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I Support Marco Rubio Because, Not in Spite, of His Immigration Stance — August 26, 2015

I Support Marco Rubio Because, Not in Spite, of His Immigration Stance


So, I’ve been rough on Donald Trump lately, and while I don’t regret my views, it’s time for a positive post. However, it is on immigration, so in the process of explaining the issues or giving comparisons, there might be some negativity directed at Trump. Just know, that as of right now – three sentences in – my plan is to keep my dislike of Trump as in control as possible.

Mentioning immigration is a very quick way to spark a heated debate, as I have learned in recent days. If you speak poorly of Donald Trump AND his immigration plan, you might as well change your Twitter handle and get your blocking finger ready; hell prepareth to raineth down upon thee. Such is life. As the old saying goes, stand up for what is right, even if it means you stand alone. Thankfully I have found that I do not stand alone, and that others have been left disturbed by the current excitement surrounding the idea of busing up human beings like cattle, as well.

I live in a town where the Hispanic population outweighs any other demographic. I take my dog for our daily walk, and some of the time I pass my neighbors and the kids are playing in the yard. A young Hispanic family with four kids – the oldest around 7 years-old, the youngest, a girl, around 2 years-old – live right up the street from me. “Puppy!” the youngest girl will exclaim when I walk past with my dog, “BIG PUPPY!” I’ll smile back, and she’ll giggle and wave as I pass. Her father works full time, her mother stays home with the kids. I don’t know if they’re legal, but I know that the children are more than likely the beneficiaries of Birthright Citizenship, and more than likely they are “anchor babies.” It’s well known around my area that illegal immigrants are rampant, and we have plenty of companies that benefit from their cheap labor, much to my dismay. I also know of a few houses in my city that contain Hispanics who want nothing to do with my country, you walk past and wonder if drugs are being dealt, or if gang activity is taking place.

Operation Wetback (How did we ever label such an initiative with such a title?) was the attempt to round-up illegal immigrants in the 50’s. 750 immigration officers, hundreds of small vehicles and buses, as well as seven airplanes, were reserved for locating and processing illegal immigrants. Eventually additional resources were needed, and the number of agents required more than doubled. Even so, only a little over 1 million people were deported during the first year. Some label this operation a success, I assume it’s because they see numbers on a paper, as opposed to faces. During Operation Wetback, Hispanics were dropped in various places, some went by ship, others went by bus. Some were even left in the desert; in July of 1955, in the blistering heat, 88 deported immigrants died. Many were deported without being able to get their belongings, or notify family. Many legal immigrants were included in the sweep, and there are reports of drownings from overloaded boats. All together, it was a poorly executed attempt to purge the United States of illegal immigrants, and it failed – both logically and morally.

I think again of the possible convicts, and then I think again of the little girl yelling, “Puppy!” I make a conscience decision to never throw the baby out with the bathwater. If someone promises to displace 11 million human beings with the same level of ease you might decide to order a Pay Per View movie, run.

I sense a romanticized violence boiling beneath the surface of the Trump immigration supporters, and I see them casually say things like, “just throw them on the bus,” and “those babies aren’t citizens, send them all back,” and “f#&% them all, this is my country.” I want to shout back, “Sir, you do not know my country.” They scream, “Tell them they can leave their anchor babies here by themselves, or they can take them back!” and “Trump is respected because he’s speaking to an angry people.” Don’t worry, I’m convinced of that much. Yesterday I wrote on the current hate brewing, and a comment began with, “But it is good hate.” Au contraire. Good hate? Are we to that point?

“We got to move ’em out, we’re going to move ’em back in if they’re really good people.” – Donald Trump

If Operation Wetback went so drastically swell with only a little over a million immigrants, just imagine the calamity that would follow displacing the millions Trump speaks of. 40% of those illegal immigrants have overstayed their visas, they came here legally, and they overstayed. Would he push to end Birthright Citizenship and make it retroactive? Displacing a mass number of children? Would each person be given due process? Where would they go? Would he create a centralized location where they have no ties, or send them to their original homes in Panama, Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, or Nicaragua, where they more than likely will have zero resources and ability to survive?

  1. The only way to make it even remotely humane would require due process – which is applicable to all persons within territorial jurisdictions – as well as decades, an oversized government, and a lot of money.
  2. If we disregard due process, who are we as a country anymore?
  3. As I made clear in my last post, birthright citizenship is not only tolerable, it’s a conservative principle that should be upheld. Period.

So what are the other options? Let’s talk Marco Rubio.

Many have said, “Oh, the poster child of the Gang of Eight. NO THANK YOU.” As well as, “I don’t think so, he supports Amnesty.” So to them, I beg, I plead; Stop. You’re wrong on epic levels.

am·nes·ty – noun 1. an official pardon for people who have been convicted of political offenses.

Does Marco Rubio support amnesty?

community gif animated GIF

He supports a logical pathway to citizenship. In his own words (during a discussion on the Gang of Eight plan):

“Illegal residents don’t get anything. What they get is the opportunity to apply for [citizenship]. They still have to pass the background checks; pay a registration fee; and they don’t qualify for any federal benefits. Under the existing law today, if you are illegally in the US, you are not prohibited from getting citizenship. The only thing is, you have to go back to your home country, you have to wait 10 years. We’re going to create an alternative that says, OK, you want to stay here, you have to wait more than 10 years, you have to be gainfully employed. It will be cheaper, faster and easier for people to go back home and wait 10 years than it will be to go through this process. And that’s why it’s not amnesty.”

Does Marco want to continue letting illegal immigrants take your jobs?

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“Well, three things. First of all, a universal e-verify system which means you won’t be able to find a job in the US if you can’t pass that check. Second, an entry-exit system– 40% of our immigration are people that enter legally and then overstay their visas. We don’t really know who they are, because we don’t track even when they leave. And third is real border security including fencing. And all three of these things are going to happen because they are triggers for the green card process. That’s the incentive to ensure they happen. In essence, for those who are undocumented, they’ll have to wait 10 years, and also wait until those three things are fully implemented.”

Does Marco think that you shouldn’t learn English? (I can’t believe I have to address this one):

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“I think everyone should learn other languages. Knowledge of foreign languages is economically empowering and culturally rewarding. But English is our unifying language. We can all speak whatever language we like here. But we should have one language in common. Some critics argue that it’s nativist or racist to support English as our official language. I think that’s absurd. Learning to speak English is more than a sign of respect from immigrants for their new country. Knowledge of English is necessary to the economic progress and social assimilation.”

“They will have to pass a background check, they will have to pay a fine, they will have to start paying taxes, they will have to learn English, in exchange for that, what they will get is a work permit that allows them to legally work in the United States and travel, and that’s all they will have for an extended period of time. And then at some point in the future, we can have a further conversation about whether they’re allowed to apply for a green card.”

Does Marco just want to let the immigration issue linger?

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“I think that we have to deal with immigration. We have a broken enforcement system on immigration. We have a legal immigration system that’s outdated and needs to be modernized so we can win the global competition for talent. We have millions of people living in this country illegally, many of whom have been here for a decade or longer. We need to find a reasonable but responsible way of incorporating them into American life. Last year we tried to do that through a one-size-fits-all comprehensive approach; it didn’t work. We don’t have the support for that. The only way we’re going to be able to address it–and I believe we should–is through a sequence of bills that begins by proving to people that illegal immigration is under control, modernizing our legal immigration system and then dealing with those who are here illegally.”

Is he SUPER duper excited about Obama’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals? Did he lie about it in a Spanish interview?

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“I’ve always said that eventually that will not be the permanent policy of the United States. It will have to come to an end at some point. And I hope it comes to an end because we’ve improved our immigration laws, we’ve improved the way we enforce our immigration laws, so that future illegal immigration is under control and third, that we’ve been able to accommodate those people who have been in the country for a long period of time, especially young people. At some point DACA is going to have to end, there’s no doubt about it.”

Concerning the immediate repealing of the DACA:

“Absolutely, I wouldn’t. And the reason why is it would be very disruptive. People are working, they’re in school, they’re employees, and suddenly overnight they would be illegally in the country. But ultimately, there will come a point when it will have to end. Maybe not in six months, but at some point it will have to end.”

In the interview:

“I believe DACA is important. It can’t be terminated from one moment to the next, because there are already people benefiting from it.”

Any level-headed individual can see that the above are not cases of inconsistency, but a basic acknowledgment that you can’t just flip the light switch on and off, that once passed it became important to those benefiting, and that repealing it would require something else to be put in place.

The most you can pin on Rubio is that he tried to do too much too soon, and that he overestimated the attention span of many on our side. He hasn’t flip-flopped, he’s merely reworded things, spoken slower, etc. Maybe he realized that when it comes to immigration, Conservatives can be less like logical adults, and more like spastic kindergartners who need extensive time with flash cards before moving on to big words. The Gang of Eight bill was simply a start to a stagnant system. At least he acted.

The immigration plan that Donald Trump proposes would not only grow our government to an obscene level, even more so than it is now, it would also welcome a level of inhumanity we will regret. These are human beings. They are not items to be shipped off, only to bring “good ones” back. You accuse them of being animals, yet in your treatment of them you have become the animal, the fool disregarding one of the things that makes our country great; Immigration. And that’s another reason why I support Rubio concerning immigration:

“The people who are against illegal immigration and make that the core of their argument view it only as a law and order issue. But we know it’s much more than that. Yes, it is a law & order issue, but it’s also a human issue. These are real people. These are human beings who have children, and hopes, and dreams. These are people that are doing what virtually any of us would do if our children were hungry, if their countries were dangerous, if they had no hope for their future. And too often in our conversation about immigration that perspective is lost. Who among us would not do whatever it took to feed our children and provide for them a better future?”

Yes, criminals get through too, that doesn’t mean you throw out the baby with the bathwater, it means you look for logical answers. Some feel like Donald Trump is simply igniting the topic, but he’s not, he’s making it into something it shouldn’t be, and he’s changing the face of the conservative movement to be one of bitter, hateful, shortsighted, big government endorsing foolishness. Others are discussing it, they just aren’t drawing pictures of great big walls with laser beams and lolly-pops for kids dressed in confederate flag pajamas. But you see, you have to listen, you have to care, you have to research.

In closing, I’ll just say that Trump and his most devoted supporters sound like selfish, sniveling, inhumane, power hungry children who refuse to take the time to win elections with strategy and compassion, so will instead simply try to disenfranchise an entire ethnic group. If they succeed, they will have done more damage, and stained this country far worse, than the vast majority of liberals. If you sell hate, you attract those looking to purchase hate. Trump supporters are lining up to purchase hatred, not logical solutions. So about my goal from the beginning of the post….

Trumpoholics Follow-up & A Conservative Case Against Ending Birthright Citizenship — August 20, 2015

Trumpoholics Follow-up & A Conservative Case Against Ending Birthright Citizenship


Firstly, I’ll address my last post, and the negative criticism I received. I wrote a post a couple weeks ago that may have hinted at the idea that Donald Trump followers need a 12 step program; you can read the post here. Okay, it didn’t hint, it pretty much just said it. I was called various names, many of them rather creative. “Mattress backed intern for the GOP” and “little GOP girl” are my personal favorites; I’ve yet to receive a logical rebuttal. Isn’t it odd that someone who advocates for less government is suddenly the establishment faction of the GOP? Almost as odd as those who say they want less government currently supporting a candidate with an immigration plan that would require a major increase in government? Yes. Yes it is. Odd. Or ridiculous, foolishness, etc…. That said, I honestly wrote the Trumpoholics post because I saw a void, I had a deep yearning to help the people. My heart was in the right place, because I hurt for those being deceived by Trump’s magnetic and awe inspiring verbiage.

And also because I was really annoyed.

Okay, mostly because I was really annoyed.

Some have made the assumption that if we simply stop talking about Trump, he’ll go away. By using this logic, I can also assume that the next time a tornado warning sounds in my town, I should just ignore it. Apparently if I don’t give it attention, the tornado will simply go around my town. Trump is like a tornado, he’s headed straight for the election and he’ll be gone as soon as everything is destroyed. If I’m wrong – and that twirling elitist pile of debris lands in the White House – I will print off this blog post, sprinkle it with a little lemon juice and pepper, bake it at 350 for 15 minutes, and eat it. See, I can ignore Kasich, I can ignore Christie, etc., because they’ll go away, but the time to ignore Trump disappeared the moment he started making a significant dent in the polls. Not only for the sake of calling out the ridiculousness of it all, but for my own sanity; I don’t want to be affiliated with this bloviating parody of a Presidential candidate, nor his followers.

I agreed that letting his candidacy hang itself was the best course of action – in the beginning… However, he now has far too many name-brand conservatives lining up to hoist him upon their shoulders, and it’s because of this that I believe the proverbial noose (his record) will remain a loose piece of jewelry around the neck of his campaign, without instead becoming the swift death it deserves. No, taking him down will require swimming through the crowds of devoted followers, trudging past the tattoo parlor where Ann Coulter is currently getting Trump’s name tattooed over her heart, and exposing him – and his faithful following – for what they truly are; A group of people either pretending to have, or are actually convinced they have, a quality candidate. They don’t think they need the outstanding slate of Republicans we have this year, they’re willing to hold on to the nothing-burger they’ve been served.

