds snooze button.

When will the day come that we spring out of bed in urgency? When will we get tired of being in a slumber, ignorant and complacent to the things dragging us down. You may say “but I complained about Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga on Facebook! Therefore, I’m not asleep!”, or “I went to church on Sunday, I’m not in a slumber!”, or maybe “I pray for the Middle East, I’m not oblivious!”…But is that being awake? Is that your action when in urgency?

The horrified views of Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga are justifiable, just like they were with Madonna and Cher. Not only are they actively teaching young girls and women that objectifying oneself is “power”, but they are also teaching young boys and men that women really are just objects. That’s how evil works, it teaches you to become and accept the opposite of what Christ designed for you to be. I won’t go into too much detail on the subject because I already have in previous blog posts, please check out the following posts on women being “treasured”:

(Click to view post) Women, A National Treasure – What do we want our daughters to learn? What do we want our sisters to learn? Where do men belong in the fight for treasured women?

(Click to view post) Equality or Depravity – Has our fight for equality actually made us implode?

Recently I’ve seen the news filled with senseless killings, Christians being slaughtered in Egypt, immorality and objectification being disguised as women’s rights and power, etc. and as I’ve said before, we as Christians have failed in taking a stand. If our human nature and what we celebrate takes precedence over what we KNOW is right, the latter rarely wins.

So, Christians…How strong is the sense of urgency? Are you going to hit the snooze button again, or are you awake? Are you still going to give your money to the “artists” teaching your daughter not to respect herself? Are you still going to watch the shows that teach your son that women are just objects? Are you going to sit silent while teenage boys thrill kill elderly veterans, or are you going to figure out WHY our nation has lost respect for fellow human beings?

You don’t appreciate what the VMA’s allowed? Don’t watch them, don’t watch MTV.

You don’t like the message that the main stream radio stations send to your kids? Don’t listen to them.

You don’t like the sexual innuendoes in that show? Don’t have them on your TV.

“Well, this show isn’t appropriate, but it’s SO funny!” – How many of us have been there?

“This song is really catchy! Ke$ha, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus etc. they’re all just harmless ear worms.” – Say that to the staggering number of teen pregnancies, abortions, sexually active teens, etc…It has been proven that music induces physiological, emotional, behavioral and cognitive responses. It can affect your mood, hence the use of therapeutic music when you see the Dentist, ride an elevator, or when you’re on hold for long periods of time. They’ve even done studies that show it can influence your purchasing behavior in stores. Or how about when you’re watching a movie, imagine watching it without the background music…It changes the entire mood, it manipulates the senses.

As Plato said: “Music is concerned with harmony and rhythm, so that you may speak of a melody or figure having good rhythm or good harmony-the term is correct enough; but to speak metaphorically of a melody or figure having a “good colour,” as the masters of choruses do, is not allowable, although you can speak of the melodies or figures of the brave and the coward, praising the one and censuring the other.  And not to be tedious, let us say that the figures and melodies which are expressive of virtue of soul or body, or of images of virtue, are without exception good, and those which are expressive of vice are the reverse of good.

So, to put it mildly, it was a warning to beware of musical innovation that sets out to challenge and change society to the negative.


Every generation often mirrors its music, there is no denying this, ESPECIALLY in a world where every type of music is readily available at all times. What we do in life is our responsibility to own, but using that as an excuse to continue listening to trash that aids in the nose dive of Western Civilization is irresponsible.

It is time for us to wake up with a sense of urgency. Our #1 goal should be to reach the lost and share the Gospel, to be IN the world, not OF the world…Aren’t you tired of hitting the snooze button? Aren’t you tired of being able to quote that hilarious movie word for word but still don’t know the order of the books in the bible? We aren’t perfect, and we will fail sometimes, but I know that I need to work on my sense of urgency…Do you?

I’ll end this with a brilliant quote from Ravi Zacharias:

In the 1950s kids lost their innocence.

They were liberated from their parents by well-paying jobs, cars, and lyrics in music that gave rise to a new term —the generation gap.

In the 1960s, kids lost their authority.
It was a decade of protest—church, state, and parents were all called into question and found wanting. Their authority was rejected, yet nothing ever replaced it.

In the 1970s, kids lost their love. It was the decade of me-ism dominated by hyphenated words beginning with self. Self-image, Self-esteem, Self-assertion….It made for a lonely world. Kids learned everything there was to know about sex and forgot everything there was to know about love, and no one had the nerve to tell them there was a difference.

In the 1980s, kids lost their hope.
Stripped of innocence, authority and love and plagued by the horror of a nuclear nightmare, large and growing numbers of this generation stopped believing in the future.

In the 1990s kids lost their power to reason. Less and less were they taught the very basics of language, truth, and logic and they grew up with the irrationality of a postmodern world.

In the new millennium, kids woke up and found out that somewhere in the midst of all this change, they had lost their imagination. Violence and perversion entertained them till none could talk of killing innocents since none was innocent anymore.”


