The high levels of risk for young drivers stem mainly from factors of inexperience, age, and gender. This risk is exacerbated by the circumstances in which young people drive – they, and especially men, are overrepresented in crashes involving significant speeding, at night, with age-matched occupants, drinking alcohol, and often without wearing seat belts. Fatal car accidents caused by teenagers are a serious problem in the US. They are the main cause of death for Americans aged 16 to 20. In such situations, a quick and accurate reaction is necessary to avoid an accident: to give way where you should not give way at all, to try to avoid a collision when it would seem inevitable.

How to Formulate Thesis on Writing the Essay About Teen Drivers?

Many young people have no real need for a car. They need a car solely for entertainment - to drink beer in it, drive around the city at night and give girls a ride with the breeze. Such subjects are not at all afraid of the prospect of being left without rights. The main themes that can help you to formulate a thesis for your future essay on teen drivers are:

  1. Youth is mixed with inexperience. It is not for nothing that drivers with little driving experience are strongly advised to hang identification marks on car windows.
  2. Significant risk reduction for young drivers will be achieved with higher overall levels of traffic safety, which requires effective legislation.
  3. Extended periods of chaperoned driving practice in varying road conditions, before a self-driving license is issued, will result in lower mortality rates.
  4. According to the statistics of traffic accidents, a considerable part of accidents on the road are due to the fault of young drivers.
  5. An excessively high proportion of young drivers in fatal crashes has become the number one problem in road safety over the past decade.

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