So why has such a buffoon garnered so much praise, you might ask? Because just as Obama had his own set of water carrying lapdogs, Donald Trump has a few highly praised – not necessarily by me – conservative names hauling around water for him, as well. Any “conservative” that can stand on the debate stage and openly praise socialist healthcare, without losing all of his “conservative” following, is a threat who should be taken seriously. Will he implode? Likely. Tornadoes never continue on forever, we never pass them in Missouri and say, “Wait, aren’t you the cyclone that took out a house in Kansas?” No. They do their damage, and eventually the storm weakens, and the tornado dissipates. However, the damage remains. Trump may implode, the question is how much damage he’ll leave behind. So, without further ado, I bring you the reason why fighting to repeal Birthright Citizenship may be the death of us.

The debate concerning where the 14th Amendment stands is similar to a theological debate; you’re going to take your own side, and they’re going to take their side. Everyone has their gods, and they have all scrambled to their faithful leaders for their interpretation of the 14th. Levin says the 14th doesn’t protect illegal immigrant children, but Constitutional scholars say it does! Ann Coulter says it doesn’t, Dana Perino says it does! The world spins in an unending whirlwind of political discourse, links to opinion posts, and guess what…. It’s all rubbish when it comes to this election. It doesn’t matter, it won’t matter, and everyone is fighting over the wall colors when the tornado heading towards us is going to make the argument irrelevant.

So what does matter? The autopsy report. The autopsy report always matters, because it tells you how the victim died, and sometimes even how to prevent future deaths. After being slaughtered in the 2012 Presidential election, a 97-page autopsy report was released. What did it find?

On Monday a Republican task force released a remarkably hard-headed diagnosis of the party’s many liabilities: its ideological rigidity, its preference for the rich over workers, its alienation of minorities, its reactionary social policies and its institutionalized repression of dissent and innovation.

Oh good. In the next election, let’s throw a rich crony capitalist who talks about stopping those rapist Hispanics into the lead. The inability to acknowledge our faults will be the death of us, not the interpretation of the 14th Amendment. So, according to the autopsy report, what was one of the major factors in how the victim died, Doctor?

Unless the RNC gets serious about tackling this problem, we will lose future elections; the data demonstrates this. In both 2008 and 2012, President Obama won a combined 80 percent of the votes of all minority voters, including not only African Americans but also Hispanics, Asians, and others…

By 2050, the Hispanic share of the U.S. population could be as high as 29 percent, up from 17 percent now…

If Hispanic Americans hear that the GOP doesn’t want them in the United States, they won’t pay attention to our next sentence. It doesn’t matter what we say about education, jobs or the economy; if Hispanics think that we do not want them here, they will close their ears to our policies. In essence, Hispanic voters tell us our Party’s position on immigration has become a litmus test, measuring whether we are meeting them with a welcome mat or a closed door.

In February, Ann Coulter wrote a scathing article on the Bush family, “Three Generations of Imbeciles are Enough.” She hates them, mainly for their immigration stance. Jeb is not my candidate of choice (I’m a Rubio girl), but her lack of strategy is worth noting here – hence why I’m bringing it up. George W. Bush often said, “Family values don’t stop at the Rio Grande, and a hungry mother is going to try to feed her child.” He had a great relationship with the Hispanic community, and he won. Twice. 44% of the Hispanic vote went to Bush. Ann talks a lot, some of it even makes sense, yet she has a losing record because she doesn’t have any strategic talents whatsoever; unless of course it’s selling books and garnering attention. Strategy relies more on what not to do, than what to do. She’s flippant, unstable in her convictions, and doesn’t know how to win, she just knows how to vent. Flippancy demands, strategy convinces. Instability vents, strategy educates. Her snark and attitude could benefit her if she knew how to win.

“Perception is strong and sight weak. In strategy it is important to see distant things as if they were close and to take a distanced view of close things.” 

More from the autopsy report:

In addition, the RNC must improve how it markets its core principles and message in Hispanic communities (especially in Hispanic faith-based communities). These communities care about relationships, not just politics. Democrats have built relationships with Hispanics while Republicans have faltered. According to the listening sessions, Hispanics believe that Republicans have not had an effective Hispanic engagement program since President George W. Bush’s re-election campaign. We need to build a team that is one with the Hispanic community.

“But the original intent of the 14th Amendment was for slaves!!!!” I don’t care.

“The text doesn’t cover anchor babies!!!” I don’t care.

“Trump wouldn’t have to change the law!!!” I. Don’t. Care.

“The SCOTUS was wrong concerning Wong Kim ark!”

“BUT!!!!! “subject to the jurisdiction thereof!!!”

When the 14th Amendment was ratified in 1868, the United States did not limit immigration, so there was no “illegal immigration.” Now this is used by many to justify saying that the 14th Amendment doesn’t apply to illegal immigrants. However, I’d like to turn that around on the populous who is standing SO close to the issue that they’re only seeing this:


But not this:


So what you’re saying is that the United States survived, nay, thrived, with wide open borders? Do tell, ‘ol chap, how exactly that worked? Could it be that we had a country that rewarded hard work, and didn’t make it easy for those who siphoned resources away from others? Our entitlement society is the main issue, and we need a real conservative in the White House to change that, not a bumbling fool who points his fingers at Mexico screaming, “RAPISTS.” We need a country that once again rewards responsibility. Put up your walls, strengthen your border security, end sanctuary cities, etc., I’m in support of most of it, with the exception of ending Birthright Citizenship and unrealistic policy filler designed to make you lovingly rub that bald eagle tattoo you have. Push for economic policies that encourage the pursuit of the true American dream, and you’ll get those who truly want to pursue the American dream.

Ending Birthright Citizenship would end the citizenship of assimilated Americans; adults, children, etc… It’s not just an impossible task, it’s a morally depraved idea sent directly from the pit of hell. It portrays us as cruel and unusual, because it’s cruel and unusual. In addition, the judge that hands down the death sentence always has an easier job than the guy who flips the switch. Trump and Ann can preach their rhetoric, but unless they volunteer to be on the front lines, ripping families apart, I don’t want to hear their mindless ramblings. SOME conservatives, or those who claim the title without embracing the beliefs, are trying to win an election by calling Hispanics “leaches,” attempting to push them back across the border, and make newborn minority infants criminals. What in the living inferno is wrong with those individuals? Please take that rhetoric, crawl into a very dark hole, stick your childish “no Hispanics allowed” sign outside your cave on the great big wall of Jericho, and stay home during the primaries. I actually loathe your ideals more than I loathe liberal ideals. I didn’t even know that was possible.

So you want the 14th Amendment interpreted differently than it is? You want people to realize that it only covered slaves? You think the SCOTUS is wrong? Well, if that’s the case, then you won’t be bothered when I group you with those who believe the 2nd Amendment only covered muskets.

I would like to declare that these so called “conservatives” do not speak for me, nor do their candidates. I’ll support the Republican candidate, whoever they might be, against a Democrat candidate (except for Trump, because he’s not a Republican, conservative, nor sane individual). However, I will not support anyone that advocates for ending Birthright Citizenship in the primaries. Period. Winning the Hispanic vote is much easier, and cheaper, if you treat them like the decent, hardworking, proud Americans that the vast majority of them are. Trump is not pushing away illegal immigrants that were never going to vote for him in the first place, he’s pushing away legal immigrants who have family ties, who vote, and who embrace American values, he’s pushing away votes we need, individuals who have been manipulated by The Left.

Hispanic immigration has drastically increased, while we’ve also had a drop in violent crime. Are there issues with illegal immigrants and crime? Of course. Crime, of any kind, is an issue. Being an illegal immigrant is a crime, being born is not. Taking out your frustrations on the innocent will not help, it will hinder. Especially if those innocents are newborns, young children, or established adults that you wish to banish to Ecuador because you’re an angry, bitter fool. There are other options, you’re just refusing to acknowledge them.

In closing, I would like to know how the following make any sense?

We need to disrupt countless lives so that we can win elections.
We need to win this election so that we can disrupt countless lives.
We need the votes of those countless lives to win the initial election.
We’ll win the election by pushing away those countless lives.

Is Trumpoholics Anonymous Right For You? — August 7, 2015

Is Trumpoholics Anonymous Right For You?

Do you have a Trumpoholic family member? Is a loved one suffering from frequent and joyful outbursts during Donald Trump ramblings? Or maybe you have an overwhelming feeling of hope when you hear the babbling toupee behind a podium say a few key words, and you just can’t shake the feeling that maybe he’s right. We want you to know you’re not alone, recovery programs are available. Trumpoholics Anonymous is completely confidential, no one needs to know you went through a bout of Trump love, we’re here to guide you or your loved on a path to recovery, not ruin your reputation and stain your ability to ever be taken seriously again.

First, let’s go over the symptoms of a Trumpoholic:

  • Do you defend Donald Trump even in the slightest bit? This is not proof that you’re a Trumpoholic, it’s just a sign that you’re flirting with danger. Don’t underestimate the control that a savvy business man with a limited vocabulary can have on your mind.
  • Do you catch yourself binge watching Donald Trump YouTube videos? You sit down, and before you know it you’ve consumed seven, eight, thirty videos of Donald talking about large walls? This is a red flag.
  • Are you beginning to say “loser,” “dummy,” and “stupid” in everyday conversation?
  • Have you started using #DonaldTrump2016 on your tweets?
  • Have you sold your soul to the devil recently?
  • Are you currently, or have you ever, ingested large quantities of lead based paint?
  • Do you say things to your neighbor like, “No, I’m not going to build a fence, you’re going to build a fence! Why? Because I told you to!”
  • Have your kids started telling other children, “Megyn Kelly is a bimbo!”
  • When you say “no thank you” to your wife’s baked goods, does she respond with, “Weird, because yesterday you were in my kitchen begging for a brownie, dummy!”
  • Do you brag to your boss, “I’ve got the answers, you don’t need to know what they are.”

If you or your loved one have begun showing signs of any of the symptoms above, then this program might just be for you. It’s not too late, you don’t have to continue supporting a buffoon, you can change. Our comprehensive program brings you through 12 steps, a road to recovery that lasts a lifetime, and we continue to offer guidance long after the program has ended. We offer emotional support, acceptance, and the occasional throat punch. We want you to feel safe, secure, and confident in your beliefs. We even set you up with a recovery sponsor, your sponsor will not judge you because at one point they were just as ridiculous as you.

Our most involved program is our 12 Step Program. In this program you’ll have dedicated supporters of other candidates that will walk along side you through the following 12 steps.

  1. Admitting you have the problem. We admitted we weren’t powerless when it came to Trump, but that our lives had become unmanageable.”
  2. Admitting there’s a cure. “My family came to find that a politician greater than Trump could restore us to sanity.”
  3. Deciding to make the change. Made a decision to turn our ways  over to the care of the occasional throat punch.
  4. Take an inventory. “I made a fearless inventory of my sanity.”
  5. Admitting our faults to family. “Admitted to ourselves and to family that Trump was encompassing our thoughts.”
  6. Ready to make the change. I’m entirely ready to listen to other candidates start saying words like “policy,” and “that country’s not going to build that wall.”
  7. Ask family for forgiveness. “I humbly asked my family to remove their judgement…and those seasons of The Apprentice from my bookshelf.”
  8. Make note of all those you’ve wronged. I made a list of all persons I needed to make amends with, so basically I printed off a list of my Facebook friends.
  9. Send “Sorry I had a moment of weakness” letters to the list from #8. “I made direct amends to those who had changed their beliefs because of my lapse of judgement.”
  10. Take a daily personal inventory. “I’ve thought positively of Trump 5 times today, but it won’t control me. I just keep reminding myself that he’s not a conservative.” 
  11. Enter the political world a new man/woman. “I was scared I wouldn’t be accepted, but then at a friendly debate gathering I said, “Carly did great!” It was at this point that I found acceptance in the form of a high five that wasn’t to my face. Thanks, Trumpoholics Anonymous!” 
  12. Place your vote for someone competent. “I’ve had a spiritual awakening as the result of these steps, I’ve tried to really spread the message of other candidates. I plan to vote for the GOP candidate, and not Donald Trump. I also know what a Single Payer Heathcare system is, and want to throat punch my past self for supporting someone who appreciated it.”


“I was really scared, I won’t lie. What would my life be like without his one-liners and drastically overrated loudness? But then I signed up for the Trumpoholics Anonymous program, and everything changed. I felt whole again, because I was using that part of the brain I had pushed away for so long; the whole thing.” 

“I have my wife, and Trumpoholics Anonymous, to thank for my change. My wife came to me one day and said, “Honey, that man’s a jackwagon. If you vote for him, we’re divorcing.” I couldn’t lose her, no matter how much I loved to hear Trump talk about those rapist and thugs crossing the border, I had to admit that the Wall of Jericho and millions of laser guns was not an appropriate response.” 