Learning The Game

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Michael Moore
Michelle Obama dancing

While our rights are slowly steadily quickly with the speed of light being taken from us, the blog topics are endless…but lately I’ve been in one of those bad political moods, I am really struggling to imagine the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s been a week of fail. One thing after another, people ignoring the facts, politicians lying being politicians, etc. Finally this morning it hit me…If I read ONE more article about the sequester, someone is going to need a spatula to peel me of the ceiling. Alas, why would I put anyone else through that? #AmIRight?

Yes, I am aware that hashtags used in a blog post are as – if not more – annoying than hashtags used on facebook. But I want to use it, and I think I should get a pass this time…I’m one “kittens will spontaneously combust because of the sequester” tweet away from drinking a bowl of brownie batter and camping out under my desk with a copy of One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.

So, what does one do when feeling like the entire nation has become one big overindulged Veruca Salt? Cry. Mope. Give up. Write.

This last week was a sad reminder for most conservatives, March 1st marked one year since the passing of Andrew Breitbart. He was a leader, a hero, and a rejuvenator to a people who had forgotten how to fight. For so many years we were scared to speak out, we had been labeled “greedy”, “racist”, and many other derogatory terms used to guilt someone into silence. He taught us how to fight the liberal narrative, and I fully believe that because of him we found our voice. Conservatives are louder than we have been in a VERY long time, and we face baseless accusations with truth. We are like the child getting beat up on the schoolyard by the merciless bullies that finally starts fighting back. And though we are bruised, we aren’t willing to give up the fight…We have Breitbart to thank.

So, after watching a few videos of Breitbart (they’re like my Tony Robbins workshops) I finally felt like I had moved on from being the embodiment of one of those depressingly emo teenage memes that say “Just because I smile, doesn’t mean I don’t hurt”. Who am I kidding, those things rank somewhere on the full spectrum of human emotion that I rarely – if ever – visit… Mine would be more along the lines of a meme with Grumpy Cat wearing the mask from SCREAM that simply says “run”. Anyway, I’m now out of my funk….Now let’s get down to business. (Applies war paint, tinfoil hat, and mounts horse yelling “FOR AMERICA!!!!”)

WARNING: Feeling rejuvenated, but residual heightened levels of sarcasm still present.

So I remembered hearing this quote from a very important historical figure, who’s name I can’t recall at this point in time. Maybe by the time I’m done with this post I’ll have an epiphany, or go to google and find this poignant individual. Or not. I honestly don’t know. Clearly if this rambling is still here when you’re reading this, I didn’t.

Anyway…the quote. I don’t even know the whole thing, but I know that it talked about some people chopping away at the branches of evil, and some going straight to the root. After I read this I was thinking about the myriad times I’ve said the words “Cloward-Piven” this week to only be met by confused faces. I said before the election that what our nation is facing goes back to 3 core issues:

1. Cloward-Piven
2. Saul Alinsky
3. Moral Corruption
5. Math


So first up to the plate: Cloward-Piven

The Cloward-Piven strategy is a “common good” utopian paradise ideal owned by Richard Cloward, and Frances Piven. Basically you take the entire public welfare system, financially overload it leading to its collapse…and then replace it. It’s like not liking your lamp anymore, but not being able to convince the rest of your family to purchase a new one. So you shatter it…While the family is desperate for light after you shattered their lamp, you convince them that the lamp put out dangerous light, light created by dirty – oppressive child/race/poor hating – energy. While they are mulling over the evil light that once illuminated their home, you run out and purchase the lamp you want. YOU’RE A HERO! The problem? The lamp you just purchased has blown up every time someone else tried to use it, killing all of those within range. But you keep that on the DL, because it looks super awesome, maybe it even has a new lamp shade that makes it look updated and progressive in style.

Question: What kind of government system do they want?

Answer: Guaranteed annual income. FULL reliance on the government.

Creating a crisis so that you can deliver a terrible system to a delusional people, then having them label your system as a stroke of good will towards all men. Gee, I bet they’d even give that person a Nobel Peace Prize for doing absolutely nothing…

Cloward and Piven wrote that “The ultimate objective of this strategy—to wipe out poverty by establishing a guaranteed annual income—will be questioned by some. Because the ideal of individual social and economic mobility has deep roots, even activists seem reluctant to call for national programs to eliminate poverty by the outright redistribution of income”

Their super duper difficult plan???? Inform the people that they have rights to welfare assistance, making sure that EVERYONE is taking FULL advantage of the system. Why? Because MATH tells us that when everyone is taking full advantage of a system that is already straining under the weight of a poorly distributed balance between the makers and the takers, it will eventual collapse. Which is EXACTLY what they wanted. Now if Barack is as brilliant as the media lapdogs and the deeply devoted Obama voters believe he is, don’t you think he is “brilliant” enough to figure this out?

You can’t scream from the rooftops that you’re not a Communist while following fellow Communists directions on “How To Be A Communist Country” without someone eventually saying, “Hey now, if you’re not a commie, why are you doing what they said would make a Communist country???” And you can’t peddle free Obama-phones without me thinking that you know EXACTLY how this system works.

