How to write a political essay?

Writing a paper on Social Sciences may not be an easy task but still, students of any Liberal Arts program have to do it to get credits and complete the course requirements. Thus, many students ask how to write a psychological, historical, or political argumentative essay quickly and get a top grade. In this post, I’ll share a few tips on how to make your political essay impressive and thoughtful.

  1. Choose the topic you have some expertise in. If you were not given a topic by your professor, consider choosing the essay topic on your own. Be careful: it should be both interesting and familiar to you so that you could do proper research and write a quality piece. To get ideas for writing, feel free to check the sample topics on the essay writing service website;
  2. Find as many related sources as possible. This is to base your reasoning on and create strong arguments. Besides this, reading a lot on your political constitutions essay will help you become an expert in your topic and be able to make the right conclusions and cause-and-effect links;
  3. Learn basic political theories to write a good paper. You have to know the basic concepts of world political thought and the theory of international relations to produce a meaningful writing piece. In case you are in the first year of studying politics, be sure to take classes in philosophy, world history, and economics to gain the necessary knowledge of world order;
  4. Coordinate with your professor. You should not be afraid to communicate with your professor regarding your political essay topic, outlining your paper, selecting sources and references, etc. They will help you gladly so you could achieve the best results in their course; 
  5. Plan your writing process. Do not leave your writing until the last minute. Even if writing is not your favorite job to do, you need to carry it out properly. Therefore, plan your days the way you could dedicate time for writing, editing, and proofreading your first draft a few times before submitting it to your instructor;
  6. Create a strong thesis. Since this is the central thought of your political essay, make sure you polish it well to sound persuasive. Later in your essay, you will have to prove your position to your audience and support it with quality pieces of evidence. A professional essay writer can help you in formulating your thesis statement;
  7. Write your paper. To not be afraid of the blank paper, let your thoughts run free, and write your draft without concentrating much on your language and accurate formulations. Now, you need to express your initial thoughts and then you will edit your paper to make it sound more professional;
  8. Don’t forget to proofread your writing. This is to eliminate mistakes you could have made while writing your first draft. Do not rush when checking your paper and do not leave this stage until the last minute before your assignment is due.

Cannabidiol Is Legal: How To Use CBD Products To Improve Mental Health

The hemp plant has been used in medicine for centuries and its impact on human health is undeniable. However, only a few people know that cannabis can be of great help in curing mental disorders: this is due to the disputes about the dosage, legality, and method of treatment suitable for improving psychiatric conditions.

How To Use CBD Products

As we know, the hemp plant contains over 80 compounds called "cannabinoids" that can influence human's organism differently: THC or tetrahydrocannabinol can cause psychoactive effect, while CBD, or cannabidiol, is completely safe and even useful for our health. In this short overview, we will concentrate on CBD oil capabilities of curing mental health issues, tell about the substance's legality, and give examples of the best CBD for sleep and mental wellness.

Political Opinions On CBD Use

Although the concept of CBD products is not new to the cannabis industry, there are still a lot of policymakers who resist admitting the good done by CBD. However, it should not stop you from asking for CBD treatment if you have certain mental or physical issues that can be treated with it. In this case, you need to take a look at the local laws regulating CBD usage in your state, and turn to your doctor for recommendations regarding its expediency for your health.

Is CBD Legal?

The second thing we want you to know before you start getting acquainted with the way CBD oil and other products interact with our bodies is its legality.

As you might have heard, the 2018 Farm Bill removed substances derived from the hemp plant from the Schedule I substances list. Thus, CBD oil has become legal on the federal level, which means that you should not be afraid to use it for personal needs. However, this Farm Bill only gave the green light to the prospective CBD use, and it has a lot to be regulated on a state level, e.g. the legality of particular CBD products, etc. At this point, the key thing you need to know is that CBD containing less than 0.3 THC is legal under the 2018 Farm Bill. Continue reading

How We React To The President’s Misogyny Matters

On Thursday morning Donald Trump aimed his hair-trigger fire at Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough. While Joe was labeled “Psycho Joe,” the brunt of Trump’s sapless junior high theatrics was reserved for Mika.