“I was sitting in my living room one day when my little girl leapt onto my lap and gently laid her head on my shoulder, she then whispered, “I’m hungry, and you’re going to get me dinner because I said you’re going to get me dinner. Don’t show up in my room tonight soliciting bedtime hugs and then turn around and disrespect me.” I knew then that I’d have to make a choice for my family, things had escalated out of my control. Trumpoholics Anonymous gave my family the freedom to research other candidates, and now my daughter is saying that I need to be a maid, and my husband needs to be a backroom bartender, so that one day she can be a humble President. Unfortunately, she’s also demanded that we claim to be Cuban immigrants, but that’s definitely a step up.” 

Trumpoholics Anonymous has already helped so many, let us help you too.

Maybe you’ve already been through the program and you just need a refresher? We’ve got you covered.

Programs we offer:

Trumpoholics Anonymous 12 Step Program – This is for those who need to start from the beginning, those who forgot about Ross Perot, as well as Trump’s support for Democrats, Eminent Domain, Abortion, and Socialized Healthcare. We take you from broken to beautiful in 12 easy steps. Don’t be ashamed, just seek help.

I looked like a fool last night

Trumpoholics Refresher Course – This is for those who have recently listened to him when he was acting almost normal. They’ve been tempted to jump back on the train, but are not in need of the full 12 steps. In this shortened program, we’ll take you through the final 4 steps.

Trumpoholics Anonymous Shin Kick or Facepalm – So you caught yourself chuckling, mumbling under your breath, “Well, Trump’s right about that!” One of our staff members will drive to your house and deliver a stern, but well meaning, kick to the shin or Facepalm. The choice is yours.

Supporting a candidate is a huge responsibility, and we want to help you avoid a Trump Presidency so that years down the line you don’t have to explain to your children that you are part of the reason why there will never be another Republican President. Ever.

Feminism: We’re Taking It Back — August 3, 2015

Feminism: We’re Taking It Back

When people hear the word “Feminist” it is often accompanied by horrific visions of the Vagina Monologues, tampon earrings, pink shoes on Texas politicians, women claiming they’ve been victimized by catcalls, armpit hair, and Hollywood starlets grumbling about a fictitious wage gap as they preach from their ivory towers, built upon the foundations of designer handbags, personal chefs, grass smoothies, and yoga instructors. As a result, conservative women have run from “Feminism” in anger, wanting to be disassociated from the women who fling their topless bodies across the stairs of government buildings, from the women who fight for abortion rights by hurling urine at the opposition, or from the woman who threw a tantrum because they denied the artistic cookies adorned with a variation of different frosting vaginas she tried to send with her child to school. I can’t blame them, I don’t want to be associated with these women either.

The problem: Democrats win elections by waving the Feminist flag.

In 1996, Bill Clinton won by 8 million votes. 54% of women voted for Clinton, while 38% voted for Dole, which comes out to an easy 11 million vote difference. Thank you, gender gap. Even Barack Obama, the debt multiplier, raked in an easy 56% of the female vote. In 2009, a Gallup Poll interviewed 150,000 men and women, they separated them into three different categories: Independents, Republicans, and Democrats. The highest percentage of all categories, 41%, was made up of women who identify as Democrats. In 1964, 1968, and 1972, the gender gap between Democrat voters remained between 2-4 points. However, in 1996 the gender gap was 14 points, in 2000 it was 15 points, in 2004 it was 16 points, in 2008 it was back down to 14 points (+14 being women), but in 2012 the gender gap was a massive 20 points (the +12 being women, -8 being men). TWENTY POINTS. Obama still lost a little steam with women on his second go-round, but he still picked up a large lead. He didn’t lose nearly as many women as he did men, because Democrat politicians speak to women through their ovaries; expecting them to follow after an advertisement for free contraceptives like a crack addict pursues his next fix. They’re classy like that, and sadly, it’s worked in the past. We’ve allowed society to degrade women to that level, and now, unfortunately, many have settled there out of desperation, which is exactly where Democrats want them to stay.

The answer: Conservative women shouldn’t run from the Feminist flag, we should steal it back. And there’s never been a more appropriate time to pull off such a heist.

The “New Feminism” was on full display, in all its abominable extremist glory, when Wendy Davis took her pink shoes and catheter to the Texas senate floor for her 11 hour filibuster against banning abortions after 20 weeks. The majority of people don’t support abortions after 20 weeks, but these self-proclaimed heroes of women’s rights have gotten a little carried away in recent years and didn’t think that through. Sensible women were forced to watch the new Feminists throw jars of urine, stain their pants with fake blood, and flaunt tampon earrings on live TV. They paraded out their unmitigated lack of morality while supporting the butchering of infants that, in many cases, could survive outside the womb. Wendy Davis became the champion of women’s rights throughout the country, posing with Hollywood celebrities who worshiped the ground her pink shoes touched. Yet in the election, Wendy Davis lost women to Greg Abbot by 9 points. Why?

Because strong women don’t appreciate the new Feminism when it is fully exposed, because, well, it’s not Feminism at all.


Today’s Feminists are similar to an eccentric artist that’s a little wild and different at first, doing questionable things in their home, and the masses casually say, “Oh, they’re just different, so artistic and secretive.” Then one day with the encouragement of the masses, that eccentric artist performs nude in the town square, painting canvases with deer blood and human feces, and the people loudly scream, “Too far, eccentric artist, too far!” However, this is the true artist; as wild and insane as he’s always been. A few fans stand by his “art” because, well, they’re freaking insane too, and the rest of the people go looking for another artist, one that doesn’t require a brain squeegee. Feminists began in a more gentle manner but now they’ve gone off the rails, spirally down into this pit of glittered vagina costumes and infant organ harvesting. The new Feminist movement is like the love child of Rocky Horror Picture Show and Silence of The Lambs. Women are searching for a different choice, for meaning, and we need to give them that.

Alice Paul (seen above with the suffrage flag), author of the original Equal Rights Amendment in 1923, felt that abortion was the “ultimate exploitation of women.” She also organized the March that took place the day before Democrat President Woodrow Wilson was inaugurated. Wilson was elected after he had said the following concerning his anti-suffrage views:

“A woman’s mind leaps from cause to effect, without any consideration whatever for what lies between. She thinks too directly to be enfranchised en bloc. She would run into all sorts of trouble.”

Democrats belittling women… My how things have haven’t changed. Of course Wilson changed his views before leaving office, with the help of the great Alice Paul leaning quite brutally on his position, and as the winds changed in the direction of the adamant Feminists (who actually fought for a legitimate purpose), so did Wilson.

Facts are, Feminists of the nineteenth and earlier twentieth centuries were pro-life, many of them referring to abortion as “child murder,” and a “horrible crime,” not only against the child, but against the Mother. Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a hero in the Feminist movement, said, “When we consider that women are treated as property it is degrading to women that we should treat our children as property to be disposed of as we see fit.” Even Mary Wollstonecraft voiced her opinion on the subject, she felt that “Women becoming, consequently weaker, in body and mind, than they ought to be have not sufficient strength to discharge the first duty of a mother; and either destroy the embryo in the womb, or cast it off when born. Nature in everything demands respect, and those who violate her laws seldom violate them with impunity.”

America’s first female physician, Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, wrote:

The gross perversion and destruction of motherhood by the abortionist filled me with indignation, and awakened active antagonism. That the honorable term ‘female physician’ should be exclusively applied to those woman who carried on this shocking trade seemed to me a horror… an utter degradation of what might and should become a noble profession for woman. Being at that time a reader of Swedenborg, and strongly impressed by his vivid representation of the unseen world, I finally determined to do what I could ‘to redeem the hells’ and especially the one form of hell thus forced upon my notice.”

Mattie H. Brinkerhoff, another Feminist hero, wrote:

When a man steals to satisfy hunger, we may safely conclude that there is something wrong in society – so when a woman destroys the life of her unborn child, it is an evidence that either by education or circumstances she has been greatly wronged.”

Women like Margaret Sanger were not Feminists, Sanger had a goal of eliminating an entire race of human beings, real Feminists fought for the equal rights of all human beings. She stood antithetical to the goals of Feminism with quotes like, “Give dysgenic groups [“bad genes”] in our population their choice of segregation or sterilization.” As well as, “Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race.”  However, “feminists” of today regard her as a hero because she used key words:

“No woman can call herself free who does not own and control her body.”

“Woman must have her freedom, the fundamental freedom of choosing whether or not she will be a mother and how many children she will have.”

Choice, freedom, control. Everything women want to hear.

I think back to a few more wise words from Mary Wollstonecraft, “…as blind obedience is ever sought for by power, tyrants and sensualists are in the right when they endeavor to keep women in the dark, because the former only want slaves, and the latter a play-thing.”

The new brand of Feminism controls women through many different ways, they have owned women by making them feel as though they should live in a constant state of victimization. Touting false data to make women angry at a pay equality issue that doesn’t exist, even going so far as to say that being admired or complemented is a form of sexual aggression. This false narrative controls women, it keeps them bound to a particular political party, like a dog staring at the slice of bacon gripped between his handlers fingers, they’re scared to move and lose sight of this gift of meaning that has been thrust upon them. They make them feel that as long as they’re a part of something that defines them in such a way, they have meaning. Be your own person, with the exception of any belief system that moves you slightly outside the lines they’ve drawn. Believe as they say, or be abandoned from the Feminist title at their whim. It’s the opposite of what real Feminism stood for, without exception.

But you see, the tides are changing; women are beginning to pay attention. Who in their right mind would want to be affiliated with a group that runs around in vagina costumes? No one. The answer is no one. However, now we’ve been dealt the greatest gift possible: The Center for Medical Progress Planned Parenthood videos. Women from both sides of the aisle are seeing infants dissected and rummaged through, the results of life that only we can bring are being tossed about and sold to the highest bidder. Our bodies give life – a miracle yet to be fully understood – to this world, and the new Feminists have manipulated us into allowing that life to be mutilated in a common household pie plate for financial gain. Devaluing not only the life of the child, but the life and worth of the mother and what she created.

Why? Because they’re not Feminists at all, that’s why.

So what shall we do? Let this upheaval die down in months or years, allow the Left to once again pick up the bastion of Feminism in the dead of night while the rest of us slumber in our unlabeled conservative ideologies, or should we reach across the aisle and grab the torn and tattered flag of Feminism, remove the fanatical rhetoric they’ve attached to it, and then hoist it up in its rightful place?

We must give purpose, but to give purpose we must remove the bacon from the handlers and prove to women that they don’t need to be led around like mindless pets to a master. The Planned Parenthood debacle, as well as the ridiculous acts by “Feminists” in recent years, are making the bacon seem more like the sealed room of suffocation and dysentery that it is, and that means there is no better time for us to throw true Feminism back into the spotlight.

Lena Dunham sitting on a toilet eating cake in the nude is not Feminism. THIS is Feminism:

Beyonce flaunting her body in a thong on stage while bragging about how she can keep a man happy sexually is not strength, THIS is strength:

Miley Cyrus doing… whatever it is that Miley Cyrus does is not freedom, a women shedding off the black garments that ISIS imposed upon her is freedom, THIS is freedom:

As women, we have a duty to stand up for other women. When will we, woman of the most free country in the world, stand for those who suffer? Emma Watson was called bossy at 8, and at 15 her friends started dropping out of sports so as to not feel masculine. She, a “Feminist,” proclaimed these 1st world problems boldly to a room of world leaders, many of whom treat their women as dogs. When will we start voting for politicians that care for women in other countries, not just women here in America – Actually, I’d argue that many Democrat politicians don’t really care about us either.

And for God’s sake, when will we stop giving a microphone to celebrities who can’t possibly understand what it means to struggle. These elitist caricatures do nothing but profit hand over fist on the objectification they’ve created themselves, and then complain about it to the women of the world like they’re some sort of spring water sipping martyrs.

Serious question: Do rich actresses really expect Feminists to feel bad for them because they aren’t chosen for certain roles because of their age? Really? When women and girls are having their genitals mutilated in the Middle East, I’m supposed to concern myself with the fact that Julia Louis-Dreyfus was passed up for a role because of her age? When women are being captured by ISIS and raped 30 times before lunch, after being sold for the price of a pack of cigarettes, I’m supposed to be concerned about how Scarlet Johansson was asked what she had to go through to fit in a skin-tight suit SHE AGREED TO WEAR?


Last year I did a post on Emma Watson, From One Feminist to Another, you can read it here. I won’t repost everything I said, but here’s an excerpt that explains my feelings towards “Feminist” celebrities:

“It’s about as effective as Obama’s hashtag diplomacy in getting anything done. It is ivory tower theatrics, Thurston and Lovey Howell-esque rhetoric. No offense, Emma darling, but the way I feel about your speech is similar to how your side would feel if Romney complained about money. It’s like a pageant contestant saying that they want to end world hunger while standing in a $2000 gown with a cloud of hairspray looming above their head. It’s adorable, it’s predictable, and “powerful” according to a magazine that will spend more than I will make in a lifetime ensuring that they get the first photo of the next celebrity baby named after a piece of fruit. Excuse me if I don’t raise my glass of Dom Perignon to their ability to relate to the little people and decide what is “powerful.”