The last step of the Cloward-Piven strategy – as listed above – is financial collapse. Financial collapse happens when you overload the welfare system. How do you do that, pray tell? Well, let’s go over a few pretty Commutastic ways someone could do such a thing. How about the largest tax increase in US history…The Affordable (Ha. Ha.) Care Act. Or how about taxing businesses KNOWING that they will terminate more employees? How about raising the minimum wage, KNOWING that it will terminate jobs and stop companies from hiring as many people? How about fighting for more spending…Well, I mean this one is pretty obvious…need more welfare dependency, create more welfare. Need people to be more dependant, make sure that they take home less money from their job.

But how do you convince a nation to implode themselves? First, you create the Veruca Salt mentality by saying that we are entitled to such things. It’s easier to oppress someone if you scream that you are trying to protect them from oppression. It’s like the shepherd leading the lamb to the field saying “this is where you’ll be safe”, but what the lamb doesn’t know is that the shepherd has a pretty sweet deal with the wolf. The lamb is just collateral damage. Second, you convince those “entitled individuals” that there are really selfish people who don’t want THEM to be happy. Then you whisper future promises in their ear and wait for them to look at you and say “But I want it NOW, DADDY!” (preferably in a thick English accent), then you fiercely point your finger in the direction of those selfish haters of the poor and scream:


Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome Saul Alinsky to the discussion.

The collective: “Welcome, Saul!”

When you go to make an elaborate dessert, and you only have one shot to make it, do you look at a recipe or wing it? If someone has already perfected the recipe you usually stick with what works, that way you don’t go to your dinner party with what looks like a pancake version of the Grand Canyon instead of a soufflé. Well, the liberals did the same thing. Saul Alinsky already had it all laid out for them, so they got out their mixing bowl and added class warfare, manipulation, “pity me”, race warfare, and a bit of fake radical hatred towards government, mixed it on high for a few years and now it’s baking into a beautiful mixture of orchestrated madness. They targeted the college aged kids first, because if anyone is looking for a cause to support, it’s individuals who can afford to camp in a park next to rape tents and smoke pot while playing on an Ipad purchased with Daddy’s money…while complaining about Daddy’s money. Those moldable minds were the clear target…The less they would search for facts, the better. And these kids were used to not thinking about facts, they had been spending day in and day out with progressive professors who didn’t require them to think outside the box of political uniformity, content to be “bricks in the wall”, they went marching on a mission they didn’t even understand, but a mission that gave them purpose, none the less.

Saul Alinsky wrote the handbook for creating a radical uprising…He is the brilliant, yet dangerous mind that wrote Rules for Radicals. Using the race card is a favorite Alinsky-like tactic. You see, they are using a tactic that they know Conservatives will not refute on principle. We don’t want to abuse or use conservative minorities because we are the side that actually finds all men equal. Conservative minorities are beginning to stand up and refute the obnoxious lies, and they are being attacked and demonized. Honestly, being a black conservative in a “radicalized” location would be cause for legitimate concern for safety at this point.

One of the Alinsky rules is that, “Ridicule is a man’s most potent weapon.” Just look at movies, TV, Celebrities, the Mainstream media, etc. it is FULL of conservative ridicule. They have tried to demonize us as being behind the times. They make fun of conservative stances so that the younger – uneducated moldable minds – think that being conservative just simply isn’t cool. Another Alinsky rule is to go outside the experience of the enemy, then cause confusion, fear, and retreat.

One word: Sequester.

Conservatives don’t have experience in manipulating the people to agree with our beliefs. We stand on the principle that everyone has a right to their own opinions and should, therefore, decide what they believe when the facts are presented…the issue is that we fail to get the facts to the table. The left doesn’t get facts to the table, but they get pretty little cupcakes of false information to the table, and THAT is how they win. Give them a day and they can have the world believing that eating sand will cut the time it takes to solve a quadratic equation in half, within a week professors would be selling packets of “miracle sand”. It’s how they work, they OWN the narrative.

Alinsky wrote that, “In war, the end justifies almost any means.”

Yeah, digest that one.

Saul Alinsky was a community organizer that inspired both Obama and Hillary Clinton (any many other prominent democrats). While Obama was a community organizer in Chicago he worked with individuals who carried on the legacy of Saul Alinsky. Before getting involved with ACORN he was involved with Project Vote, PV was set up by the Alinsky community organizers, he ran the voter registration drive for Project Vote. He was then an attorney for ACORN during the Clinton subprime loan debacle. Pressuring banks to increase subprime lending, the same subprime lending that eventually led to the collapse of the housing market bubble. When Clinton shot steroids into the Credit Default Swaps in his National Homeownership Strategy, he partnered with ACORN.

Shhhh…Don’t tell anyone that the same ACORN that Obama and Clinton were so devoted to is the same ACORN that was caught on video teaching individuals how to set up prostitution rings and whorehouses. I feel like I should note here that I’m against the War On Women…the real one.