I have my own opinions regarding the relationship history between Mika, Joe, and Trump, but the internet is doing a fine job of delving into that without my help. The point I want to focus on is that the President once again viciously went after a woman, labeling her crazy, stupid, and then – of course – played a card that, for the most part, is reserved for women by attacking her looks. He attempted to feed on what he assumed were her insecurities and shame her in front of the world for having a face-lift. The anger those tweets caused was palpable, and many across the political spectrum spoke out against Trump’s tweets.

As an example, David French wrote a fantastic article directed towards Republicans regarding celebrating GOP victories while also holding Trump accountable for his words.  Continue reading

‘You are what you wear,’ and other dumb advice.

As I’m sure everyone is aware, the plethora of allegations coming from the Don Draper aspirants over at Fox News have pushed the issue of sexual harassment into the light – where it should be, quite honestly. Additionally, the news about Mike and Karen Pence and their rule prohibiting one-on-one meetings with the opposite sex also came out within the last month. Regardless of how you feel concerning either debacle – personally I couldn’t care less what the Pence family does if both parties are in agreement and careers aren’t being stalled – the controversy surrounding both issues made every club wielding neanderthal in Conservative media decide that it was time for them to exit their caves in unison, thumping their chests and throwing feces at anyone who questions their superior opinions.

The Federalist, Erick Erickson, and Matt Walsh have produced some disturbing cringe-worthy material before, but lately it feels as though they found all the diaries men kept on Warren Jeffs’ compound and are now publishing them. The best part is that women are writing a good portion of these articles, because what a great way to try and create a defense of nonsense material. They’re also having Jews write articles critical of Jews, it’s a fun new shtick. Back to the point, instead of articles telling men to behave themselves and learn some self-control – since, after all, women were the ones in the “victims” column at Fox News – we get articles like this: Continue reading

Let me tell you about Harold Gray…

“You know, if you hit the gas we’ll make it home in time for me to see my Great-Great-Great-Grandkids be born,” he said to me with a smirk as I slowed his truck – the truck he’d sell me for a dollar the day I got my driver’s license – to a crawling 25 mph down a hill that barely merits the label. I was just learning to drive, and my Grandpa had taken it upon himself to teach me. I was a fast learner, but I wasn’t fast enough for the bar I had set for myself.

I had grown up with a deep fear of disappointing those who had expectations of me, scared of being a burden, and I was a perfectionist to the point of being terrified of failure. Somehow my Grandpa knew all of this about me, and with one quick-witted remark at a time he shattered the walls of perfection and created a world where the freedom to be human was like a net beneath a tightrope. “Sorry, I’m just a little scared going down hills,” I replied. “It’s alright,” he laughed, “the Great-Great-Great-Grandkids can wait.”  Continue reading

Forfeiture without due process? You bet your civil asset.

I talk about civil asset forfeiture a lot, and every time – without fail – I have a great deal of people ask what asset forfeiture is. Definition wise, it’s a fairly simple concept to comprehend, but it’s the nitty gritty details that tend to confuse people. Just last week I was sitting in my doctor’s office talking about an article I did on forfeiture, and my interview with a lawyer familiar with CAF cases, when suddenly my doctor looked at me and said “I’ve never heard of that.” So if you’ve found yourself scratching your head, you’re definitely not alone.  Continue reading

‘Stand Up Republic’ is exactly that, to the chagrin of Erick Erickson. Which brings me to Evan McMullin.

Erick Erickson, who was a member of the “Never Trump” coalition, recently wrote an article titled “Donald Trump’s Start is Rocky, But Far Better Than Many Skeptics Hoped, Which Brings Me to Evan McMullin.” Erickson, an individual I warned would struggle with maintaining his principles when faced with the enticement of a GOP power rush, comes off as more of a reluctant woman playing hard to get with a guy she truly likes than he does a fair critic.

Instead of taking the opportunity to harshly address Donald Trump’s death grip on the GOP – turning them into the big-government lemmings we warned they’d become – Erickson went after the recently launched Stand Up Republic, an organization founded by Evan McMullin and Mindy Finn.

An excerpt from Stand Up Republic “About Us” page:

Political  Science  Major  Essay

Continue reading