….Emma spoke of being sexualized, as though it was unwelcome. Yet she took home a paycheck from Burberry and Lancôme. That’s not an issue in need of calling in the feminist brigade to save her from the grimy hands of men, that’s an issue that feminists themselves have created. They are not consistent in their complaints. They don’t want to be sexualized, but when they get paid to be sexualized it is beautiful because then it is somehow taking pride in their body. They have decided when they get to be a victim, and that doesn’t work….

We as Feminists, Feminists who believe that the foundations laid by our Feminist Founders can be built upon yet again, need to focus on issues that we can bring to the spotlight. Real issues.


As I said above, there was never a better time to reach women on this issue than now. Bring your logic, give them facts, and remember that Planned Parenthood and their supporters have been telling women for years that they are weak. Build them up, show them how powerful we are, especially in numbers. Shatter the narrative.

Gun Rights

One of the most important issues for Feminists to be involved in. The right to even the fight and protect ourselves. I laugh when I hear self-proclaimed “Feminists” say that guns should be illegal. A properly trained female with a firearm is a confident and self-reliant female. No longer scared to walk alone, no longer needing the protection of others. It’s a beautiful marriage between safety and independence.

Foreign Policy

We are the sex that has suffered most under this administrations foreign policy. For examples, look towards the growing sex trades, ISIS, and the Middle East in general. This administration has helped evil men who harm women, how is that not an issue for women here in the United States, women who claim to care about their fellow women? You can say that you love and appreciate women’s rights, but your vote says something different.

I’ll end this by noting that we also need to approach presidential candidates differently, and we need to encourage fellow women to do the same. When politicians try to win our vote through our ovaries, it’s an insult to our intelligence. If you want my vote, tell me how you plan to fix unemployment, tell me how you plan to fix a labor force participation rate that is sitting at a 35+ year low, tell me how you plan to put comprehensive immigration reform in play, tell me how you plan to face the Islamic uprising that is taking over countries. Don’t pander to my uterus, appeal to my mind.

Donald Trump: The Magic 8 Ball — July 27, 2015

Donald Trump: The Magic 8 Ball

“He’s loud, he’s proud, and he creates jobs!” The man, the myth, the reason why I might start drinking.

As I think back to the 2008 election, one moment in particular stands out; the moment in which I felt the most heartbroken and disappointed in the direction our country was heading. Before the results were ever tallied I listened to the exit poll interviews, and I remember hearing the crowds chant over the charismatic nature of the Democrat candidate, Barack Obama. I heard nary a word on what he planned to do to our country; the bowl of blithering nonsense before me was just a culmination of free phones, free contraceptives, charisma, and the color of his skin. I remember thinking, “This man is going to win, and no one knows what he stands for, they just know that he’s a celebrity and the right color. At least I know that I’m on the right side of history, the side that cares enough about issues to truly study our candidates.”

The joke was on me.

What fresh hell is this?

To quote the iconic words of Freddie Mercury, “Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy?”

Donald Trump: The candidate who says what you like to hear, the magic man, the all-powerful Oz, the almighty god of conservative principles. Donald Trump shines as he whispers his seductive verbiage in the ears of those who wish for change in times of desperation, when no other option is…. Wait, what? No other option? This is what people think? This is probably the best slate of options the Republicans have EVER had to choose from, we have a variety of amazing options, competent men who are superb conservatives. Why in the name of everything holy are we giving time to this tool?

Well, I’ve asked that exact question to the very people that troll my Twitter account, here are the replies I received:

“He speaks to his beliefs! He says what others are afraid to say!”

False. He says what others are saying, but he adds in a few doses of mind numbing, IQ killing, brain imploding piles of rubbish.

“He speaks to his beliefs!” Well, the ones he has today, I suppose. However, we have no idea what they’ll be tomorrow, or the next day, or the day Iran violates their side of the deal, or the day ISIS beheads an American, or the day the economy crashes. Trump fans are cheering for someone who embodies the fickleness of a Magic 8 Ball, and if you shake him enough you’ll eventually get the answer you’re looking for – he’s compliant like that.

I remember when countless conservatives said, “Democrats pick one issue and vote on that one issues, they don’t look at the broad picture!”

Pot, this is kettle. Kettle, this is pot. Now go frolic in fields of daisies with one another. Join your people, dine with the other one-issue voters. Drink and be merry. I’ll be over here, crying in the fetal position with the ghosts of our Founding Fathers.

“He’s for AMERICA!!!1!111!!!”

Once you stop screaming at me, can we talk about how this man is basically a Democrat who hops over the fence every once in a while to pee on our grass? His history consists of being pro-choice, pro-taxes, pro-socialist healthcare, pro-gun control, pro-eminent domain, etc. I mean, if you’re playing Political Position Bingo, he’s your man; However, that’s not the guy who sane individuals wish to have in the White House. I’d feel more confident voting for Sybil.

“He’s a savvy businessman who creates jobs and wants to close the border!!!”

He’s a businessman who knows bankruptcy laws like the Devil knows the Bible, and he used them to his advantage as he filed for bankruptcy several times. And for someone who talks a lot about how we need to close the border and stop “drug dealers” and “rapists” from entering the country, he sure is getting a lot of backlash from those building his luxury hotel, which happens to sit mere blocks from the house he wishes to reside in come 2017 – 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. The backlash is coming from a rather large number of men who fear for their job safety after the vitriolic comments from the attention seeking candidate concerning immigration, the group includes several workers who admit to being illegal, as well as some who are currently living under asylum. The Washington Post has a great article you can read here.

Ahmad Samadi, 26, a site foreman who arrived last year from Afghanistan under U.S. political asylum, said he has had to learn some Spanish to communicate with his crew.

The article continues:

For David Montoya, 28, Trump’s comments are a harsh reminder that anyone who is not a U.S. citizen is vulnerable to stricter immigration laws in the country. A truck driver at the hotel site, Montoya arrived from El Salvador in 1997, gaining temporary protected status from deportation in 2001. “Every 18 months, I have to get it renewed,” he said, in perfect English, adding that he dreams of permanent legal status.

Montoya reflected on his journey as an immigrant, which now includes three U.S.-born children and a house that he and his wife own in a quiet section of Silver Spring, Md. He noted with pride that he thinks his story — one of coming to a new world, and of hard work paying off — is more impressive than that of the powerful developer whose name adorned the sign behind him as he spoke.

“Actually,” he reflected, “we’re more American than him.”

You see, Trump doesn’t mind using the very immigrants he uses as a punching bag to garner your love and attention. The sad part about all of it is that his supporters soak it up like a dry sponge. Support the end of sanctuary cities, support a stronger border, support stronger immigration laws, etc… but for God’s sake, realize that this country is a country of immigrants, and many of them are hardworking decent people. On top of that, many of them are hardworking decent VOTERS who appreciate the opportunities America has given, let’s try not to alienate them because you get a warm and fuzzy feeling when you hear someone bucket the entire lot while pouring vitriolic slurs over their heads. I get it, illegal immigration is… illegal. I concur, something needs to be done, but how about we don’t sell our souls to do it? The Democrats accuse conservatives of being cold, removed, and dismissive of minorities, and all you’re doing is proving them right with your actions. Many of these illegal immigrants have legal families, it’s not as simple as kicking them out. It just isn’t. You can say it is, but the reason we remain at a stand still is because it isn’t.

In addition, just because the man says he basically wants to build his own version of the Mesopotamian Walls of Babylon on the border (which now he’s already going back on…shocker), doesn’t mean that he actually will. You never know, maybe he’ll wake up one morning on the other side of the bed and instead remember how useful those immigrants are when he has the itch to build another hotel.

“He’s for small government!!”

Trump has advocated on behalf of Eminent Domain. Confused about what that is? Let me help you understand: Trump was tired of seeing an elderly woman’s home near his Trump Plaza Hotel in Atlantic City, so he offered her $1 Million for the land, and made plans to turn the house into a parking lot, or similar. This story is basically the perfect foundation for a Disney movie, villain and all. The elderly woman didn’t want the money, she wanted her home and her memories instead, as would many of us. Their fights went on until Trump allegedly used the New Jersey Casino Reinvestment Development Authority to file a lawsuit against the woman, which would leave her with 90 days to leave and only $251K for the coveted property. Thankfully Trump failed when the case was thrown out in 1998, but he was willing to use the government to get what he wanted.

Now his followers will undoubtedly yell, “THAT WAS IN THE 1990s!!!!” (I’ve found that their Caps Lock button is frequently engaged); It’s pertinent to note that in 2005 he rejoiced when the Supreme Court supported government approved theft of this nature, as well. That said, after talking with many supporters I feel like Trump could perform an abortion today, speak against abortion tomorrow, and still receive thunderous applause for his “conservative stance.”

“He has a firm stance on conservative issues!”

No. He. Does. Not. He hasn’t given a policy speech, nor does he have a solid stance on Foreign Policy, Abortion, Economy, Second Amendment, etc. the list goes on. Give me a microphone and I can give a speech on such issues, that doesn’t mean I have a plan for them, nor that I should be given the Presidency. I can say that drunk driving is bad – repetitively – but that doesn’t mean drunk driving is going to decrease simply because I say it’s bad. No, it would require a change of some sort, an action. Trump is like a dog that barks incessantly but never bites, unless of course he’s going after the very people chanting his name, then he has a history of biting…a lot.

I can go to the websites for all of the other GOP candidates and find their position on issues, and for a few even policies and plans (hint: Marco Rubio). However, when I go to Trump’s website, I find that he’s Emmy Nominated for a show I’ve never felt inclined to watch, he owns a lot of buildings, he likes veterans, he has over 7 million followers on social media, and he donated to Republicans in 2014. Nothing about what he plans to do to fix the economy, correct our foreign policy disasters, work to preserve life, etc… I did notice one thing in particular was missing: his website fails to mention anything about his donations to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Rahm Emanuel, as well as countless other Democrats. That said, in honesty, that’d be rather harmful to put on your campaign website when you’re trying to fool an entire party into believing that you’re one of them.

“His kids are successful and smart.”

You mean money, an expensive education, and name recognition can make people successful? By golly, I think that’s the ticket! Fetch me my ink and quill, let us inform the people of the news!

“He donated to Democrats for strictly business reasons, but he’s really a Republican.”

So then you’re saying he puts wealth and business over the good of the country? You’re saying a crony capitalist has your vote? Did it take you long to cultivate that idea in your mind? I really want to know, what did it take to build that utterly riveting argument?

“We don’t have any other options.”

This is quite possibly the worst reason to follow after Trump. We have more options than we can handle, and not just “I guess I have to pick one” options, but real options. Strong conservatives with logical solutions. I won’t hide the fact that my choice candidate is Marco Rubio, I never have. I adore his stance on immigration, and I think others would as well if they took the time to understand it. Why do we demonize Democrats for rejecting a stance before they understand it if we do the same thing? Is he perfect? No. No one ever is, even Reagan had his faults when it came to Gun Control and a few other issues. Rubio’s answer for immigration was detailed, efficient, and would have boosted the economy while not alienating the minority vote. No one has given a better option. Period. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong, but to the best of my knowledge, no one else has even proposed another option. All of this aside, the fact still remains – regardless of your choice, we have an incredible catalog of good candidates.

In the end, Trump will not win, I have no doubt about that. The danger in his silly game entered in when he started hinting about a 3rd party candidacy last week, which would Ross Perot this election right into the hands of the Mistress of Darkness herself, Hillary Clinton. Speaking of Clinton, this “magnetic conservative” who’s slipping his poisoned rhetoric into the minds of his followers has quite a history of not only financially supporting the Clintons, but also being a friend – dishing out wedding invites and frequent accolades.

Absolutely nothing.

“You’re just a RINO!” 

So let me get this right – I’m not a “real Republican” (I actually consider myself a Coolidge Conservative) because I won’t support a guy who has historically held leftist positions and financially supported Democrats? I’m not a “real Republican” because I won’t support dangerous rhetoric that not only alienates and demonizes minorities, but pushes them away? I’m not a “real Republican” because I won’t bow down and worship a man who advocates for larger government? I’m not a “real Republican” because I don’t take a capricious man’s word as the Gospel, but instead look at his history and who he really is, not just what he spouts off when the wind blows in the right direction? Really?

This man is a blessing to Liberals, he’s everything they ever wanted in a Republican candidate. Keep ignorantly supporting him, keep encouraging him, and he won’t be President, but Hillary will. The Republican party will be watching her sworn in, the promise of another four years – at minimum – of watching the destruction of our country. The Trump fans will look on with an indignant glare, demanding that it’s all our fault. Meanwhile, the rest of us will be holding the campaign stickers of legitimate candidates, once again wondering why conservatives can’t learn from history, wondering how we could have had so many good options and still wound up in the losers circle.