Those poor minorities that couldn’t get mortgages before could now get help from the benevolent Democrats and Communities organizers. Fannie and Freddie came along for the ride too. But you know what’s worse than NOT getting a loan for a home? Having your home foreclose and be repossessed. By the time Clinton was leaving, the foreclosure numbers had already begun to rise, nearly 540K JUST in year 2001. Jump to year 2011 – In 2011 alone Nearly 4 MILLION foreclosures took place, and roughly 1.2 MILLION Repossessions. So WHY would banks that KNEW this would happen go along with it? Because the CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) in conjunction with Clintons newly put into place regulators made the liberals in Washington the Frank Nitti of mortgage lending. When banks didn’t comply what would they do? Cry racist and send their attack dog attorneys after them. Like Obama.

What did Bush do? Well, over EIGHTEEN times the Bush Administration mentioned that “financial trouble of a large GSE could cause strong repercussions in financial markets, affecting Federally insured entities and economic activity”, they warned the Democrat majority of the issues, and the progressives turned a blind eye to the unraveling of a country. Now should they have done more? Yes. If they knew how far gone our country would have been in 2013, I’m pretty sure that in their shoes most of us would have made a lot more noise. Yet liberals get away with this because of the Alinsky techniques they ever so brilliantly put into use. They created the side of devils long ago, and it wasn’t them. When their actions create catastrophic impact on a nation, they simply point the finger towards the opposition.

Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. . . . One acts decisively only in the conviction that all the angels are on one side and all the devils on the other.” Saul Alinsky

When Michelle Obama gave her DNC speech in 2008 she used a term straight out of Rules For Radicals. This was just ONE more hint of what was to come…From the mouth of our President we have heard that he is still a community organizer. Don’t confuse that with the guy that organizes the bell ringing for United Way…No, his community organizing is more like the bully who “organizes” the take down of the kid who would like to keep his lunch money. Al Capone probably turned down a cannoli more times than Obama truly helped any community.

So, I’ll end this very long Saul Alinsky section by saying that if you DON’T know the rules for radicals that Alinsky lined out for all of his faithful followers, you should. Who knew that the man who dedicated his book to “the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom, Lucifer” could have such success in the political arena.

As for moral corruption, take a look at my last post. Until people of Faith, or people of moral integrity start standing up and facing the issues, we WILL be a lost nation. This doesn’t take 10 paragraphs to explain, turn on the news for 5 minutes and you can see how far we have fallen morally. It’s pure unmitigated carelessness, and it’s in that carelessness we have found a populous that no longer cares for their fellow man.

Regarding my comment about math, it’s pretty clear…we can recite the rhetoric just like the liberals, but when it comes to the facts more and more we are becoming like them. Do yourself a favor, learn about the Clinton administration and the years of denial that have led to the “blame Bush” mentality, then USE IT! I have debated with multiple liberals, and I can honestly say that when confronted with the financial facts concerning the Clinton era, they have ended the discussion with “let’s just agree to disagree”, that’s where you want them…doubting the story they’ve been told. They don’t have an answer…They’ve been living in a fairytale with rainbows that shoot out fairness, and unicorns that fly you to the nearest equal rights celebration after stopping by the peace cloud where you get to watch bulldozers run over guns. But shaking their thought process out of the utopian paradise is what will START the thinking process…We hope…I have NEVER heard a logical remark in response. Not. Once.

The cheap shots and immature nicknames for Obama and Michelle need to stop, we need to be facing the issues head on. We have facts on our side, we don’t need to stoop to their level by calling Michelle “Moochelle”, it’s not even funny anymore…Was it ever? Point being, use the MATH, use the fact that 2+2=4…That U-6 unemployment reflects the REAL story behind the unemployment and devastation in our country. That while the U-3 “looks” better (not really) than it was before, the LFP #’s are where they projected we would be in 2017. Use the fact that raising the minimum wage will only devastate the unemployment more. Use the amount of taxes added to the common American because of Obamacare. Fight with the weapon of knowledge in government activity.

You know what they say, whoever brings the bigger gun wins the fight. The liberal using their narrative when up against facts, is sort of like them trying to use a butter knife against your steak knife machete tank. Trust me, I lack in the knowledge department just like anyone else, but I constantly strive to learn more about our government, our history, and most importantly our God. It’s the only way that I can wholeheartedly fight for the future I want my nephews to have. Let’s do this!

Knowledge will forever govern ignorance; and a people who mean to be their own governors must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.” – James Madison

The Illusion of Gun Control

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“Before a standing army can rule, the people must be disarmed; as they are in almost every kingdom of Europe. The supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword; because the whole body of the people are armed, and constitute a force superior to any band of regular troops that can be, on any pretence, raised in the United States.” -Noah Webster

About a year ago I got a European bred German Shepherd, very sweet dog but definitely bred for work. When she was young she would just sleep off and on whenever she wanted, but now that she is getting older I have noticed one thing… She sleeps deeply for hours during the day, she never that did before. She will get up and play, but in general she sleeps during the day more than most dogs that I know. But when the sun sets this all changes, once I lay my head on the pillow she walks over to the window and starts her “shift”, for the first couple hours she moves from window to window watching for any movement outside…Her ears are high, and the first sound of movement sends her into an immediate investigation. Even when she finally lays down right beside my bed she is awake, laying her head downbut always alert to what is going on around her. If I said this didn’t make me sleep better I would be lying…It is a comfort knowing that you have protection. If anyone looks her way it serves as a deterrent to entering my home unwelcomed…And if anyone entered and wasn’t welcomed, well, it probably wouldn’t be pretty. In her mind her sole duty is to keep her people safe, well…and fetch balls. When I take her to my nephews she goes into panic mode if they climb a tree, or when a stray dog entered the yard she wanted the people on the porch. It is a sense of safety that I am guessing will only get better when she graduates from dog toddlerhood.

We as humans feel safe when we have protection. Our world is full of dangers that we don’t recognize or see, watching the nightly news is the most constant reminder of this fact. I would hate to see my dog hurt someone, but would I call her off if a person broke into my home? No. For this very fact I am an avid supporter of gun rights. I will outline my personal reasons as to why, and also why the average excuses do not suffice nor do they give any valid reasoning for gun control.

I have heard the stories where a young child is playing with a gun that should have been put up, the results were tragic and life was lost. I have heard stories of violence and pain where a gun was used. We all know about the tragic school shootings and horrific crimes committed. But we also know about the accidents, for instance…one of my good friends had a cousin accidentally shot while hunting. But I have also heard stories of children drowning in pools because a door was left open or a ladder was left in the pool. I have heard the tragic news reports of people murdered by being drowned, and I have heard of accidental drowning victims. Do we then outlaw pools, lakes, and bath tubs? No. A gun, just like any other dangerous entity is to be treated with extreme caution and should require extreme training, as well as extreme care. ESPECIALLY when a child is in the home. Some would consider my dog to be dangerous, but I take precautions to ensure that she isn’t loose, she isn’t running the streets, and she isn’t out of control. The idea that if Guns were removed from homes in America it would make the streets safer is completely false. Drugs are illegal and I don’t have them because I do not want any part of them, and for many borderline law abiding citizens the legality of them is a deterrent as well. BUT, we have streets, rehabs and prisons full of drug addicts who have found a way to constantly feed their addictions. Cops have worked tirelessly for years to lower this number, but in the end it all comes down to the fact that drug addicts still exist because large amounts of people are more than willing to go behind the backs of law enforcement for not only a living, but to maintain their way of life.

To think that outlawing guns would undo the criminal activity involving guns is false. And if you are under the assumption that I then think drugs should be legal, that is wrong as well. Guns for the most part are used for good. We can’t even begin to imagine how many lives are saved DAILY because of guns in the U.S. (we will get into more of this later). Those that get them legally and have the proper training should be allowed to have them…Just like medically ill patients around the world should legally be able to have medications, even though many criminals turn them into illegal drugs and addictions. To use it as a means to eliminate crime and accidents is a blatant lie used by the left.

Now to the most dangerous of the reasons. My quote from Noah Webster is one to remember…We as a nation are free (this is questionable at this point in time), but we are flirting with the dangerous line of socialism, and that line was only allowed to be placed because of our politically uneducated nature. We haven’t put this topic in the forefront of our minds, while the devious plans have been knowingly taking place behind our backs. Something as brutal as Fast and Furious is now being used as a platform for gun control campaigning, and shockingly from the very people that refuse to allow justice to the Fast and Furious case. People, this is like OJ Simpson preaching on the dangers of knives.

So, I am giving the socialist the benefit of the doubt by saying that they know the history of gun control…Back in the French 1700’s blacks were beat for having any type of weapon whatsoever, laws continued to be passed prohibiting FREE blacks from owning firearms. Out of fear of a revolution? How about the 20 million dead due to the gun control in the Soviet Union? Or how about the holocaust, in 1938 Germany rolls in the newly established gun control and millions of Jews are slaughtered defenselessly. As early as 1970 Uganda established gun control and before 1980 over 300,000 Christians were murdered. This is just the tip of the proverbial iceberg…

       So, the only conclusion that I can draw from someone coming into my home and removing my trained and controlled dog would be that they themselves plan on entering my home unwelcomed. Same goes for my guns. Our President and upper class government are working to disarm the very people that they are refusing to listen to concerning our economy. With his executive privileges he now has the power to hit the martial law button and have complete control of our lives, add gun control to that and you have what history has proven to be a deadly mixture.

       Not only is it historically proven that the government becomes the embodiment of what can only be referred to as the Orkin Man for humans, but the crime rates sky rocket. Why? Because all you have done is remove the guns from the self controlled ensuring that the uncontrollable have a free ride while rummaging through your home.

       Think like a criminal…If every home in the US had a sign in the front yard indicating if they were armed or unarmed, which homes would you prefer to enter? The new healthcare bill will tax the middle class into poverty, when you tax someone into poverty and then unarm them we cannot possibly be so naive as to belief that this is not a purposeful removal of freedoms for the purpose of a questionably fatal control. With Obamacare our government would now have the ability to deny coverage and life saving medical services…Could we possibly think that this added to gun control couldn’t grow into a discrimination on race or religion like it has for EVERY other instance of Government control?

       Our country has been the exception to the rule when it came to freedom, but that wasn’t free was it? We were the exception because we had been given our freedom and were willing to fight for it. But if we willingly relinquish those rights do you honestly believe that we can be the exception any longer? Absolutely not.