Sold Out To Fear — July 13, 2015

Sold Out To Fear

What happens when a society chooses to force a narrative upon its youngest members? Parents must choose to either reject the importance of their beliefs, or remove their child from yet another piece of social involvement. Earlier this evening, The Boy Scouts of America unanimously voted to lift their ban on homosexual leaders. This resolution permits individual charters to choose leaders without regard to sexual orientation.

The Boy Scouts of America, a long held Christian organization, is facing backlash from parents who are facing quite a choice. I didn’t have the words, but I know of someone who did. With their permission, I’ve added their open letter to The Boy Scouts of America to this blog, and I hope that those on both sides of the debate can read it with an open mind.

“To whom,

I decided, when I found out that PP took a huge chunk of money from the Girl Scouts, that I could not contribute to any effort that promoted the ending of innocent life in the name of another’s ‘rights’. Since my girls would be required to participate in these ‘fund raisers,’ I would not be sending them to join this ambiguously harmless organization. That is not to detract from the hard work and good intentions of my friends who are leaders. It’s just something I can’t add to.

And so…

It is with a heavy heart that we regretfully inform you that our sons will no longer be members of The Boy Scouts of America. And, yes, this decision is based solely on your decision to alter your position on the admission of Gays and/or Lesbians as leaders in the organization.

I cannot help if I am misunderstood in this action. My intentions are not motivated by homophobia, bigotry, bias, or fear. They are based only on my ideals of what a leader should look like from an integrity and ostensibly Christian organization point of view.

It has oft been suggested, yea verily, spitted out vitriolically, that a position in opposition of homosexuality is nothing more than homophobia. Most also suggest that we Christians are hopelessly hypocritical in that our numbers engage in adultery, fornication, porn addiction, theft, crime, and any such other malfeasance, and that we don’t have such a drastic and outspoken view on those things. If, they contend, homosexuality is wrong then we must give an equal voice to these other ‘sins’ or else admit we are hypocrites and secede the argument. On a base level, if this were true, if I mentioned my disgust at gossip but never mentioned my disgust at pride, well then I’m a hypocrite and must shut up. Also, all of these sins among others are rebuked on a weekly basis, sermon by sermon. There really is no hypocrisy. But on a deeper level, whatever ‘war’ is being waged against my beliefs – a war that I approach only with a pen, a phone, a vote, and prayer (saving the best for last), that is the issue that must be addressed the loudest. Had social media been around in the seventies, you can bet that they would have been lit up with pro life rants, and anti no fault divorce rants, anti porn rants… All issues that were bigger then than they are now because now they are seen as normal and acceptable. All the more reason, in the eyes of the Christian, to ‘act’ while there’s still time to.

We ‘hypocrites’ hold the same standards for adulterers, thieves, divorcees, porn addicts, drug addicts, etc., as we do for homosexuals. We see it as a sin. We would not want anyone practicing homosexuality, practicing adultery, promoting abortion, advocating pedophilia, demonstrating undo pride, preaching another gospel – Not relegating equality of gravity or comparing homosexuality to anything else other than sin – teaching in Sunday school or holding a position of authority in the church. It’s not personal. It’s procedural and, yes, it’s discriminatory in that we believe God has layed out clear instruction for such things. So we reject these things because they are harmful things,not because people do the things. We don’t fear homosexuality any more than we fear porn or pride or lying or cheating. We just believe that people who practice such things openly and, not only shamelessly but proudly, cannot be in a position of leadership in what was until recently ostensibly a Christian organization. Against homosexual attendees, friends, coworkers, patrons, there is no such indictment – excepting we are asked to celebrate something we think is wrong. The hypocrisy is in that some for such things judge my Christian standards by using absolute objective morality principles. Ironically, the Christian approach.

There’s this word ‘ostensibly’ again… Ostensibly, this decision was made to better meet the needs of local families. These are our needs. I’m not afraid my child will be molested or indoctrinated – I wouldn’t send them with someone I don’t trust anyway – I have two homosexual friends I trust implicitly. If they were scout leaders my position would not change. And because my friends know me, they would understand.

I live in a very small community and I know all of the leaders, all of the up and coming families… None of them are homosexual. If that changes, I regard them well, as I should. I have no paranoid false expectation of some kind of hostile takeover. The men and woman who put in their time here work hard, have integrity, take due pride in their work, and I will respect their decisions in all of this as well. They will be true to what that believe. I wish them not only no harm but I wish them well.

I’m chartered for next year. I will not be asking for a refund.

I will miss it, for what it’s worth. And I will mark this day as the day that one of the last – and probably the best known – private bastions of safety and keepers of Christian integrity, sold out to fear.”

Dear Ariana Grande — July 9, 2015

Dear Ariana Grande

Dear Ariana Grande,

First off, congratulations on your new relationship. I didn’t even know that you were in a relationship until yesterday, nor did I care. Alas, my days of ignoring the lives of former Disney and Nickelodeon stars were over as of Wednesday morning when suddenly my timeline was filled with articles that begged to be read.

“Ariana Grande licks donut and says she hates America!”

“Ariana Grande and her new man lick donuts and hate America!”

“Ariana Grande hates Americans and licks donuts that aren’t hers!”

Who could resist such click bait?

My first reaction was one of shock and awe, for I’ve never licked a pastry and felt anything but love for my country. I didn’t even know it was possible to lick a donut and not have “God Bless America” gently humming in both my Parietal and Temporal lobes, pure joy bouncing from wall to wall in my patriotic pastry loving gray matter. Add coffee to the mix and, well, Ariana, I’m a freaking ball of whimsical merriment.

When I found out that you hated America (by your own admission), I can’t say I was surprised. This is a common theme among elitist celebrities, thankfully not all. I fully expect them to sit in their ivory towers and mock the little people with sheer distain for the very country and citizens who poured the concrete, built the walls, and pay for the personal chefs who support the delicate palates that have been born of their lavish lifestyles. You know, the celebrity obsessed populous who provide you with the funds to purchase the 1800 count Egyptian cotton sheets you sleep under while wearing pajamas that probably cost as much as my monthly rent. This doesn’t make me angry, for I’m not one to begrudge others for their successes in life. However, when you descend from your throne and enter our bakeries, casually violate our donuts, and carelessly offend those who have put you on your pedestal, it makes me a little perturbed. Not everyone relishes in the thought of eating a donut that contains your saliva, Ariana.

After the debacle began I was forced to go back and look at some of your Twitter history, as well as read your wildly comical apology. I’m not going to lie, I didn’t dig that hard. I was only able to find a few of your tweets that I could interpret; I quickly discovered that you’re not a fan of words. Forgive me, but I’m not fluent in Emoji. Your life truly is a rainbow of cartoon animal heads and, label me illiterate, but emojis aren’t my first, second, third, nor fourth language. Someday in the future when our great grandchildren look back at our form of visual communication, let’s call it “millennial cave art,” they’ll say about me, “This particularly unimportant woman refused to evolve and continued to speak Pig Latin when she felt inclined.” Do you know what they won’t say, Ariana? They won’t say that I randomly licked pastries that weren’t mine.

I digress.

I also found plenty of Barack Obama retweets, some love for Hillary Clinton, and a LOT about equal rights. This is where I became confused. I started ferociously scavenging through your Twitter history to find all of your tweets concerning ISIS. Okay, I didn’t go that far. I knew that if I continued digging at most I’d probably find a lone “#BringBackOurGirls” tweet between some suns, moons, mice, tea cups, hearts, and monkey emojis; along with a vast number of almost – but not quite there – words. I’m guessing that ISIS, Boko Haram, etc. have not been mentioned in your Tweets since there isn’t an emoji of a homosexual being thrown off a building…yet.

You see, I was confused because Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton fan girl tweets are fairly antithetical to equal rights and the freedom to be you, the real you, the you that loves rainbows and hates donuts and America. Because here’s the deal, Ariana, Obama and Clinton have both said one thing and have done the opposite. While you tweet about equal rights, homosexuals are being thrown off buildings in the Middle East. While you flaunt your scantily clad body, women in the Middle East are being forced into burqas and brutality. Women are raped repeatedly before their captors have breakfast, women who dream of freedom day and night after being mutilated, women who dream of a place like America. A place where we have the time to worry about childhood obesity. Women who have begged for help only to have our cowardly President send his wife and daughters on luxurious vacations while he ignores the cries for mercy from the innocent. American citizens have been beheaded with little response from the President of The United States, let that soak in. Better yet, Hillary Clinton has received funds from governments that condone such atrocities, governments that support the death penalty for homosexuals. I don’t know about you, Ariana, but her rainbow AVI and newly found support of the LGBT plight fails to impress when compared to her financial gain from countries that believe gay men should be slaughtered for their sins against Allah.

I don’t listen to your music, Ariana. However, I did some research and found these beautiful lyrics:

“When I get you moaning you know it’s real

Can you feel the pressure between your hips?

I’ll make it feel like the first time”


“Cause if you want to keep me, you gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta got to love me harder
And if you really need me, you gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta got to love me harder
Love me, love me, love me
Harder, harder, harder”

I get it, sex sells. However, you should probably reevaluate your hatred towards America since this is the country where that mediocre drivel you bring to the table – while performing in clothes designed to portray you as an object – has made you such a success. You know, as opposed to Saudi Arabia, one of Hillary’s many questionable donors. A place where women can’t vote, drive cars, sit close to men, wear make-up, swim, and Allah forbid they buy a Barbie or go without a head covering. 99% of what you do would be considered a crime in Saudi Arabia, Ariana, but Hillary doesn’t mind spending their money on drudging up support from uninformed masses who blare your cheap repetitive tunes on the way to the mall to take advantage of the blessings the vast majority in this world are denied, the blessings that brave men and women have died to protect. You walked into that donut shop and spilled your vitriol under the protection of the First Amendment rights that were paid for in blood.

I know what you’re thinking, Ariana. In your heartfelt apology you cleared all this up, you said you were extremely EXTREMELY proud to be an American. You said that your “private moment” with your friends was taken out of context. I don’t know how saying you hate America and Americans can be taken out of context, but we’ll go ahead and run with such obnoxious gibberish. You not only said it was taken out of context, you went on to say that you said those things, and licked an innocent donut, because you are an advocate for healthy eating. You licked a donut because you want children to be educated on the dangers of overeating. Your entire apology is an insult to the intelligence of everyone in this country, including those who need a reminder not to stick objects in light sockets. If someone was in the Walmart meat department randomly licking steaks because they want to end heart disease, we’d send them to a mental facility.

But not you, Ariana, not you.

I know you’ll never read this letter, and that’s alright. I also know that your popularity will not dive after you behaved like an insufferable dolt, and that’s unfortunate. It’s unfortunate because your popularity has put you on a pedestal, your popularity has made you someone that little girls look up to, and the fact that someone can sing “gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta gotta got to love me harder. Love me, love me, love me, Harder, harder, harder” and simultaneously be an assumed legitimate voice of reason goes well beyond my logic. Congratulations, Ariana, you just treated this entire country like a bunch of morons, and if you release an album tomorrow they’d prove you right by making it platinum.

– MB


The Rainbow – Redefined — June 28, 2015

The Rainbow – Redefined

Yesterday the Supreme Court ruled that it is unconstitutional for any of the 50 states not to recognize same-sex marriage, this act invalidated same-sex marriage bans. Describing the intricacies in this case is like making a delicate soufflé; if you hit the oven while dancing for joy in your rainbow pants, or get so caught up in your bible study that you leave it in the oven too long, it’s probably going to go flat. I’m planning on writing a few blog posts concerning this subject and its vast details, but for the sake of sanity I’m going to keep this one much shorter than it was when first written.

Before we get to the meat and potatoes, I’d like to offer a pallet cleanser. Eight of my dear friends on Facebook posted similar responses, examples below:

“If you aren’t crying rainbow tears of joy today, you should probably just go ahead and unfriend me.”

“If you didn’t smile every time you saw a rainbow today, you should unfriend me.”

“If your heart is not bursting with rainbows, you should unfriend me.”

First thought: Are you a Care Bear?

Second thought: Since when did I agree to do the work for you? I’m not going to unfriend you. Listen, I have unfriended six people in the last three years, four of them were doing the Argentine Tango with stalking, and the remaining were personal. I get up Monday – Friday and go to work, I drink coffee, I have a glass of wine at night. Respectfully, I have enough age under my belt that your opinions do not have the power to make me so unnerved that I deem it necessary to remove you from a social media page before marching off the playground with my hands on my hips. You’re not capable of driving me to psychotropic medications, nor is your opinion making me lose sleep. Alas, I’m not going to unfriend you. I can enjoy being your friend without agreeing with your every opinion. So why should I be the one to unfriend you? If you can’t respect the opinions of others then you have a choice to make. If you only want those who are close-minded towards opposing arguments in your timeline, then you have a choice to make – not me. I am very open-minded to the opinions of others, and would love for you to remain my Facebook friend.