       Once again Christians, you have the obligation to fight for the very freedoms you use every time you walk into your church, every time that you bow your head in public, for the freedom to listen to your Christians stations and wear a cross around your neck. Take a moment to think about your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ, the millions who have had their lives taken for doing exactly what you do everyday…serve your God. That isn’t the future that you want for your kids, and if you think that future impossible…

       I urge you to look at who we as a country are now standing behind, who our President is in support of, and who his confidants praise. Look at where he is headed, where gun control took other countries, and the blood that he is willing to hide in order to get reelected. Maybe then we wouldn’t be bickering over having a Mormon in the White House.

       I love the bumper sticker that said “You think healthcare is expensive? What until it’s free”, maybe we should have bumper stickers that say “You think guns are dangerous? Wait until only the criminals have them”…


The Humdrum Christian Life

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At church one day my pastor was talking about gossip.  Of course he told us not to spread it.  But  equally important, he said, don’t listen to it either!
I turned around to my sister-in-law and whispered, “Oh my gosh!  You know who does that?”
She quickly replied, “Who?!?”
On the surface, that is hilarious.  What about below the surface?  While it was intended to be funny and she fell for it, I mean to tell you she went a long way that day from where she was even just minutes before. A lot of the time, we like to hear a great message and in our minds say, “Ooh!  I wish so-and-so could hear this! It would be perfect for him/her!” How do we get to the point of realizing that the message is intended for US? Of equal confoundedness, if we do realize it, can we quantify the importance of it?  Can we APPLY it effectively?

How true is it that the origination of this country, the Declaration of Independence, the importance of the Constitution, the history of ‘why’, etc., still impacts our lives? Not at all? A little? A few patriotic holidays?  Of course we are all in different pages of the same book on this. Let me try to bring it closer to home.

According to popular understanding, and a somewhat overly simplistic overall view, the American Revolution goes something like this:

Political rebellion. Taxation w/o representation.
Ok. Mostly true. But why did this unfair taxation mean so much? Was there more to it?

See, the Puritans came over fleeing persecution. A changing of the guard overseas sealed their residency as hopes of a deal and an eventual return were lost. The recognized state religions did not include the Puritans… and later on ‘those silly Presbyterians,’ generally speaking, our founding fathers. Think of the emphatic deliberate language of the Declaration. Of the Constitution. Their faith encompassed every aspect of their lives! They deemed it worth fighting for to not have their motives altered! They feared the corruption of a state army over the sacrificial ideals of a volunteer army… the free expression of their faith rather than chancing worship tainted with spite! Talk about conviction!

Now for sure, your lot in life does NOT dictate your freedom in Christ. But our lot was BOUGHT with the blood of remarkable selfless patriots who dreamed of a society in which God could be openly worshipped with the purest of hearts and NO EXCUSES! Something the king did not want. Thus the greatest free society in the history of mankind was born.
But was this really worth the sacrifice? Was it just?

This is where it gets tricky. My opinion aside, there are obviously different schools of thought on this. The safe answer I will initially give is, they certainly thought so! There is absolutely no way to insert yourself into that time in history and objectively answer that question. Is west of the Mississippi a beautiful place to live? Yep! But given a British rule we may never have known. Not wanting trouble, the English had prohibited settling in Indian territory. Now we know.Don’t misunderstand: THE ENDS DO NOT JUSTIFY THE MEANS! You could no sooner say a lot was learned about hypothermia from the holocaust so the means are justified. That would be absurd. There is myriad gray area here so I’ll just skip to my personal conclusion. In The absence of objective evidence that could clearly dispell the validity of the war, it is valid. As previously mentioned, America bears shame. But America bears honor as well. In the end, some things are what they are and we can’t go back.

But where does that leave us and was anything brought ‘home?’

Regardless of where you fall in the revolutionary debate, we live in a country conceived as it was conceived. A nation that has done tremendous amounts of more good and probably no less bad than it might otherwise have done. The current state of the nation, despite the propaganda and rhetoric, historically speaking, offers more hopelessness than hope (poverty nearly always increases as more and more poverty reducing government sponsored programs are introduced!) Would be Christian charity is reduced! Worth noting is the governments utter lack of faithfulness in the financial handling of any program.
Hitting home is the absolute certainty that barring a drastic change in fiscal thinking, our children and grandchildren will very shortly be bearing a burden that cannot be overcome. Hitting home is that in the name of comfort we choose death over life every time we ignorantly buy a product from a supporter of the abortion industry or vote for a proponent. Hitting home is that we cheer death panels over compassionate end of life care. We encourage sex by telling our kids they aren’t able to wait (sex ed). We cleverly Tweet offensive degrading scathing insults. We ignore the needs of children of God and instead choose a newer car, a bigger house, a nicer boat. We are conceding the ability to very freely seek and save the LOST to feel good about helping people when in reality it only creates more people who need help. Why would we do that? We are allowing the government to tell us our convictions don’t matter and that the alleged ends DO justify the means. We remove ourselves from the whole process…
We are willing to sacrifice our birthright for a bowl of soup!