Moving on –

Twitter proved to be an incredibly educational model of social interaction this week. For example, if you request that someone kill themselves you will more than likely be chastised for being a horrible person, and rightly so. However, if you give such a request under the right circumstances, e.g., use the hashtag “#LoveWins,” it is magically commendable.

Example #1: “Don’t like it? Kill yourself. #LoveWins” (Yes, this was an actual tweet.)


Encouraging suicide = VERY BAD

Encouraging those who disagree with you on same-sex marriage to commit suicide = good


I have no words for that one. None.

On top of the ever growing hashtag diplomacy is the fact that corporations and celebrities are cashing in on “love.” Opposing it is now considered an act of war by the masses. It is a sign of oppression of opinion – even if you speak against the ruling for reasons completely unrelated to the Bible – you are automatically labeled a hateful, bigoted ignoramus with absolutely zero wiggle room. There are only two options; the red pill leads to the Westboro Baptist Church, and the blue pill leads to high IQs, Starbucks Lattes, and refrigerators sold by a company that “bravely” added a rainbow filter to their AVI. A Newspaper even released a statement that any opinion piece submitted that expresses objections to the Supreme Court ruling will not be published. This is just the beginning, folks. The militantly colorful have convinced the United States that there are only two sides to this debate, the rational and the irrational, and any thought in-between is a crime against that adorable retired gay couple on the TV right now. Apparently “Hey kid, I have an adorable puppy in my large unmarked black van” is making a comeback, that’s the level of emotional enticement we have going on. And how dare you say, “Wait! I don’t care that you like puppies, but that van contains a lot of stuff that neither of us are going to like.”

*Raises hand* “So, what happens if I don’t pull out Bible verses that speak against your lifestyle, nor care if you get married, but I still have a problem with the ruling? It’s for completely unrelated rea…”

“You can just shut your stupid face.” (Sends you a cartoon mocking flyover states that portray an older you as a fossil holding a picket sign)

“But maybe you could hear me o….”

“No, you bigot!” (Sends photos of same-sex marriage ceremonies)

“That’s nice, but can’t we at least ta…”

“Your argument is irrelevant.” (Sends you a biased study done on a sampling of 100 people that concludes by labeling progressives as the more intelligent humans)

“But you haven’t heard it ye…”

“It doesn’t matter. Why don’t you go back to church and pray to your imaginary friend.”

And this is from the very people that label me close-minded. Irony. Do people not see how horribly hypocritical this is? “Keep your opinions to yourself! Unless of course I like your opinions…” This morning a football player by the name of Benjamin Watson released a beautiful statement on the matter, here’s an excerpt:

“Love truly IS the greatest gift of all. It never fails and covers a multitude of sins. Ultimately Love DOES Win. But Love wins us with compassion, not endorsement.”

His entire post was about loving each other without forcing the other to endorse opposing personal opinions. It didn’t take long before people were comparing him to a slave owner, calling him by atrocious names, and assuming without any evidence – whatsoever – that he is a hateful bigot. This is what we’ve become as a nation. Individuality be damned, you must fall in line and submit yourself to the gods of conformity and mirror the opinions of the rainbow masses holding their tar and feathers, waiting for you to say one word that contradicts their edict.

This hashtag, #LoveWins, has served to combine feeling of revenge into one lovely little location on Twitter, but it has also served to bring together the rejoicing masses under a false pretense. See, a legal marriage has nothing to do with love; it is a legally binding document that unites two parties for tax and benefit purposes. It also makes for entertaining court television, but that’s beside the point. “Love” should never be involved in a legal argument, yet we allowed the opposition to control the argument because we didn’t clarify this earlier on, instead we pulled out verses and tried to use them against those who don’t hold themselves accountable to the very Bible we’re reading from.

Rule of thumb: If you preach directly to those who are non-believers, keep it to the Gospel. They don’t care what your Bible says. It’s similar to when Catholics tell me what the Pope supports and I look at them cross eyed. I respect their right to be a practicing Catholic, but the Pope’s opinions matter about as much to me as Matt Lauer’s opinions. You can have your reasons to believe what you want to believe, and you can act on those beliefs with your votes, but trying to push for blanketed legislation because of what the Bible says is just as bad as leftists pushing for blanketed legislation because of how 2.5% of the nation feels when they look at the same sex. I mean, preach to them until the sun comes up about their sins if you so choose (Thanks, 1st Amendment!), but understand that when they say it should be legalized because they think it’s right, you have no right to counter that argument because you’re doing the same thing. Biblical marriage is between a man, a woman, and God. If that’s what you believe, your issue should not be how the state views it, but that the state is involved in the first place. That is why the argument turned from logic to “Love vs. Hate”… I hear a lot of Christians defend their position by saying, “As Christians we must remember that God defines marriage, not the courts.” Really mull that over. If that’s the case, why would you fight to keep marriage in the courts?

“Love is love” is not anywhere close to a valid, nor rational, argument. It’s not even in the same neighborhood. Like if rational arguments bumped into “love is love” at the grocery store, they wouldn’t even recognize each other. I get it, it gives you all the feels, but it still isn’t a rational argument. See, I want the government to get their dirty little hands out of the marriage industry. It’s a rather simple request: I want everyone to mind their own business. Sure, preach your word, say your opinion, wave your skittleishious flags and your church pamphlets, but at the end of the day, don’t try to use the government as your personal Frank Nitti. See, when you start suing bakeries, suing farmers that don’t let you get married on their property, forcing individuals you know have a different set of moral beliefs to bend to your stance – just out of spite – you’re not minding your own business. The group taking over the internet this week likes to use the tagline, “If you don’t like same-sex marriage, don’t get one.” Thank you, oh obvious ones. The problem is that this militant movement is not demanding acceptance, it is demanding endorsement. “If you don’t like same-sex marriage, don’t get one.” That’s a fine saying, but if we’re being honest it only expresses a small part of the sentiment. The remaining portion is never put on a picket sign: “However, just so we’re clear, I get to be open about my beliefs, you do not. Oh, and I’m going to need you to make my wedding cake, allow me to marry on your property, and indoctrinate your kids. But make sure you keep your nose out of my life! #LoveWins”

“As some of the petitioners in these cases demonstrate, marriage embodies a love that may endure even past death.” – Kennedy

I’m going to go ahead and file that under “Ideological Argument,” and keep it far, far, far, far, far, far, far away from “Legal Justification.”

“14th Amendment, B—–s! #LoveWins” (Once again…real tweet.)

*Taps microphone*  “The 14th Amendment was passed in 1868.”

“What of it?”

“Well, there were 37 states in the union at that point, and homosexuality was a felony in every last one of them. So, those who passed it clearly didn’t have your rainbow AVI in mind.”

Now, suddenly those who adore the 14th Amendment start to go back to their old ways of not caring about the Constitution, suddenly it’s outdated again, or we’ve evolved and the 14th Amendment magically protects same-sex marriage. “Yeah, let’s go with the latter!”

Okay… So here’s the fact: The Constitution doesn’t protect same-sex marriage; it provides a way for the people to protect whatever they want. That’s key. If we don’t follow this specific set of rules, then voting becomes a rather large waste of time. If we allow a handful of unelected men and women to vote in accordance with their preference, well, that’s not a republic. The law already treated every person equally. Every person in the United States had the power to enter into a legally binding marriage contract with someone of the opposite sex. The law treated everyone with equal respect, however, it did not treat every personal desire equally, nor should it. See Man/Boy Love Association as a reference. However, the Constitution gives us the power to, through the right steps, make specific changes.

Even as a changed nation in 1920, we still didn’t find that the 14th Amendment awarded women equal rights, so we amended the Constitution through the correct process and put in place the 19th Amendment, a specific amendment. Was it outlandish to think that women should not be allowed to vote? To think that men were of superior intelligence? (Perhaps, if they time traveled to a current day feminist rally.) It was indeed outlandish because they had no logical reason to keep women from voting. Now we look back and think, “Man, whoever was against that was clearly a sexist moron.” Yet we STILL went through the proper legal steps. In 1870 we didn’t sneak racial voting discrimination into the 14th Amendment, no, we passed the 15th Amendment. We make amendments because a vast number of disturbing things can be approved under the 14th Amendment, especially if we make marrying whomever you love a protected privilege. To clarify, if the state wishes to approve same-sex marriage, it’s specific to same-sex marriage, and it’s voted on by the majority. If the United States chooses to amend the Constitution as we’ve done in the past, it is up to the voting majority again to approve same-sex marriage, specifically. See, that’s the cool part of the U.S., we The People get to choose, or at least we did… Loosely translating the 14th Amendment as they did, however, attempts to legislate love.  What does all of this mean you ask? I want you to read the 14th Amendment and then give me a reason why the following scenarios aren’t covered under the Supreme Court’s reasoning as well:

“My son is 20, we’re in love. We have just as much of a right to marry as anyone else. Love is love.”

“These are my four husbands, given to me by God, we have just as much right to legally express our love as anyone else. Love is love.”

“I fell in love with my Father, you can’t choose who you love, our rights matter too.”

Are you going to give a moral reason against, say, Cody Brown legally marrying his four wives? That would be hypocritical, who are you to define love?

Well, that’s the door we’ve opened. Polygamists have already begun to speak out saying, “Wait a second, we’re covered under the 14th Amendment too!” See, if we amend the Constitution, or leave it to state choice, that doesn’t happen. Those issues may still arise, but state by state they can be shut down without claims of discrimination. However, now if the Supreme Court turns them down, it’s because the powers that be didn’t like the idea as much as they liked same-sex marriage. Hey, all of us who have a concealed carry license should be covered in states that don’t, according to the 2nd & 14th Amendment, right? Those Mormons that you considered to be religious sex addicts, well, they have a flawless argument under the 14th Amendment. You guys didn’t just vent the can, you yanked the lid off in overwhelming merriment, then you poured a can of Red Bull over all of the slumbering worms. Not going to lie, it’s actually going to be pretty fun to watch you attempt to shove them back into the can.

So when we say that you’ve fundamentally changed America, for the most part it’s not because we are waiting to baptize you in scripture, it’s because you’ve fundamentally changed the way our government works, and it’s going to be negative for both sides. Wait. I must correct myself – “You” did not change America, a handful of biased judges changed America without her people’s consent because it made them feel all fluffy inside. (FYI – You and you alone don’t qualify as majority consent.) The question was not if same-sex marriage was bad, the question was whether it was legally protected in the Constitution. The Supreme Court treated it as though it was the former, and in doing so opened up doors to various fights for legal protection over a lot of questionable things.

So now you’re left with two remaining options:

  1. Go advocate for all of those worms, or be a flaming hypocrite.
  2. Just kidding, you really only have one option. I suggest gun rights be the first. I feel bad when I can’t carry my gun in California, because I love my gun, and love is love.


For God’s sake, leave Him out of it!  — May 26, 2015

For God’s sake, leave Him out of it! 

God is good all the time, and all the time God is good. This is the message that we share, the message we live, and the message we want others to understand. So why do we make Him bear the burden of our proclivities so often? Somewhere along the lines we’ve lost sight of justice, humility, and righteous anger, and we picked up convenient one liners that we can print on wrist bands and disperse out of a Mary Poppins style bottomless bag of excuses. The person at the receiving end of said bag is the topic of my blog post; his name starts with “J” and ends with “osh Duggar.”

“This is wrong!”

“Judge not. I’m a horrible sinner, who am I to cast the first stone? *Insert various bible verses that have absolutely no relation to the issue at hand, but make the person sound super knowledgeable and more Jesus approved than the other commenters who will soon shower this particular commenter in glorious accolades*”

The point? Well, the victims of said “wrong” act have now been silenced, and if you speak to their victimhood, well, you’re probably not as Christian as the person that used a Bible verse. Your mansion is not going to be as big as their mansion; your crown will not have as many gems. Listen, folks, I’m that kid with the sarcasm that I’m sure makes Jesus shake His head a little in disapproval, I know that already, telling me to stop talking about the Duggars while touting an out-of-context verse is just going to make it worse.

Now, in case you have been hibernating under a very large rock, last week Josh Duggar and his family came clean, and Josh admitted to molesting 5 girls – including 4 of his sisters – when he was 14 & 15. The family reported the incidents immediately to the police, Josh willingly came clean and repented of his actions, his sisters found it within their hearts to forgive him, and he and his victims received counseling. He accepted responsibility, they all prayed, wrote touching statements about God’s mercy and love, about His healing and forgiveness, and then they all rolled up a rainbow and smoked it while singing hymns.

No really, that all happened, just ask many of the (other) Christian bloggers.

The real story: Josh Duggar came clean after one of his sisters mustered the courage to tell her parents. The Duggar family eventually went to the police – after his misdeeds were reported to CPS by a family friend who found out about the abuse – but it was after the statute of limitations had expired. Shucks *snaps fingers*. The girls forgave their brother after the family had a heart to heart (we’ll learn more about what that likely looked like in a bit). They sent Josh to “treatment,” which actually ended up being a couple of months with an unqualified family friend, “hard labor and mentorship,” psychology be damned. The family then went on to mass produce children and earn millions of dollars, then after the news was leaked they came forward and made statements that mirrored the beliefs of Bill Gothard.