In my opinion if none of this describes you or you are unable to produce some area of your life that needs a severe overhaul, then thanks for visiting our blog! If we are unable to see how these things apply to us, then is there any hope?

God has used foxholes to produce real Christians. Joshua, son of Nun, knew God as did all of that generation. The next generation knew OF God. Then next KNEW NOT God! Free to choose and free of hardship, what would you choose? Chastisement and hardship definitely can be a tool God uses to rebuke and/or get our attention. It is at His discretion to cause a nation to rise up or fall based on their response to Him… and to change His mind based on changes in responses. But Free will is one of His greatest gifts to us. We are still free to choose God and for the moment, we are free to love Him out loud!

Maybe we can keep it that way. Maybe we can’t. But since we have it that way now, and even if we didn’t, do we not KNOW that we need to be doing more? Not just ideally but politically?

Currently we are free. Less and less, but would you not agree that if we lost it that the cost of trying to get it back would be all but unaffordable? Regardless of the original justification – which I think was just – we have a precious freedom to protect Now. We must try to keep it. And regardless, to do more.


Collision Of Church & State

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I believe that every Christian in the US has an increasingly blurring line where Faith meets our morals, and whether the world likes it or not, it trickles down to our political obligations.  For most of us it  isn’t enough to move our proverbial mountain of daily tasks from it’s top position into the secondary category, but it shows its ugly head every once in a while making us think a bit.  But what if our daily lives were lived with the passion of the disciples, our lives revolving around Christ which then directly correlates to a heightening of our attention to the moral boundaries?

Growing up we are told that starving children in Ethiopia would be happy to have our meals.  I don’t know about you, but I could never picture the starving children in Ethiopia, my mind was always reverted back to (what I believed to be) the starving child staring at the broccoli.  But I believe even as a child that if I were placed before that child in Ethiopia, if I were able to hug their frail body and see the pain in their eyes my broccoli would have been forgotten.  This is due to the fact that when we are faced with a moral choice we make that choice based off of the results that we can clearly see.  We always hear that you won’t find an Atheist in a foxhole, but we never think about how that mirrors every aspect of our day to day choices.  When we watch a show we know wouldn’t glorify God, we can’t see Him, so we proceed.  He isn’t visibly sitting in our passenger seat when we listen to that song…He isn’t visibly in the theater when we watch that movie.  He isn’t visibly at the voting booth when we vote for the candidate that doesn’t respect innocent life, but promises to fatten our checkbooks. 

So many Christians stray from Politics because it is considered taboo. I tried to discuss it with a Pastor once and he searched the room for listening ears like I had offered to tell him where Jimmy Hoffa’s body had been hidden.  Or we are hit with the bitter hand of separation of church and state when we do arrive at a point where our beliefs had met with conviction only to be dashed before voiced.  When our country was being founded every law was rooted in a moral code, a moral code that our Founding Fathers knew was based within the word of God.  We have a place in politics, and we have a responsibility to hold ourselves accountable to a moral code.  And just like the Ethiopian children, it is our responsibility to make ourselves closer to the issues so that we can understand and feel the moral implications our nation has on its people.

 Most importantly, it should be noted that separation of church and state was designed to protect the church… The doctrine of Christianity is what our nation was built on, it was the catalyst for our freedom…The denomination was to be protected.  If you look at the religious affiliation of the Founding members of our country you will find Presbyterians, Catholics, Evangelicals, and Lutherans…etc.  Keeping the state out of the church meant that all of these denominations had the right to their own core belief system, unlike other countries that were forced under a certain religious code.  But at the end of the day it all came down to one thing, all of the above religions were based off of the core doctrine of Christianity.  We as Christians have a right to speak up in defense of our Constitution because it is our core Faith that built it.  The Founding Fathers were not bashful about the role that God played in the founding of our nation, because their Faith went beyond the walls of their religion. Their beliefs were turned into convictions and then acted upon.   

I think my own Mom would be the first to tell you that I am a realist; sometimes she questions my worst case scenarios of being a bit “cup half empty”.   When people ask me why they should believe in God, they will never get a short answer.  I loved the proof, the facts, the history, the prophecy, and of course this is rooted in a love for my Savior.  I believe that we fail someone when we give them an answer that a high school atheist science teacher can laugh off as an invisible friend.  We all know this not to be true, and we have facts to back our beliefs, but so many times we lack the conviction to stand up for our Faith, and as Paul said, to have a defense of our Faith.

I first started thinking about those facts when I was younger; I was raised around multiple different religions.  I grew up with multiple different backgrounds, my Mom and her side of the family were unwavering core believers in the Catholic faith.  My other sides of the family, well…they were everything under the sun. I grew up going to pot lucks, church bible studies, dinner clubs, VBS…etc.  I have attended Lutheran churches to Pentecostal churches.  Every church had another round of activities that encouraged you to become closer with your fellow members.   I’ve noticed that all of these programs happen to be extremely beneficial to the status of a church member.  This is where I started to question them.   My mishmash of religious influences had made me grasp one concept that truly stuck out in my mind…When Jesus said that the sick are the individuals who are in need of the physicians most, well…He meant it.  Due to so many different denominational views I started digging into the bible when I was very young, everyone had their own contextual view of every verse.  But, muddling through it all I realized that no one EVER has it all right, and never will.  But when immersed into the bible yourself you will not come out without some truths. I personally chose to call myself a non-denominational.  I don’t believe that religion holds any answers to our biblical questions, only relationship. 