After. After. After. After. Catching a pattern? Christians, the fact that you are attempting to frame this story is, well, for lack of a better word; gross. Ridiculous, pathetic, sad, absurd, contemptible, grotesque, unbelievable, preposterous, foolish, nonsensical, outrageous, ludicrous, hair-brained, farcical, bizarre, insane, cockamamie, irrational, shocking, monstrous… well, imagine that, I wasn’t lacking a better word after all.

So what would a family heart to heart look like? Let’s look no further than their homeschool curricula choice. (DISCLAIMER: I was a homeschooler; I support homeschooling, and will probably someday homeschool my children. So haters, don’t hate.) The Duggar family lists the Advanced Training Institute program on their website, and openly uses them in their curricula. They attended countless events for ATI, and have even sent their children away to study various ATI programs. ATI was founded by Bill Gothard, this name will come up later.

Sexual abuse in the family? ATI has you covered with various documents that aid in the healing process. Yes. I am saying this all in my head rather sardonically.

One form in particular: Counseling Sexual Abuse (CSA for short). The CSA asks the question “Why did God let it happen?” to which they provide ideas: Immodest dress? Indecent exposure? Being with evil friends? I honestly wish I was joking.

Girls, that skirt is too short and you should probably fix it, otherwise God might allow your brother to sneak into your bedroom and inappropriately touch you. Just imagine thinking of God as The Father, “Hey daughters, button up that shirt a little higher or I’ll allow Billy to take your innocence.”

Another question asks, “If you had to choose…” and it then lets you pick between “No physical abuse” or being “mighty in spirit.”

Are you going to pout about what your father did to you, 5 year old child? Because that means you don’t want spiritual advancement.

But my favorite, above all, is when the form tells you to “cleanse with rhemes.” Lovely choice of words. Victims of sexual abuse already feel dirty and useless, let’s use the word “cleanse” when telling them to read the bible. That’ll work. Stay classy, ATI, stay classy.

Not only does this form then go on to belittle sexual abuse, minimizing it into something similar to a questionnaire you might be given by a used car salesman, but it condemns the abused by saying that any damage to mind is allowed, not forced. Not only does it force you to wonder if the abuse was invited, but it compares the abused to Daniel in a way that hints at the idea that the abused should almost be thankful for their abuse, and it forces them to choose their sexual abuse as an acceptable option compared to giving up the spiritual progression they might obtain through the abuse. It’s, well, pick one of the various words I listed above. According to Gothard, Dinah and Tamar were pretty much asking for it. Basically, Gothard does a fabulous job of putting the brunt of the responsibility on the victim, then pushes the victim to be thankful. That’s more than likely the ideals that have been pounded into the heads of the Duggar girls for years. The way it was handled by the family serves as proof.

So here are a few lines from Christian bloggers that made me do a double take, triple take, crawl into the fetal position, throw something against the wall, and finally end my spiral into utter disappointment by wondering if I should become Amish just so that I can shun stupidity:

“Is there a point where we say, “You messed up. You were a stupid kid. But you corrected your behavior, turned your life around, and we forgive you. Let’s move on.”

I know all about that point. When my sister was little she cut the hair of her siblings in their sleep. It was like The Last of the Mohicans, they would go to sleep with a braid and when they woke up it would be lying beside them. Jealousy? Maybe. I don’t know, none of us knew, we just figured she was a little freak who didn’t like her sisters to have longer hair. Then she got older, everyone’s hair grew out, and forgiveness was granted. Everybody moved on. You know, because it was just hair.

Victims of sexual assault are 3 times more likely to suffer from depression as adults, 26 times more likely to abuse drugs, 4 times more likely to contemplate suicide, 2 times more likely to attempt suicide, 13 times more likely to become alcoholics. They often suffer from PTSD, anxiety, struggle in relationships, etc. Roughly 30% of children that are sexually abused are abused by family members, and about 60% of children who are sexually abused are abused by a trusted friend of the family. “Children” under the age of 18 are responsible for 23% of child sexual abuse cases, and if the victim is under 6 years of age, that percentage rises to 43%.

62,939 cases of child sexual abuse were reported in 2012.

But you’re right. Let’s move on.

This same blogger went on to say that while other teenagers don’t molest their siblings, they are out getting pregnant, having abortions, and gallivanting away. This was in no way relevant to anything above, but in all fairness, it was never really relevant to the situation, nor to her article either.

Many have pointed out that while they’ve never molested a child, they too have made mistakes. Well, I’ve never cannibalized another human being, but I can say with confidence that Jeffrey Dahmer was wrong and deserving of harsh punishment. I can also say it without feeling guilty because I once flirted with a police officer to get out of a speeding ticket. Do murderers and I have the same offer granted to us by God? Yep. Are our sins comparable? Ummm…no.

I think the part to remember is that sins small and great, unpaid for, leave us in hell. All are offered the same out, but that doesn’t have anything to do with the “levels” of sin. Moses referred to “great sin”; John distinguishes sins; Ezekiel spoke of those more corrupt. Sin is separated as deliberate, premeditated, etc. and while we all have to shoulder the responsibility of our sins, we still have to call out a great harm, as was done in the bible. False modesty is often mistaken for humility. Humility is knowing that I desperately need Christ, no matter how big or little my sins are. I am just as helpless as ISIS, sexual predators, and the like when it comes to obtaining heaven. False modesty is acting like I believe I’m not above ISIS, sexual predators, and the like in my life, and refusing to speak against them. No one believes that, and if they say they do, it serves only as a Christian ego boost.

Now let’s talk about the ever popular one liner: “He who is without sin cast the first stone.” Many Christian’s say this as if they are ready to drop the mic, part the sea, end the war, etc… I truly do appreciate their intentions, and honestly can’t stand the overly judgmental attitudes towards those who are searching for answers. This, however, was a case fully befitting of judgement, and we have used these words dangerously.

Context, my friends.

Jewish law required that those who witnessed the crime of prostitution were the first to throw a stone, but they also had to be innocent. Now go back to how the entire debacle was set up in the first place: Jesus is teaching when along come the Pharisees trying to test Him. If He blatantly said, “Release her!” He would be violating the Law of Moses, and if He said, “Stone her until she stops flopping,” He would have been violating Roman Law. So, Jesus instead turned their game against them by saying a variation of the famous line. How do we know that they were just attempting to trick Jesus? Well, the Law of Moses commanded that both members of the love affair be punished, yet the man was missing. They were not interested in following the Law of Moses, nor the Roman Law, they were interested in a false indictment of Jesus, and thus were guilty of violating laws themselves. Hence, “He who is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.” It was His way of making them eat their deeds, a way for Him to show them that He knew the game they were playing.

To the point, the passage represents a need for Christians and those who uphold the law to be consistent in order to judge, not perfect. So when you use that verse to justify why we shouldn’t bring a certain sin to the light and demand that it be acknowledged and dealt with, you are doing exactly what the Pharisees did by undermining the law. You are taking a sin and twisting the very words of Jesus to not only excuse, but applaud your dismissal of said sin. You are using the words of Jesus to receive accolades for approving of the disregarding of His abused children. Mull that over.

Regret, apologies, and repentance deliver the soul, not the body. We have no right to judge where his heart is with Christ, we do not have the right to condemn him to hell. We do, however, have the right to judge his actions.

What passages do relate to this issue? Well, look at the Samaritan woman. Jesus ignored the prejudices, the living and breathing ideal that women were no more than an item. He placed worth upon the Samaritan woman by simply being in her presence. In a world where talking to a woman brought about evil, according to rabbinic teaching, Jesus disregarded the expected treatment of women, and instead attributed worth and dignity. Throughout the Bible Jesus attributes worth and humanity to women, He uses them for great purposes, He allows them to follow his teachings, He encouraged them to be cultural misfits and to become more than the lowly beings their society had made them. You want to know the ideals that Jesus was fighting against? Look to the Middle East, look to the slave trade, and look to the bedrooms of little girls that do not rest in peace, but instead fear the physically stronger. Now tell that Jesus who you believe should be allowed to go unpunished, tell that Jesus we should stop talking about poor Josh Duggar, tell that Jesus that simply saying you’re sorry to His beloved creations whom you have defiled is enough. Tell that Jesus that women and abuse victims are not as worthy of the dignity, respect, and appreciation He bestowed upon them.

Josh Duggar did not steal a toy from his sisters, he did not trip them as they walked up the sidewalk, he did not leave his gum in the parking lot for innocent bystanders to step in. He molested 5 little girls. Then he didn’t admit what he had done, he waited for one of those terrified little girls to bring it up. Then their parents protected him, shielded him from the law. FINALLY when it was impossible to hide any longer, they admitted the crime after it was legally too late to be punished. They made him a hero to the Christian movement, put him in a leadership position, and allowed him to judge those who do not live by the Word of God…

“She is far more precious than jewels.”

If you believe that, then act like it.

Of Mice and Martin Luther King — April 29, 2015

Of Mice and Martin Luther King

First and foremost, before I even begin this blog post, I am going to address the fact that I don’t know what happened to Freddie Gray. I’m not privy to information that would give me the definitive answers I would need to make an accurate judgment call. Freddie Gray died in police custody after his spine was severed, and while it sounds questionable, I’m not interested in making assumptions. That said, I have opinions on the debacle that stand regardless of the outcome.

I saw a multitude of Martin Luther King Jr. quotes, but for now I’ll note two in particular:

A riot is the language of the unheard.”

“Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend.”

The former was by a Baltimore protester; apparently this was some form of approval for her and others to burn, loot, and destroy that which isn’t theirs. The latter was posted by someone who had used their previous 10 tweets to promote the #BlueLivesMatter hashtag, and share other nifty quotes similar to, “Don’t like cops? Next time call a crackhead.” Both individuals backed their personal opinions with the words of Martin Luther King sitting in their proverbial holster. The former seems to forget that the quote contains more than just their choice words, specifically, “I’m absolutely convinced that a riot merely intensifies the fears of the white community while relieving the guilt.”  The latter clearly skipped that all important day in school when he was supposed to learn that MLK believed that civil disobedience was a responsibility in the face of unjust laws and actions. MLK Jr. wrote some of his greatest words behind jail bars after being hauled away by police officers, and spoke some of his greatest words in an act to diffuse violent uprisings. Ms. Former and Sir. Latter have cherry picked the words of MLK without understanding his message, and as an avid fan of MLK, well; it makes me a wee bit irate.

In both instances I felt shame. I went on to find a multitude of people on Twitter, from both sides, sharing Martin Luther King quotes… The quotes were mere snippets taken out of context by the ignorant, used for their own political gain. In reality, MLK would be shaking his finger at both sides. So, here are the words of Martin Luther King Jr. that desperately need to be heard today (I chose this large quote because it contains many of the lines I saw used today):

“Now I wanted to say something about the fact that we have lived over these last two or three summers with agony and we have seen our cities going up in flames. And I would be the first to say that I am still committed to militant, powerful, massive, non-violence as the most potent weapon in grappling with the problem from a direct action point of view. I’m absolutely convinced that a riot merely intensifies the fears of the white community while relieving the guilt. And I feel that we must always work with an effective, powerful weapon and method that brings about tangible results. But it is not enough for me to stand before you tonight and condemn riots. It would be morally irresponsible for me to do that without, at the same time, condemning the contingent, intolerable conditions that exist in our society. These conditions are the things that cause individuals to feel that they have no other alternative than to engage in violent rebellions to get attention. And I must say tonight that a riot is the language of the unheard. And what is it America has failed to hear? It has failed to hear that the plight of the negro poor has worsened over the last twelve or fifteen years. It has failed to hear that the promises of freedom and justice have not been met. And it has failed to hear that large segments of white society are more concerned about tranquility and the status quo than about justice and humanity.”

It’s time that we embrace his words, all of them. There is a problem, but rioting is not the answer, nor is silence.  This is not a race issue. The majority of the police in Baltimore are black, they aren’t targeting blacks, it just happens to be the case that the majority of crime in Baltimore is perpetrated by blacks. I’m not in the same camp of people who would say that racism is dead. Racism exists, on both sides. If you don’t believe me, take a stroll through East St. Louis with a group of diverse ethnicities. The diversity in the Baltimore PD is exactly what everyone was desperate for in Ferguson, yet Baltimore PD has a history that I suspect few would label as expected. Regardless, the rioters/protesters in Baltimore and Ferguson have no right to compare themselves to the civil rights movement.

When Martin Luther King spoke the words above to those fighting for civil rights, and when Malcolm X spoke his, the individuals their words were geared towards were people facing segregation and prejudice. Law abiding citizens were suffering at the hands of another race simply because of their color. A church was burned to the ground in Alabama, with four innocent girls of color trapped inside; burned alive because of their skin pigmentation. Black men were being brutalized simply for speaking to a white woman, and women of color were being treated as dogs by their employers. They weren’t dealing drugs on the street corner, they weren’t burglarizing homes and assaulting the innocent, the audience they were speaking to were law abiding citizens who were facing persecution for the way God had designed them. The color of your skin determined if you could vote, what restroom you used, and what school you attended. It was inhuman and unfair. Their plight was so astronomically different from those in Ferguson and Baltimore. In fact, King was arrested multiple times for leading non-violent protests. His quote, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” is among my favorite. He believed that civil disobedience is a moral responsibility in the face of unjust laws. One might shake their head at that ideal when they face a law that doesn’t tug on their moral heart strings, i.e., the due process that victims of police brutality have a right to, but then they’ll read the stories of German families who hid Jews in their walls with feelings of admiration. King’s reasoning is and was sound in the face of such disgraceful laws, and he didn’t choose, as many do today, who was worthy of rights based off of which victim he personally liked more.

King found the platform for his stance within The Constitution, and without such platform would have had very little leverage since other countries followed our lead in the civil rights movement. He didn’t take the approach of “This is what other countries are doing,” but instead knew that the United States was unique in that our founding documents gave him the ammunition he needed. King wasn’t fighting to equalize us with other countries; he was fighting to make America the first of its kind. We have been a country that others emulate. In 1963 a young black protester in Britain was moved by the actions of Rosa Parks and staged his own bus boycott, awaking his country to move towards their own equality laws. In 1972 a strict law was put in place that denied immigration to those without a strong heritage in Britain, which wildly limited any increase in a diverse population, hence why in the UK the African American population is 1,148,738 vs. roughly 42,240,000 in the U.S. All over this world we find prejudice against race, religion, and opinion, but America is unique in that we are the first to overcome and support the rights of all people. We all have the same rights in America; the problem is that they are being abused by authority more frequently. That doesn’t negate issues that we need to work on, but it does put things in perspective. So many posts have been talking about the failures that we had in the past, and that we have today, yet they dismiss the fact that every other country has that same horrid history; we are the outlier; we are the country that has done the most about our issues, and it’s because our Constitution demands it.

The very people in the streets of Baltimore screaming for their equality continually vote for politicians that King would be ashamed of, politicians that raise black unemployment, give more power to the government, and fuel race relations. Baltimore has been under Democrat policies for 50+ years. They’re, in essence, paying for their own prison. They do not utter his same cries, nor even relate to the struggles and aspirations of that time period. I’m not one to list the wrongs of those killed in police custody, because as I’ve said before, they deserve due process and I find it ignorant when people justify a wrongful death with a criminal record that involves crimes that do not carry a death penalty… However, the criminal record of King included peaceful protests and civil disobedience, the criminal record of Freddie Gray is made up of 18 arrests; including burglary, drug charges, second-degree assault, etc… Would King have fought for his right to due process? Absolutely. Would he compare their criminal records and act as though their struggle is the same? Not likely. Is that to say that Gray deserved to die? Absolutely not. That is to point out that the struggle of today is not the same as the struggles of the civil rights movement, and the comparisons are DOA to those that know the difference. There is a difference in demanding the right to vote, and demanding the right to confiscate tampons from a burning CVS without police intervention.

To give an example of such outlandish comparisons, I’ll tap into the current feminist movement. I was watching Mad Men the other day, and I found myself getting angry at how the women were treated. Sexual Harassment was rampant, women had little say, and their objectification can only be described as horrific. Don has numerous affairs while Betty gets to be chastised by her philandering husband when his boss is too flirty with her. During that time, women without husbands were to be pitied outcasts, and women with abusive and cheating husbands were expected to smile and cope, and don’t even get me started on the shame that followed you if you divorced your husband. With actual ads stating things like, “It’s true! The harder a wife works, the better she looks!” and “Even a lady can learn….” etc. But I can look around our world today and see that those ideals have changed, that we are treated as equals. The false “pay gap” narrative is perpetuated by those who emulate the vaguely disguised beliefs of the old sexist ads and assume that a lady doesn’t have the ability to think beyond her own body parts, much less research the farce data they used to fool her. If I go running around naked in the streets and complain that men were objectifying me and doubting my sensibilities like they did innocent fully clothed secretaries in the 60s, people would tilt their head and advise me of treatment facilities available in my area, and rightfully so.

However, there is indeed a struggle, a struggle that has been silenced by the acts of obnoxious protesters and looters. They expect those who possess the same rights as them to bend their lives around their own prejudice. The rioters in Baltimore have silenced the sane. In the above quote, King said that a “large segments of white society are more concerned about tranquility and the status quo than about justice and humanity.” While I don’t believe it is just a segment of white society anymore, I believe that there are a disturbingly large number of people in the United States, of all colors, that can see what has happened to many individuals and dismiss both justice and humanity in their reactions. Look at the white man (I can’t even think of his name because he hasn’t been in the news… Imagine that) who was kicked numerous times by a handful of officers, even after he surrendered. 11 officers stood around him as he was needlessly beaten. They dismiss justice and humanity, not because of their color, but because of the custody they were in. I happen to believe that Freddie Gray deserves an investigation, and that Police throughout the U.S. should be subject to external investigations when someone dies in such a horrific manner on their watch, whether it was caused by police or not. Countless cases have been filed under a fancy title for “oops,” well that doesn’t fly when someone ends up 6 feet below. If Freddie Gray was taken on a “rough ride,” and they find that it caused his injuries, action should be taken. Unfortunately, that is where the system fails us so often. The officers involved do not break code on one another, and while they may have witnessed a wrong doing, it is unthinkable to rat on your brethren – especially in Baltimore.

Protests in Baltimore have been necessary for a while now. Actually, I think many of the very public police custody deaths this year and last were worthy of protests. Not because all cops are bad, but because the majority of cops are good and deserving of a better image. Justice should be blind to color, as well as the badge. The city of Baltimore has had to pay out nearly 6 million dollars to victims of brutality since 2011. Civil rights cases are being won; cases involving a Grandmother, church deacon, and even a pregnant woman. The Grandmother had her shoulder broken because she refused to let officers in her home without a warrant; she refused to let officers of the law violate her 4th Amendment rights, and for that she was abused. That could be any of us. The brutality cases towards people and pets, as well as corruption cases during a 4 year span in Baltimore should revolt anyone. We can all be stirred by emotion when we see a photo of an officer lovingly working alongside a black child in the streets of Baltimore (I know I was), but it shouldn’t mute a very large underlying problem. A problem that costs taxpayers millions of dollars in settlements, and a problem that has removed rights away from hundreds of individuals; rights you claim to support.

In one case, a police officer was cooperating with prosecutors on a police brutality case and found a dead rat on his windshield. The good cops can help their image by showing the true nature that we know they possess. Sure, we hear stories all the time of hero cops who help the needy, play with underprivileged kids, and purchase groceries for those struggling. Those are all incredibly commendable acts, and I share their stories… but I would really like to see cops start calling each other out on cases such as those listed above; there are other citizens who desperately need them. When will we stop seeing the police as a group, and start seeing them as individuals? We don’t silence rape cases because the majority of men are decent. We don’t protect soldiers from prosecution because the vast majority of them are selfless heroes. Why do we shield bad cops because the majority are good? It makes no sense, not even in the slightest bit. There are two cops, at minimum, in those police vans during “rough rides,” at least one of them has to know that they’re doing something barbarically inhuman. The fact that “rough rides” is a well known term in the Baltimore PD speaks wonders to the fact that a lot of good cops know what is happening, but remain silent. 16 Baltimore officers were convicted in a kickback scheme with a towing company. Others have been found guilty of lying on search warrants, selling heroin, and protecting drug dealers. Another case involved an officer that threw a man down so hard that his spleen ruptured, Yet good officers are subject to bully tactics, and manipulated into believing that their guilty “brother” is above the law. Gray was allegedly given a “rough ride” in the back of a police van (investigation is pending on whether that caused his death), these same “rough rides” have caused other citizens to become paralyzed. The “rough rides” are not a rare occurrence, hence the coined term. This type of malicious behavior happens in other cities as well, and should not be tolerated. The brave officers who step up should not have to face dead rats on their windshields, yet that is where we are. It reminds me of a quote from The Chicago Code, the officer was telling a story about how he used to be bullied, and says that being bullied is why he “joined the biggest and toughest gang in the world.” That’s the mentality we want to share with kids? What happened to Andy Griffith? I don’t know about you, but I want Andy to show up at my house if I need an officer. I want Andy to be the one that my nephew looks up to and trusts.

Unpopular opinion: If peaceful protests were taking place around our country to curb police brutality, bring in independent investigations (as Republican Scott Walker did), and require all police to wear body cameras, I would be marching along with them. Maybe if Democrat Mayor Rawlings-Blake would have supported body cameras like Republican Sen. Tim Scott, we’d know exactly what happened to Freddie Gray; unfortunately, Blake vetoed a bill that would have made them mandatory. My opinion doesn’t even come close to saying that all police officers are bad people – nor that I’m anti-cop – it is to say that the good need to start speaking out, and the bad need to be stripped of the protection they currently have from our state and fellow officers. If this took place, I guarantee that we would see the relationships between officers and citizens take a positive turn, and it would rebuild trust. Yet, we are so scared to even touch this subject that our friends and families act like we’ve just told them that we’re joining the Nazi party when we demand responsibility from those who deal in life and death situations. Families – white families – in Wisconsin faced persecution for their political leanings, officers rushed into homes following orders for absolutely no reason. One even saying, “Some days I hate my job.” Yet he still did it. Friends – I can’t stress this enough – police officers work for the state. Wonderful, decent, hardworking, heroic, brave men and women in uniform work for the state, and it is our job to control the state.

Now, some have said that there weren’t any peaceful protests in Baltimore… Well, that’s just silly. Of course there were peaceful individuals trying to protest respectfully, but they were muted by the mob of thugs who victimized an entire city with no remorse. They were victimized by a mob that pretends to know the first thing about rights as they trample on the rights of others, and harm officers that did nothing to them. They are wrong, and we’ve been wrong and uncaring. Americans are short sighted; we see the debacles in Ferguson and Baltimore and think that increasing the power of the state is the answer, when really the answer was to decrease the roll of the state long ago.

So, to the point: #BlackLivesMatter perpetuators, King didn’t encourage this kind of “communication,” but instead said it harmed the cause. In addition, #BlueLivesMatter perpetuators, he didn’t preach on supporting police custody “rough rides,” “nickel rides,” etc… His words were the words of a man who wanted justice for all people, punishment for crimes committed against all people, fair investigations for all victims, blind justice for all. #EveryLifeMatters! Refusal to admit that both sides are capable of having issues has annihilated sanity. Yesterday I shared a post that said, “Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat on the bus, she didn’t trash the bus.” Rosa Parks didn’t harm the innocent, burn down buildings, attack police officers, etc. but she also had a darn good reason to stand her ground.

Buildings are burning, lives are ruined, and many will accuse me of callously bringing up some of the issues in my post when officers are lying in hospital beds. I will return the favor and accuse you of callously disregarding the rights of individuals which set the stage for innocent people to be maimed or killed and innocent officers to be put in hospital beds. You’re absolutely right, now is not the time to talk about this, the time to talk about this was years ago when we laid the foundation for the destruction, death, and pain we are seeing today. The disaster on the streets of Baltimore is not just the fault of rioters, it is the fault of those who shaped their ideals. Does it make you feel better to blame their parents? Our political silence and refusal to care about a wrong has created a society that devalues human life. What could we have done to avoid this? I’m not letting the rioters off the hook, but I’m not letting you off the hook either. We approach issue in this nation with a new level of cowardice, and if we expect to change our nation, well, that must to change.

I’ve found that if I post something on police brutality I have just as many views in the stats, but the interaction is low. Why? Because people are scared of their friends seeing that they liked or shared a post that hinted at the idea that all of the men and women in uniform patrolling our streets are not gods. That we do have an issue that needs to be taken care of, and that officers of the law are human and still need to be held responsible. I would argue that I support the police more than you do, that I care about their well being more so than you, because I know that to improve the relationship they have with the people, we need to remove the gang mentality and remember that they are all human beings. We are a nation that thrives when we have mutual respect, but we will be a nation that falls if we only govern on fear tactics. I would also argue that those encouraging thugs to loot and harm innocent individuals are as harmful, if not more so, to the black populous than those who fought against equal rights. You are encouraging men and women to degrade themselves, attack the innocent, and embrace the hatred and pain involved in the racial narrative that you have perpetuated for your own gain. You should be ashamed.

Our hearts do not truly bear the resemblance of barbarians when we accept that Freddie Gray was an unrepentant criminal, but they will do so when we accept the idea that he never mattered, when he becomes a number. The hearts of the peaceful protesters that were involved, those who were truly seeking change, will not be hardened because a life was lost, they will be hardened when they see we no longer care.

FYI – Do you know who would be talking about both the obnoxious rioters and police overreach despite the cries of foul from the masses? Martin Luther King Jr… Remember that the next time you quote him.


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