Our unbridled tendency to cling to our own circles, our own balance of comfort and flower scented religious complacency has become our excuse to remove ourselves from political and moral obligations.  During our dinner parties we fellowship with other Christians, yes…but are our dinner parties truly dedicated to growing in the knowledge of Christ?  Are they teaching Christians to grow in their Faith and extend the word of Christ to the lost…the sick?  Are our children learning worship songs but missing the meaning and the education behind the song? In a world of no music and parties could we still be moved by the unwavering word of God?  We are reaching an impasse both politically and spiritually, I fear that religion has claimed its ground in the hearts of many, and relationship has been placed on a shelf next to the church directory.

Let’s be honest, the American flag will not be flying in heaven…Our political dedication should be focused on 2 things, the correlation it has with our moral grounds, and the implications it has on the lost.  We are not silent, but long ago we ventured to the middle ground in the name of reaching the lost and I fear that we as a church never returned.  And so many of those that did return, came back with a religious ideology that shut the world out and focused on pot lucks, dinner clubs, and status.  Not to say that there isn’t exceptions, because I have personally witnessed them…but unfortunately they are not the norm.  Whenever I visit a new church I always know what they are like during my first exchange with the Pastor.  I am in my 20’s, and I ask a good deal of questions concerning the fundamental values and objectives of their church.  Sometimes this is welcomed, but most of the time they go on guard as though to show a presence of someone who prefers not to have the supposed boat rocked…As though the questions throw a wrench in the systematical gears of a church family.  My questions are not meant to spark debate, but I am interested in the relationship, not the religion…and the outreach.  I have been to churches that have outreach youth centers that watch R rated movies in the name of middle ground…If that isn’t putting roots in the middle ground I don’t know what is.  But I have also been to outreach youth centers that create an air of acceptance, but also accountability.  I found Christian teens in both, but the daily life results were polar opposites.  The center that had camped on the middle ground produced Christian teens that strived to be accepted by peers.  But the outreach center that was based on accountability produced teens that were approaching fellow students and welcoming them to be friends, but living a moral code that set them apart.  It isn’t about being better than the other person, it is about the lives of those around you being at stake.  The teens that were held accountable were closer to God, they felt the choices of their morals because they had been encouraged and nurtured to grow in Christ as well as be Christ to the world.  

I was forced to look at myself months ago when my Stepdad made a choice that he would no longer support companies that used a company that supported the abortion industry by using aborted tissue cells for testing.  My response you ask?  All I could think about was how Digiorno pizza was my favorite, how could I possibly give that up?  See, we have accustomed ourselves to think that our personal gain is of higher importance than our moral obligations.  So, I have now given them up…unfortunately when they are such large companies you have no idea what they sell, so sometimes I will get stuff home and realize that I can’t buy that item anymore either.   

I think about other countries where they long to merely touch the bible, the same bible that collects dust on our nightstands.  They are imprisoned for beliefs that we shelve while dining with our clicks and discussing our favorite recipes.  They die in the name of the same Savior that we fail to mention on a daily basis to those we know best.  Their life is dedicated to a Faith that sustains them; our lives tend to mirror a dedication that sustains our good name in the church. The people in other countries who are persecuted wake up to a foxhole daily. The disciples had the faith to stand up for what is right…I am just as guilty of these offenses as anyone else, but my heart is heavy with the thought that we will be entering a time of suffering not only on unstable economic foundations, but on unstable spiritual foundations.  And those were the foundations our Founding Fathers relied on the most.  

We have members in our current administration that would prefer our Faith be accompanied by a foxhole.  We not only have a responsibility to act on our Faith, no matter what that means giving up…but we have a responsibility to spread the word of Christ, the middle ground should be a compassion for the pain, suffering and confusion…but our presence in the middle ground needs to be something that is different than the rooted morals that are living in the middle ground.  We need to be vocal in our support of individuals who stand for life, and the morals that were rooted into our nation from men of Faith.  We need to be focused on helping each other grow stronger, because sometime down the road if the current administration has their way, we may be the ones searching for the voice of Christ amidst the silenced masses, left scratching our heads in disbelief.  I know that day is coming…But the thought of being accountable for the thousands of lives I failed to touch makes my stomach turn…I don’t want that number to continue raising drastically.  I want to stand for what is right, and when people question my stance, I want to give them a valid defense as to why.  No matter what status your account balance is, or what you THINK a man in power can do for it…You are responsible first to be a voice for the millions of innocent lives taken by abortion.  No matter what insurance you have or what you think someone can offer, your responsibility is the freedom to worship your God and encourage others to do the same.  It is our responsibility to face the issues, to stare them in the eyes and do what we know we need to do.

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